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DeKalb County was established on March 4, 1837 from Kane County. Our County Seat is Sycamore Illinois.


Clinton Township Public Library Historical Index

Since 1916 one of the duties of the librarian has been to keep a historical scrapbook of news items of important events which have occurred in the village and township.  This and other historical items have been indexed in the following table.  Use the "edit -> find" option on the page to locate family names or events.  The first column will give you the box, folder and page number information you need to request copies from the library.  To make requests write to the Clinton township Public Library, Archival Project, 110 South Elm Street, Waterman, IL 60556, or email [email protected].  The library staff  will fill your request as time permits.

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 1902-1904 Congdon-Waterman Illinois Yearbooks 
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Miscellaneous Records

008 010 001 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Heeg, Hipple, French, Hibben, Kirkpatrick, Fuller, Woods, Esperson, Rowley, Dean, Martin, Graham, East, Hays, Lamb, Babcock, Burmester, Willey, Suydam, Swift, Ritter, Mighell, Mizel, Leifheit, Thorpe, Greeley, Larson, Davis, Potter, Gordon, Eigle, Cook Stryker, Richmond, Women's club, road, weather, Matteson, Whitford, Blackman, Carson, Halvorsen, Kauffman, Roberts, Miller, Darling, Eakle, Hays, Reingardt, Cox.
008 010 002 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Randles, Fearson, community Christmas tree, Babcock, Methodist church, Pritchard's Grove, Wright, Kastler, Drake, East, Frost, Ferguson, Stevens, Richardson, Cockran, McGirr, Iverson, Anderson, Rissman, Oleson, Mercer, Hemmerich, Wetzel, Ferguson, Legion Auxiliary, Heeg, Smith, Mizel, Hipple, Schoener, Furland, Johnson, Ames, Dailey, Hibben, Sherlock, Baie, Schultz, Healey, Walsh, Gahagan.
008 010 003 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Richmond, Marlow, Hipple, Ellison, Poston, Whitman, Dean, Davis, Stryker, Andrews, Peck, Burmester, Burdick, Jones, Nebraska, Bastian, Tuntland, Mercer, Johnson, Amorino, accident, Richardson, Jacobs, Cockran, Anderson, Babcock, Methodist church, Fay, legion auxiliary, basketball, sports, dairy, Fuller, Rissman, Nelson, fire, MacFarlane, Ames, Schribbe, chickens, poultry, Loree, Heeg, Liddick, Baker, Byrd, Fay, Hibben, McCleery, Leifheit, Schultz, Gibbons, Eigle, Haily, Rolland, Alford, Kirkpatrick, Dean, Miller, Black, Thompkins, Huff, Clark, East, Gilchrist, Wright.
008 010 004 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Davis, Simpson, Kopfer, Papenberg, Osmundson, Lawforn, Burmester, Leifheit, Johnson, Babcock, Rissman, Tuntland, Mercer, Iverson, Suddeth, basketball, sports, Kitner, Hays, legion auxiliary, Wielert, Kastler, Drake, Mighell, accident, Methodist church, McCleery, farm, Carson, Mizel, MacFarlane, Hibben, Stahl, Faltz, Simpson Bushnell, Herrick, Fuller, Hays, Wollenweber, Miller, Alford, Rolland, Byrd, Dixon, Howison, Kirkpatrick, Herrick, Bean.
008 010 005 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Mercer, Methodist church, Hamilton, Baie, Thompson, Shumaker, basketball, sports, school, Mizel, Hays, Fuller, Moore, Anderson, Ilseman, Baie, Schultz, Eakle, Babcock, Maple, MacFarlaine, fire, Drake, Hipple, French, Dailey, Ames, Keene, Thorpe, Heis, Glover, Carney, Thompkins, Roberts, Davis, Stryker, Weilert, Waldee, Boekenhauer, pond, Stockberger, Gordon, Grandgeorge, Whitford.
008 010 006 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - basketball, sports, school, honor roll, Holbo, Hipple,. Cox, Robinson, Randles, Johnson, Cooper, Kirkpatrick, MacDougall, Thompson, Congdon, Mullis, Rolfe, Blackman, Ferguson, Schultz, Thorpe, Seldal, Babcock, Firkins, Kitner, Souder, Dixon, Bridge, Reingardt, Coulton, Bennet, Olmstead, Matteson, Larson, Camp fire girls, Dean, Esperson, Nelson, Olmstead, Candlish, Kopfer, Long, Fuller, monkemeier, Stroud, Richmond, Nordman, Leifheit, Burmester, Bean, Berger, Mercer.
008 010 007 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Mercer, Hardy, Methodist church, Waterman Shipping Association, business, library, school, Woman's club, Simpson, Herrick, Gilchrist, Gordon, Holbo, Whitford, Babcock, Hipple, Swift, Beiler, Leifheit, Cunz, Campbell, McAllister, Dean, Ferguson, Schultz, Miles, Randles, Fuller, basketball, sports, radio.
008 010 008 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - school, county nurse, McGinnis, Shepherdson, Miller, Brown, Hipple, Dean, Olmstead, Rolland, Flanders, Babcock, Alford, Black, Robinson, Stroud, Olinger, Richmond, Hoble, Roberts, Whitford, Schultz, Maple, Waldee, Pogue, Potter, Willey, kopp, Presbyterian church, Stryker, Mighell, Methodist, basketball, sports, George, Johnson, Gibbons, Beachtold, Hay, Dolder, Camron, Fearson, Randles, Kirkpatrick, Barringer, Sand, Ross Grove, Braeser, Bastian, Duffy, Swift, Keene, Bridge, Davenport.
008 010 009 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Methodist church, Maple, Hays, Matteson, Simpson, Hipple, Stryker, Thorpe, Loree, Mighell, Harney, Carns, Beveridge, Miller, Alford, Whitford, Burmester, Herrick, Faulk, Leifheit, Lamb, Baie, Thorpe, Kirkpatrick, Dean. Sommerville, Thompson, Broughton, Schultz, Kitner, business, Hardy, Hamilton, school, basketball, sports, county nurse, McGinnis, Boekenhauer, Anderson, Williams, Manser, Sanford, Johnson, Sanderson, Cory, Cole, Beiler, Hutter, Mitchell, Potter, Liddick, Keene, Rowley, Hunt.
008 010 010  1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Olinger Hipple, Schultz, Stryker, Schraeder, Whitford, Kitner, Gibbons, Eigle, Zalenski, Alford, Miller, Herrick, Hall, Congdon, Kopp, Kuey, Bennett, Anderson, Weilert, Waldee, Babcock, Hardy, Olmstead, Low, Fay, Challand, School, basketball, sports, Presbyterian church, Deming, Bridge, Tompkins, Ames, Dailey, Barley, Fuller, Ferguson, Hobble, Foster, Frence, swift, Randles, Nelson, Brown, Dean. Wiltse, Maple, Huff, Howison, Johnson, Hartman, Firkins, Kuester, Hays, Kutzner, McCann, Foster, Sands, Sanderson, Woman's club.
008 010 011 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Kirkpatrick, Whitford, Holbo, Presbyterian church, Methodist, school, Tuntland, Cox, Hipple, Straw, Randles, Robinson, Souder, Johnson, McManamin, Russell, Wakefield, Cooper, East, Eay, Ferguson, Bridge McDougal, Reingardt, Swift, Thompson, Coulton, Congdon, Mullis, Rolf, Blackman, Firkins, Matteson, Kitner, Agnew, basketball, sports, Drake, Woods, Darling, Schrader, Rasmusen, Alford, Plapp, Dixon, Fuller, Mizel, Eigle, P.T.A., Sterns, Holbo, Himes, Baker, Wilkening.
008 010 012 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Babcock, Wakefield, Colton, Greeley, East, Mighell, Corneluis, Eas, Armstrong, School bond, Maple, Gilchrist, Hardy, McCleery, Huff, Whitford, Brown, road, Woods, Hirschmiller, Berk, Knutson, Kirkpatrick, Larson, Johnson, Merriman, Kraft, Henderson, Eden, Keene, Mizel, Dean, Smith, Anderson, Presbyterian church, Stryker, Hays, Dixon, Lovig, Leifheit, Burmester, Wiley, Cunz, Rowley, Stokes.
008 010 013 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Buerer, Vagle, Krieger, Lehr, Johnson, Foster, Knutson, Hanson, school, Olinger, Mizel, Abrams, Fuller, Mercer, Brainerd, Schultz, hipple, Dean, Whitsel, Kirkpatrick, Dean, Merriman, Anderson, Rowley, Greeley, Fuller, Kauffman, Abrams, Wakefield, McCleery, Storm, Flewellyn, Dixon, Greenwood, Mosher, Johnson, Roland, Babcock, Morsch, Stryker, Lovig, Leifheit, Roberts, Knutson, Greenetown, Whitford, Slatterly, Brenner, Greeley, Gilchrist, Baie.
008 010 014 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - school, Hipple, Supervisors report 1928, Waldee, business
008 010 015 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Supervisors report 1928, business, Roberts, Hipple, Smiley, Leifheit, Baker, French, Boekenhauer, Kirkpatrick, Reid, Charlesworth, Johnson, Weilert, Skau, George, Reingardt, Kline, Bastian, Wakefield, Thorpe, Woods, Congdon, Mercer, Hays, Sawyer, Babcock, Maple, Howison, Miller, Hardy, Dean. Matteson, Herrick, Brown, Mizel, Low, Tompkins, Greeley, Pond, Hutter.
008 010 016 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - school, Connell, Barth, Scarlet fever, Beiler, boy scouts, library, Woods, Holbo, Bennet, Babcock, Methodist church, Wiltse, Presbyterian, Iverson, Oleson, Duffy, Firkins, Bish, Glover, Corey, Sherlock, Vagle, Morsch, Spicer, Buerer, Hipple, Gibbons, Schultz, Dailey, Ames, Congdon, Babcock, Hall, Davenport, Gunderson, Graham, Challand, Matteson, Hardy, Whitford, Wirtz, Porter, Wilkinson, Brown, Rowley, Wakiefield, Kirkpatrick, Stryker, Bridge, Schermerhorn, Morse, Whitsell, Wollenweber, Thorpe, Frost, Ferguson.
008 010 017 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Woods, Ferguson, Hipple, Heeg, school, band, Johnson, Holbo, Hipple, Thompson, Robinson, Niewold, MeMenamin, Russell, Tuntland, Wakefield, Presbyterian church, Methodist, Jacobson, Glacking, Challand, Haish, Mullins, Sauter, Corey, Schnorr, Iverson, Oleson, Babcock, Maple, Blackman, Kitner, Woods, Camp fire girls, French, Pond.
008 010 018 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Dean, Kirkpatrick, Mighell, Burmester, Merriman, Anderson, Scott, Alford, Hays, Fuller, Bales, Newbauer, Johnson, Fuller, play, Methodist church, Presbyterian, Whitford, Herrick, Gibbons, Jennings, Stryker, Beiler, Burer, Brown, Gilchrist, Herrick, Keyes, Challand, Mighell, Davis, French, Brown, Reed, Miller, Darling, Carson, Tompkins, Schultz, babcock, Huff, Hipple, Daily, Gibbons, Frost, camp fire girls, Gunderson.
008 010 019 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Holbo, agriculture, project, school, boy scouts, Methodist church, Hardy, Presybterian, Berge, Kimball, accident, Smith, Leifheit, Samuels, Ames, Charlesworth, Rissman, Hall, Dailey, Martin, Greeley, Roberts, Errves, Reynolds, Dean, Tallman, Swift, Price, Low, Soencer, Brainerd, Gibbons, Brown, Woods, Babcock, Frizel.
008 010 020 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Woods, Thompson, Sorenson, Whitford, Hipple, Keene, Sawyer, McAllister, Gibbons, Scholfield, Wakefield, Drake, Herrick, Brown, Barth, Kraft, Smith, Joslin, Stryker, Hall, Keene, Matteson, Ashworth, Howison, Martin, Plapp, Tompson, Holbo, Fuller, Cook, Kitner, Reed, Greley, Weber, Thorp, Price, Charlesworth, Leifheit, Eakle, Cocking, Treasurers report, business.
008 010 021 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Treasurers report, business, Brainerd, Wakefield, Stryker, restaurant, Miller, Seitzinger, Reid, Ashton, Plapp, Kutzner, McCann, Hardy, Presbyterian church, school, Shabbona park, Mighell, Baie, Nordman, Stroud, Tompkins, Mizel, Liddick, Jennings, Gibbons, Martin, Hirschmiller, Johnson, Moore, Brown, Stroud, Fuller, Loveless, Clark, Matteson, Rowley, Howison, Nordman, MacFarlane, Wood, Olinger, Drake, Greenwood, Barth, Keene, Hipple, Graham, Hartman, McKee, Thorp, Babcock.
008 010 022 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - school, Methodist church, G.A.R., railroad, depot, Roth, Johnson Grove Cemetery, Camron, business, Sawyer, Hardy, band stand, concert, Plummer, Gibbons, Eigle, Willey, Andrews, McMillan, Heeg, Loveless, Kirkpatrick, Andrews, Martin, Brown, Hipple, Gilkey, Cox, Fay, Bull
008 010 023 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Olinger, Darling, Schultz, Greeley, accident, school, Brown, Arnold, Davis, Herrick, Eakle, Kirkpatrick, Liddick, Jenning, Skow, Shepherdson, Leifheit, Ferguson, Runyan, Miller, Drake, Andrews, Seitzinger, Stryker, Black, Woods, Hamilton, Kilgore, Schultz, Stryker, Macklin, Randell, Dixon, Wiltberger, Herrick, Thorpe, Whitford.
008 010 024 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Tuntland, Cliffe, Bish, Houghtby, Bend, Witaman, Manser, henderson, Lorse, Cox, Presbtyerian church, Rowley, Matteson, Tompkins, Heyer, Wakefield, Elleby, Hardy, Woods, Kassler, Gibbons, Macklin, moats, Olmsted, Stroud, railroad, Frost, Hirschmiller, Martin, Peck, Hardy, Babcock, Baie, Busse, Burmester, Randles, , Houghtby, North, Rowley, Wright, Pritchard, Kim Kum Kamp, Whitford, Simpson, Tompkins, Mizel, Peck, Howison, Swift, Keene, Willenweber, Wiltse, Roberts, Harvey, Walker, Thorpe, Drake, brown, Hamilton, Gilchrist, Matteson, Drake.
008 010 025 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - graduation exercises, Johnson, Keene, Kitner, Knudtson, Roberts, Souder, Straw, Swanson, Thompson, Woods, Loree.
008 010 026 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - graduation exercises, Baie, Baker, Cooper, Coulton, Doulder, East, Eigle, Erb, Erickson, Holbo, Johnson, Legner, LeGro, Minnegan, Olson, Plapp, Randles, Roberts, Russell, Schaeffer, Souder, Kerwin, Miller, Joranlien, Hays, Kastler, Barth, McAllister, Stryker.
008 010 027 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - graduation exercises, Stryker, Leifheit. Larson, Greeley, Woods, Heyer, Russel, Gobbons, Minnegan, Wielert, Low, MacDougal, Hipple, Watson, Graham, Knudtson., Huff, Grandgeorge, Gordon, Erb, Campbell, Ritter.
008 010 028 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - graduation exercises.
008 010 029 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Brownlee, Methodist church, Presbyterian, vacation bible school, Dean. Swanson, Kauffman, Ames, Weber, Hipple, Tompkins, Huff, Greeley, Hayes, Mizel, Jones, Stryker, Agnew, Greeley, Hibben, Wakefield, Burmester, Schultz, Olinger, Loree, Matteson, Skau, Camron, Mighell, Wagner, Huff, Simpson.
008 010 030 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Miller, Alford, Kirkpatrick, Watson, vacation bible school, McCleery, Beveridge, Huff, club, Herrick, Loree, Hipple, Woman's club, Kirkpatrick, Watson, Thompson, Drake, Tuftee, Kauffman, Hemrick, Haish, Braeser, North, Eigle, Nelson, Boyle, White, Shepherdson, Cox, Ashton, Methodist church, Presbyterian, Reingardt, Merriman, Smith, Keene, , Babcock, Fuller, Randles, Woods, Herrick, George, Mosher, Bridgewater.
008 010 031 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Swift, Hamilton, Mercer, Paul, Bridge, Stryker, Matteson, Wiltse, Low, Price, Dean. Roland, Randall, Tryker's restaurant, Cameron, Fearon, Tompson, Greeley, Antonette, Skan, Dean, Herrick, Smith, Kirkpatrick, Wakefield, Hipple, Hoffman, Reingardt, Diedrich, Giles, legion auxiliary, vacation bible school, Schultz, Burmester, Hays, Hipple.
008 010 032 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Hipple, Beveridge, fire, Lutheran church, Squaw Grove, Woods, Bechtold, Simpson, mail, Tennis, Beiler, Bowers, Burmester, Busse, Giles, Fay, Korth, Thorpe, Hayes, Babcock, Hamilton, Alfred, Withey, Fuller, Carnes, Byrd, Wakefield, Herrick, Mighell, Johnson, Hipple, Rowley, Herrick, Boekenham, Dixon, BAker, Keene, Stryker, Low, Greeley, Rissman, Helleson, Riskedahl, Temma, Smith, Kauffman, Bartel, Seitzinger, North, library, road.
008 010 033 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Schultz, Hardy, Smiley, Huey, Blackman, Agnew, Miller, Alfred, Baie, Alford, Darling, Gibbons, Brown, Esperson, Harvey, Richmond, Swift, Clark, Tompson, vacation bible school., Colton, swanson, Souder, Whitford, McAllister, Tenis, Nelson, hipple, Babcock, Wakefield.
008 010 034 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Tompson, Harvey, Cooker, Schultz, Stryker, Brown, Raylor, Darling, Agnew, Wiltse, Thorpe, Tompkins, Greeley, Woods, Thorpe, Larson, Heeg, Hipple, Modern Woodman, Townsend, Roland, Remma, Mullis, French, Lovingston, Esperson, Ross, vacation bible school, Maple, Gilchrist, Smith. Colton, Hardy, Eakle, Boekenhauer, Withey, Byerhof, Herschmille, Hays, Gibbons, Dean. Carlson, Woods, Gordon, Greeley, Hipple, Burmester, Olmstead, Colton, Bridge, Sorensen, Whitford,  
008 010 035 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Bridge, legion auxiliary, camp fire girls, Methodist church, Rennis, Swift, Woods, Poter, stryker, Gibbons, Reingardt, Babcock, Weilert, Waldee, Low, Schultz, Daniels, Baker, Johnson, Whitford, Kirkpatrick, Martin, Alford, Kopp, Eigle, Howisonk, Pogue, Congdon, Whitford, Cox, Woods, Brown, Greeley, Plapp. Tompson, Coss. McAllister, WEbber, Gilchrist, Swift, Carnes, Arnold, Adams, Boyle, Dean. hardy, Darling, Maple, Eakle, Gibbons, Potter, Wiltberger, Beiler, hayes, Hirschmiller, Cameron, Presbyterian, telephone Lovig, Glover, insanity.
008 010 036 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Hays, Kastler, Mighell, Dixon, Clark, Dean. Fuller, Fuller, Dean, Rolland, Eakle, Peck, Greeley, Malone's, Ashworth, Wright, railroad, Hayes, McAllister, Thompson, Anderson, Cunz, Clark, East. Bridge, Weber, Wilkenson, hipple, Schultz, Anderson, Weilert, Newcomb, Hamilton, Mizel, Hirschmiller, Meir, Schrtleff, Hermann, Wright, Binder, Grandgeorge, Rogers, Robinson, Kirkhus, Burmeister, Eakle, Woods, Fuller, Whitford, Colton, Kopp, Eigle, Perry, Babcock, Potter, Schultz, Mercer, Cook, Stryker, Begtol, WAkefield, Thorpe, Assessment list 1928, property tax.
008 010 037 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Assessment list 1928, property tax, Mizel, Byrd, Fuller, Schultz, Hays, Johnson, Wielert, Mack, Babcock, Sawyer, Keene, Woods, Smiley, Greeley, Aderer, Alford, Anderson, Kirkpatrick, Handy, Camron.
008 010 038 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Drake, Babcock, Richmond, Harvey, Roland, Dean. Peck, Bridge, Greeley, Fuller, Challand, Flanders, Beiler, Stryker, Woods, Spencer, Kingsley, Brown, Russell, Alfred, Herrick, Taylor, Matteson, Challand, Cook, Wykle, Schmitd, Whitford, Prater, Harris, Davidson, Plapp, Riminsnider, Bastian, Manser, Fightmaster, Ferguson, Thorpe, Heath, Adams,. Herman, Shurtleff, Presbyterian church, Methodist, Schrader, Loree, Clever, Fuller, Matteson.
008 010 039 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Matteson, Herrick, Roberts, McCleery, Gibbons, Woods, Brown, Kirkpatrick, Fuller, Abrams, Perkins, Huff, Arnodl, George, Herrick, Spencer, French, Esperson, Livingston, McMillan, Peck, Noss, Babcock, MacFarlane, Dean. Stryker, Potter, Askland, ConOhlen, Schoener, Mighell, Thompson, Carlson, Wiley, Martin, Reingardt, Almm, Turnbloom, Cunz, Clark, McMillen, Andrews, Handy, Enderson, Raylor, Cass, Hayes, Agnew, Bridge, Loree, Black, Mizel, Schoener, Arnold, Roberts, Beiler, , Watson, Alford, Miller, Thorson, Wiley, railroad, Carnes, Weber, Hipple, Thorp.
008 010 040 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Presbyterian church, Cleaver, Fuller, Watson, Johnson, Sweeney, Bernhardt, Cohen, Robinson, Knutsen, Kirkpatrick, Caldwell, Plapp, Brown, McCleery, Christiansen, Prater, Davidson, James, Sanderson, Hubbard, Hill, Hutter, Hanson, Goble, Kagay, Breunig, Cole, Terrace, Hardy, Wrigley, Rambo, Hacobson, Leifheit, Kahle, Sweaney, Mullins, Congdon, Eigle, Gibbons, Huff, Tompkins, Kauffman, Patten, French, Liddick, Wakefield, Kitner, Bliss, Peck, Drake, Davis, Hays, Gibbons, Tompkins, Rasmussen, Randles, Beiler, Greeley, Whitfoed, Leas, Kipp, Richmond, Willenweber, McCleery, Livingston.
008 010 041 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Fuller, Gibbons, Huff, Purey Woods, Schon colored singers, McCleery, Knutson, Richmond, Harvey, Bridge, Liddick, Reingardt, Baldy, Hopkins, Herrick, Miller, Beiler, Herrick, band, James, Loree, Agnew, Schoener, Johnson, Stryker, Kilgore, Holbo, Colton, Spencer, Schultz, Dean. Kirkpatrick, Randles, East. Gilchrist, Matteson, Potter, Hamilton, Thorpe, Henning, Whtifoed, Kauffman, Keene, Camron, Wright, Bend, Matteson, DArling, Cox, Hipple, Babcock, Carlson, Arnold, Daily, Drake, Black, Mercer, Wakefield, Rowley, Howison.
008 010 042 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Cleaver, Jordal, Mizel, Jones, Holland, Aukland, Leifheit, Falk, Fransis, Bolland, Oleson, Andrews, Furland. Merwin, Thompson, Cole, James, Jacobson, Johnson, Hutter, McCleery, Hill, Kirkhus, Jospin, Methodist church, band, storm, Gilchrist, Fuller, JOhnson, bridge, Huff, Graham, Miller, Alford, Whitford, parkins, Hipple, Graham, Schultz, Keene, Tompkins, Bauder, Potter, Keene, Weilert, Nowers, Ashworth, Kirkpatrick, Greeley, Smith, Babcock, BAker, Rowley, Thorpe, Colton, Arnold, Lees, Randal, Swift, Woods, Breeding, Stryker, Hayes, Darling.
008 010 043 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Fuller, Woods, Sorenson, Keene, Mizel, Benjamin, Huff, Beiler, Matteson, Potter, Eakle, Carnes, Hening, Anderson, Boekenhauer, Wright, Brown, Gibbons, Kirkpatrick, Gilchrist, Jacobs, Dean. Fay, Olinger, Waldee, Roberts, Huff, Schultz, Sawyer, Miller, Whitford, Hardy, Reingardt.
008 010 044 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Anderson,Wakefield, Whitford, Spencer, North, Wood, Dean. Alen, Low, Wright, Woods, Herrick, Gibbons, Sorenson, Wollenweber, Tompson, Deake, Greeley, Thorpw, Brown, Robinson, Bridge, Mercer, Dixon, Beiler, Cleaver, Fuller, Duffy, Watson, Graham, Schultz, Thorpe, Hipple, Peterson, Edwards, Weilert, Methodist church, Bull, Danielson, Kuter, Underhill, Hardy, Norton, Meir, Presbyterian, school.
008 010 045 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Stryker, Simpson, Eakle, Swanson, Randles, Cleaver, Watson, Hipple, Rowley, Low, Forrer, Davenport, Gordon, Matteson, Bridge, Hall, Wright, Whitford, Watson, Fuller, Thorpe, Frost, Woman's club, Cox, Keene, McAllister, Larson, Harding, brainerd, Roberts, Brown, Fearon, Griesmere, Peterson, Thorpe, VanDeusen, Brown, Woods, Lamb, Hipple, Whitsell.
008 010 046 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - howison, Swanson, Sorenson, Babcock, Stryker, Bradbury, Paul, Forrer, Nordman, Stroud, Kirkpatrick, Rowley, Howison, Carson, Herrick,Carson, Randal, Fuller, Thorpe, Rowley, Woods, Swift, Stryker, Rolland, Colby, Morse, Schermerhorn, Eigle, Wright, Beveridge, Woman's club, Methodist church, Huff, Fay, Owens, Hall, Blackman, GReeley, Tompkins, Weilert, Seitzinger, Beiler, Eakle, DEan, Schultz, Schraeder, Roberts, WAkfield, Arnold, Williams, Kitner, Bridge, Wiltse, Cook, Larson, Keene, Whitsell.
008 010 047 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Route 71, road, Poust, Bridge, Schumacher, Broughton, Dailey, Carson, Cunz, Alford, Hirschmiller, Fuller, Wakefield, Kirkpatrick, Hipple, Brainerd, Methodist church, Presbyterian, Simpson, Stryker, P.T.A., Schultz, Eakle, Cunningham, Faulk, Winegarner, Bly, Riskedahl, Hall, Smith, Boher, Shepherdson, Weddige, Vincent, Alexander, Bull, Thorpe, Keene, Fay, Hipple, Stryker, Espersan, Wiltse, Ilseman, Dean. Kitner, Darling, Nelson, Baie, Miller.
008 010 048 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Wiltse, Howison, Darling, Thorpe, Hall, Huff, Fuller, Abrams, Stryker, Brown, McAllister, Fay, Methodist church, Persbyterian, Woman's club, Greeley, Dean. Marshall, Kopp, Robinson, Herrick, Eakle, McGirr, Dixon, Huey, McCleery, Cox, Roberts, Rompf, Mercer, Elleby, Swanson, Babcock, Gilchrist, Randles, Kopp, Swanson, Whitford, Thompson, Woods, Carson.
008 010 049 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Esperson, Ilseman, Baie, Brown, Eakle, Cameron, Schermerhorn, Darling, Low, Lattin, Leifheit, Charlesworth, Stroud, Babcock, Woods, Price, Herrick, Swift, Bend, Stryker, Dixon, Robinson, Carson, Hays, Methodist church, Presbyterian, Roberts, Burmester, Olmstead, Barth, Wood, Hill, Wakefield.
008 010 050 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Matteson, Smith, Keene, Hays, Hipple, Gibbons, Spencer, Eigle, Mizel, Tompkins, Schoener, Thompson, Wakefield, Hays, Heeg, Schraeder, Stryker, Herrick, Baie, Waldee, Potter, Dixon, Sright, Woods, Fay, French, Morse, Schermerhron, Eigle, Barth, Skau, Reingardt, Johnson, Baker, Asby, Binder, Ritter, Elloitt, Holdridge, Holm, Pfundt, Nelson, Olmstead, Knight, Wilson, Deegan, Braeser, Myers, Schmitz, Whitford.
008 010 051  1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Schultz, Miller, Alford, Burmester, Keene, Huff, Whitford, Babcock, Wallace, Low, Ferguson, Dean, Tompkins, McCoy, Stryker, Macklin, Wiltse, Kitner, Darling, Schermerhorn, Woods, Leslie, Sawyer, Simpson, Leifheit, Charlesworth, Howison, Colby, Clark, Brown, Fuller, Morsch, Challand, Arnold, Carson, Mizel, Randel, Thorpe, French, Lovig, Wakefield, Methodist church, Presbyterian, Knutson, Prestegaard, Olmstead, Roberts.
008 010 052 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Johnson, Woods, Knudtson, Clark, Cunz, Baie, Rowley, Stryker, Robinson, Rowley, Waldee, Olinger, Darling, Greeley, Babcock, Daniels, Schultz, Darling, Mizel, Gilchrist, Hamilton, Hipple, Plummer, Tyler, French, Tompkins, Huey, Barth, Whitford, Schrader, Suydam, Potter, Schermerhorn, Beiler, Seitzinger, Gilchrist, Kitner, Liddick.
008 010 053 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Kitner, Kenan, Heyer, Murray, Keene, Gilchrist, Dilbeck, Coultrip, Horstead, Corey, Olmstead, Suddeth, Eilson, Knutson, Pfundt, school, Box social, Dixon, Eakle, Goncdon, Sompson, Hall, Reingardt, Schoener, Hays, Sorenson, Whitford, Alford, Bauer, Elleby, Mercer, Bohe, Bean, Moates, Tompkins, Crawford, Hall, Clark, Schultz, Matteson, Hinkston, Coleman, Kennedy, Berg, Plapp, Leifheit,.
008 010 054 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Carson, Agnew, French, Gilchrist, Beachtold, Eakle, Low, Woods, Dixon, Beiler, Carlson, Whitford, Schraeder, Baie, Harp, Schultz, Simpson, Schmidt, business, road, Husk, Rassmussen, Pogue, Babcock, Balckman, Mercer, Liddick, Stryker, Keene, Reingardt, Swanson, Gowery, school, divorce, Carson, Clark, Kirkpatrick, Brainerd, Wood, Robinson, East, Raylor, Agenw, Baie, Tompkins, Cleaver, Potter, Granart, Peterson, Matteson, BAker, Smith, Slatterlee, Macklin, Carnes, Abrams, Fuller, Plummer, Deake, Wright, Huff,Howison.
008 010 055 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Dean, Whitford, Kennedy, Fay, Methodist church, Presbyterian, Route 71, road, Wood, Schultz, Roberts, Hopkins, Haish, Lewis, Schultz, Seitzinger, Winterton, Warberg, Boekenhauer, Kikik, P.T.A., election, poultry school, Gibbons, Glover, Ames, Miller, Stroud, Husk, Greeley, Huff, Stroud.
008 010 056 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Woods, Hipple, Presbyterian church, Bowers, Stryker, Agnew, Seitzinger, Tompkins, Schultz, Baie, Schultz, Firkins, Mizel, French, Strumm, Chantrill, French, Leifheit, Carnes, Falk, Dean, Stroud, Greeley, Beiler, Mercer, Kauffman, Elleby, Merriman, Soencer, Keene, Colby, Fearon, Dixon, Low, Roberts, Thorp, Randall, Schrader, Schultz, Allen, Wilson, Burmester, Edwards, Plapp, Smith, Colgrove, Murray, Corye, Olmsted, Berg, Methodist, Hamilton, P.T.A., Matteson,.
008 010 057 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Maple, Grady, Baker, Thompson, Baie, Johnson, Walker, Huller, Schultz, Dolder, Larson, Glover, Larson, Greeley, Hoffman, Babcock, Woods, Rickerman, Sawyer, Harpman, Wiltse, Simpson, Gilchrist, Huey, Carns, Roberts, Plummer, Fay, Woods, Cromer, Tallman, Haag, Holbo, Loree, Ritter, Greeley, BAie, SAwyer, Wilkinson, Giles, brainerd, Loree, Poultry, School, Methodist church.
008 010 058 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Babcock, business, Red & White, Presbyterian church, Schultz, Lattin, Woods, Dean. Fay, Schorner, Hipple, Greeley, Stroud, Low, Clark, Cunz, Spencer, Heeg, Alford, Kennedy, Stryker, Stroud, Gibbons, Eigle, Brainerd, school, Hipple, Ashford.
008 010 059 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Methodist church, Presbyterian, Boekenhauer, Fuller, Esperson, Livingston, French, Fitzgerald, Simpson, Roberts, Macklin, Bennett, Ritter, Whitford, Thorp, Fay, Woods, Schultz, Franks community, Woman's club, school basketball, sports, Cox, Glover, Simpson, Greeley, Wakefield.
008 010 060 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Leifheit, Blackman, Ritter, McDougal, Huey, Kopp, McCleery, Tompkins, Davis, Granert, Leifheit, Biehl, Babcock, Daniels, Schultz, Fisher, Stryker, Schraeder, Taylor, Mercer, Mitchell, Kitner, Low, Hipple, Woods, Brainerd, Mackey, Kopp, Cunz, Kaiser, Randall, Clark, Olmstead, Boekenhauer, Fuller, Mighel, Keene, Stroud, Ferguson, Hardy, Schultz, Arnold, Miller, Dean, Fuller, Alford, Greeley, Pritchard school, Schrader, Baker, Matteson, airport, Eakle.
008 010 061 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - McGirr, airport, Putnam, Low, Wright, Lattin, Arnold, East. Withey, Hays, Simpson, Arnold, Ferguson, Cox, Johnson, Dixon, Kopp, Stryker, Willimams, Hallan, Hardy, Tingling, Christianson, Riminsnider, Woods, P.T.A., Methodist church, Presbyterian, Leifheit, Taggart, Cromer, Ritter, Tallman, Latson, Seitzinger, Rodgers, Mercer, Wilkinson, BAker, Baie, accident, Barmish, Roberts, Carson, Hardy, Keene, Hipple, Miller, Woods, Alford, Hays, Fay, Eakle.
008 010 062 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Methodist church, Presbyterian, Woman's club, Poultry, Hubbard, Clevenger, school, Gilchrist, Greeley, Keene, Baie, Congdon, Rowley, Putnam, Barth, Huff, Burmester.
008 010 063 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - French, Greenetown school, Beiler, Barth, Fuller, Putnam, Schultz, Simpson, Hinds, Schmidt, Schrader, Schermerhron, Watson, Rowley, Simons, Stryker, Huff, Hipple, Hamilton, Glover, Hayes, Drake, Mercer, Firkins, Price, judging, McAllister, Thompson, Keene, Dolder, Keene, Methodist church, Presbyterian, Boyer, Dean, Mizel, Hunt, Fay, Whitford, Roberts, Randles, Gilchrist, Babcock, Woods, Kastler, Greeley, Kauffman, Kopp.
008 010 064 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Gibbons, Smiley, Huey, Hunt, Presbyterian church, Woods, Wiltse, Schultz, Roberts, Whitford, Gunderson, Stryker, Huff, Arnold, Wollenweber, Mizel, Hipple, Barth, Hayes, Eakle, Swift, Blackman, Johnson, Thompson, Simpson, Walker, Rowley, Colby, Thorpe, Darling, Carns, Brainerd, Fuller, Putnam, Hamilton, airport, Route 71, Route 30, Hipple, EAkle, school, Ritter, Wilkinson, Beiler, Whitford, Babcock, Burmester, Matteson, Baker, Swift, Kirkpatrick, Kitner, East.
008 010 065 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Abrams, Hayes, East, Kirkpatrick, Smiley, Greeley, Roberts, Beiler, Thompson, Colby, Herrick, Fay, Keene, Whitford, Martin, Schultz, Dean, Rolland, Babcock, Woods, Matteson, Potter, Kastler, Drake, Schermerhorn, Simpson, Hipple, Nelson, Hunt, Keene, Stryker, Wakefield, Darling, Cox, Elleby, Congdon, Huff, Anderson, airport, Eakle, Johnson, Presbyterian church.
008 010 066 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - P.T.A., Methodist church, Reingardt, Klein, Burmester, Greeley, Alford, Eberly, Balckman, Sawyer, Fuller, Hipple, Roberts, Abrams, Stryker, Congdon, Kauffman, Swanson, Keene, Livingston, Johnson, Huff, Whitford, basketball, sports, Beiler, Randles, Dixon, Miller, North, Darling, Thorpe, Simpson, Matteson, Betcher, Drake, Kirkpatrick, Boekenhauer, Wilkinson, Carns. Watson.
008 010 067 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Huff, school, Rissman, DeBoldt, North, Greeley, Keene, Presbyterian church, Methodist, fire, simpson, Gilchrist, Huff, Tomkpins, Babcock, Eakle, Schultz, Whitford.
008 010 068 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Congdon, Blackman, Stryker, Putnam, Schultz, Thorpe, Baie, Whitford, McAllister, French, Hayes, Bohe, Kirkpatrick, Fuller, Leslie, Maple, Schmidt, VanDusen, Randall, Johnson, Huey, McMenamin, Methodist church, Joranlien, Klein, Souder, DArling, Schultz, Roberts, Leifheit, Jessup, Larson, Palmer, Coss, Babcock, Eigle, Stroud.
008 010 069 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Stryker, Keene, Coss, Palmer, Hoff, Abrams, Simpson, Swift, Babcock, Schultz, Woods, Gilchrist, Carns. Roberts, VanDusen, Drake, Keene, Whitford, Hipple, Ferguson, Hayes, Glover, Thorp, Daniels, Baie, Presbyterian church, Methodist, school, North.
008 010 070 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Klein, Harnish, matteson, Rimsnider, Brown, basketball, sports, Jacob, Gilchrist, legion auxiliary, Hipple, Woods, Woman's club, Roberts Rasmusen, Ames, Pogue, Baker, Charlesworth, Leifheit, Gibbons, Mizel, Graham, Elva hall, Fuller, fire, Congdon, Fay, Cox, Hirschmiller.
008 010 071 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Putnam, Jacobson, Strand, Breeding. Fuller, Hardy, Carson, adoption, Whitford, Simpson, Agnew, Riminsnider, Hipple, Ferguson, Wilkinson, Reingardt, Robinson, Clyde, school, Woman's club, Shrader, Roberts Hinds, Smiley, Thorp, Keene, Carnes, Osborn, sport, Methodist church, Presbyterian, Fay, Lewis, Houghtby, Sellers, Thorpe, Jessup, Gilchrist.
008 010 072 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Hardy, Baie, Stryker, Swanson, Huff, Gibbons, Roberts, VonOhlen, Skau, Robinson, Firkins, Randles, Maple, Swanson, Dixon, Liddick, Grench, basketball, sports, airport, Houghtby, Riminsnider, Sellers, Darling, Lewis, Hipple, Eakle, Dean, Thorpe, Schultz, Blackman, Dixon, Putnam, Roland, Simpson, Gliver, Ams, Hayes, Elleby, Greenfield, Smiley, Nelson, Pogue, Baker, Leifheit, McAllister, Fay, Woods, Babcock, Kingsley, Thompson, Boekenhauer, Matteson, school.
008 010 073 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Methodist church, Presbyterian, Anderson, Brolt, Maakstad, Cutts, Risseter, Larson, Jacobson, Wrighley, Heeg, Weilert, Alford, Nelson, Giles, Babcock, Mizel, Schultz, Dolder, Swift, Granart, Leifheit, Woods, Lamb, Keene, Dian, Huff, Whitford, Waldee, Gibbons, Eigle, Gilchrist, French, airport, McGirr, Bridge, Stryker, Mercer, Baie, Ashworth, Mizel, Swanson, Darling, Thorpe, school.
008 010 074 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - school, League of Woman Voters, Methodist church, Leifheit, MacFarlane, Anderson, Chantrill, Bend, Souder, dean. Gibbons, Hamilton, Woods, Matteson, Kirkpatrick, Whitford, Leifheit, Dixon, Burmester, Miller, Dolder, Kopp, Babcock, Howison, basketball, sports.
008 010 075 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Graham, Matteson, Byrd, Roberts, Fuller, Babcock, Leifheit, Giles, Weilert, Bridge, Reingardt, basketball, sports, Martin, Brown, Palmer, Kopp, Riminsnider, Alford, Kittner, Nelson, Smiley, Legion Auxiliary, Burmester, Tomlins, Marshall, Cox, Gilchrist.
008 010 076 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Burmester, Hagan, Iverson, Dean. Schultz, Wright, Graham, Willey, Davis, Peterson, Lovig, Cook, Englehart, Hoffman, Mortimer, Kaus, Wetz, Kean, Leifheit, Baie, Agnew, Gilchrist, VanDusen, Thorp, Fuller, Tompson, Drake, Abrams, Hunt, Spencer, Rowley, Martin, Hipple, Stryker, Inman, Kitner, Woods, presbyterian church, Methodist, Souder, Bend, Greeley, school.
008 010 077 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Heeg, Ames, Jones, Rodgers, Leifheit, Dean. Gordon, Eigle, Dolder, Woods, Broughton, McGirr, Hipple, Roberts, Boland, Whitford, Sorenson, Hays, Kirkpatrick, Witney, Waldee, Fay, Schultz, Wielert, Eigle, Maple, Anderson, Swift, Hartman, Rochford, Correy, Brown, Hoffman, Mortimer, Hazeman, Olmstead, Gletty, Bridge, Palmer, Lovig, Stryker, Eakle, Schultz, Holbo, Cox, Breeding, fire, Withey, Tompkins, Mercer, Hagan, Morse, Schermerhorn, Wiley, Burmester, Filchrist, Firkins, Blackman, Price, Bridge. Greefield, Kastler, Genning, Keene, Marshall, Hipple, feed mill.
008 010 078 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - fire Withey feed mill, Kauffman, basketball, sports, airport, Eadle, P.T.A., Presbyterian church, Methodist, school, Stryker, VonOhlen, Gilchrist, Mallory, Daniels Babcock, Fuller, Dixon, Randles, Waldee, Ashworh, Froster, Farley, Foiles, Oleson, Cory, Challand, Koss, Hartman, Woods, Kopp, Swift, Lreet, Cordon, Eidle, Dolder, Frost.
008 010 079 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Larsen, Greenfield, Matteson, Crisler, Hardy, Fay, Keene, Ashworh, Jacobs, Gilchrist, Bechtold, Husk, Simpson, Stryker, Abrams, Babcock, Roberts, Woods, Mizel, Eakel, Agnew, Maple, Waldee, Dean. Martin, Graham, Whitford, Bum, Hoffman, Mortimer, Hajernam, Olmstead, Gletty, Bridge. Palmer, Lobig, Dixon, Swift, Rockford, Hardy, Kirkpatrick, Wiltse, Fohrer, Tayleo, Woods, school.
008 010 080 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Mallory, Waldee, North, boy scouts, Kirkpatrick, Methodist church, Presbyterian, P.T.A., Stryker, Bradbury house, Stryker, Eakle, MacDougall, Turney, Winter, Withey, Freeman, Dixon, Hipple, ConOhlen, Schorner, Wakefield, Hunt, Hipploe, Ferguson, Millr, Mighell, Schultz, Babcock, Sarbaugh, Alford, Burmester, Kahle, Drake, Kastler, Herrick, McAllister, Keene.
008 010 081 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Rowley, Hyland, Kennedy, Bechtold, Drake, Schultz, Leifheit, Granite, Meyers, Whitford, Price, Harvison, Rowley, Hayes, Wakefield, Hardy, Thorp, Cook, Hinkston, Bechtold, East, Bruner, Hartman, French, VonOhlen, Kauffman, matteson, MacDougal, Presbyterian church, Ashwood, Woods, boy scouts, Boekenhauer, Alford.
008 010 082 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Corey, Drury, Firkins, Johnson, Thorpe, Hartman, Randall, Foiles, feed mill, Withey, Roberts, Legion auxiliary, Harding, school, Whitford, Watson, Hipple, Hush, Cox, Roberts, Colton, Johnson, Woods, Greeley, Hacob, Gilchrist, Herrick, Goble, SWanson, Fuller,Congdon, Freman, Mercer, Keene, Bechtold, East, Methodist church.
008 010 083 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Hipple, school, Fuller, Condgon, Pogue, Cooper, Heeg, Stryker, Withey, Howison, Kaus, Edward, Grost, Vodden, Cleaver, Faxon, Thorpe, Tuntland, Benson, Boyle, Burmester, Oleson, Englehart, Firkins, Presbyterian church, Schultz, plummer, Kahle, Mighell, Frost, Bridge, Larson, Gibbons, Hipple, Thorp, Bradbury, Soencer, Moore, Harvison, Roberts, Stryker, Whitford, alford, Gordon, Woods.
008 010 084 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Dixon, Whitford, Herrick, Watson, Schaffer, Spading, Mizel, Kirk, MacDougall, Burmester, Withey, fire, feed mill, Swanson, Randles, Mighell, Hipple, hamilton, Matteson, Fuller, Putnam, Babcock, Rowley, Gibbons, Watson, Arnold, Roberts, Simpson, Colton, Eakle, Schultz, Alfred, Kennedy, Herrick, Carson, Cook Keene, Darling, Stryker, Waldee.
008 010 085 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Bish, Darling, Greeley, Methodist church, Presbyterian, Ferguson, Howison, Bradbury, Schoener, railroad, Pogue, Parrott, Congdon, Duffy, McCormich, , Bend, Bechtold, Whitford, Ashworth, Greeley, Bohe, Meyers, Whtiford, Merriman, Matteson, Monkemeier, Macklin, Cleaver.
008 010 086 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Baie, Rowley, howison, Burmester, Withey, sWanson, Ferguson, Babcock, Potter, Dean. Hayes, Cleaver, Roland, Darling, Greeley, Schmidt, Keene, Herrick, Stryker, Anderson, French, Putnam, Martin, Schultz, play, Boekenhauer, Woods, Mercer, Firkins, legion auxiliary, Sherman, DArling, Burmester, Almquist, Presbyterian church.
008 010 087 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - school, Schoener, Gibbons, Heeg, Fenton, Andrews, Tomkins, Schraeder, Roberts, Greeley, McCleery, Potter, Whitford, Schultz, Babcock, VanAlstine, Kirkpatrick, Rowley, Cunz, Morre, Yates, Miller, Wagner, Kirkpatrick, Hayes, MacFarlane, Alfrod, Gilchrist, Fuller, huff, Soencer Kitner, French, Thorpe, Gordon, Merriman, Robinson, Kennedy, DArling, Smiley, Henderson, Carnes, Nelson, Mitchell, Graham, Ferguson, McAllister, Whitford, Plapp, Swift. East. Kramer, MEthodist church.
008 010 088 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - school, legion auxiliary, Presbyterian church, Weilhrman, Many, Baker, Bend, Thompson, Colby, Connell, Rissman, Tuntland, Hetland, Thorpe, Wright, Stryker, Roberts, Swift, Woods, Dixon, Neldon, matteson, Gordon, Baie, Hipple, Fuller, Kirkpatrick, Congdon, Giles, Wiltberger, Diedrich, Reingardt, Woods, Merriman, Nelson, Nicholson, Khle, Houghtby, Hartman, McDade, Challand, Andrews, Schultz, Eakle, Knutson, Blakey, Burmester, Stryker, Herrick, Thorp, Heeg, Schrader, BAker, Bend.
008 010 089 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Hendrick, Putnam, Simpson, Whitford, Hipple, Kirkpatrick, Cox, Mercer, Schoener, Colby, Tuntland, Thorp, Alstine, Hirschmiller, Thorp, Morton, Huff, Davis, boy scout, Methodist church, Presbyterian, school, Baie, Eigle, Plapp, road, Route 71.
008 010 090 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Husk, Birkner, Graham, Eigle, Gibbons, Dean. Rolland, Wiltse, Whtiford, Alford, Gilchrist, Wiltberger, Schoener, Brooks, library, Gibbons, Schmidt, Gordon, Frenudt, Herman, Colby Thompson, Baker, Manny, Nicholson, Bend, Connell, Walentine, Taylor, Dixon, Schoener, Stryker, Kirkpatrick, Smiley, Olmstead, Liddick, Keene, Whitford, Nelson, Johnson, Thorpe, Brainerd, dEan. Wakefield, Roberts, Larson, Phillips, McAllister, Diedrich, Reingardt, Simpson, Martin, Hipple, School, Baie.
008 010 091 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - presbyterian church, Methodist, Woman's club, Kirkpatrick, Hipple, Swanson, Holbo, Stroud, Babcock, boy scout, public funds township of clinton, road, business, Johnson, Baker, Huff, Johnson, Butzow, Larson, Pobue, French, Stryker, Roberts, Mercer, Klein, Congdon, library.
008 010 092 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - public funds township of clinton, Heeg, Potter, Stryker, Fay, Kauffman, Charlesworth, Woods, Reingardt, Whtiford, Nelson, Baker, Putnam, Schultz, Abrams, Gibbons, Dean, klages, airport, McGir, Eakle, Thorpe, Cirkner, Huff, herrmann, husk, Gilchrist, Graham, Alford, Gibbons, Gordon, Naubauer, Dean. Jodd Herric, Hinkston, Straw, Butler, Matteson, Maple, Wakefield, Kingsley, Dixon, Greeley, track meet, sports. 
008 010 093 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - track meet, sports, Presbyterian church, corn, Boekenhauer. Thompson, Souder, Boyle, Dolder, Maier, Russell, Erickson, LeGro, McAllister, Randles, Fuller, Abrams, Carson, airport, Vermelind, Severson, Wallace, Kahle, Herman, Kahle, Schmidt, Hartman, Challand, Gordon, Methodist, tennis, Johnson, Whitford, Nelson, Johnson, Holbo, Carson, Huff, Rodgers, Fuller, Hays, Askland, Dean, Spencer, Roberts, Greeley, McGirr, Newbauer Eagle airport, Favor, Favire.
008 010 094 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Baker, Barth, Hays, Keene, Boekenhauer, Fuller, Giles, Wollenweber, McAllister, Eakle, Wiltse, Gilchrist, Deming, Whitford, Babcock, Matteson, Fuller, Agnew, Hipple, Waldee, Dixon, Reeves, Roberts, Maple, Blackman, Rowley, Hayes, Robinson, Severson, Baker, Gibbons, Abrams, Cocking, Potter, Thorp, Reingardt, McGregor, Ames, Roberts, Hardy, Dean. Woods, Swift, Klages, school, Baie.
008 010 095 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Baie, Eigle, Russell, Methodist church, Kahle, Norton, Larson, Jackman, Houghtby, Newbauer, Thorpe, Legion auxiliary, McAllister, Kennedy, Stryker, Waterman Cemetery Association history, Rose school.
008 010 096 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Waterman Cemetery Association history, Withey, Whitford, Gilchrist, Hardy, Swift, Larson, Miller, Alford, Daily, Borchers, stock yard, Conlin, Hall, Carns, Eakle, Slatterly, Swanson, Boekenhauer, Pooler, Marshall, Andrews, Graham, Babcock, Eakle, Stryker, Schrader, Larson, sawyer, keene, Gibbons, Gilchrist, Blakely, Paul, Roberts, Reeve, Askland, Putnam, Robinson, Greenfield, Woods, Hipple, Hay, Bridge. Presbterian church, Methodist.
008 010 097 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - school, Minnegan, McAllister, Babcock, Burmester, Fay, judging, camp fire girls, Hipple, Mizel, Larson, Woods, Clapsaddle, Stryker, Babcock, Putnam, Whitford, Cross, Fuller, Walker, Congdon, Kopp, Arnold, French, Botten, Simson, Schrader, Hayes, Miller, Stryker, Drake, Maple, Gibbons, Deason, Schultz, Eakle, Mizel, Thompson, Daily, Conlin, Fay, Dean. Schmidt, Stroud, Reingardt.
008 010 098 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Tompkins, Arnold, Darling, Walker, Fuller, Withey, Slaterly, Babcock, Bechtold, Hipple, Burmester, Johnson, Peck, Herrick, farm alnd, Methodist church, Hardy, Darling, Esperson, Union memorial services, Ferguson, Sampson.
008 010 099 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - class play, Matteson, Gordon, Fay, Bake, Baie, Chamberlain, Kesner, Hamilton, Niewold, Presbyterian church, Greeley, Kitner, Herrick, Bowen, Dixon, Jacob, Gilchrist, Cox, Fay, Withey, Mercer, Friend, Pritchard, Ferguson, Bauder, Graham, Hutter, Stroud, Tompkins, Eigle, Kingsley, Darling, Keene, Leifheit, Stryker, Peck, Dean. Morse, Gordon, Matteson, Jacobs, Babcock, Eakle, Kitner.
008 010 100 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Wilcox, Darling, East, Babcock, Grahamk Newbauer, accident, airport, Baie, Boekenhauer, Fay, Hamilton, play, Borchers, Heath, Wilcox, Drake, Presbyterian church, Methodist, missionaries, Baldwin, Aikin, Kopfer, Popp, Reingardt, Pwers, Klein, Wisker, Herrick, Harper, Morton, school.
008 010 101 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Hamilton, Johnson, Kesner, Kirkpatrick, Matteson, Souder, Plapp, school, Swift, Dean. Woods, Hardy, Kitner, Wollenweber, Low, Roberts, Dean, Schultz, Eakle, Wakefield, Bridge, Deacon, Mitchell, Babcock, Hammell, Herrick, Potter, airport, Gibbons, Firkins, Halverson, Schull, Duffy, Zeigler, Harper, Klein, Hanson, Wallis, Popp, Greeley, Kitner, Thorp, Simpson, Schrader, Darling, Anderson, Thompson, Stryker, Wiltse, HayesMorese, Mercer, Sorenson, Gilchrist, Herrick, Anderson, Drake, Kopfer, East, Lovig, Plummer, Watson, Shader.
008 010 102 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Gordon, Woman's club, Methodist church, Presbyterian, Shrader, Babcock, Heath, Borchers, Hall, Whitford, Huller, Price, Dean. Dresher, Babcock, Roberts, MacDougal, Darling, Simpson, Bridge, Tompkins, Simpson, Stroud, Beiler, Schorner, Dean. Bridge, Woods, Hallam, Cooper, Zeigler, Newton, Anderson, Holmes, Hann, Baker, Gibbons, Eringardt, Kahle, Walker, Howison, Dean, Beiler, Wakefield, Roland.
008 010 103 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Duffy, Matteson, Clark, Roberts, MacDougll, Fuller, Roberts, Roland, Wakefield, Kirkpatrick, Hardy, Wollenweber, Darley, Rowley, Hipple, Schmidt, Keene, Challand, Sharfer, Woods, Bridge, Bennett, Presbyterian church, Methodist, Klinger's restaurant hotel, business, Leifheit, Watson, Greenacre, Keene, judging, Dean. Sawyer, Wiltse, Dalwuist, Glover, Spencer, Swift, Bridge, Macklin, Whitford, Simpson, Smith, Waldee, brooks, Moss.
008 010 104 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Davis, Woods, Gibons, Eigle, Lutz, Carsen, Andrews. Ashworh, Low, Woods, Hutter, Leifheit, Charlesworth, Morse, Schermerforn, Plummer, Gilchrist, Babcock, Robinson, Fuller, vacation bible school.
008 010 105 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Stroud, Rowley, Pritchard, Durch, Brooks, Russell, Stryker, Withey, Giles, Darling, Spencer, Fuller, Swift, Congdon, Wiltse, Hipple, Macklin, alumni, Greeley, Weinke, Hayes, Methodist church, Presbyterian, Larsen, Davis, airport, Eakle, Newbauer.
008 010 106 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Hardy, Johnson, Esperson, East, Merriman, Darling, hardy, Huff, Arnold, Fuller, Kirkpatrick, Morsch, Gibbons, Plapp, Tallman, Swift, Straw, Macklin, Kiem, Eakle, Wilkinson, Wollenweber, Schrader, Cleaver, Fuller, Plummer, Greeley, Peck, Stryker, Putnam, Carlson, Halverson, WAkefield, Herrick, Price, Dalquist, Glover, Moss, Whitford, Matteson, Joslin, Jones, Davis, Woods, Beiler, Thorpe, Roberts, Peck, East, Stroud, Hayes, Dean, Dixon, Darling, Heath, Tallman, Davis Larson.
008 010 107 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Davis, Larson, Roberts, Beiler, Bastian, Johnson, Zeigler, Hann, Newton, Anderson, Loux, O'Kane, Firkins, Furbush, Halam, Cooper, Plapp, Ulrey, Kittleson, Stevens, Jones, Hynes, Alumni, Methodist church, Presbyterian, Amleg, Darling.
008 010 108 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Matteson, Swift, Maple, Putnam, Moore, Hipple, Bridge, Whitford, Sorenson, Simpson, Rowley, Darling, Stryker, Greenfield, Jones, McGirr, Brooks, Hirschmiller, Hamilton, Schrader, Eakle, Plapp, Schultz, Huff, Esperson, Brown, Wakefield, Herrick, Fuller, East, Forer, Roland, Dean, Bridge, Reingardt, Woods, Mizel, Wollenweber, Wiltse, Taylor, Mercer, Russell, Johnson, Slatterly, Drake, Straw, Gibbons, Women's club, financial report, Waterman State Bank.
008 010 109 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Darling, road, route 71, railroad, Hardy, tax assessment list 1929, business.
008 010 110 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Woman's club, Methodist church, Presbyterian, Dr. K, horse, Fuller, Gibbons, Huff, Miller, Larson, Darling, Bechtold, Willey, Kopp, Eigle, Gilchrist, Hirschmiller, Hamilton, Arnold, Hardy, Stryker, Brainerd, Greeley, Woods, Hipple, Simpson, French, Babcock, Kitner, Eakle, Beghtold, Larson, Hinkston, Roberts, Keene, Schrader, Waldee, Anderson, Swift, Wakefield, Putnam, Dixon, Russell, Matteson, Bridge, Alford, Morse, Schermerhorn, Edwards, McCleery.
008 010 111 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Darling, road, route 71, Lane, Carson, Alford, Hardy, tax assessment list 1929, business.
008 010 112 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Tax assessment list 1929, business, Low. Blackman, Swift, Buzzard, Hays, Aiken, Kirkpatrick, Spencer, Wollenweber, Gibbons, Whitford, Kauffman, Watson, Keene, Hipple, Woods, Peck, martin, Keene, Hayes, Schrader, Legner, Schermerhorn, Wakefield, Cox, Arnold, Borwn, Herrick, Simpson, Morse, Thorp, Babcock, Drake, Greeley, Matteson, French, Loverude, Cox, Stevens. Donaldson, Dickenson, Wells, Garden Prairie, Henderson, McGirr, Woods, Seitzinger, Houghtby, Baie.
008 010 113 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Schmidt, Schrader, route 71, road, Lane, Gibbons, Baker, French, Watson, Johnson, Herrick, Watkins, Campbell, Schoener, Davis, Harns, Dean, Swift, Tallman, Putnam, Morse, Greeley, Roberts, Schultz, Maple, Whitford, Kirkpatrick, Richmond, Hardy, Keene, Dixon, Tompkins, Babcock, Swift, Congdon, Kingsley, McGirr, Woods, Gilchrist, Darling, Huff, Russell, Greenfield.
008 010 114 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Robinson, Carson, Whitford, Herrick, Wakefield, Houghtby, Gilchrist, Daily, Ames, Drake, Kestler, Roland, Dean, Dixon, Howison, Gibbons, Kopp, Eigle, Ross Grove, Stryker, Kingsley, Beiler, Heath, Baker, Hayes, McAllister, Hipple, French, Arnold, Johnson, Kirkpatrick, Swift, Aitkin, Wollenweber, Baie, Halverson, Hartman, Smith, Martin, Haines, Powers, Weber, Long, Bartel, Harvestraw, Aiken, Kettleson, Carter, GArman, Flanders, Allen Waldee, Scott, kirkus, Larson, Griffth, Long, Locke, Withey, Smiley.
008 010 115 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Withey, Williams, Houghtby, Seitzinger, Nelson, Woods, Hardy, Tom[kins, Daily, Ames, Eakle, Reingardt, Huff, Alford, Noss, Conover, Gilchrist, Bridge, Wilson, Burmester, Beiler, Stryker, Thorpe, Glover, Hines, Swanson, Keene, Randles, Wakefield, Greeley, Boekenhauer, Rowley, Holmes, Charlesworth, VanDusen, Stryker, Simpson, Herrick, Hayes, Morse, Schermerhornm Wilkenson, Schoener, Waldee, Roberts, Greenfield, Richmond, Fay, Mercer, Schmidt, Lowe, Watkins, Kastler, Drake, Cooke, Schrader, Gordon, Eakle.
008 010 116 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Amber, Cuken, Lehman, Sawyer, Baie, Wetz, Herman, Reynolds, Ketleson, Thorson, road, Halverson, Whitford, Greeley, Swift, Minich, East, Hardy, Gibbons, Darling, Liddick, Alford, hays, Bowker, Smith, Swanson, Carns, Herrick, Schultz, Brainerd, VanNatta, straw, Bridge, Shorelin, Dean, Brown, Anderson, Merriman, Eakle, Pollins, Potter Kirkpatrick, Woods, Burmester, Miller, Leifheit, Buzzard, Smiley, Fulton, Tuntland, Howison, Arnold, Babcock, Colby, Mohr, Aiken, Wiltse, Rowlay, Carson, Daily, Bowker.
008 010 117 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Bowker, Newbauer, Vatne, Woods, Erickson, Firkins, Tuntland, Gunderson, Smith, Kittleson, Villars, Presbyterian church, Sawyer, Methodist, Skoug, Greice, Gary, Buckle, Greeley, Gilchrist, King, Williams, Hardy, Liddick, Robinson, matteson, Thorpe, Granert, Hays, Baie, Gibbons, Woods, Charlesworth, Mizel, Tomplins, Stryker, Hill, Nelson, low, Price, Whitford, Coppess, Putnam, Darling, Martin, McMillian, Kirkpatrick, Huff, Bridge.
008 010 118 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Naubauer, Thomas, Lenzi, Bolne, Woods,Vatne, Greeley, Hardy, Bruner, Swift, Fay, Dixon, Gibbons, Reingardt, Walton, Schultz, Eakle, Hayes, Babcock, Maple, Stryker, Campbell, Gunderson, Roberts, Drake, Mighell, Brainerd, Rhodes, Putnam, Tompkins, Frost, Smith, WAkefield, Herrick, Liddick, Bridge, Greenfield, Alford, Inman, Breedling, Presbyterian church, Methodist, Dean. Matteson, Leifheit, Fuller.
008 010 119 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Greeley, Kirkpatrick, Thompson, East. Simpson, Herrick, Ritter, Putnam, Plummer, Roberts, Davis, Swift, Darling, Smith, Woods, Miller, Burmester, Cobb, Taylor, Conrad, Spangler, Davenport, Smiley, Graham, Matteson, Challand, Leifheit, Thompson, Hipple, Owens, Houghtby, BAker, Carroll, Carr, Potter, Fay. Robinson, Darling, Eakle, Schultz, Daily, Schofield, Flood, Herrick, Barth, Carlson, Nelson, Thorp.
008 010 120 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Bridge. Howison, Dunaway, Kingsley, Whitford, Coppess, Swift, Mercer, Heath, Schmidt, Charlesworth, Liddick, Kastler, Hayes, Askland, Wakefield, Richard, Fay, Moore, Locke, Stevens, Wetzel, Merriman, Hetland, Leifheit, Moyer, Gabbil, Huey, Herman, camp fire girls, Greeley, Liddick, Mighell, Brown, Cross, Peck, Davis, Keene, Carnes, Thompson, Herrick, Greeley, Babcock, Hamilton, Stryker, Hadry, Schultz, Larson, Woods, Rowley.
008 010 121 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Wakefield, Maple, Liddick, Arnold, Babcock, Robinson, Cook, Darling, Greeley, Conover, Tompkins, Whitford, Methodist church, Donnahue, Bastian, Hoyt, Jackman, Baker, Fay, Hirschmiller, Schultz, Greley, Matteson, Roberts, Carnes, Henderson, Snow, Gould.
008 010 122 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Simpson, Randles, Fuller, Nelson, Ferguson, Tompkins, matteson, Schoener, Stone, Johnson, Smiley, Hardy, Woods, Hunter,  Putnam, Walker, Buhe, Liddick, Kennedy, Stryker, Gibbons, easterbrook, Bridge, Dean, Fearon, Greeley, Davenport, airport, EAkle, Donnahue, Bastian, Jackman, Baker, Fay, Reingardt, Anderson, Rowley, Anderson, Bean, Darling, Leifhert, Hipple, Carnes, Cross, Plapp, Herrick, Menamin, Plummer, Fuller, Smith, Keene, Kitner, French, Babcock, Lehman, Dixon, Shatto, Huey, Charlesworth, Spencer, Peck, 4 - H.
008 010 123 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Methodist church, Bridge, Presbyterian, Darling, Fay, Kirkpatrick, Liddick, Gibbons, Hardy, Cunz, Rose, Putnam, Brooks, Graham, Miller, Smiley, Parkings, Mosher, Hirschmiller, Edwards, Burmester, Hamilton, Blackman. Babcock, Simpson, Mercer, Graham, Randles, Nelson, Franks, Mackie, Hipple, Greeley, Smiley, Baie, Low, Price, Dean, Fay, Mercer, Risetter, Matteson, Whitford, Schrader, Fuller, Stryker, Roberts. 
008 010 124 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Methodist church, Randell, school, enrollment, Rose, Mallroy, Kahle, Holt, Waldee, Presyterian, Gibbons, P.T.A.
008 010 125 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Graham, camp fire girls, Baldry, Greeley, Potter, Brown, Gilchrist, Alford, Leifheit, Whitford, Putnam, brumester, Schutlz, Woods, Keene, eakle, airport, Sawyer, Fuller, Hardy, Carnes, Grimm, Babcock, Watson, Boyle, Parkins, Liddick, Wilder, Fay, Roberts, Stroud, Bussee, Burmerster, Cunz, Olmstead, Lincoln, Simpson, Methodist church, Presbyterian, Woods, Cobb.
008 010 126 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Woods, Cobb, Rowley, Gibbons, Soicer, Brookside school, Putnam, Bodine, Hirschmiller, Johnson, Glover, Greeley, Tompkins, Alford, Plummer, Carnes, Roberts, Larson, Rice, Darling, Fuller, Eakle, Woods, Beck, Schultz, Maple, Burmester, Olmstead, Larson, Bridge, Schultz, North, Drake, Simpson, Hayes, Barth, Dean. Blackman, McAllister, Gilchirst house, Kahle, Stryker, Simpson, L.Q. Greeley death.
008 010 127 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - F. D. Olmstead death, Hardy, Presbyterian church, Methodist, Erickson, Blackman, Coss, Hensley, Nehring, Loux, Chapman, Gibney, Thompson, Cobb, Woods, Hardy, Gibbons, Randles, Nelson, Walkee, Stroud, davis, Miller, Larsen, BAker, Miller, Alford, Babcock, Lamb, Daniels, Stroud, Haryd, Arnold, Schultz, Stroud. Graham.
008 010 128 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - school notes, Kirkpatrick, Roberts, soil test, Rasmussen, Firkins, Ladies aid, Hibben, eakle, Stroud, Nelson, Rowley, Low, Miller, Shepherdson, Acherman, Bradley, Heeg, Gletty, Erickson, Simpson, Bean, Weber, Huff, Alford, Olmstead, Carnes, Putnam, Tompkins, Mizel, Roberts, Brainerd, George, Thompson, airport, Eigle, Hipple, DEan. Wodos, Burmester, Davis, Stryker, Smith, Schermerhorn, Arnold, Weilert, Ashworth, Smiley.
008 010 129 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Smiley, Methodist church, Presbyterian, Mizel, Schnits, Shepherdson, Ackerman, Miller, Hensley, Coxx, Blackman, Gunderson, Bradley, Keene, Leifheit, Keene, Monkemeier, Burmester, Matteson, Woods, railroad, electric, Chicago South Shore & South Bend, Babcock, Kitner, Swanson, Schrader, Matteson, Marion, Larson, Cleaver, Beiler, East, Bridge, Beiler, GEorge, Thompson, Greitz, Babcock, Woods, Low, Price, Hirschmiller, Hamilton, Mighell, Stryker, Roberts, Heeg, Stroud, Huey, Marsh, Tompkins, Rollins, Agnew, Herrick, Drake, EAkle, Darling, Nelson, Cobb, Randles.
008 010 130 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Roland, Woods, Whitford, Dena. Thorp, French, Simpson, Schrader, Eakle, Heeg, Putnam, Mighell, Graham, Johnson, MacDougall, Graham, Methodist church, Presbyterian, Marion, Greeley, Cleaver, Kesner, Larson, McCabe, Morsch, Bend, Schultz, Heeg, p.T.A., boy scouts, Congdon, Putnam, Critzbaugh, Huff, Zander, Gump, Tompkins, Cunz, Davis, Larson, Greeley, Wakefield, Jennings, Larson, Schutlz, Hayes, Herrick, Hipple, Woods, Huey, Stroud, Shrader, Kauffman, Whitford, Monkamin, Burmester, Bowers, Potter, Wiltse.
008 010 131 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Pogue, Bridge, Stryker, Wakefield, Greeley, Jennings, Alford, Burmester, Hamilton, Schermerhorn, Hardy, Morse, Potter, Putman, Presbyterian church, Methodist church, French, railroad, accident, Suddeth, Cleaver, Keene, school notes, Woberts.
008 010 132 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Baie, Randles, Kirkpatrick, East, Ferguson, McMenamin, Burmester, Johnson, Boyle, Blackman, Hipple, Carson, Kauffman, Congdon, Watson, Potter, Schermerhorm, Giles, Babcock, Maple, Agnew, Simpson, Hall, Anderson, French, Putnam, Mercer, Boyle, Bean, Est. Swift, Hardy, Roberts, p.T.A., Methodist missionary, Liddick, Fuller, Stryker, Keene, Woods, BAie, Barth, Mizel, Hays.
008 010 133 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - high school notes, Presbyterian church, Lincoln's tomb, Putnam, Fuller, Mercer.
008 010 134 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Lincoln's tomb, Putnam, Fuller, Mercer, Olmstead, Munsom, Hamsmith, Martin, Eakle, brainerd, Schultz, Huff, Gibbons, Anderson, Ames, Samels, Babcock, Wiley, Eigle, Herrick, Tompkins, Whitford, Dailey, Kirkpatrick, Smith, Hipple, Beiler, French, Suddeth, Kirkpatrick, Carlson, Schultz, Morton, Mallroy, McAllister, Reingardt, Simpson, Whitford, Hayes, Bridge, Graham, Woods, Davis, Cross, Fay, Zander, Gump, Presbyterian, church.
008 010 135 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Methodist church, school notes, Baie, mizel, Hays, Roberts, Bowers, checks, Marion, Greeley, Marion, davis, Fuller, Cross, Matteson, Herrman, Simpson, Johnson, Jump, Christianson, Ames, Thompson, Larson, Suddeth, Waldee, French, Douglas, heeg, Pyler, Harpman, Howison, Cunz, Huff, Breeding,.
008 010 136 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Hardy, Miller, Heyer, Albert, Merriman, Putnam, Smith, Tompkins, Randles, Gilchrist, Putnam, Huff, Kauffman, Davis, Stryker, Plummer, Hipple, Burmester, French, Eakle, Drake, Ketler, Davis, Colton, Whitford, Hartman, Brown, Elleby, Mallory, Smith, Keene, Waldee, STryker, Dean. Spencer, Greeley, Presbyterian church, Methodist church, school news, Gibbons.
008 010 137 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Gibbons, corn show, P.T.A., Cox, Seifert, Christianson, Whitford, Herrman, Jump, McCage, Thompson, Johnson, Arnold, Herrick, Eigle, Walker, Dixon, Mercer, Hipple, Hirschmiller, Alfred, Gilchrist, Paxton, Blackman, Kirkpatrick, DEan. Woods, Plummer, Waldee, Mallory, Kahle, Holt, Eveland, East, Simpson, Spencer, Duffy, Miller, Huff, McAllister, Wakefield, Hayes, Sorenson, Davis, Reingardt, Gilchrist, Tompkins, Thorpe, Woods, Wiltse, Weilert, Giles, Packard,Douglass.
008 010 138 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Schultz, Larson, Methodist church, Mizel, Presbyterian, Barr, Woods, Barker, Simpson, Davenport, fire, Waterman High School fire, Robinson.
008 010 139 1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Badenoch, Randels, boy scouts, high school fire photos, ballot, Pogue, Roberts, Angew, Schultz.
008 010 140  1928, 1929 Scrapbook including - Farmiloe, Methodist church, fire photos.


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