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DeKalb County was established on March 4, 1837 from Kane County. Our County Seat is Sycamore Illinois.


Clinton Township Public Library Historical Index

Since 1916 one of the duties of the librarian has been to keep a historical scrapbook of news items of important events which have occurred in the village and township.  This and other historical items have been indexed in the following table.  Use the "find" option on the page to locate family names or events.  The first column will give you the box, folder and page number information you need to request copies from the library.  To make requests write to the Clinton township Public Library, Archival Project, 110 South Elm Street, Waterman, IL 60556, or email CTPLibrary@mchsi.com.  The library staff  will fill your request as time permits.

   1878-1879 Scrapbooks    
1891-1892 Free Press Scrapbooks    
1892-1894 Scrapbooks 
    1893-1911 Scrapbooks     

 1902-1904 Congdon-Waterman Illinois Yearbooks      
1905-1907 Congdon-Waterman Illinois Yearbooks  
1915-1916 Scrapbooks
1916-1919 Scrapbooks  
 1920-1922 Scrapbooks   

1923-1925 Scrapbooks
1928-1929 Scrapbooks
1929-1931 Scrapbooks
1931-1935 Scrapbooks
1935-1938 Scrapbooks
1938-1943 Scrapbooks
1943-Current Scrapbooks
Miscellaneous Records

008 003 001 1878 Scrapbook including Pres. Ch., Meth. Ch., Bucks, Smith, Ladies Aid Society, Masonic Hall
008 003 002 1878 Scrapbook including Phillips, Diptheria, Whooping Cough, markets, schools, election, Giles, Greenwood, Bapt. Ch., Gardner, Pritchard, Phelps, Scott, brass band, Ostrander, Meth. Ch., Wom. Temp. Soc.
008 003 003 1878 Scrapbook including weather, roads, wells, Dr. Pritchard, Greeley, Woods, Green, Meth. Ch., Christmas, Scott & Phelps, Dr. Steward, Tomblin, Rowe, Holbrook, Zimmer, Smith, Lamb, Darnell, Wendell Phillips, slavery, Humphreys, Tomblin, Gardner, Hubbel, Morrell, Roberts, Ostrander, Phelps & Scott, McCaskey, Leifheits, ice house, Giles Bros.  
008 003 004 1879 Scrapbook including Meth. Ch., ice houses, Rev. Mr. Bucks, Hubbel, Pres. Ch., Bap. Ch., Hicks, Coy, newspapers, Scott, insurance, Phelps, Scott, weather, Franty, Greentown, Phillips, Humphrey, hogs, markets, schools, Meth., Bap, Pres., sleighs, coal, Gardner, Temperance, horses, Deacon, negro, Reynolds, corn, Pritchard, roads, Leifheit
008 003 005  1879 scrapbook including weather, trains, schools, Hicks, teachers, Meth. Ch. David, Shabbona Grove, Ingham, divorce, Temperance, Brigham, representative, hogs, cholera, auction, Gardner, Mattison, burns, Gardner, party, Macklin, Mullen, Congdon, taxes, Senator, Marshal, Pres. Ch. Lamb, rheumatism, Pritchard, Owen, Kirkpatrick,  Coy, Marshall, Meth. Ch., petition, liquor, women's vote, Samson, Humphry, Bradbury, post office, Mighell, Bowers, Dist. 7, schools, McCormick, Fisher, Post, Merritt, Strom, Wakefield, Rowe, Foss, teacher, student, Walker, hogs, markets, pocketbook, Kirkpatrick, Marshall, Afton, Broughton, Congdon, taxes, Hicks, marriage, Miller, Pritchard bogus 
008 003 006 1879 Scrapbook including Pritchard, marriage, wedding, Grove, Gardner, Fuller, Samson, Mattison, Potter, law suit, Phillips, Humphrey, Macklin, hogs, jury, verdict, Bible, Ostrander, anniversary, presents, Kirkpatrick, grist mill, Hubbel, Humphrey Gardner, entertainments, Masonic, Giles, Ostrander, Hives, Zeller, markets, Hicks, Bap. Ch., Ladies Aid Soc., Meth, Ch., Greeley, Wiltberger, steers, Schermerhorn, hogs, pocketbook, moving, paupers, Curtiss, Prof., schools, Woods, Tuttle, weapons, guns,  
008 003 007 1879 Scrapbook including Whitford, Greenwood, watch, Lamb, sore throat, scarlet fever, Baptist Ch., Swift, Funeral, Pearsons, Reynoldt, Hale, Greeley, Meth. Ch., corn, Scott, Ladies' Aid Soc., Dean, Mosher, Orr, Masonic, Square Store, Giles, weather, sleighing, Taft, Bradbury, band, Mosher, Greeley, Smith, Lamb, steers, Pritchard, rheumatism, wages, trains, emigrants, Swift, bogus marriage, LaGrange, Place, Ingham, Upton, auction, Stryker, auctioneer, Potter, Rowley, Indians, Mattack, Jennings Seminar  y, Bucks  
008 003 008 1879 Scrapbook including ducks, markets, Moore, Pierce, Foss, teacher, Bower District, school, Dramatic Club, Masonic Hall, Library, Curtiss, Hicks, Stoughton, Coy, corn, Price, Pres. Ch., cheese factory, Orr, hardware, Scott and Phelps, groceries, Wheeler, Ross Grove, school, Harvester Co., Green,  Bucks, temperance, Meth. Ch., weather, Waterman Dramatic Club,  Flinders, Fuller, horses, Hubbel, Ambrose, Congdon, taxes, voters, Steward, horses, carriage, Pritchard, Giles, Perry, Potter School, wages, candidates, election, Greenwood, Giles, Greedwood, Merret, Wakefield, Wardle, Taft, Representive, Brigham
008 003 009 1879 Scrapbook including railroads, C. & I, Fulle, auction, markets, election, Yearnshaw, collector, Ballou, coroner, Coy, Fullerton, Scott, Taft, roads,Taft, Dean, bologna, meat, Mosher, Stewart, Daley, barbed wire, Rose, crops, Fullerton, Flanders, Dixon, Pritchard, Bucks, Germans, soldier, Tyler, decorating, Scott, Fuller, steers, Barber, Paw Paw Seminary, Baptist, peddlers, paper-rags, Allen, temperance, women's vote, Argus, Sandwich, Castle, newspaper, Aurora Beacon, Meredith, affairs, Scott & Phelps, store, merchandise, Coy, Orr, Square Store, hardware
008 003 010  1879 Scrapbook including barbed wire, DeKalb, school, Curtis, Hicks, Perry, Potter District, Knight, pastor, Bucks, sermon, Greeley, Dean, trip, letter, weather, markets, Ostrander, Sandwich, millinery, Masonic bldg., store, Stewart, Hinckley, lots, Humphrey, streets, schools, Tibbals, Plano, teacher, Rose District, Holbrook, Potter District, Cady, Jennings Seminary, Pearl, blind, York, Waite, crops, Holbrook, Ward, Scott, Masonic Building, bonnets, Orr, Meth. Ch., Helmer, windmill, well, Allen, dog, shooting, Scott Troupe, Spencer, Baptist,  Orr
008 003 011 1879 Scrapbook including boys, fire, matches, Congdon, hay stack, alarm, J+B202emmerson, Mullins, restaurant, Sanborn, crazy, cripple, Irving  House, Abbey, accident, hayloft, Pritchard, Scott, Zimmer, Austin, real estate, trustees, disqualified, temperance, weather, Broughton, oats, teams, horses, Stewart, steamer, Baptist, Decoration Day, Johnson's Grove, band, Potter, party, election, safes, burglary, Hinckley, election results, license, no-license, Curtis, McCaskey, Challand, Phillips, Kirkpatrick, Congdon, Orr, Little, Kopp, Abbey, Dean, Mighell,smoking, band, Austin, saloon, caucus, delegates, judicial convention, Rundles, Kirkpatrick, Humphrey, Greenwood, Mercer, picture wagon, Green, cheese factory, cows, Masonic Hall, festival, Ladies' Aid, Meth. Ch., crops, Wiltberger, Fuller, poem
008 003 012 1879 Scrapbook including poem, Shabbona Grove, Decoration Day, band, Meth. Ch., Masonic Hall, Greenwood, election, Potter, assault, battery, Wiltberger, Afton, Place, Pritchard, Cody, Johnson's Grove, Decoration Association, Shabbona, Clinton, Victor, Pritchard, Stephens, Allen, Potter, Stephens, Whitford, Deacon, Green, Frost, Potter, Merritt, band, Nicholson, crowd, teams, Hardin, colonel, Civil War, speaker
008 003 013 1879 Scrapbook including harvest, market, hogs, Leifert, Clinton House, hotel, remodeling, Sage, grainer, Tyler, painter, Curts, pastor, Afton Center, Stall, Moore, money, Wiltberger, Mosher, Dean, drouth, grasshoppers, school closed for harvest, Curtis, Horton, Greeley, decorating, Rose, house construction, Koffman, Roberts, Oneida County, New York, Coy & Co., Phelps & Scott, Meth. Ch., children's day, education, milk, cheese factory, Hill, bowels, Persons, Little, roads, burglars, Moore & Co., lumber yard, Mighell, railroad, strikers, Matlock, Jenning's Seminary, maps, Elmer, Champaign, Merritt, Fuller, Wheeler, Harvester Works of Plano, Leifheit, cherries, robins, children
008 003 014  1879 Scrapbook including robins, fine of five dollars, elocutionist, entertainment, Masonic Hall, LaGrange, bogus, marriage, Murphy, judge, Moore & Co., coal, construction, coal house, prices, weather, June frost, orchards, Rose, Owens, Meth. Ch., Price, teachers, school, Tibbals, Rose School, Curtis, Pritchard's Grove, Sycamore Sage, Fourth of July, band, mud, dust, Stoughton, Elmer, S. R., poet, diphtheria, Tomblin, Bailey, one-legged, soldier, restaurant, Parsons, musical instruments, cheese factory, Tomblin, Hall, law school, Curts,     
008 003 015  1879 Scrapbook including C & I , Pritchard, Greeley Correspondent journey,
008 003 016  1879 Scrapbook including harvest, Beans, Greeley, Tibbals, Bucks, streets, Little, Davis, Greentown, cholera, Kauffman, Smith, Meth. Ch., storm, Fuller, Elmer, Giles, C&I, Ladies Aid Society, Patten, Afton, sociable, nipped, Elmer, Kingsley, Curtis, Pritchard, Mighell, warehouse, Humphrey, Green, cheese factory, Beans, Meth. Ch., Smith, Morman, Plano, Pritchard's Grove, Valentine, Whitford, battery, Merritt, Curtis,
008 003 017  1879 Scrapbook including woman, beer, hotel, chromo,Baptist, band, White, Sage, Meth. Ch., temperance, Giles, Merritt, Fuller, Women's Christian Temperance Union, Elmer, C & I, Soldiers Reunion, Smith, Mormans, Pritchard's Grove, Dixon, drunkeness, General,  Kingsley, Prairie Pond, turtle, Greeley, typhoid fever, Steward, Decker, Curtis, Waterbury, Mosher, Meth, Ch., Giles, Elmer, trip, Robinson, rattlesnake, death, Alfords, fire, Starry, Mattison, Tibbals, Rose School, Jennings' Seminary, Fuller, Smith, Mormon, Allen, Hubbel, Wiltberger, Fuller, Greeley, Henderson, Horton, Humphrey, Ward, ministers, Holbrook, Curtis 
008 003 018 1879 Scrapbook including Bucks, C & I, Hubbel, Scott & Phelps, Pritchard's Grove, settlers, horses, Johnson's Grove, crowd, DeKalb County, picnic, Johnson, Oliver, Indians, 1834, wigwam, elm, Vedder, Castle, Allen, Fuller, Post, Wiltberger, Sandwich Fair,  
008 003 019 1879 Scrapbook including Mormonism, Sandwich Fair, balloon, contortionist, liquor, gambling, animals, farm products, cheese, butter, factory, cream wagon, Samson, Perry, dry goods, Hubbel, accident, LaBrant, Flanders, diptheria, Scott & Phelps, ordinance, druggists, Bucks, Webster, bug collection, Swift, quilt, Sandwich Fair, C & I, trains, excursions, Rockford, Babtist Ch., Foss, teacher Bowers School, Swift School, Bartlett, death, cars, trains, jumping, jury, inquest, Bucks, entertainment, Masonic Hall, C. & I. R.R., Yearnshaw, Bristow, hotel, West Paw Paw, Gurler, Giles, Greenwood, mansion, exposition, Castle, Sandwich Argus, Hayes, Sherman, tile, Kirkpatrick, Spencer, nuts, walnuts, bushels, nutting, Greeley, jail, Alexander
008 003 020 1879 Scrapbook including gallows, Alexander, George, jail, Phillips, hogs, sidewalks, post office, drugstore, hardware, hotel, planks, liquor, licenses, fees, Afton, Phelps & Perry, Masonic Building, drygoods, marshal, Bucks, Meth. Ch., Ladies Aid Society, musical, literary entertainment, Rose, Pritchard, Smith, insurance, Matteson, barn, fire, Schermerhorn, Perry, plowing, potatoes, Potter, Humphrey, Allen, Gilmore, Lamb, cribs, Bucks,  Hubbel, politics, sidewalks, Phelps & Perry, Kirkpatrick, death, Hiram, Isaac, Smiley, old age, Glenn, harness maker, Roberts, republican, treasurer, Fuller, Cole House, Wiltberger, Pres. Ch., Price, Persons, saloon, Leifert, hay, Roberts, White, Hubbell, Porter, scarlet fever, postoffice, barb wire, Daley, premium, Neb. State Fair, Humphrey, Frasher, Perry, Zimmer, blacksmith, Holbrook, mansion, temperence 
008 003 021 1879 Scrapbook including Steward, Abbey, diphtheria, Giles, Elmer, travel, Phelps & Perry, butter, Coy, merchant, Bucks, Zeller, merchant, lumber, Meth. Ch., cholera, hogs, Fuller, steer, Greeley, Allen, Tuttle, diphtheria, Merritt, cornhuskers, wages, teachers, Meth. Ch., Hutter, Adams, band, arrest, Coy, Short, Smith, trains, section men, fires, Tuttle, court, Pritchard, Lily, Wallace, furniture, Orr, Martin, burial, Pres. Ch., C & I, express trains, Macklin, divorce, Allen, Greeley, Merritt, Fuller, clover, Fuller & Phillips, tramps, calaboose, White, Dean, Fuller, Meth. Ch., horse barn, Kopp, coal, hogs, stolen, Jannerson, restaurant, Leifert, saloon
008 003 022 1879 Scrapbook including Perry, Normandin, diphtheria, C. B. & Q, Kirkpatrick, anniversary, editors, Castle, Rosette, Tomblin, Zeller, Giles, pocketbook, cars, Wiltberger, well, Coy, cheese, Wheeler, General Grant, Phillips, Wilcox, weather, robbery, Bradbury, revolver, Mullen, Afton, Potter, assault, battery, Dean, Giles & Bros., honey, Hines, kiln, bricks, Pritchard's Grove, Orr's Store, Hall, temperance, concert, Woman's Temperance Union, Bruner, carpenter, housekeeping, Daly's Building, Knoodle, section boss, Meth. Ch., Scott, Steward, weather, cisterns, sloughs, Hicks, Ladies Aide Society, fair, Ward, Giles, parsonage, barn, Moore & Zeller, coal, lumber, Lynch, arrested, LaGrange, Tompkins, groceries, entertainments, fair, oysters, crackers, Meth. parsonage, Meth. Ch. Christmas tree, Tuttle, sexton, McCaskey, Curry, Bridge, Lamb, Perry, 
008 003 023 1879 Scrapbook including Perry, storyteller, Fuller, Meth., parsonage, barn, meat market, Dean, jeweler, Mighell's Store, Phillips, Rose, Holbrook, teacher, Broughton School, McGirr, Andrews, death, diabetes, Pres. Ch., Averill, constable, Lee Station, arrest, Whitney, robbery, courting, escaped, lecture, Wakefield, cars, Insane Asylum, Elgin, Greeley, tree, Christmas, Hipple, Giles, Quinn, roads, cold, Horton, typhoid fever, Deans, erysipelas, teaming, oats, corn, livestock, holidays, festivals, Roberts, Ostrander, millinery, Wheeler, Arnold, stereopticon, pictures, temperance, Tuttle, teacher, East Paw Paw, school, Bucks, children, address, Potter, death, diphtheria, Zeller, Foss, Couthoui, elocutionist, Hinckley, Meth. Ch., Jo Davies County Trip, team, covered wagon, tent, cots, camp-chairs, stove                                                                                    
008 003 024 1879 Scrapbook including Jo Davies trip, barge, "Libbie Congor," pigeons, quails, Lake Pepin, Prescott, Wisconsin, St. Croix, bluffs, St. Paul, Minnesota, Galena, arch, 
008 003 025 1879 Scrapbook including  November 5, 1879, Grant's home, Galena, depot, carriage, white horses, train, Grant, pickpockets, Mrs. Grant, hand shaking, Desoto Hotel, crowd of 5000 to 8000,  Rueben Pritchard poem, "Out of the Old House, Reuben," AFFECTIONATELY INSCRIBED TO MY UNCLE, R. M. P. by S. R. E.  "Flowers in Church, and Canaries." (at Waterman last Sunday.)
008 003 026 1879 Scrapbook including local Poems: "Or a Receipt for Making It" by S.R.E, "Hopeful Gabriels" (Respects to the Waterman B.B.) For the  News, by S. R. E. Cornfield, Ill. May 20th, 1879, "The Waterman Squires" for the News, by L. Burr, travel, John Brown's home, Ossawatomei, Kansas, slavery, Adare, cabin, gun, burial, fugitives, 
008 003 027 1879 Scrapbook including trip journal, John Brown, hero, martyr
008 003 028 1879 Scrapbook including Harper's Ferry, Greeley, S. R. E.,  
008 003 029 1879 Scrapbook including obituary, Humphrey, Robert, lenghthy, b. 1827Wales, 67, Clinton Twp., 1853, farm, married, Barns, daughter, Emma, friendly, loved, honorable, respected, Justice of the Peace, 15 years, suffered, religious, cordial, reverent, Knight Templar, Master Mason, Holy Royal Arch, d. 1894, fire, Kitner home, Greeley farm, mysterious, northeast, Bergholte, train
008 003 030 1879 Scrapbook including Kitner, fire, telephone, furniture, chimneys, insurance
008 003 031 1879 Scrapbook including The DeKalb County News, Printed by Steam, lecture, Meth. Ch. Waterman, Shepherd, Rome, 
008 003 032 1879 Scrapbook including lecture, cont. weather, Christmas, Filkins, Roach, consumption, Swift, Anderson, band, dance, Fuller, memorial, Bucks, Meth. Ch., walks, falls, Patten, lecture, Darnell, harrow, accident, traditions


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