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DeKalb County was established on March 4, 1837 from Kane County. Our County Seat is Sycamore Illinois.


Clinton Township Public Library Historical Index

Since 1916 one of the duties of the librarian has been to keep a historical scrapbook of news items of important events which have occurred in the village and township.  This and other historical items have been indexed in the following table.  Use the "edit -> find" option on the page to locate family names or events.  The first column will give you the box, folder and page number information you need to request copies from the library.  To make requests write to the Clinton township Public Library, Archival Project, 110 South Elm Street, Waterman, IL 60556, or email CTPLibrary@mchsi.com.  The library staff  will fill your request as time permits.

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Miscellaneous Records


Location Description
001 001 000 15 x 15 Wooden Seth Thomas Wall Clock, given in memory of Carrie Fuller. 
002 000 000  Wooden box with library stamps (newspaper stamps)
003 000 000  Picture frame with five photos donated by the Domestic Science Club - photos not identified. OVERSIZED on bottom shelf.
004 000 000  Waterman Year Books 1902 - 1905 (Three sets 1902 - 1907) Compiled by George Edward Congdon (individual years 1902 - 1905); Chronology, history, biographies, directories of business and clubs
004 1902 001 1902 Congdon Waterman Year Book - Price Twenty-Five Cents including photo of G.E. Congdon, title page, Waterman Illinois Year Book 1902 compiled by George Edward Congdon, printed by the Sac Sun, Sac City ,IA., preface, information exact and complete, sent letters to people, biographies, relied on local papers, deficient in directories, prominent people were neglectful or indifferent, useful record, errata, Table of Contents, Chronology, Biography, Directory, Misc., photo page Rev. Isaiah Villars, D.D., (seeb page 5), page 1. Waterman Year Book, Chronology, January 1. Pres. bus. mtg. 4. baby, Wiltberger, son, 6. installation of officers, Waterman Camp, M.W.A., 9. John Stern died, 10. Mrs. Catherine Woods Darnell, died, Plano, 11. baby, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin (Dora Burmester),daughter, Maud Elnora, 14. baby, Mr. and Mrs. Daisy (Woodruff) Starry, girl, 15. Byron W. King, impersonator, U.P. Church, 23. marriage, Ephraim Jackson Wood and Mary Halloway, 29. Mrs. James W. McAllister, died, marriage, Charles Tompkins Jr. and Gertrude Ames, 31. baby, Willard W. and Elizabeth (Cross) Spencer, boy, Ralph Vernon, marriage, Ed Leifheit and Rosa Leifheit.  February 2. G.W. Rollins, died, Chicago, 3. baby, Mr. and Mrs. Will Reingardt, boy, 4. marriage, Fred Bend, of Paw Paw and Grace Merritt, at Aurora, 
004 1902 002 1902 Congdon Waterman Year Book including marriage, Walter O. Wiltberger, Hinckley and Harriet I. Cook, Wisconsin, married in Rockford, 5. marriage, Roy Earle Greenfield and Lydia Marie Lawrence, at Sandwich, 7. Village school, basket social, old fashioned spelling match, receipts $70., 11. Mrs. E.W. Hicks, died, Toulon, IL, 12. Mrs. Emmet G. Deming, died, 13. Christian Endeavor, old-fashioned oyster supper. Masonic Hall, 19. Mrs. Della Yeasrnhaw, died, Walnut Grove, California, 21. marriage, Eddie Gustavus Stram and Jesie Bull, Union, Oregon, 23. baby, Orvis and Emma (Potter) Stryker, girl, Harriet Martha, 28. Michael Muller, suicide, cutting throat and shooting himself, S.M. Henderson, occupied new house, B. Street March 3. John Grandamdam died, 5. baby, John J. and Lotta M. (Greene) Murray, girl, Gladys M., 10. Byron W. King, impersonator, Meth. Epis. Ch., Mertie Kirkpatrick died, 11. marriage, Roy Eberly and Lizzie Leifheit, Hinckley, baby, Arthur and Amelia (Bossong) Burgin, boy, baby, Mr. and Mrs. Olson, girl, 12. Thomas Graham died, Conway Springs, Kansas, 13. Carom Club closed second season, banquet, Masonic Hall, Joseph Lugo, occupied new house, C Street, began in Nov., marriage, John Grandamdam died, 5. baby, John J. and Lotta M. (Greene) Murray, girl, Gladys M., 10. Byron W. King, impersonator, Meth. Epis. Ch., Mertie Kirkpatrick died, 11. marriage, Roy Eberly and Lizzie Leifheit, Hinckley, baby, Arthur and Amelia (Bossong) Burgin, boy, baby, Mr. and Mrs. Olson, girl, 12. Thomas Graham died, Conway Springs, Kansas, 13. Carom Club closed second season, banquet, Masonic Hall, Joseph Lugo, occupied new house, C Street, began in Nov., 
004 1902 003 1902 Congdon Waterman Year Book including March 15. Republican caucus, nominate town officers, 17. Prof. Henry Flinders, died, Chinook, Montana, 20. Twenty-fourth annual meeting, Ladies-Aid Society, Meth. Epis. Ch., church parlors, marriage, Al Hall and Alice Davenport, 21. Mrs. C.M. Stram, died, Shabbona, 23. Mrs. Peter McClellan died, born Isabel Beveridge, Oct. 5, 1830, 25. baby, Ward and Mary G. (Reid) McAllister, boy, Ralph Graham, 26. marriage, Walter A. Drake and Minnie M. Sarbaugh, DeKalb, baby, John and Mollie (Eigle) Hines, girl, Elsie Mildred, 29. Mrs. Fannie Hinds's barn, burned to ground, 31. Henry B. Darnell, died, Plano, April, 1. Annual town meeting, proposition to build new town hall, defeated 51 to 41, Frank S. Greeley, began new farm residence, 32 x50 feet, furnace heat, piped for water and gas, W.J. Randles, began new farm residence, 34 x38 feet, cost $2500., 2. marriage, Howard McCleery and Ethel Carothers, Stronghurst, IL, at Stronghurst, baby, Charles and Frances (Wilson) Crowell, boy, 4. golden wedding, John D. and Elizabeth (Sinclair) McDiarmid, Big Rock, 5. Republican caucus, elect delegates, county convention
004 1902 004 1902 Congdon Waterman Year Book including 7. Mrs. William Potter, died, Winfield, Kansas, 8. A.J.C. Fearon, opened restaurant, E. Dean bldg., 10. marriage, Frank Johnson and Sadie Graham, at bride's parents, near Aurora, 15. Railroad tower, Northwestern crossing, put in operation, Villag election, 124 votes cast, for license, 53, against, 69, 18. Mrs. Celestia Pritchard died, Hahneman Hospital, Chic., 29. Mrs. Jane Barker died, May, 7. Henry Wollenweber, brother of Mrs. H.W. Leifheit, died, Los Angeles, Calif., baby, Rev. M.G. and Maude (Stram) Bentley, Linn Grove, IA, boy, 13. marriage,  Dr. Johnson Low, Shabbona, and Orpha M. Hunt, Nashua, IA, at Nashua, 20. Mrs Arthur Burgen died, 21. Ralph Vernon Spencer died, born Jan. 31, 22. DeKalb County Prohibition convention, Sycamore, Howard McCleery,Waterman, nominated for county clerk, baby, Nels and Sarah (Olson) Johnson, boy, Martin Chris, Post Office at Franks, discontinued, 25. Mr. and Mrs. A.P. Mennis, celebrate 25th anniversary, Early, IA, 27. marriage, George Wood and Nellie Keller, Nekoosa, WI, at Waterman, 30. Memorial Day, address at Johnson's Grove Cemetery, Rev. W.H. Tibbles, Rochelle,
004 1902 005  1902 Congdon Waterman Year Book including  June very heavy rainstorms, heavy wind loss, trains delayed, lightning destroyed former residence of James McCleery, used as tool house, Sarah J. McAllister died, 6. Second severe storm, 8. Baccalaureate address, Rev. Villars, D.D., Meth, Epis. Ch., 10. Dr. G.M. Macklin died, 12. Seventh annual commencement Waterman High School, 13. Second annual alumni banquet, baby, Henry and Matilda (Legner) Wilson, girl, died, June 14, 15. baby H. Eugene and Nora (Greene) Smith, Cairo, IL, girl, Gertrude Mary, 19. marriage, George Crowell and Carrie Grass, Aurora, July 1 marriage, Rev. Samuel Robinson and Evangeline Traer Marshall, Cresco, IA, piano and song recital, Misses Mary E. and Isaline Clark Dickson, 8. baby, Rae L. and Bertha (McGeoch) Beveridge, girl, Mary Evalyn, 10. baby, Paul E. N. and Maud (Webb) Greeley, boy, Paul Webb, W.J. Randles, occupies new house, 12. baby, Mr. and Mrs. George Challend, Shabbona, boy, 14. Barn on H.L. Fuller farm, occupied by D.J. Minnich, struck by lightning and burned, 16. Mrs. Mary Cain died at her home near Sandwich, born Carew, Ireland, Feb. 17, 1805
004 1902 006 1902 Congdon Waterman Year Book including  July 17 Second annual meeting, Ladies Aid Society, Pres. Ch., with Mrs. Pritchard, 23. Hiram Kirkpatrick, 75th birthday, 26. Lafayette Carson, lightning killed 17 head cattle, 2 cows, 15 steers, value, $540, insurance $312. 31; 31. Edith Colton Smith died, David Hipple raised new barn, 46 x 90 ft., 26 foot posts, August 1. Mason D. Wesson died, Aurora, 3. Dean family reunion, Hinckley, 65th anniversary of William and Lucinda (Emery) Colton, Waterman, train derailed at Northwestern crossing, 5. Eighth Temperance picnic, Norton's Grove, Shabbona, 9. baby, George and Linda (Merritt) Keene, boy, Ivan Burnett, 12. Millicent Cutting Wentzel, died, Sugar Grove, 14. New school house being erected, Greentown; 26. baby, Mr. and Mrs, Louis Olson, boy; ?? date, Charles Durant died, Avon, WI
004 1902 007 1902 Congdon Waterman Year Book including September 1. Waterman School opened, 3. Marriage, Royal L. Davis and Anna E. Deming, Sandwich, Twenty-sixth annual Old Settler's Picnic, Norton's Grove, address by Charles Pierce Burton, Aurora, old officers reelected, 4. Robert Watson, hauling lumber, large new barn, marriage, Herbert Raymond, Bucks and Bessie Sims, Aurora, 12. David and Wealthy (Davis) Hoagland, celebrated 50th anniv., 14, Annual Clinto Twp. Sunday School convention, Chas. A. Blanchard, Wheaton College, spoke, 17. new barn, 50 x 106 feet, H.L. Fuller farm, 22. Emma C. Challand, oldest daughter of Joseph and Harriet Challand, died, Topeka, Kansas, 24. baby, George H. and Belle (Wheeler) Leifheit, Aurora, boy, Wilber, 26. baby, Robert J. and Jeanette (Kirkpatrick) McAllister, boy, Easton Leslie, 27. F.P. Robinson, opened new store, Masonic building, 29. Mrs. Maggie Watson, wife of R.F. Watson, died, ??date, Railroad route, (Chicago to Rock Island) surveyed about 5 miles south of Waterman  October 1. Wilber, infant son (born Sept. 24) of George H. and Belle (Wheeler) Leifheit died, Aurora; W.E. Dean, commenced work on eight room residence, north A Street, to cost $4,000. 
004 1902 008 1902 Congdon Waterman Year Book including October cont. 2. Baby, James and Elizabeth (Corgan) Lynch, girl, Helen, Epworth League sociable, David Minnich's new barn, Wilhelmina Specht Boekenhauer (Mrs. Charles) died, 3. Special agent examined route, recommended establishment of rural free delivery north of town, 7. marriage, Walter S. Parker, Newark, and Charlotte E. Paxton 7-14. Sixty-third annual session, Rock River Conference, Austin Church, Chicago, Rev. Fred Baldwin, assined to Waterman, Rev. Isaiah Villars, D.D., Lockport, 14. Laura Lyman Rose, died, Pasadena, CA., Mrs. Frank Challand (son of Joseph) died, Topeka. KA, 15. William C. Whitford, commenced house on A Street, Mary Walker died, Sandwich, 18. Waterman Woman's Relief Club, organized, 28. Special meetings, Baptist Ch., Rev. Dent, 30. A.J. Kirkpatrick, building new barn, 31. baby, Herman and Emma (Leifheit) Von Ohlen, girl, Edna M., Whitcomb Martin, aged 5, only son of Vere Martin, died, Davenport, IA, November 3. Mrs. Betsy Cole,died, 4. General Election, vote of Clinton Twp. Republican 117, Democratic 23, Prohibition 12;  7. baby, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bend, girl, 
004 1902 008b 1902 Congdon Waterman Year Book including full page portrait, Charles Pierce Buron, gave Old Settlers' Picnic address
004 1902 009 1902 Congdon Waterman Year Book including November cont. 8. Family gathering, James McCleery home, 34 people, 4 generations, Sarah Williamson Graham, mother of Mrs. McCleery, born June 10, 1813; Jesse Blaine Peck, born Oct. 21, 1900, son of Beecher Peck, died, Aurora, 12. Willis A. Rowley, commenced house on C. Street, 20. Christian Endeavor, basket sociable, 21. baby, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Tallman, girl, 26. marriage, John J. O'Connor and Catharine McCormick, Rev. and Mrs. J.L. Hartsook, surprise party for sixth anniv., purse of money, marriage, Frank A. Rollins and Harriet S. Potter, marriage license, Fred E. Downey and Lillian V. Kern of Chic. 27. Elbert Dean, hauling stone, new house, B. Street, Union Thanksgiving service, Meth. Episcopal Ch., sermnon by Rev. J.L. Hartsook, Pres. Ch., 46 memers of Greeley Family, celebrated Thanksgiving, Frank S. Greeley's home, 29. Thomas McEachron died, December 2. William Beveridge, Sandwich, died in Chicago, 4. chicken supper, Meth. Ch. Earl Drake string quartette, (first number on lecture course,) 5. Alfred Bradbury died, Milon R. Harris concert, Pres. Ch.  
004 1902 010 1902 Congdon Waterman Year Book including December cont. 10-11. Pres. Ladies, bazaar, Masonic Hall, 14. baby, Fred and Ella (Sawyer) Allen, girl, Marjorie Rose, Rev. C.H. Storms preached his last sermon at Baptist Ch., 16. Marriage, Erwin B. Carroll, Oxford Junction, IA, and Laura E. Stern, Waterman 17. marriage, Charles B. Broughton, DeKalb and Della Leifheit, married at Great Northern Hotel, Chicago, 18. Dr. Hindley lectures, "Will it take?", second number of lecture course, Annual meeting Ladies' Aid Society, Pres. Ch., Annual meeting of the Ladies' Missionary Society, Pres. Ch., 20. baby, William and Mary (Porter) Brownlie, Paw Paw, girl, Annie Richmond, 21. baby, Ernest and Louise (Rathe) Leifheit, boy, Clarence, 25. marriage license, Chicago issue, Harold C. Hall, DeKalb and Stella M. Lovell; marriage, Dr. Walter Livermore and Nettie Pogue, Oswego, 26. Christian Endeavor bus. mtg., 28. Rev. J.L. Hartsook, Pres. Ch., farewell sermon, 31. marriage, T.O. Talla and Pansy Pearl Allen, Winfield, KA, Dates unknown: marriage, ?? Colgrove and Mabel (Scofield) Colgrove, baby, Luther W. and Mabel S. Fraser, girl Pioneer, IA, baby, ?? and Mabel (Scofield) Colgrove, girl 
004 1902 011 1902 Congdon Waterman Year Book including ERRATA ET ADDENDA 1901- Also found in correct date area: Feb. 21, marriage, Eddie Gustavus Stram and Jessie Bull, Union, OR, June 15, baby, H. Eugene and Nora (Greene) Smith, Cairo, IL, girl, Gertrude Mary, Dec. 14, baby, Fred and Ella (Sawyer) Allen, girl, Marjorie Rose
004 1902 012 1902 Congdon Waterman Year Book including BIOGRAPHIES, W.G. Beveridge, Alfred, Bradbury, moved to Wateraman 1872, village just beginning, engaged in mercantile business, 13 years as postmaster, sold business interest to F.E. Royston, 
004 1902 013 1902 Congdon Waterman Year Book including BIOGRAPHIES, Mrs. B.A. Cole, husband died in 1864Somonauk R.R. accident, Mrs. Eli Darnell, Henry B. Darnell, twin, taught school in 1898, Patten Dist. 
004 1902 014 1902 Congdon Waterman Year Book including BIOGRAPHIES, Henry B. Darnell cont., Mrs. Emmett G. Deming, nee Alice Angeline Green
004 1902 015 1902 Congdon Waterman Year Book including BIOGRAPHIES, Mrs. Emmett G. Deming cont., Thomas Graham
004 1902 016 1902 Congdon Waterman Year Book including BIOGRAPHIES, Mertie E. Kirkpatrick, attended and taught at Waterman Dist. Schools, "Her Christian life was pure and sweet," died after 3 years of consumption,  Dr. G. M. Macklin (George McIntyre), b. New York, 1877, taught school, entered Paw Paw Academy, studied medicine under Dr. Fish, Rush Medical 1871 grad., practiced in Waterman for  29 years, described as "thorough, conscientious, unostentatious, "never lost a mother," died, of Bright's Disease (kidney disease, "dropsy," married Eliza Hamilton (1869), married Emma Kirkpatrick (1881), dau. of Smiley and Anna (Hipple) Kirkpatrick, served as wife, nurse, surgical ass't, 4 children, Charles George (with Eliza), Mary Edith, (taught school in Waterman), Rob't Kirkpatrick, 1885 student, Ella Hard (1887) 
004 1902 016b Portrait Page, Dr. G. M. Macklin
004 1902 017 1902 Congdon Waterman Year Book including BIOGRAPHIES, Dr. G. M. Macklin, cont.
004 1902 018 1902 Congdon Waterman Year Book including BIOGRAPHIES, Dr. G. M. Macklin, cont.,  Mrs. J. W. McAllister, (Mary Ann Graham), celebrated   50th anniverary, last of 12 children,  had 8 ch., Ward, Helen, Robert J. Margaret, Russell, Mary Belle, Sarah, Wm. John, died of consumption (TB), Thomas McEachron 
004 1902 019 1902 Congdon Waterman Year Book including BIOGRAPHIES, Thomas McEachron, cont., Mrs. William Potter, (Harriet Baxter)
004 1902 020 1902 Congdon Waterman Year Book including BIOGRAPHIES,Mrs. William Potter, cont., Mrs. R. M. Pritchard (Celestia Elmer), sister of Phebe Whitford, Johnson's Grove Baptist Ch., m. Reuben Mason Pritchard, prominent family, husband was first Waterman supervisor, son followed as civic leader, held local, county, state offices, wrote historical letters to Waterman Leader, store houses of info, Johnson Grove Cem., organized and hosted Old Settlers' Picnic, 1883 sold Waterman farm, moved to Neb., ch. Ida Marie (1856), Reuben (1857), Manfred (1860), Charles (1864), Stella (1870 
004 1902 021 1902 Congdon Waterman Year Book including BIOGRAPHIES,Mrs. R. M. Pritchard cont., G. W. Rollins
004 1902 022 1902 Congdon Waterman Year Book including BIOGRAPHIES, G. W. Rollins cont., Mrs. H. M. Rose, Mrs. C. E. Smith, John Stern,
004 1902 023 1902 Congdon Waterman Year Book including BIOGRAPHIES, John Stern, cont., Mrs. C. M. Stram
004 1902 024 1902 Congdon Waterman Year Book including BIOGRAPHIES, Mrs. C. M. Stram, cont., Mary Walker, M. D. Wesson,
004 1902 025 1902 Congdon Waterman Year Book including BIOGRAPHIES, M. D. Wesson cont., Mrs. William Yearnshaw.  See also pages 34-35 for biography of Mrs. E.W. Hicks, nee Ella M. Young,
004 1902 026 1902 Congdon Waterman Year Book including DIRECTORY: Baptist Church, pastor, Raymond Pierson, Clerk, Carrie P. Congdon, Treasurer, Irene Whitford, Trustees, G.G. Congdon, Alexander Henderson, Drew Swift, Riley Hampton Sunday School, Superintndent, Adelaide Greenwood, Sec. And Treas., Carrie P. Congdon, Librarian, Bessie Robinson, Assistant Librarian, Mabel Swift, Organist, Mildred Myers, B.Y.P.U., President, Carrie P. Congdon, Vice Pres. Marvin Simpson, Sec., Bessie Robinson, Treas., John Congdon, Organist, Irene Whitford, Workers' Society, President, Adelaide Greenwood, Sec., Irene Whitford, Treas., Alexander Henderson, Methodist Episcopal Church,Pastor, Fred Baldwin, Trustees, Frank Greeley, President; Adelbert Fuller, Sec. And Treas., Official Board: Rev. Baldwin, pres., David Hipple, sec., S.M. Henderson, treasurer, Class leaders, Amos L. McCaskey, Roy Wakefield,
004 1902 027  1902 Congdon Waterman Year Book including Sunday School, Supt. David Hipple, Asst. supt., Frank Thorpe, Sec. and Treas., Lee Darling, Librarian, Robert Fuller, Organist, Mabel Hipple, Chorister, Elmer Hipple, Woman's Foreign Missionary Soc., Pres., Mrs. H.L. Fuller, V.P., Mrs. F. L. Baldwin, Sec., Mrs. R.R. Brown, Corr. Sec., Mrs. S.M. Henderson, Treas., Mrs. Martha Lamb, Ladies Aid Society, Pres., Mrs. S. M. Henderson, V.P., Mrs. H. A. Lamb, Sec., Mrs. J.J.A. Zeller, Treas., Miss Carrie Fuller, Eporth League, Pres. Frank Thorpe, First V.P., Harriet Brainerd, 2nd V.P., Rose Greeley, 3rd V.P., Roy Wakefield, 4th V.P., Anna Watson, Sec., Dolly Greene, Treas., Clarence Greeley, Organist, Mabel Hipple, Presbyterian Church Pastor, pastorless, Session, J.S. Kirkpatrick, B. Harnish, John Smiley, Treas., W.S. Andrews,
004 1902 028 1902 Congdon Waterman Year Book including Presbyterian trustees, William Richmond, A.C. Kauffman, William Nelson, Sunday School Supt. W.M. McFarlane, Asst. Supt., John Weber, Sec. And Treas., Mollie Gunderson, Christian Endeavor Pres. Anna Beiler, V.P., Sarah McFarlane, Sec., Cora Harnish, Treas., Augusta Johnson, Lib., Mabel Kirkpatrick, Corresponding Sec., Mrs. J.S. Kirkpatrick, Ladies' Missionary Society, Pres., Mrs. M.W. McFarlane, Sec./Treas., Mrs. J.S. Kirkpatrick, Ladies' Aid Society, Pres. Mrs. L. Baldry, Sec., Mrs. M. Whitford, Treas., Mrs. Will Nelson, United Presbyterian Church Pastor, A.J. Hastings, Members of session, W.D. McCleery, T.H. Robinson, W.C. Ferguson, F.P. Richey, Ward McAllister, George Howison, Trustees, C.H. White, Treas., James Graham, W.R. McCleery. Sunday School Supt., Howard McCleery, Asst. Supt., Mae Beveridge, Sec./Treas., Nettie Cole
004 1902 029 1902 Congdon Waterman Year Book including Young Peoples' Christian Union Pres. John Thompson, V.P., Isabelle Robinson, Sec., Sam McConaghie, Treas., Bryce Ferguson, Clinton Township Sunday School Assoc. Pres., Carrie Fuller, Sec./Treas., Carrie P. Congdon, Supt. of Home Class Dept., Annie Beiler, Woman's Christian Temperance Union (reorganized April 15, 1901) Officers: Pres. Mrs. Susie Fuller, 1st V.P., Mrs. Emma Macklin, 2nd V.P., Mrs. Smith Fuller, 3rd V.P., Mrs. H.M. Swift, Rec. Sec., Mrs. Emma Giles, Corr. Sec., Mrs. Emma Macklin, Treas., Mrs. Alonzo Satterlee, Supt. of Lit., Mrs. Ellen Seeley, Supt. of Flower Mission, Mrs, George Greeley. Waterman Alumni Assoc. (organ, May 16, 1901) Officers: Pres., Mary Macklin, V.P., Bertha Tallman
004 1902 030 1902 Congdon Waterman Year Book including DIRECTORY: cont.. Waterman Alumni Assoc. officers, Sec. Harry Stryker, Treasurer, Carrie Colton, Class of 1902, Robert Kirkpatrick, Elizabeth Robinson, Grace L. Colton, Arch Owen, WATERMAN WOMAN'S CLUB (Organized Oct. 18, 1902.) Pres., Miss Carrie Fuller, V.P., Miss Harriet Brainard, Sec., Mrs. Emma K. Macklin, Treas., Mrs. J.J.A. Zeller, T. S. TERRY POST NO. 463 G.A.R. Shabbona, IL, (Organized June 14, 1884) Officers: (Installed June 14, 1884) Commander, H.A. York, Sen. V. Commander, J.A. McCormick, Jun. V. Commander, John Mullins, Surgeon, S.D. Wesson, Chaplain, D.H. Hoagland, Quartermaster, H.W. Young, Adjutant, T.B. Lucas, O.D., A.L. Wells, O.G. A.C. Kauffman, Delegate to State Encampment, Thomas McCormick, WATERMAN CAMP NO. 1572 M.W.A.  (Organized Jan. 7, 1892, with ten members.) 
004 1902 031 1902 Congdon Waterman Year Book Directory including Officers, Venerable consul, John W. Porter, Worthy Advisor, Frank D. Olmstead, Banker, W.W. Scott, Clerk, Glenn Bradbury, Physician, P.E.N. Greeley, Escort, Fred Beiler, Watchman, Herman Beiler, Sentry, Robert Tenney, EASTERN STAR Worthy Matron, Mrs. Georgia Bradbury, Worthy Patron, H.A. Schermerhorn, Assoc. Matron, Mrs. May Whitford, Conductress, Mrs. Ardie Dean, Assoc. Conductress, Mrs. Maude Louthan, Treas., Will Whitford, Sec., A.J. Heeg, Warder, E.W. Price, Sentinel, Glenn Bradbury, Organist, Miss Jessie Leifheit, Adah, Mrs. Lulu Price, Ruth, Miss Pearl Rowley, Esther, Miss Irene Whitford, Martha, Miss Eda Heeg, Electa, Ida Rowley, TOWN OF CLINTON Supervisor, W.J. Randles, Town Clerk, R.G. Ferguson, Assessor, Fred A. Brown, Collector, A.J.C. Fearon, Comm. of Highways, A.C. Baie, William Reid, Theodore Johnson, Justice of the Peace, G.G. Congdon, Isaac Potter,  
004 1902 032 1902 Congdon Waterman Year Book Directory including Constables, N,F. Davenport, T.H. Hinds, Trustees of Schools, T.H. Robinson, H.A. Lamb, VILLAGE OF WATERMAN Trustees, J.S. Kirkpatrick, pres., William Richmond, F.A. Brown, H.J.F. Kirchhefer, A.U. Fuller, H. Roberts, Roy Wakefield, Clerk, A.J.C. Fearon, Police Magistrate, W.M. McFarlane, Committees, Finance, Fuller. Wakefield, Richmond, Streets and Alleys, Roberts, Fuller, Kirchefer, Building, Roberts, Brown, Wakefield, Village Treasurer, R.R. Brown, Member of Board of Health, Dr. P.E.N. Greeley, DeKalb COUNTY OLD SETTLERS' ASSOC. (Twenty-seventh annual picnic will be held Wed. Sept. 2, 1903.  Present constitution adopted Sept. 4, 1901) Officers, Pres. Isaac Potter, Waterman, Sec./Treas., S.M. Henderson, Waterman, Historian, G.E. Congdon, Waterman, WATERMAN SCHOOL Principal, George Wallace, Intermediate, Harriet Brainerd, Primary, Mary Macklin, Directors, W.M. McFarlane (1900), R.R. Brown (1901), William Richmond (1902)
004 1902 033 1902 Congdon Waterman Year Book Directory including MISCELLANEOUS Old People of Waterman and Vicinity William Colton, Oct. 14, 1811, Sarah Williamson Graham, June 10, 1813 (Victor), Ephraim Jackson Wood, April 1, 1815, Patrick Griffin, Mar. 17, 1816, John Walker, Apr. 5, 1818, (Sandwich), Lucinda Emery Colton, Aug 16, 1818, (Mr. and Mrs. Colton were married in Dryden, Tompkins Co., New York, August 3, 1837, and are therefore in their sixty-sixth year of wedded life.) Harriet Shonts Swift, Nov. 16, 1819, William H. Keene, Mar. 4, 1820 (Victor), James Baremore, Mar. 17, 1820, Samuel Morton Swift, Mar. 27, 1820, George W. Place, Apr. 23, 1820, Emeline Atkins Giles, Sept. 29, 1821, Ezra Morgan Ames, June 5, 1822, Henry Challand, Feb. 3, 1823, D.B. Stryker, Apr. 30, 1823, Elizabeth Such Bradbury, Oct. 16, 1823, Fannie Richardson Hinds, Mar. 14, 1824, Smiley Kirkpatrick, Mar. 31, 1825, John D. McDiarmid, Oct. 23, 1825, Martha Davis, Dec. 25, 1825, Nancy Warner Brown, Mar. 10, 1826 (Aurora), Timothy Holden Hinds, June 18, 1826, David Hoagland, Dec. 15, 1826, Wealthy Davis Hoagland, Feb. 24, 1827, Enoch P. Rowley, Apr. 18, 1827, Smith Mercer, May 12, 1827, Hiram Kirkpatrick, July 23, 1827, Morris P. Brown, July 25, 1827 (Aurora)
004 1902 034 1902 Congdon Waterman Year Book Directory including Miscellaneous, Births and Deaths for Year Deaths in DeKalb Co. are reported as 324 and listed by town, Waterman having 9.  Births were 581.  There is an isolated history, omitted from the proper place by mistake, for Mrs. E. W. Hicks. She was born as Ella M. Young in Plainfield, IL., attended Northwestern U., then Plainfield, now Naperville, post graduate work in music, district school teacher and teacher of music, 6 yrs., married Edmund Warne Hicks, of Cornwall, Eng., ordained Baptist minister, settled in Newark, coming to Waterman in Dec. 1879, 
004 1902 035 1902 Congdon Waterman Year Book Directory including the end of Mr.  Congdon's personal history on Ella M. (Young) Hicks.  It was omitted, by mistake from the correct place with the other histories.
004 1902 036 1902 Congdon Waterman Year Book Directory including Mr. Congdon's advertisement.  This is a plea for information from citizens, family trees, fact sheets, stories, etc.   
004 1902 037 1902 Congdon Waterman Year Book Directory including Mr. Congdon's advertisement.  This is a plea for information from citizens, family trees, fact sheets, stories, etc.   Also this quote from the Jan. 10, 1900 Sycamore True Republican, "Mr. Congdon is probably better posted than any other person on the history of DeKalb county and the genealogy of the people of the county."    
004 1902 038 1902 Congdon Waterman Year Book Directory including Mr. Congdon's ancestor chart.  He has 450 ancestors in the first fifteen generations and one line goes back thirty-nine generations.  This page displays his pie chart covering 1869, his birth year, back to 1711.
004 1903 001 1903 Congdon Waterman Year Book - Price Twenty-Cents+B389 including Frontispiece, portrait photo of James Mc Cleery and his signature.
004 1903 002 1903 Congdon Waterman Year Book including Title Page, Waterman Illinois Year Book 1903, Second Annual Volume. Compiled by George Edward Congdon, Printed by The Sac Sun, Sac City, Iowa.
004 1903 003 1903 Congdon Waterman Year Book including "Entered according to act of Congress in the year 1904, by George Edward Congdon, in the office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington. 
004 1903 004 1903 Congdon Waterman Year Book including"To The Pioneers of the West," 'Would God that we, their children, were as they!Great-souled, brave-hearted and of dauntless will;                            Ready to dare, responsive to the still, Compelling voice that called the night and day From that far West where sleeping Greatness layBiding her time.  Would God we knew the thrill   That exquisitely tormented them, until They stood up strong and resolute to obey. God, make us like them, worthy of them; shake Our souls with great desires; our dull eyes set     On some high star whose splendid light will wake Us from our dreams, and guide us from this fenOf selfish ease won by our fathers' sweat.                                            Oh lift us up-the West has need of Men!-Mrs. Ella Higginson
004 1903 005 1903 Congdon Waterman Year Book including Preface.                         "In the preparation of this, the second Year Book, as in the preparation of the first, I have exercised great care to have everything exact and complete.  A large number of letters was sent out, not only to residents of the town, but to former residents and their descendants.  Two things I would like to make emphatic.  One is that I mean every word contained in the letter.  I want your news no matter how long you have been absent from Clinton township, and even if you never lived there, providing your parents or grandparents lived there.  The other is that news should be sent in punctually, better when it happens, but if delayed, sent not later than the tenth of January.  The few mistakes that occur in the present book are almost wholly due to the fact that matter was received after the book had gone to press.   Several new features have been added to this volume and we send it forth a worthy successor to the first Year Book.   G. E. Congdon   
004 1903 006 1903 Congdon Waterman Year Book including "Illustrations" James McCleery, (Frontispiece,) Sherman A. Hall, 16; Rev. R. G. Pierson, 16; Isaac Woods, 24; William Doig McCleery, 32; Sylvanus Eaton Shepardson, 36; Class of '86, Sugar Grove, 40; Autographs, 44;  Commencement Program, '86, Sugar Grove, 48; Mary Frances B438, letter, 49; Bill Old Settlers' Picnic, 1893, 56; Letter from British Museum, 57.
004 1903 007  1903 Congdon Waterman Year Book including Table of Contents; Preface, 5; Table of Contents, 7; Chronology, 9; Biography, 24; Directory, 45; 
004 1903 008 1903 Congdon Waterman Year Book including Table of Contents cont., Miscellaneous, 54; Advertisement, 60.
004 1903 008b 1903 Congdon Waterman Year Book including illustration, portrait, Sherman A. Hall
004 1903 009 1903 Congdon Waterman Year Book including Waterman Year Book, Chronology, January,3, baby, Peter and Edith (Mitchell) Huter, girl, Arlene Elizabeth, 5, Waterman Camp, 1572, M.W.A., installation of officers, 7. Old soldiers campfire, at J. S. Kirkpatrick, W.S. Andrews honor, 11. birth, boy, to George M. and Minnie (Gronewold) Wakefield, 13. Surprise party, Lee Breeding home, moving to IN, 14. marriage, Lyman Fraser & Nellie Cross, Sandwich, by Rev. Davies, 15. William C. Whitford, completed and occupied new house, corner of A and Third Sts., 16. marriage, Sherman Troeger & Jennie Baie, residence of bride's father, William Baie, MO, 21. marriage, Guy F. Lamoreux & Linnie May Seeley, at home of Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Porter, IA, by Rev. Shideler, 22. public sale, J. W. Smith, concert, U.P. Church, Wagner Quartette, Monmouth, death, Reuben Challand, Sr., Shabbona, death, John Darnell, Plano, 25. death,  C. Herbert Orr, MI, death, Mrs. William Henderson,  
004 1903 011 1903 Congdon Waterman Year Book including 19. marriage, Wallace H. L'Hommedieu & Cornelia Graham, Rev. Hastings, IN, marriage, Henry Diedrich, Elva & Minnie Ilseman, Squaw Grove, parsonage, Rev. Schroeder, 20. Shadow social, home of John Mercer, proceeds $11.00, 23. Mrs. Kate Low's residence, totally destroyed by fire, West Division Carrom Club, met home of Hiram Kirkpatrick, in honor of A. R. Merriman & family moving to IN, 24. Dr. Joseph Berry, editor of Epworth Herald, lectured "What a tramp saw in Ireland," third in series, public sale by John Beck, 26. marriages, Frank Thorpe & Hilda Johnson and Fred Boekenhauer & Augusta Johnson, residence of Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Lamb, Rev. Baldwin, 27. Christian Endeavor,social, Pres. parsonage, $42.00  March 1. death, Mrs. Enoch Darnell, Kingston, 2. Arion Concert Company, fourth lecture, death, Mrs. Richard Rowley, Iowa, 4. marriage, George A. Ames & Prudence N. Hawbaker, Shabbona, 5. marriage, Paul B. Howland & Amanda B., dau. of Robert J. Mercer, Chic., Rev. Perry of Englewood Bapt. Ch. 7. Rev. Floyd C. Allen, wife arrived in Waterman,
004 1903 012 1903 Congdon Waterman Year Book including March cont. 9. death, James H. Winn, (Maud Rogers), 10. John J. Dean, granted license, registered pharmacist, birth, girl, Mervin H. and Alice (Gibbons) Kirkpatrick, NB, Julia Belle, 11. death, Mrs. Frank Tyler, Plano, G.A.R. campfire, home of J.R. Griffith, 12. death, Miss Alice Tyler, birth, boy, to Charles Stram, 13. birth, son, to X. Lambley, ?, birth, to George Rose, Pasadena, Calif. 14. Republican (Union) caucus, nominate town officers, 17. birth, son, to J.R. Cole, 18. marriage, Marvin E. Simpson & E. Mary Nelson, Rev. Pierson, fifth and last lectre, comedian and impersonator, Nat Franco, 19. Women's Missionary Society, annual meeting and election, U.P. Ch., Waterman Leader's completes 25th year of publication, 24. death, Roy Graham, son of Prof. Russell Graham, Monmouth, 25. marriage, Evan Conard & Nettie A., dau. of Jacob Lease, Ida Grove, IA, 26. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Thorpe, surprised by young people, book case, 27. birth, girl, Wilson and Fannie (McCleery) Graham, Maud G., ? marriage, William Starry & Emma Wood, DeKalb,    
004 1903 013 1903 Congdon Waterman Year Book including April 1. W. E. Dean occupied new house, North A street, G.A.R. campfire, home of Comrade A.U. Fuller, Elbert P. Dean began new home on B. St. 2. Death, Mrs. Nancy W. Brown, 5. Death, S. B. Halleck, Aurora, death, William Watson, 7. annual town meeting, 181 votes, 8. birth, girl, Elzie Ray and Margaret (McAllister) Mitchell, IA, 10. Waterman school entertainment given, 12. death, Mrs. E. N. Whitney, Aurora, 13. death, Jennie McClellan, Sandwich, 16. marriage, Adolph Wollenweber & Anna, dau. of Henry Challand, Rev. G. Schroeder, death, Mrs. Mary Nelson Thompson, 18. birth, boy, Dr. A. W. and Mary (Maxwell) Beveridge, Wilson, 19. Afton township Sunday School convention, 20. Waterman Woman's Club, closed year with banquet, 21. village election, no license victory, votes cast, 116, for 54, against 62, 25. birth, boy, Rev. John Lucian and Annabel Clyde Hartsook, Macomb, IL, John Clyde, ??, H. J. F. Kirchhefer, sold harness shop to H. H. Homan, Freeport, ??, death Mrs. Margaret Cone Henderson, IA, 29. death, William Doig McCleery, Victor, 
004 1903 014 1903 Congdon Waterman Year Book including April cont. 29. Marriage, John E. Grandadam & Elizabeth F. George, Somonauk, Rev. Meyer, 30. C. E. Social, William Nelson home, Harold W. Greeley, graduated Northwestern Univ. Dental School, May 1. Birth, boy, Ralph George, to            George N. & Ada (Wright) Whitford, Shabbona,  death, Mrs. George N. Whitford, 3. Rev. Dunlap, became pastor, Pres. Ch., 8. Epworth League, amouronthologosphorous sociable, Masonic Hall, 11. Pres. Ch., lecture, Rev. A. R. Bikenbach, Sandwich, ?? Roberts, J. D. occupied new house, corner of B and Fifth Sts., 13. birth, girl, Albert and Carrie (Leifheit) Dannewitz 14. birth, boy, Albert Kutzner, 15. birth, girl, William H. and Phebe M. (Reid) Sarbaugh, Wasco, IL, Mabel B. 17. Leifheit reunion, Clinton House, Waterman, 18. baby, girl, Stewart and Mary (Graham) Dobbin, KA, Blanche M., 20. death, Mary Frances Shepardson, 21. Reception, Rev. George Dunlap and family, home of William Nelson, address by Rev. Baldwin, 23. death, James McCleery, birth, girl, Henry George and Mary (Livingston) Dobbin, KN, Marjorie Marie,
004 1903 015  1903 Congdon Waterman Year Book including May cont. part of page 14, May 23, birth, girl, Henry George and Mary (Livingston) Dobbin, KN, Marjorie Marie, ??. H. J. F. Kirchhefer, opened harness business, Kirkland, 27. Marriage, Dr. William S., son of Rev. H. R. Hicks, and Neva D. Prouty, Princeville, IL, 28. Baptist ladies, strawberries and cream, F. P. Robinson residence, 30. Decoration Day Johnson's Grove, address by Rev. Baldwin, ??. Kitt Morenus, graduated, Lake View, IA, H. S. June 1. Judicial election, 2. Harry Edmund Giles, principal, Kenton, OH, H. S., marriage, George L. Downey & Mary J. Houlihan (28-23). 3. installation, Rev. George Dunlap, Pres. Ch., marriage, George Harper, Rollo, & Maud Coleman, Sandwich, 5. marriage, Ralph Steele Shepardson & Jessie Younge Fox, Salem, IL, 7. Township Sunday School Convention, Meth. Ch., 17. marriage, John Wright Dean & Edyth Maud Weaver, Hinckley, Rev. Ewing, 18. Public School Closed, no commencement, Guy R. Matteson only graduate, 23. ordination, Rev. C. H. Storms, Cedar Springs, MI
004 1903 016 1903 Congdon Waterman Year Book including June, cont. 24. Marriage, Dr. W. J. Pollock, Chicago, & Mittie Van Voorhis, Kirkland, at Kirkland, Rev. E. D. Hull, Belvidere, graduation, Harry Edmund Giles, B. A., Oberlin College, 26. C. E. Society, business meeting, Pres. Ch., John S. Kirkpatrick's residence, 29. birth, girl, Willard W. and Elizabeth (Cross) Spencer, Jessie Mildred. July 1. Free rural mail delivery commenced, Route 2, 24 1/2 miles, 65 families on the route, J. R. Griffith, carrier, death, Smith Mercer, Sandwich, Rev. F. A. Case, now pastor at First Baptist, Concil Bluffs, IA, ??. baby, girl, Emil Grandadam, ?? baby, boy, George Marshall, ??. baby, boy, Mike Rissman, 4. death, Daniel Darnell, Plano, 7. birth, girl, J. W. Swanson, Shabbona, 9. death, Ezekiel Noble, Afton, ??, death, Ruth, dau. Dr. J. F. Stevens, NE, ??. death, Mrs. Hastings, mother of Rev. A. G. Hastings, OH, 15. death, Mrs. A. F. Hauser, Friend, Neb., 22. death, Sylvanus Eaton Shepardson, 23. Woodmen Picnic, Hinckley, 27. birth, Walter A. & Minnie M. (Sarbaugh) Drake, Helen Hazel, 28. death, Grace C. Smith, marriage, Charles L. Carlson & Nina Stram, 
004 1903 016b 1903 Congdon Waterman Year Book including illustration, portrait, Rev. Raymond Griffith Pierson
004 1903 017 1903 Congdon Waterman Year Book including August 1. 78th birthday surprise, Oscar F. Matteson, 3. 66th anniversary, William and Lucinda (Emery) Colton, Waterman, gathering of children and grandchildren, lecture, U. P. Ch., J. Knox Montgomery, N. Car., "Philosophy of Happiness" 5. death, Patrick Griffin, Shabbona Grove, ??. birth, twin girls, Walter S. and Charlotte E. (Paxton) Parker 8. death, Nora Martin, 10. George Hall, building house, A and 4th Sts., first auto in Clinton Twp., Dr. Murphy, purchased a car, 13. Temperance Picnic, 9th annual, 13. marriage, John Solon Congdon & Ellen Avery Kellog, Wheaton, Rev J. W. Fifield, 15. Elbert P. Dean, occupied new house, B. Street, $3,500; 33 x43; eight rooms, 16. Resignation, Rev A. G. Hastings, U. P. Ch., 17. death, Carrie Armstrong, Chicago, 20. birth, boy, John Carson, 24. birth, girl, Henry and Lily (Wade) Bergholte, DeKalb, Lauretta Eliszabeth, 25. marriage, W. R. Branson, S. African miner & Kuhne Beveridge, American sculptor, granddaughter of Gov. John L. Beveridge, Trouville, 27. death, Mrs. Fred Legner, death, William Price, Sugar Grove, 28. marriage, Daniel Judd Shepardson & Mabel Edith Stern, Chicago,
004 1903 018 1903 Congdon Waterman Year Book including August cont. 29. Murder, John Van Fleet, shot and killed wife, September 1. store addition, Miss Mary Macklin, residence addition, Charles Tompkins, 2. 27th annual Old Settlers' Picnic, Norton's Grove, near Shabbona, reunion, One Hundred and Fifth Regiment, Illinois Volunteers, Wheaton, IL, birth, girl, Arthur and Alpha (Fuller) Bean, Edna Gertrude, 5. Union Sunday School Picnic, ??. death, dau. of Wm. R. McCleery, 9. barn struck by lightning, R. A. York, Sandwich, 16. death, Warren Miller, 18. death, Mrs. Mary J. Griffith, J. R. Griffith's stepmother, 69 yrs., Bloomington, 19. death, Henry Garbelman's son, 22. Ladies' Aid Society, Meth. Ch., sociable, Dr. P. E. N. Greeley's home, 23. G.A.R. campfire, A. C. Kauffman home, 26. Farewell reception, Rev. A. G. Hastings, church lecture room, U. P. Church, 27. Rev. A. G. Hastings, farewell sermon, U. P. Church, declared pulpit vacant, October 4. golden wedding anniv., Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Reed, Sandwich, 
004 1903 019 1903 Congdon Waterman Year Book including October cont. 4. German Evangelical Church, installed and dedicated, pipe organ, $1,700, 900 stops, 8000 pounds, organ recital, Prof. S. C. A. Kaeppel, Addison, 5. Young people's lecture, Schiller Male Quartette, Chicago, 6. death, Isaac Woods, Rock River Conf., Aurora, Rev. Fred Baldwin returned to Waterman, 10. birth, girl, #William R. and Maud (Lattin) Low, Crookston, MN, Margaret, 12. birth, boy, Bert and Katherine (Ullrich) Challand, Shabbona, Harold U., 17. Thompson Jubilee Singers, Masonic Hall, 20. golden wedding anniv., Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Phillips, wedding, Edward F. Neidig & Nina, dau. of Edward P. Orr, Hinsdale, Rev. M. N. Preston, 22. marriage, August Specht & Martha Abel, Rev. G. Schroeder, 25. death, Mrs. Eliza M. Dobbin, Viola, Kan., 27. birth, boy, Luther W. and Mabel S. (Fraser) Taylor, Gilmore City, IA, died the same day, 30. meeting at Waterman to advocat removal of courthouse to DeKalb, speakers, Rev. Mr. Wilson, State's Att'y A. G. Kennedy, Hon. I. L. Ellwood, 31. graduation, Jessie May (Parks) Crawford, member of William Eckles family, trained nurse, Christ's Hosp., Topeka, Kan., 
004 1903 020 1903 Congdon Waterman Year Book including November 4. Marriage, Timothy Lawrence O'Brien & Hannah Marshall, St. Mary's, DeKalb, birth, boy, Lafayette and Emma (Kauffman) Carson, George Verne, birth, boy, Joseph and Mary (Driscoll) Eakles, Garold, 7. birth, girl, Elbert P. and Ardelia (Whitford) Dean, Jessie Pearl, 10. Election, county seat move to DeKalb, Clinton votes, for removal, 240 and against 4, ??. birth, boy, Gottfried and Wilhelmina (Fees) Schmid, ??. birth, Henry W. and Daisy (Woodruff) Starry, ?? death, Mrs. Charles Schermerhorn, 13. death, Mrs. A. H. Phillips, 14. birth, girl, Bruce and Mary Agnes (Dobbin) Miller, Viola, Kan., Margaret Lucile, 15. Pogue Bros. Lumber Co., completed new office, 17. Earlville Hotel, burned, Fred Schrader, opertor, birth, girl, D. Breeding, 18. death, John Swanson, Shabbona, death, Isaac McGill Kirkpatrick, Monmouth, 22. silver wedding, Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Johnson, 26. Union Thanksgiving Services, Baptist Ch., sermon, Rev. George Dunlap, marriage, L. L. French, Greenville, OH, & Lida C. Roberts, Rev. J. L. Hartsook, Macomb, IL,  
004 1903 021 1903 Congdon Waterman Year Book including November Cont. 26. Greeley Family reunion, C. F. Allen home, 49 present, marriage, William Behrens & Amanda Freundt, Rev. G. Schroeder, 28. Death, Sherman Hall, DeKalb, 30. Lecture, second, Rev. L. B. Wickersham, Des Moines, IA, "Day Dreams"  December 6. birth, girl, Charles Henderson, Shabbona, 7. Waterman Camp, No. 1572, M.W.A., election of officers, 10. Pres. Ch. bazaar, dinner, $101.36, net $93.06, 11. birth, boy, Ernest O. Gibbons, birth, girl, Lawrence Duffy, 12. resignation, W. J. Randles, Special Court House Bldg. Comm. of Bd. of Sup., 15. birth, boy Charles and Frances (Wilson) Crowell, 16. marriages, Joe Bergen & Mabel Wiltse, Ernest Wiltse & Julia Pihl, DeKalb, 17. Waterman Lodge 728, A. F. & A. M., death, William Wilson, killed by cars, Aurora, 18. Auction sale, stock and machinery, J. W. Owens, 19. death, Mrs. Theodora Kopfer, 20. Praise meeting, roll call, Pres. Ch., 21. death, Eugene V. Farley, 22. birth, boy, Frank Breeding,
004 1903 022 1903 Congdon Waterman Year Book including December cont. 22. Epworth League and friends, farewell reception, for Rev. Floyd C. Allen and wife, 23. Marriage, Herman Burmester & Mamie Starry, Hinckley, Rev. W. M. Ewing, 24. Marriage, Joseph Falk & Rosella Swanson, Waterman, death, Mrs. Elizabeth Quilhot Miller, Christmas Eve Services, 3 churches, 25. death, William M. Dobbin, Chicago, 29. Rev. Floyd Allen and wife, starting for S. America, via New Orleans, 31. public sale, R. B. Howison and son, stock and farm equipment, "End of Year Party," Miss Jessie Leifheit entertained, ??. marriage, Jennie Armstrong, ??. death, E. E. Mitchell, Viola, Kan., death, Mrs. Preston Broughton.                                                                             Errata Et Addenda 1902                                                                January 15, 1902-birth, girl, Frank and Celia (Colton) Pennington, Edith Lucinda.  Feb. 20, 1902-marriage, Albert M. McCleery & Mary E. Henry, Goldfield, Iowa. March 9, 1902-birth, boy, Charles and Charity Agnes (Dobbin) Stinson, Viola, Kan. Charles Willis. June 13, 1902-birth, girl, Henry Benjamin & Anna Matilda (Legner) Wilson, Ilene, died the same day. Oct. 8-marriage, William H. Graver and Susie F. Low, Crookston, Minn. 
004 1903 023 1903 Congdon Waterman Year Book including October 17, 1902-birth, girl, Roy E. and Lydia (Lawrence) Greenfield, Sandwich, Helen E. October 27, 1902-birth, girl, Robert & Margaret Pearl (Dobbin) Livingston, Colorado City, Colo., Mary Elizabeth. October 31, 1902-birth, girl, James S. and Ella May (Colton) Knights, Myra Lurena, Dec. 31, marriage, Bruce Miller & Mary Agnes Dobbin, Viola, Kan.  
004 1903 024 1903 Congdon Waterman Year Book including BIOGRAPHY Carrie Armstrong b. 1868, motherless at 3, lived with grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas White, U. P. Church, d. 1903, Mrs. Nancy W. Brown, born 1826 in Canada, married Russell R. Brown, 1850, he came to DeKalb Co. in 1846 with parents, entered quarter section land, distressing death, driving spirited horses, frightened, ran, throwing him and breaking his back, died 10 days later, July 3, 1864, left good property, Mrs. Brown continued to run with sons, 1888 she moved to farm near Waterman,
004 1903 024b 1903 Congdon Waterman Year Book including illustration page, portrait photo, Isaac Woods+B465
004 1903 025 1903 C+B529ongdon Waterman Year Book including BIOGRAPHY of Mrs. Nancy Brown, came to Waterman to ive with son Fred, then Aurora, with dau. Mrs. A. G. Case, died there, 1903, children, 1. Fred b. 1851, m. Minnie May Kirkpatrick, 2. Ralph R. b. 1853, m. Margaret Beveridge, 3. Grace, b. 1855, married Avery G. Case, Aurora, 4. Sarah b. 1860, d. 1862, 5. C+B541ullen Grant b. 1864, m. Minnie Westcott, Colo., Reuben Challand b. England, blacksmith trade, 1851 USA, Shabbona Grove, purchased farm, Aurora, back to Shabbona, Daniel Darnell 
004 1903 026 1903 Congdon Waterman Year Book including BIOGRAPHY Daniel Darnell continued, b. 1833, in a fort, Big Sandy Creek, Marshall Co., IL, lived in Little Rock Twp. since age 2, d. 1903, Plano, IL, enlisted in Civil War, 1861, stationed at the front most of the time, hard service, stricken with disease, hospitalized,  Mrs. Enoch Darnell, Cynthia A. Woods, dau. of David and Catherine (Campbel) Woods, b. 1823, Kendall Co., 2 sons born in Afton Twp.,  cont. on p. 27
004 1903 027 1903 Congdon Waterman Year Book including BIOGRAPHYMrs. Enoch Darnell, Cont., John Darnell, b. 1831, son of John and Leah (Jones) Darnell, settled in Bristol, left because of hostile Indians, then Little Rock Twp. on the homestead long owned by John Sr. and John Jr., never married, sister, Mrs. Martha Elliot kept house for him, through thrift and intelligence he accumulated a large fortune, d. Plano, 1903.  Mrs. David M. Dobbin (Eliza M. Stott), b. N.Y., 1817, Dau. of John and Elizabeth (Hall) Stott, m. 1852 in Squaw Grove Twp., David M. Dobbin, his third wife, ch. born 1853, 1857,1859, Eliza d. 1903, Kan.
004 1903 028 1903 Congdon Waterman Year Book including BIOGRAPHY of Mrs. David M. Dobbin, second wife died in Squaw Grove Twp. William M. Dobbin, b, 1829. d. 1903, one of a family of seven sons and six daughters, Clinton Twp. 1866-67, never married     
004 1903 029 1903 Congdon Waterman Year Book including BIOGRAPHY continuing for William M. Dobbin  Eugene V. Farley, son of Isaac P. and Eunice Belinda Farley and brother of Dr. William K. Farley, d. 1903, age 49, leaving dau. Mrs. Robert Halcott, and deceased dau. Hattie  Florette Farley, d. 1901.  Sherman A. Hall, b. 1829, son Sherman A. Hall m. Betsey Hutchins, d. in Clinton Twp. 1863, owned 160 A. in Clinton Twp., sold out, bought 160 A. in DeKalb Twp., Sec. 13, died 1903, Ala. 
004 1903 030  1903 Congdon Waterman Year Book including BIOGRAPHY continuing for  Sherman A. Hall, m. 1859, Percis dau. of Asa and Adeline (Woodruff) Lyon, Ch. 1 Harold E. b 1860, m. Stella Lovell, Ch. 2 Asahel S. b 1866 d. 1871 Ch. 3 unnamed b. and d. Aug. 19, 1874 Mrs.William Henderson, Carrie Lillie b. DeKalb Co. 1849, d. 1903, one of three dau. of Allen and Jane (Kerr) Lillie, parents died when they were young, Carrie stayed near Waterman, m. 1882, William Holmes Henderson, Meth., one sister, Mrs. Jacob Stone, Malta,  James McCleery son of James and Jane (Thompson) McCleery, from the east, to Canada, to Ohio, to Somonauk Twp., to Victor Twp., Jane Thompson died 1859, father moved to Iowa, remarried, d. 1892, nine children of the first marriage, John, James, Mary A., Margaret, Elizabeth, William D., Hugh, Robert, Jane C., James was b. Canada 
004 1903 031 1903 Congdon Waterman Year Book including BIOGRAPHY continuing for James McCleery  mother died, father remarried, child 1, James (18350, age 7 parents moved to Ohio, remained on father's farm, assisted and attended common school until 22, set out on his own, 1851 came to DeKalb Co., 1855 possessed 120 acres in Victor Twp., traded it for 187 acres in Clinton Twp., moved on that farm until death, U.P. Church, 1883 Board of Sup.,  1884 reelected, until 1895, 1889 appt. to DeKalb Co. Bd., of Review, responsible and trying position, impaired health, d. 1903 at the family supper table, m. 1858, Margaret, Dau. of Robert and Sarah (Williamson) Graham, Ch. 1. Sarah Jane, b. 1858, m. Nathan Orcutt
004 1903 032 1903 Congdon Waterman Year Book including BIOGRAPHY continuing for James McCleery, Ch. 1, b. 1858, d.1896, Sarah Jane m. Nathan Orcutt Graham;  Ch. 2, b. 1860, d. 1860 John; Ch. 3, b. 1861, d. 1865, Andrew; Ch. 4, b. 1864, d. 1865 Margaret; Ch. 5, b. 1866, Mary, m. A. M. Maxwell, 1885, living in Squaw Grove, Ch. 6., b. 1868, Fannie Elizabeth, m. Wilson Graham, 1890, living in Victor Twp., Ch, 7, b. 1870, Adeline Isabelle, m. T. R. Beveridge, 1896, living Eagle Grove, IA, Ch. 8, b. 1873, William Russell, m. Nellie M. Robinson, 1895, living in Clinton Twp.; Ch. 9, b. 1876, still at home; Raymond; Ch. 10 b. 1878, Jennett, still at home.  William Doig McCleery, b. Ohio, 1848, son of James and Jane (Thompson) McCleery, 1851, family moves to Ill., purchases farm ever since his home, religious, ordained 1883, installed as U.P. Ch., Somonauk, as elder, served until death, m. 1870 Mary Jeanette, dau. of Andrew and Margaret Ann (McGeoch) Randles, d. 1881, he remarried, 1882, Janette Elizabeth, b. 1858, dau. of John and Sarah Isabella (McGeoch) Maxwell, health failed, lived out west,  
004 1903 032b 1903 Congdon Waterman Year Book including illustration page, portrait photo,William Doig McCleery
004 1903 033 1903 Congdon Waterman Year Book including BIOGRAPHY continuing for William Doig McCleery, d. 1903, at his Victor Twp. home, (Ch. 1), b. 1871, d. 1872, Andrew J.; (Ch. 2), b. 1873, Howard, m. Ethel Carothers, resided near Waterman; (Ch. 3), b. 1875, Albert, m. Mary E. Henry, live Eagle Grove, IA; (Ch. 4), b. 1877, d. 1878, Clarence; (Ch. 5), b. 1878, d. 1880, Ralph; (Ch. 6), b. 1883, d. 1884, Ruth; (Ch. 7), b. 1884, Harry R.; (Ch. 8), b. 1888, Archie; (Ch. 9), b. 1890 John Maxwell; (Ch. 10), b. 1892, Fannie E.;  Smith Mercer,  b. 827, Penn., m. 1850,Margaret Thornberg, visited Ill. 1856, bought 80 acres on which he long lived, wife died 1888, he died, Sandwich, 1903, U.P. Ch., office of elder; school director 14 years, Clinton Twp. assessor; collector 2 yrs; 
004 1903 034 1903 Congdon Waterman Year Book including BIOGRAPHY continuing for Smith Mercer commissioner of hwys. 6 yrs.; Ch. 1, unnamed dau. 2 da. old, 1851, Ch. 2. dau., unnamed, 2mo., 1853; Ch. 3. 1854, son Robert James, b. Penn. 1854;  Ch. 4. 1856, Joseph; Ch. 5 b. 1882 Clinton Twp., Elisha Thomas, Ch. 6 1860, Clinton Twp. John Andrew, m. Alice Fisher,1891, lived on home farm, Ch. 7  Alwin L. b. 1861, Ch. 8 William Foffett, b. 1863; Ch. 9 Samuel Wallace, b. 1865 d. 1867, Waterman; Ch. 10 Ida Belle, b. 1868;  Ch. 11 Jennie, b. 1870, m. James E. Landen, Waukegan, IL  Mrs. John Merritt (Betsey E. Simpson) b.1830, N.Y. d. 1896, m. 1850 Ira Chamberlain d. 1857, Ch. 1 Clara, died at 2 or 3; Kate, b. ????, m. 1880, A. E. Henning; 2nd m. for Betsey, 1865, to John Merritt b.1828, son of Joseph and Esther (Dean) Merritt, (his first m. Rhoda Fay)
004 1903 035 1903 Congdon Waterman Year Book including BIOGRAPHY continuing for Mrs. John Merritt (Betsey E. Simpson) second m., Ch. 1, d. 1869, age 1 yr., 3 mo., Ch. 2, b. 1870 at Waterman, Emma C., M. Alvin Woodbury, Shabbona, Warren Miller b. 1843 in Penn., son of Asa and Mary Ann Miller, Ill. in 1845, married, 1868 Florence C. Matteson, eldest dau. of Oscar F. and Marion A. (Hall) Matteson, moved to Iowa, returned to IL 1873, Shabbona Grove, d. 9-16-1903, Ch. 1 Asa O., Ch., 2 Mary A., Ch. 3, Lorenzo E., Ch. 4 Genevieve, Ch. 5 Cora B., Ch. 6 Belinda E., Ch. 7 Laura E.  C. Herbert Orr b. 1880, Waterman, IL, son of Edward P. and Emma (Taylor) Orr, 1894 family moved to Downer's Grove and then Hinsdale, completed grammar and HS grad. with highest honors, 1901 Univ. Mich, engineering, rapid progress, promise of success, 1903 died heart failure, Mrs. A. H. Phillips (Caroline Owen) b. 1828, 
004 1903 036 1903 Congdon Waterman Year Book including BIOGRAPHY continuing for Mrs.A. H, Phillips b. 1828 in Canada, d. 1903 at dau.'s Iowa home, m. 1853 Albert Phillips in N.Y., Illinois in 1858, Clinton Twp. farm, moved to Waterman 1875, among oldes members of Meth., Mrs. R. P. Rowley (Mary Ann Finckle) b. 1827 N.Y., dau. of Nicholas Finckle, m. 1. Jacob Pitcher, Ch. 1. Sarah E. (Mrs. Cummings), m. 2. Richard P. Rowley Sylvanus Eaton Shepardson family springs from Salem, Mass. blacksmith, Charlestown, 1632, d. Malden, July 26, 1644, M. Joanna d. 1661, son Daniel, bap. 1639, m. 1668, d. 1691, his son, John bap. 1671, m. Elizabeth Fuller, their son, Daniel, b. 1700, d. 1770, m. 1. Hannah Richardson, d. 1726, m. 2  
004 1903 036b 1903 Congdon Waterman Year Book including illustration page, portrait photo,Sylvanus Eaton Shepardson
004 1903 037 1903 Congdon Waterman Year Book including BIOGRAPHY continuing for 
004 1903 037 Sylvanus Eaton Shepardson Family m. 2 1728 Mary Washburn, at least five children listed for Attleboro, moved to Ver., party of 11 family members migrated from Gerry Chautauqua Co. N.Y. to Ill., by wagon, locating near Ross Grove, Paw Paw Twp., Wm. Shepardson family active memb. of Johnson's Grove Bap. Ch., d. 1882
004 1903 038 1903 Congdon Waterman Year Book including BIOGRAPHY continuing for Sylvanus Eaton Shepardson Family and Wm. Shepardson's son Sylvanus Eaton Shepardson, b. 1832 N.Y., Illinois, Will Co. 1845, DuPage Co. 1846, lived with parents  1846 to 1861, attended Mount Morris Academy, Ogle Co., 1861 parents moved to Aurora, he bought home farm at Ross Grove, part taken from the government by his father, farmed until 1873, moved to Iowa to banking business with brother, "Shepardson Bros.", 1879 moved to Aurora until 1882, moved to Sugar Grove and farmed, 1889 retired from farming, moved to Aurora, until 1902, built a new house, "The Larches," on the home farm at Ross Grove, lived there to his death 1903, held public offices, Justice of the Peace and Supervisor, Paw Paw Twp., School Trustee, Supervisor of Sugar Grove Twp., Republican until 1884, Prohibitionist until death, not active in church, m. N. Y. 1863, Lucy M. Judd, b 1832, living on the old Ross Grove homestead, Ch. 1 Willie b. 1864, d. 1865 Ross Grove,B476
004 1903 039 1903 Congdon Waterman Year Book including BIOGRAPHY continuing for Sylvanus Eaton Shepardson Family and Wm. Shepardson's son Sylvanus Eaton Shepardson, Ch. 2 Jared Clayton, b. 1865 Ross Grove, m. m. 1894, Maude Beelar, Marble Grove, IA, Ch. 3 Charles Judd, b. 1866 Ross Grove, m. 1892 Lottie McDole, farming Ross Grove, Ch. 4 Harry b. 1867 d. 1867 Ross Grove, Ch. 5 Phillip Jerome b. 1868 d. 1870 Ross Grove, Ch. 6 Mary Frances, b. 1870 d. 1903 Ross Grove, Ch. 7 Ralph Steele b. 1873 Ross Grove, m. 1903 Jessie Younge Fox, architect in Aurora, IL, Ch. 8 John Eaton b. 1875 Iowa, civil engineer, NYC, Ch. 9 Daniel Judd, b. 1879 Iowa m. 1903 Mabel Edith Stern, farming at Ross Grove (Combination Atlas information: in 1871 Wm. Shepardson had 345 A., in 1892 S. E. Shepardson has 345 A., in 1905 D. J. Shepardson has 91 A., C. J. Shepardson has 70 A. and S. E. Shpardson has 184 A , in 1929 D. J. Shepardson has 237.20 A., C. J. Shepardson has 120. A. Mary Frances Shepardson b. 1870 Ross Grove, dau. of Sylvanus Eaton and Lucy M (Judd), lived in Iowa,  Aurora, Sugar Grove, attended Sugar Grove School, then a popular, private school conducted by Frank H, Hall, graduated 1886 in class of 10, graduated 1888 Northwestern Academy at Evanston, Univ. of Ill., until 1892, remainder of live at home with parents, entertained her class of '86 in'96 at her home in Aurora, resigned yet cheerful, and affectionate disposition 
004 1903 040 1903 Congdon Waterman Year Book including BIOGRAPHY continuing for Mary Frances Shepardson well educated and affectionate disposition, 1898 wrote of her 1897 travels around the Great Lakes, St. Lawrence, Prince Edward's Island, Boston, Feb. 1900 she wrote, "I stay quietly at home just proving myself a blessing to my good father andmother.  Now don't anyone question that statement."  1901 "I am still with my father and mother at the old home in jAurora and trust that this condidtion may prevail dindefinitely, with one exception, that I hope and expect it will be at the old ;home in Shabbona Grovek DeKalb Co. after some time in December.  To my great satisfaction we are planning to move into the countrhy once more and this time I hope we mahy stay.  I hope you will all comeandsee me there."  Last letter, May 1, 1903 left unfinished at her death, is included elsewhere, disease ended her life to her costudent's surprise,  d. 1903, near death she played "I know my Redeemer liveth, and hath prepared a home for me." on her piano, close to her father, he died two months after her.  (Note: The info on early Shepardsons was furnished by Francis Wayland Shepardson, PHD, Assoc. Prof. History Univ. of Chic.)  Mrs. Grace Smith b. 1883 near Waterman, 8th child of Samuel S. and Margaret S. Smith, m. 1901 Israel Smith, died 1903 at mother's home in Shabbona Grove Mrs. Mary Thompson Mary Nelson b. 1836 Ohio
004 1903 040b Congdon Waterman Year Book including illustration page, portrait photo, Class of 1886, Sugar Grove (described on p. 39 as "Sugar Grove school, then a popular semi-private school conducted by Frank H.Hall, and graduated in a class of ten on June 18, 1886.")(She would have graduated at age 16.) No names are included.
004 1903 041 1903 Congdon Waterman Year Book including BIOGRAPHY continuing for Mrs. Mary Thompson, b. 1836, Ohio, dau. of Cyrus and Kate Nelson, m. 1853 to A. N. Thompson b. 1824 in N. Y. d. 1893 in Waterman, son of John and Annie Thompson, 1854 moved to Victor twp. farm, 1891 moved to Waterman, Mrs. Thompson continued to live Waterman, moved to dau.'s home, d. 1903, Ch. 1 Lottie R. b. 1864 m. 1882 to Nicholas Sawyer, lived in Victor twp., Ch. 2 Robert Thompson, died age 3  William Watson b. 1818 in England, came to USA at age 10, settled in N.Y., m. 1838 to Agnes Ferguson, carpenter and joiner's trades, 1851 came to DeKalb Co., d. 1903, Ch. 1 Robert T. of Victor twp., Ch. 2 William, Calif., Ch. 3 Edward, on the home place Ch. 4 James, Sycamore Ch. 5 died in infancy, Ch. 6 Elizabeth N. Marvyne d. at age 34 Mrs. George Whitford Ada Marguerite Wright, b. 1877 Ogle Co., IL, dau. of George Henry and Sarah Louise (DeVer) Wright, 1893 family moved to Pecatonica, m. 1899 to George Nathan Whitford, son of Myron C. and Phebe (Elmer) Whitford, Waterman, young couple made their home in Shabbona, Ch. 1 
004 1903 042 1903 Congdon Waterman Year Book including BIOGRAPHY continuing for Mrs. George Whitford Ch. 1 b. 1903, Ralph George Whitford, mother died within hours William Wilson b. 1834 in England, 1856 came t+B475o USA with two cousins, James and Thomas Wilson, 1861 enlisted in Civil War, regiment captured, paroled and sent home, sent back, enlisted again with Fourth Ill. Cavalry, close of war resumed carpenter work, built Meth. Ch., gave up carpentering, farm hand, 1903 killed in Aurora on C.&N.W. tracks, member of G.A.R. Isaac Spence Woods b. 1835 in Penn., one of eleven children, to David H. and Catherine (Campbell) Woods, Scotch-Irish, paternal grandfather ran with Daniel Boone during settlement of Kentucky, 1846 came to IL with parents, 
004 1903 043 1903 Congdon Waterman Year Book including BIOGRAPHY continuing for Isaac Spence Woods 1846 settledin Kendall Co., farmer, education, m. 1865 to Pluma Elizabeth Ovitt b. 1844, Little Rock, IL, 1865 moved to DeKalb Co., Afton Twp. Sec. 34, prominent in social and civic affairs, collector, assessor, 1892 "one of the board's most highly esteemed members," first Baptist, then Meth., kindly, genial nature, rheumatism, stroke of paralysis, d. 1903 at home, Mrs. Marth Lamb a sister, Ch. 1 John W. b. 1866 m. 1895 to Ella Broughton Ch. 2 Minnie E.    b. 1867 m. 1892 to Lewis G. Fuller Ch. 3 Charles S. b. 1870 Ch. 4 Daisy A. b. 1873 m. 1893 to David Hipple Ch. 5. Ida B. b. 1878 Ch. 6 Emma C. b. 1879  
004 1903 044 1903 Congdon Waterman Year Book including illustration page,Class of 1886 autograph page Signatures included are Nancy W. Brown, E. Noble, Caroline Phillips, S.E. Shepardson, Isaac S.B486 Woods
004 1903 045 1903 Congdon Waterman Year Book including DIRECTORY              Baptist Ch., Pastor, Raymond Griffith Pierson,  Clerk, Carrie P., Congdon, Treasurer, Irene Whitford, Deacons, Alexander Henderson, Drew Swift, Trustees, Alexander Hendrson, Drew Swift, G.G. Congdon, Marvin Simpson, F. P. Robinson, Organist, Carrie Congdon, Sunday School, reorganized, enrollment, 53, Supt. Mrs. Adelaide Greenwood,B482 Sec. Treas. Carrie Congdon, Librarian, Bessie Robinson, Mabel Swift, organist, Irene Whitford, Baptist Young People's Union, Won the International Conquest Missionary Banner in 1893, Pres. Irene Whitford, VP, Carrie Congdon, Sec. Carrie Martin, Treas. Mabel Swift, Organist, Irene Whitford, 
004 1903 046 1903 Congdon Waterman Year Book including DIRECTORY          Baptist Church Workers Society, Pres. Adelaide Greenwood, Sec. Irene Whitford, Treas. Mrs. Alexander Henderson, Evangelical Lutheran Emanuel Church, Pastor, Gottlieb F. Schroeder (R.F.D. 1, Hinckley, IL, Parochial school teacher and organist, Prof. Chr. Heine, Elders, John Schmidt, Charles Boekenhauer, Henry Hartmann, Trustees, August Borchers, Hy Temme, M. Rissmann, School Trustees, William Ilsemann, August Leifheit. Methodist Episcopal Church Pastor, Fred L. Baldwin, Trustees, Frank Greeley, Pres. Adelbert Fuller, sec,/treas Class Leaders: Amos L. McCaskey, Roy Wakefield, Sunday School Supt. S. M. Henderson, Asst. Supt. D.B. Hipple, Sec./Treas Fred Beiser, Librarian, Robert Fuller, Organist, Mabel Hipple, Chorister, May Fuller, Woman's Foreign Missionary Soc. Pres. Mrs. H. L. Fuller, VP Mrs. F. L. Baldwin, Sec. Mrs. R. R. Brown
004 1903 047 1903 Congdon Waterman Year Book including DIRECTORY Continue with Meth. Church Corr. Sec. Mrs. S. M. Henderson, Treas. Mrs. Martha Lamb Epworth League Chap. 3976, Charter, Nov. 10, 1890, 69 members, 9 associate, Pres. Robert Fuller, Vp. Mary Fuller, vp Ida Woods, VP Minnie Wiltberger, Vp Fred Beiser, Sec. Grace Tallman, Treas. Clarence Greeley, Organist Mabel Hipple, Ladies Aid Society Pres. Mrs. S. M. Henderson, VP Mrs, H. A. Lamb, Sec. Mrs., J.J.A. Zeller, Treas. Miss Carrie Fuller, Presbyterian Church Org. 1864, membership 108, Pastor, George Dunlap, A.M., Session J.S. Kirkpatrick, W.M. Mcfarlane, J.M. Smiley (clerk),  John Weber, Trustees: William Richmond, A.C. Kauffman, Wm. Nelson, Treas. W. M. McFarlane Sunday School Supt. John Weber, 
004 1903 048 1903 Congdon Waterman Year Book including DIRECTORY continues with Pres. Ch. Sunday School Asst. Supt. W.M. McFarlan, Sec./Treas. Mollie Guderson, Supt. Of Home Dept. Anna Beiler, Primary Leader, Mrs. J.S. Kirkpatrick, Christian Endeavor Org. 1892, membership 35, Pres. George Wallace, VP John Weber, Sec. Mabel Kirkpatrick, Treas. Anna Beiler, Librarian, Mrs. W.M. McFarlane, Corr. Sec. Mrs. Ida Kirkpatrick, Ladies' Missionary Society Pres. Mrs. Sara Dunlap, Sec./Treas. Mrs. J.S. Kirkpatrick, Ladies' Aid Society Pres. Mrs. Leota Baldry, Sec. Mrs. Georgia Bradbury, Treas. Mrs. Mary Nelson, United Presbyterian Church Pastor none, Members of session T. H. Robinson, W.C. Ferguson, P. Richey, Ward McAllister, George A. Howison, Sunday School Supt. Howard McCleery, Ass't. Supt. May Beveridge, Sec./Treas Anna Randles
004 1903 048b 1903 Congdon Waterman Year Book including illustration page, Commencement Program, Class of 1886, Sugar Grove, Programme, Music by the school orchestra, prayer, 1."Black the Heels of Your Boots" John Woods, Waterman, IL 2. "Heroines" by Minnie J. Judd, Sugar Grove, Ill., 3. "The Golden Mean," by Emily Humiston, Kanewvelle, Ill., Music by the School Orchestra, 4. "Prohibition" by George E. Congdon, Waterman, Ill., 5. "Dress and Address" by Addie Coulson, Hinckley, Ill., 6. "The Measuring Stick," Zora Dean, Big Rock, Ill. Music by Emily and Alta, 7. "Boys," by M. Frankie Shepardson, Sugar Grove, Ill., 8. "What's Mine Is My Own," by Joseph Kennedy, Bristol, Ill., 9. "Fishing," by John Wheeler, Big Rock, Ill., 10. "Standing with Reluctant Feet, Where the Brook and River Meet," by Alta Ravlin, Kaneville, Ill., Music-Class Song, School and Class History," Dora J. Myers,Class of '87, Farewell to Class, Mary Davis, Class of '87, Music-"Farewell," Presentation of Diplomas, Benediction (school described on p. 39 as "Sugar Grove school, then a popular semi-private school conducted by Frank H.Hall, and graduated in a class of ten on June 18, 1886.B488")(Shepardson would have graduated at age 16.) No other names are included.
004 1903 048c 1903 Congdon Waterman Year Book including illustration page, including Mary Frances Shepardson's last message to the Class of 1886,Sugar Grove "Greeting to the Members of '86.  (I) wonder where you all are this beautiful summer day-I was especially interested in the class letter this year-" 
004 1903 049 1903 Congdon Waterman Year Book including DIRECTORY continues with United Pres. Ch. Cont, Young People's Christian Union, Pres. Ralph Howison, VP Mabel Smith, Sec. Agnes Ferguson, Corr. Sec., Mae Beveridge, Jun. Supt. Susie Graham, Ass't. Belle McAllister, Tithe Sec. Lulu McCleery Woman's Missionary Society Pres. Belle Mc Allister, VP. Mrs. Jane Graham, Sec. Mrs Mattie Howison, Treas. Maraget Beveridge, Corr. Sec. Nettie McCleery, Clinton Twp. Sunday School Assoc. Pres. Mrs. W. M. McFarlane, VP. Mrs. S. M. Henderson, Sec./Treas., Carrie Congdon, Supt. of Primary, Mrs. J.S. Kirkpatrick, Supt. of Home, Anna Beiler, Supt. Normal Work, S. M. Henderson, Waterman Alumni Assoc. Org. 1901, Pres. Mary Macklin, VP Bertha Tallman, Sec. Harry Stryker
004 1903 050 1903 Congdon Waterman Year Book including DIRECTORY including Waterman Alumni Assoc. cont. treas. Carrie Colton; Class of 1903, Guy R. Matteson Waterman Women's Club organized 1902, subject for 1903-04, "English Authors during the Victorian age." officers, Pres. Miss Carrie Fuller, VP Mrs. John Kirkpatrick, Sec. Mrs. George M. Wallace, Treas. Mrs. J.J.A. Zellar, Prog. Mrs. W.M. McFarlane, Mrs. W.S. Andrews, Miss Carrie Congdon, T.S. Terry Post No. 463 G.A.R. org. 1884, Shabbona, Commander, John Mullins, Sen. V. Com. John A. McCormick, Jun. V. Com. A. C. Kauffman, Surgeon S. D. Wesson, Chaplain Anthony Darling, "O.D." A.L. Wells, "O.G." William Bowker Waterman Lodge No. 728 A.F. & A.M. Election Dec. 17, 1903, W.M. Wiltberger, Senior W. William C. Whitford, Junior W. Adam J. Heeg
004 1903 051 1903 Congdon Waterman Year Book including DIRECTORY Waterman Lodge No. 728 cont. Sec. Dr. P.E.N. Greeley, Treas. Soren Larson, Sr. D-W.M. McFarlane, Jr. D.-Glenn W. Bradbury, Tyler-A.C. Baie Waterman Camp No. 1572 M. W. A. org. 1892, membership 60, Ven. Cons.-William Reid, Wor. Adv. W. T. Wiltberger, Banker Wm. W. Scott, Clerk Glenn W. Bradbury, Phy. Dr. P.E.N. Greeley, Escort, Watchman, Sentry, Town of Clinton Sup. W.J. Randles, Clerk W.E. Dean, Asses. F. A. Brown, Coll. J. A. Satterlee, Hwys. A. C. Baie (1903) William Reid, Theodore Johnson, Just. of the Peace, G.G. Congdon, Isaac Potter, Constables N.F. Davenport, T. H. Hinds, School Trustees W.G. Potter (1903) T.H. Robinson, H.A. Lamb, Village of Waterman Pres. of the Bd. S. M. Henderson, Trustees A. U. Fuller (1902), Roy Wakefield (1902),
004 1903 052 1903 Congdon Waterman Year Book including DIRECTORY continuing with Village of Waterman trustees, Soren Larson, J. S. Kirkpatrick (1903) G.H. Greeley (1903), W.A. Congdon (1903) Clerk Fred G. Beiler, filling vacancy of Avon Zellar, Police W.M. McFarlane, Treas. R.R. Brown, Streets C.W. Colton, Comm. Finance-Wakefield, Congdon, Greeley, Building-Kirkpatrick, Larson, Congdon, License-Congdon, Fuller, Greeley Waterman School Prin. George M. Wallace, Inter. Mary E. Fuller, Prim. Mary Edith Macklin, Dir. W.M. McFarlane, Wm. Richmond, S.M. Henderson, Waterman Lecture Course Comm. reps from three young people's societies, Chair. W.M. McFarlane, Sec./Treas. Carrie P. Congdon, Corr. Sec. Roy Wakefield, DeKalb Co. Old Settlers' Assoc. Pres. S.D. Wesson, Victor, VPs DeKalb-S.W. Patten, Syc.-T.A. Cliffe, Clinton-G.G. Congdon, Squaw Gr.-Wm. Sebree, Victor-W.H. Keene, PawPaw-Rbt. Hampton, Sec./Treas-S.M. Henderson, Wat., Randles
004 1903 053 1903 Congdon Waterman Year Book including DIRECTORY continuing with Old Settlers Hist.-G.E. Congdon, Wat. Clinton Twp. Republican Com. S.M. Henderson, W.M Mc Farlane, W.J. 
004 1903 054 1903 Congdon Waterman Year Book including Miscellaneous Old People of Waterman and Vicinity William Colton 1811, (Mr. and Mrs. Colton were married in N,Y. 1837 and in their 67th hear of marriage), Sarah Williamson Graham-1813, Ephraim Jackson Wood-1815, Lucinda Emery Colton-1818, Harriet Shonts Swift-1819, William H. Keene-1820, James Baremore-1820, George W. Place-1820, Emeline Atkins Giles-1821, Wm. Howison-1821, Ezra Morgan Ames-1822, Henry Challand-1823, D.B. Stryker-1823, Elizabeth Such Bradbury-1823, Elizabeth Lang Irving-1824, Fannie Richardson Hinds-1824, Catherine Walls Howion-1824, Oscar Fitzaland Matteson- 1825, Martha Davis-1825, Timothy Holden Hinds-1826, David Hoagland-1826, Wealthy Davis Hoagland-1827, Enoch P. Rowley-1827, Hiram Kirkpatrick-1827, William Gibbons-1827
004 1903 055 1903 Congdon Waterman Year Book including Miscellaneous continuing Old People of Waterman and Vicinity Peter Normandin-1828, George Griffith Congdon-1828 Former Residents John Walker-Sandwich-1818, Laura Carpenter-Kansas-1818, Abigail Mack Persons-Iowa-1820, Richard P. Rowley-Big Rock-1824, Smiley Kirkpatrick-Mendota-1825, John D. McDiarmid-Big Rock-1825, William Heun-Iowa-1827, Morris P. Brown-Aurora-1827, Louisa Boardman McAllester-Mass.-1828 Births and Deaths for 1903 by township: Clinton had 6 deaths,
004 1903 056 1903 Congdon Waterman Year Book including Miscellaneous Freight and Passenger Traffic Itemized report of C.B.&Q RR at the Waterman Station: 1902 and 1903, given in car load lots, Cattle 57, 46, Hogs 100, 100, Sheep 9, 0, Horses 2, 3, Corn 60, 61, Hay 4, 86, Misc. 9, 12. Freight rec'd in carload lots: lumber 64, 79, coal 76, 79, Misc. 203, 248.  Total Ticket sales: $6,593.73, $7,455.74, Freight Rec'd: $11,021.48, $9,486.41, Freight Forwarded: $7,837.93, $8,293.64                           C. W. Baldry, Agent Court House Election returns are below, never rec'd officially, decisions of court since have been
004 1903 056b 1903 Congdon Waterman Year Book including illustration page,BILL OLD SETTLERS' PICNIC, 1893 17TH ANNUAL RE-UNION PICNIC!!OF THE OLD SETTLERS OF DeKalb CO. AND VICINITY WILL BE HELD AT PRITCHARD'S GROVE WEDNESDAY SEPT. 6TH, '93 Programme: Grand gathering at the grove at 10 o'clock a.m. sharp.  Music: Freeland Plow Boy Band, Call to order by the President: S.D. Wesson, Prayer by Rev. Robinson, Waterman, Singing-Quartette, Address of Welcome-S.D. Wesson, Music-Band, 12 o'clock-Dinner, 1 o'clock-Music by the band, Oration and Registration of Old Settlers, Rev. Dawson, Shabbona, Early Experiences-Related by Old Settlers, Singing-Quartette, Music-Band, Report of Sec. and Treas., and election of officers.  Sporting Games: Tug of War for a purse of $3., Boys Foot Race under 16 years. 1st prize, $2., 2nd prize, $1., Girls Foot Race, 1st prize. $2., 2nd prize $1. Old Man's Foot Race, 1st prize, $2., 2nd $1., Flap-jack Turner Egg Race 1st prize $1. 2nd prize 50 cents, Tennis Game, $2. for first best, $1. for second best, and numerous other sporting games.  A grand game of Base Ball will be played for a purse of $30., to be given to the winning club.  Paw Paw vs. Amboy.  President of the day: S.D. Wesson, V.P's, R. Hampton, Paw Paw; Post, Shabbona; Stryker, Afton; Sebree, Squaw Grove; Keene, Victor; Sec./Treas. Kirk, Special Police, Wood, Ames, Kettell, Martin, Marshall, Whitford, Chaplain-Rev. Robinson, Comm. of arrangements: Ames, Congdon, Leifheit, Greene, Bradbury, Positively no liquor will be allowed on the grounds, hitching to trees and fences strictly forbidden by the owner of the grounds. 
004 1903 056c 1903 Congdon Waterman Year Book including illustration page Letter from the British Museum No. 2173 Department of Printed Books, British Museum, London WC, June 9th 1903, Sir, I beg to acknowledge with thanks the receipt of Waterman Year Book 1902, Which you have been so good as to present to the Trustees of the British Museum.  I am Sw Your Obedient Servant, T.K. Forb??? Keeper Note: The British Museum has the second largest library in the world.
004 1903 057 1903 Congdon Waterman Year Book including COURT HOUSE ELECTION returns were never rec'd, Nov. 10, 1903, decisions of the court since have been uniformly against the validity of the election. Sycamore partisans generally did not vote. (There is a chart listing results from all townships.) Results are For removal. 3887 Against removal. 117 The vote of the county in 1900 was 8169.  3 twps. had "no election:" Franklin, Kingston, Sycamore.
004 1903 058 1903 Congdon Waterman Year Book including Rose Family Records (Copy of an old Bible Record in the possession of Mrs. J.A. Tallman, Waterman, IL  Two leaves cut from an old Bible.)          "BIRTHS: "Births:"  Joseph Rose The Father of those hereafter mentioned Children was Born August the 17th 1775  Deborah Rose The Mother of those Children was born May the 16th Year 1774 Daniel Rose the Oldest Son of Said Joseph Rose and Deborah was born August the 27th in the Year of our lord 1800 Benjamin Rose born February 28th in the Year 1802 and his twin mate that was not named. William Rose Born June 25th 1804 John Rose Born December 2, 1805                                               Semantha Rose Born February 11 1807 Deborah Rose Born June 15 1808                                                                               
004 1903 059 1903 Congdon Waterman Year Book including Rose Family Records (Copy of an old Bible Record in the possession of Mrs. J.A. Tallman  Nancy Rose the 2nd Wife of Joseph Rose was Born on the 9 day of April in the year 1785     Louisa Rose the Oldest Child of Said Nancy Rose was Born October 18, 1809 Coridon Rose was born April 14 1812 Clarissa Rose was Born July 9, 1814  Deaths Deborah Rose the Mother of those Children Deceased this Life the 12 Day of October in the Year 1809 Benjamin Rose Deceased this life the 28th April 1805 his Mate left time at the age of too weaks old  Joseph Rose died August 25th 1843 in North White Creek Aged 68 years  Clarifsa Rice died March 7 1844 in North White Creek aged 29 years Deborah Eldredge died in White Creek April 20 1847 Aged 39 years Semantha Rose died March 20 1858 in Glen Falls Aged 51 years  Louisa Rose died March. 5. 1861. in Glenns Falls Aged 51 years" 
004 1903 060  1903 Congdon Waterman Year Book including Advertisement Mr. Congdon declares his desire to obtain all possible records, Lists records available: Johnson's Grove Church Records, 1852-1861, indexed, Town Clerk records, Justice of the Peace records, Johnson's Grove Cemetery from 1848, transcript of North Clinton Cemetery, half complete, Aurora Beacon Clinton items, 1858-1866, Newberry Library; A Request submit family records, "do not destroy any old letters or books without letting me see them." B503
004 1903 061 1903 Congdon Waterman Year Book including WANTED "I have the advertising bills of the Old Settlers' Picnics from 1893 to date.  The one for 1893 is reporduced elsewhere.,  I will pay from twenty-five cents to one dollar for each of the earlier bills according to condition.  If you have one, write me."  GENEALOGICAL RESEARCH Congdon spends his summers at the Newberry Library in Chicago, accepting commissions, signed G. E. Congdon (gives his address as Sac City, Iowa) (Commendations included from Syc. True Rep., Sandwich Free Press, Shabbona Express, )+B428
004 1904 000 1904 Congdon Waterman Year Book including Frontispiece, Illustration, Waterman Orchestra, John Morrison, Mabel Hipple, Jessie Leifheit, Carrie Congdon, Ruth Andrews 
004 1904 001 1904 Congdon Waterman Year Book including title page, Waterman Illinois Year Book 1904, Third Annual Volume, Compiled by George Edward Congdon, Sac City, Iowa, Printed by the Sac Sun, 
004 1904 002 1904 Congdon Waterman Year Book including "Entered according to act of Congress in the year 1906 by George Edward Congdon, in the office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington,
004 1904 003 1904 Congdon Waterman Year Book including Preface "The Present volume is issued a year late because at the customary time of issuing it I was very much in doubt whether the support given the previous volumes warranted me in getting out a third, and being very busy I postponed a decision in the matter.  Doubtless too, many have grown impatient at the time which has elapsed between the announcement of my determination to publish and the appearance of the book.  This is natural enough for they could not be expected to to realize the number of letters written in my endeavor to reach all interested persons and later the amount of writing, copying, and proof-reading done in seeing the book through the press,-this of course all in addition to my regular work as a teacher.  All these days I have endeavored to keep the work moving and get the book out as early as possible.  G. E. Congdon Sac City, Iowa, Feb. 9, 1906.  Note.-The printors through an error natural enough owing to the time of printing have headed some of pages wrongly "Waterman Year Book, 1905."
004 1904 004 1904 Congdon Waterman Year Book including ILLUSTRATIONS Waterman Orchestra, David Bailey Stryker, Class of 1904, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Bowers, James Carmalt Matlack, Mrs. Morton Parsons, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Bergen, Rev. John E. Morris, Comparative Strength of Party Votes 
004 1904 005 1904 Congdon Waterman Year Book including TABLE OF CONTENTS Preface, Table of Contents, Chronology, Biography (Abby, Allen, Bacon, Bergin, Beveridge, Bowers, Cain, Campbell, Comp, Conrad, Darnell, Dean, Finnan, Ferguson, Gillespie, Harper,,Hoagland, Johnson, Low, McEachron Marshall, Carmalt, Matlack, Miller, Nicholson, Parker, Parsons, Patten, Scott, Seeley, Spencer, Stryker, Thorpe, Tyne, Walls, Whitford,
004 1904 006 1904 Congdon Waterman Year Book including TABLE OF CONTENTS cont., Directory, Miscellaneous, Advertisements
004 1904 007 1904 Congdon Waterman Year Book including WATERMAN YEAR BOOK CHRONOLOGY January 1 Epworth League, Leap Year Social, Masonic Hall 2. T.S. Terry Post No. 463, GAR, installation of officers, 3. Baby, Guy F & Linnie Mae (Seeley) Lamoreux, Sac County, Iowa, Lucilee Genevieve, baby, boy, to Thomas Walker, Manistee, MI, 5. installation of officers, Waterman Lodge of Modern Woodmen and Royal Neighbors, 6. marriage, Clinton R. Dayton and Eva J. Darnell of Sandwich, 8. baby, son, to Soren and Anna (Johnson) Larsen, Elmer Emanuel, death, Mrs. Warren Miller, 10. Lutheran Cong. young people, surprise, Mr. Chr. F. Heine, home of August Leifheit, presented gold watch and several dollars cash, 11. baby, boy, to Dr. James and Mary (Hayes) Beveridge, Buckingham, IL, Ralph Hayes, 12. Patent No, 749554, presented to H.A. Low, Lake City, Iowa, and C. E. Griffith of Sac City, Iowa, for improvement of concrete fence posts, 14. marriage, William L. Marshall & Amanda Burt, 
004 1904 008 1904 Congdon Waterman Year Book including WATERMAN YEAR BOOK CHRONOLOGY January 13 birth, girl, to Carl and Hattie (George) Baie, Leila R., 17. Birth, son, to Benjamin and Dora (Burmester) Alford, Harold Russell, 18. Death, Mrs. Catherine McGlinn, Maple Park, 19. C.E. social and bus. mtg., home of O.H. Carnes, 21. marriage, Charles Darnell & Alta Von Ohlen, Hinckley, m. at Saratoga Hotel, Chic., Rev DeClark, 24. Farewell service, Rev. Raymond Griffith Pierson, Bapt. Ch., 25. death, Mrs. George Schermerhorn, 27. Residence burned, Shabbona Grove, Mrs. Samuel S. Smith, 28. L.A.S. (Pres.) served supper at John S. Kirkpatrick home, receipts $14.20, Gus E. Strem, Elva, committed suicide, 29. Shadow Social, U.P. Church, 30. birth, son, to Herman Von Ohlen, Waterman Woman's Club, entertained Shab. Club, death, Mrs. Charles A. Reed, Sandwich, 31. Jennie E. Jackson, Chicago deaconess, spoke Meth. Ch. February 1. Republican County Conv., Sycamore, delegates, Randles, McFarlane, Darling, Henderson, Fuller, Olmstead, Kauffman, lecture, Dr. Hopkins, Chic., "The Golden Fleece," third in series, 3. death, Miss Nellie Cox, of Franks, 
004 1904 008a 1904 Congdon Waterman Year Book including illustration page,David Bailey Stryker - Older man dressed up in ornate chair and young child on his lap
004 1904 009 1904 Congdon Waterman Year Book including WATERMAN YEAR BOOK CHRONOLOGY February 3. Marriage, Silas A. Whitney & Olive Minnich, Sandwich, Rev. Dimond, 4. Death, Mrs. (McCormick) Tyne, Chicago, Republican Congressional Convention, Ottawa, W.M. McFarlane, delegate, ?? birth, girl, to Fred and Grace (Merritt) Bend, 6. death, David Campbell, Malta, 9. birth, girl to Peter and Edith (Mitchell) Hutter, Annie Maude, 10. marriage, Stephen Powers, DeKalb & Margaret Lynch, Waterman, St. James, Lee, Father Finn, marriage, Andrew Hutter & Mary Koenig, Cath. Ch. Somonauk, Father Meyer, 11. Marriage, George E. Esperson, Clinton, Iowa & Eva E. Roberts, Waterman, Rev. J.L. Hartsook, Macomb, IL, 12. Prohibition County Conv., S.F. Fuller chosen VChair, George Greeley, township committman, 13. Masonic Hall, mtg., discuss consolidation of schools of twp., ?? death, Clarence Stewart, son of A.G. Stewart, Cherokee, IA, 15. death, Capt. Edward A. Ward, Rochelle, 16. last lecture course, Clare Vaughan Wales Co., 18. birth, girl, to George Challand, Meetings, Meth. Ch., birth, son, Camp, birth, son, A. Turnblom, 22. Public Sale, Mrs. W.W. Roberts, 24. H.J.F. Kirchhefer, business, sold harness shop at Kirkland to Lantz
004 1904 010 1904 Congdon Waterman Year Book including WATERMAN YEAR BOOK CHRONOLOGY February 25, public sale of stock on S.M. Henderson farm, 26. Death, David Hamilton Hoagland, 27. Marriage, Kirk W. Stone & Pearl Rowley, birth, girl, to Edward J. and Nora (Weilert) Meyers, 29. Rev. John E. Morris called to pastor Waterman and Shabbona Baptist Ch., Horace Huron, musical entertainment, auspices of Modern Woodmen March 2 marriage, J.W. Wesson & Nora Masear, Sandwich, Rev. J.M. Lewis, GAR celebrated George G. Congdon's birthday, 3. death, George Harper died, Ottawa, 4. Dist. No. 139, basket social at John McCleery's, Susie Graham teacher, German Lutheran Ch. basket social and musical program, 5. Waterman Year Book 1903 published, 6. death, Frank, 6 year old son of Charles Wagner, Prof. George Smith, Wheaton College, spoke in Waterman on behalf of Christian colleges, ?? death, Helen McEachron, 7. birth, girl, Johnson and Orpha M. (Hunt) Low, Shab. 9. Rev. Joseph Andrew Speer, Xenia, Ohio called to pastor, U.P. Church, 10. Baptist Ch, Workers' Society served supper
004 1904 011 1904 Congdon Waterman Year Book including WATERMAN YEAR BOOK CHRONOLOGY March 10 Workers' Soc. Of Bap. Ch.  Served supper at Adelaide Greenwood's, 11. Christian Endeavor Millinery Opening, birth, son to Adelbert and Esther (Walker) Fuller, 12. Republican (Union) caucus, nominate town officers and discuss twp. school matter, 12. Carlton Thimble Club, social, 13. death, infant son of Adelbert Fuller, 15. R.G. Ferguson, sold entire stock of goods at auction, 16. death, daug. of Albert & Carrie (Leifheit) Dannewitz, b. May 13, 1903, 22. marriage, Elmer J. Hipple & Annie S. Watson by Rev. Fred Baldwin, 25. death, Watson Elmer Roberts, b. April 24, 1901, son of Wilder H. and Rufina E. (Watson) Roberts, death from burns rec'd Mar. 14, 26. death, Hon. Daniel B. Waterman, Aurora, for whom the village of Waterman was named, 27. Pres. Sunday School election of officers, death, Mrs. Wells F. Spencer, birth, son, to Albert O. & Sadie (Kauffman) Kirkpatrick, William Donald, 29. illustrated lecture, by W.T. Wiltberger, advertising Red River Valley, birth, girl to Ferdinand E. and Emma (Schrader) Wirtz, DeKalb, Dorothy Alice, death, David Bailey Stryker, marriage, Frank Durham, Aurora & Anna Madden, Chicago, by Rev. Lord April 1. death, Alfred Darnell, Grand Junction, Colorado 2. caucus to nom. village officers,   
004 1904 012 1904 Congdon Waterman Year Book including WATERMAN YEAR BOOK CHRONOLOGY April cont.3. Rev. John E. Morris began at Baptist Ch., 5. Birth, girl to Fernando and Maude M. (Gohring) Heun, Eldora, IA, Violet J., Annual Town Mtg., James Baremore, defeated Soren Larsen, regular nominee, for collector by 103 to 97 10. death, William Thorp, birth, girl to H.J.F. Kirchhefer, 11. Frank L. Regan, chalk talker, lectured on Temperance, Masonic Hall, 12. Mystic Workers Lodge, social at Frank Morse, 13. birth, son to Henry & Matilda (Legner) Wilson, Fred Legner, 14. House and lot, Caroline Phillips, deceased, purchased at Executor's sale by Hiram Kirkpatrick, 16. & 18. Lester the Hypnotist, Masonic Hall, 16. Annual school election, Elbert P. Dean elected director, 19. Annual Village election, T.H. Hinds, George Hall, John S. Swanson, candidates by petition, defeated Roy Wakefield, W.T. Wiltberger, J. D. Roberts, the regular (no license) candidates by about 6 votes, 21. Sandwich Free Press, mentioned Ralph R. Brown as minority cand. for state rep., birth, girl to Frank and Gertrude M. (Evans) Wiltberger, of Winfield, KA, Helen Frances, 22. organ concert, Evangelical Luth. Ch., Fred Martin moved the old Ferguson store, in two sections, the front to South A. Street, and the rear to East Second St., occupying the latter as his home, 
004 1904 013 1904 Congdon Waterman Year Book including WATERMAN YEAR BOOK CHRONOLOGY April cont. Fred Martin moved the old Ferguson store, in two sections, the front to South A. Street, and the rear to East Second St., occupying the latter as his home, 26. Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Post, golden wedding anniv., death, John Cain, Sandwich, 29. Elva W.C.T.U. annual silver medal contest, Afton Center Ch., won by Miss Mabel Ronan, DeKalb, death, William C, Whitford,  H.J.F. Kichhefer purchased John Nugent harness shop at Oregaon, 30. death, Albert E. Beveridge May 1. death, infant son of Henry and Daisy (Woodruff) Starry b. Nov. 1903, 3. arraignment of Henry W. Leifheit, before  G.G. Congdon, J.P., selling liquor without a license and fined $160. 5. death, Herman Jandt, son of Albert Jandt, 8 years 3 mo., 7. Johnson's Grove Cemetery Assoc. annual mtg., 10. second suit against Henry W. Leifheit, similar fine, 12. house well started, Harvey A. Louthan, north of A.U. Fuller's house, commenced cellar of J.D. Robert's store on the site of old Ferguson store, 15. Epworth League celebrated 15th anniv., 16. Entertainment by Mrs. Belle Ford Walton, death of Miss Flora Naomi Walls, ?? Ashton of Woodstock bought the barber shop, 
004 1904 014 1904 Congdon Waterman Year Book including WATERMAN YEAR BOOK CHRONOLOGY May cont. 19. Death of Mrs. John B. Abby at  Clear Lake, Iowa, 20. Birth, girl to Charles and Eugenie (Normandin) Fuller, Susan Verdelle, birth, son to Walter and Mary (Spears) Seeley, Shabbona, Bell M., 21. Democratic caucus, select delegates to county convention, 22. marriage, Charles Boeckenhauer (Waterman), & Dora Moeller (Chicago) at Paletine, Rev. Dwegemueller; Annual Bible Day services, new agent, Mr. Hanstein, present, 24. Democratic county conv., A.G. Schultz chosen member of county central comm., 25. marriage, Rev. Meade E. Dutt, Lexington, KY, & Louise Mennis, DeKalb, by Rev. W.B. Morris; marriage, Walter R. Burnham & Ola, dau. Alva P. Mennis of Early, Iowa;  L.F.M.S., Pres. served 10 cent supper at E. P. Rowley's; marriage, John Chanatrill & Rosa Foster; 26. marriage, J. Harry Smith, Newcastle, Ind. & Harriet J. Hayes at Sheridan, IL, 27. death, John Peter Strem, Shabbona, 28. Wollenweber family reunion, Fairbury, Ill.; 29. Rev. E.W. Hicks closed pastorate of 19 years at Toulon, Ill, Memorial Sunday Service, Meth. Ch., 30. Decoration Day, address at Johnson's Grove Cem. by Rev. Fred L. Baldwin, 31. farewell reception for Evalbelle Seeley, Weivekal Club, Lake View, Iowa,  
004 1904 015 1904 Congdon Waterman Year Book including WATERMAN YEAR BOOK CHRONOLOGY June 5. Baptist Ch, speaker, Ellen M. Sprague, 9. Ice cream social, Alexander Henderson's, Commencement at DeKalb Township High School, Olive Lucetta Swift grad., Mary B. Fulton, graduated, Hartford City, Indiana, H.S., 10. Reunion, Graham family, home of James Graham; Commencement Shabbona H.S., Minnie Ames, grad., 11. Mtg. of Johnson's Grove Cem. Assoc., 12. Children's Day Exercises, Meth. and Pres. Ch.; Baccalaureate at Meth. Ch. Rev. Fred L. Baldwin preached, 14. Scott Fulton, graduated,  West Point  Military Acad., 15. Waterman School Closed, 16. Eighth Annual Commencement of Waterman H. S., Commencement at West Aurora H.S., Norman Marion graduated, 17. Rev. J. A. Speer, installed as pastor of U.P. Church at Franks, sermon by Rev. William Fulton, Young People's  Pres. Convention of Chic. Pres. convened at Franks; Waterman Alumni Reunion, held with Carrie Congdon; 18. Waterman School Picnic, Norton's Grove, 
004 1904 016 1904 Congdon Waterman Year Book including WATERMAN YEAR BOOK CHRONOLOGY June ?? Rev. John Chandler becomes pastor at Mt. Ayr, Iowa; 19. Annual meetin of Clinton Twp. Sunday School Assoc.; ?? son born to Frank Camp, 20. Birth, son to James Blair & Cora (Butler) Wallace, Wyoming, IL, Lawrence Butler; 21. Pres. ladies gave supper at home of Wm. Richmond, death Louis Kossuth Scott, Aurora; Anna Fulton grad. Oberlin College, Oberlin, Ohio; 22. birth, girl to H. Eugene and Nora (Greene) Smith, Cairo, Ill., Genevieve Sarah; marriage, Charles Albert Mohr, Shab. to Leila Maud Wilson of Milan by Rev. Fred Baldwin; 23. Wallace Hines, erecting fine residence, house, 24. William Leifheit celebrating 83 anniversary, 26. marriage, Adolph J. Krug & Mrs. Margaret L. Smith at Shab. by H.W. Young, J.P.; 29. marriage, Charles Harter & Della McGuire; 30. marriage, Harold Wilcox Greeley & Cora Avis Crum, Chicago by Rev. A.C. Manson; marriage Rev. John Stanley Andrews of Morrison, Ill & Grace Agnes Bushnell, of Chicago; ?? "The Baro," annual published by DeKalb Twp. H.S., appeared, on the staff were Burton Wirtz, Laura Wiltberger, Alene Taylor; July 2 marriage Dr. James Low & Elsie Emery, married at Monon, Ind. by Rev. Rogers
004 1904 016a 1904 Congdon Waterman Year Book including illustration page,Photo  of Waterman High School Class of 1904, Ross Kirkpatrick, Helen Belle Colton, Mabel J.Kirkpatrick, Mabel Rose Swift, Grace J. Tallman, Albert C. Kauffman
004 1904 017 1904 Congdon Waterman Year Book including WATERMAN YEAR BOOK CHRONOLOGY July cont.5. Birth, boy to Stanton & Carrie (Sawyer) Boston, Rollo; 6. Presbyterian Ch. enlargement passed, death, Mrs. T. C. Nicholson, Aurora;  12. Farewell reception, William Richmond family, at William Nelson's home; 13. birth, girl to Joseph H. & Mollie (Filby) Warby, Plano; death, Miss Matilda Johnson; 17. birth, girl to Fred Hartman; 19. birth, boy to John Wardecker, Chana; death, Michael Finnan, Afton; 20. marriage, Richard Abrams & Mary E. Fuller; 21. death, Mrs. W.F. Comp; 24. birth, daughteer to Elzie and Margaret (McAllister) Mitchell; 28. birth, son to John Solon & Ellen Avery (Kellogg) Congdon, Creston, IA, George Kellogg; 30. Heavy rainstorm; 31. death, Mrs. J.B. Bergin at DeKalb; death, Edna Dean, at Hinckley August 1. birth, son to George M. and Lucie (Parrish) Wallace, Dwain Miller; 5. Miss H. Blanche Davis, elecutionist, U.P Church; 6. marriage, Bayard Holmes, Jr. & Phoebe Barton, Chicago, at Yorkville by Judge Hill; 9. birth, girl to Fred & Bertha (Simpson) Wade, Nellie Irene; 12. birth, girl to Howard & Ethel (Carothers) McCleery, Marian 
004 1904 018 1904 Congdon Waterman Year Book including WATERMAN YEAR BOOK CHRONOLOGY August cont. 13. Ice cream social by Waterman Band; ?? Fire destroyed Mr. and Mrs. C.F. Forrer's house in Braman, Okla., all their household furniture, clothing, house; 13. Birth, daughter to Albert and Mary E. McCleery, Eagle Grove, IA, Mary Jeanette; 15. death, James Carmalt Matack, Grand Junction, CO; 18. B.Y.P.U., Peanut Social at Harry Herr's; 20. death, Mrs. Ann Challand; special school election, Fred A. Brown elected to fill William Richmond's vacancy; 21. birth, son to William & Jennie (Flanders) Dean, Floyd Lendrum; 22. death, Allen Booth; 23. B.Y.P.U., social, at Drew Swift's; 24. marriage, Tessie Macklin; death, Mrs. S. W. Marshall; death, Mrs. William Gillespie; 25. Mr. and Mrs. Sueji Miyamori, natives of Japan, lectured at Baptist Ch.; 26. Benefit social for Waterman Band, $50. 27. Anton Peterson's house burned; 28. birth, girl to Frank M. and Sadie (Graham) Johnson; 30. death, Mrs. Morton Parsons;  September 1. Waterman Public School Opened; marriage of M. Hoy Beveridge & Isabelle Robinson; 3. Union Sunday Picnic, Pritchard's Grove; 5. marriage, Raymond Gates & Mabel Wood;
004 1904 019 1904 Congdon Waterman Year Book including WATERMAN YEAR BOOK CHRONOLOGY September cont. 6. Marriage, Rev. J. A. Speer & Lucy Stewart Harris at Springfield, OH, by Rev. H.B. Speer, of Sunbeam, IL; birth, girl, to Charles B. & Della (Leifheit) Broughton of DeKalb, Helen Beers; 7. 28th annual reunion and picnic of the old settlers, Norton's Grove, Shabbona; marriage, John Mitchell & Rosie Eigle, by Rev. George Dunlap; 8. C.O. Dean of Hinckley plans to build; 9. G. E. Congdon, lecture, "Surnames," Baptist Ch.; 10. birth, son to Marvin and Mary (Nelson) Simpson, Elmer Garbet; 11. marriage, William James Porter & Gala Saussier, Harvey, IL; death, Alice Patten; 13. birth, son to royal L. and Anna E. (Deming) Davis, Greentown, Emerson D.; 14. death, Fred Legner Wilson, b. Apr. 14, 1904; 15. Willis and Sidney Rowley each plan to build; Anton Peterson rebuilding; J.S. Kirkpatrick, business, sold hardware stock to Lyman Fraser; 19. commenced remodeling of Pres. Ch.; 21. birth, son to Albert Leifheit; 25. Compton Brotherhood at Meth. Ch.; 27. C.E. Dollar Social at J.S. Kirkpatrick's; October 1. Rev. and Mrs. J.A. Speer, welcomed home, presented with $40. in gold by U.P. congregation 
004 1904 020 1904 Congdon Waterman Year Book including WATERMAN YEAR BOOK CHRONOLOGY October cont. 5. Marriage, John G. Thompson & Mary B. McAllister by Rev. J.A. Speer; 6. Marriage, Charles A. Reed & Mrs. Mary Lukins by Dr. J.M. Lewis; Disc harrow factory of Michael H. Daley, at Charles City, IA, destroyed by fire at loss of $7000., insurance, $4000., replaced in six weeks, new stone bldg., 66 by 124 w/ cement floor; 7. Band boys, basket social, Masonic Hall, receipts $40.; birth, girl to Garnet Pearl, De Kalb; 10. birth, son to John and Ella (Broughton) Woods, Ralph Royce; 14. death Mrs. William Bowers; 15. Republican mtg., Masonic Hall; 18. marriage, Thomas A. Hubbard & Mrs. Bertha F. Buck, both Chicago, by bride's father, Rev. John E. Morris; marriage, Robert M. Buck (the bride's son) & Jennie Whisler, both of Chicago, married by Rev. John E. Morris; death, J.W. Stevens, Chic.,; ?? marriage of Matthias Zehmann & Myrta Nau, Shabbona, by Rev. John JE. Morris; 23. death, Horace L. Bacon, Sandwich; ?? birth, girl to Albert Jandt; 26. death, Dr. Johnson Low, Shabbona; 27. Robert H. Patton, prohibition candidate for governor, spoke at Waterman; 28. Republican rally at Waterman; 29. Annual bus. mtg. of N. Clinton Cemetery Assoc.; 31. Halloween Social, given by Epworth League
004 1904 021 1904 Congdon Waterman Year Book including WATERMAN YEAR BOOK CHRONOLOGY November 1. Marriage, Fred Cleveland & Elizabeth Ritter, Lake View, IA; 8. Waterman Band, oyster supper, Masonic Hall; birth, boy to Mr. and Mrs. Perrigo; Presidential election, 344 votes cast; 10. marriage, Charles B. McGill & Jessie Maud Low, Lake City, IA; social, home of Rev. John E. Morris; 12. death, Ralph Royce Woods, b. Oct. 10, 1904; 15. Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Kirkpatrick, golden wedding; Mrs. H. M. Swift, 85th bday, celebrated by older members of Baptist Ch.; 17. birth, girl, to Hattie (Morton) and L. A. Keene, Lyle Amber; 19. L.A.S., Presbyterian, corn festival, bazaar, Masonic Hall; ?? publication of D. Appleton & Co.'s "Appendicitis and Other Diseases About the Appendix" by Dr. Bayard Holmes, Chicago; 22. death, Evabelle Seeley; 24. Annual Greeley reunion, home of Dr. P.E.N. Greeley, 45 attended; birth, son to Henry J. and Sarah (Wesson) Von Ohlen, Leland, Henry Kenneth; Thanksgiving service, Baptist Ch., Rev. Fred L. Baldwin, text: Ps. 147 & 107; ?? birth, girl to Josepth & Rosella (Swanson) Falk
004 1904 022 1904 Congdon Waterman Year Book including WATERMAN YEAR BOOK CHRONOLOGY November ?? Birth, son to William Miller; birth, girl to Louis Carbaugh; December 3. Election of officers, T.S. Terry Post No. 463, G.A.R. 6. W. R. McCleery, public sale, livestock, machinery; 2nd lecture course by Rev. Frank Loveland, "The Follies of Fogyism;"  ?? Lyman Fraser succeeded J.S. Kirkpatrick, hardware business; 8. DeKalb Review, long article, construction of electric railroad from DeKalb to Waterman, and later Sandwich; 11. Pres. Ch., reopened, union services, Rev. Highfield; 12. birth, son to W.O. Wiltberger, Winfield, KA; 13. H. F. Burmester, public sale, live stock, machinery; 14. Lyman Fraser, public sale of live stock, machinery; marriage, Clyde A. Mennis & Jennie M. Struble, Early, IA by George M. Rourke; marriage, Enos Kopp & Anna Beiler, by Rev. George Dunlap; 15. death, R.G. Ferguson; 17. death, Elmer Garbet Simpson, b. Sept. 10, 1904; 20. Amos V. Hair, public sale, live stock, machinery; 22. L.L. French, public sale, live stock, machinery, on the Roberts estate; 23. E.W. Seward, public sale, live stock, machinery;
004 1904 023 1904 Congdon Waterman Year Book including WATERMAN YEAR BOOK CHRONOLOGY December cont. 23. Lecture, U.P. Ch., Rev. Wilfred J. Abel; ?? Birth, son to Wright Wesson; 24. Potter reunion, relatives of Wilder S. Potter; 25. Leifheit family reunion; 26. marriage, Edward J. Quinn & Belinda Eva Miller, at Aurora; 29. band concert, Masonic Hall; 30. Squaw Grove Evangelical Lutheran Church, pipe organ concert, Prof. E. Rechlin of St. Louis, also Prof. E. Hoffman, Aurora, on violin; ?? McCleery & Robinson, new meat market, business; ?? birth, son to Frank Cooper, DeKalb; ?? Charles O. Dean of Hinckley, occupied his new meat market, business                                                                                          ERRATA ET ADDENDA                                              1902  Aug. 3. birth, son to Rev. Morton and Kate M. (Gijehl) Parsons, Reuben Tahoma; Dec. 17. birth, son to Fred D. and Myra (Stone) Curtiss, Fisk, WI, Charles Stone;                                                                   1903 March 12. birth, son to Charles and Emma (Ericson) Stram, Charles Vernon; Aug. 9. birth, girl to Irving O. and Lillie M. (Jones) Patterson, Tarrytown, NY, Hazel M. Nov. 5. Meeting held at Waterman on retaining courthouse at Sycamore; Nov. 20. marriage, Jan Peterson & Mary Marshall, Dixon, IL; Dec. 31. death, Hattie E. Allen, Chicago.                                                                                     
004 1904 024 1904 Congdon Waterman Year Book including BIOGRAPHY of Mrs. John B. Abby (Eliza Houghtaylen) b. Aug. 15, 1820, Clinton, Dutchess Co. NY, m. Jan. 27, 1841 to John Briggs Abby (b. Mar. 27,1820), same place, came west June 1846, Big Rock, Kane Co., resided 10 yrs., came to Clinton Twp., farm NE of Waterman, 1873 retired, moved into Waterman, Mr. Abby died, Nov. 1, 1890.  Mrs. Abby now resides with children in Clear Lake, IA, Ch. 1 Lorenszo Abby b. 1842 (m. Alma Collins, 1867, at Waterman,) 2 Jane b. 1845 (m. David Tuttle, 1863 at Waterman,) 3 Julia b. 1850 (m. Wm. Roberts,) still lives in Waterman, 4. Herbert b. 1854 (m. Rachel Elliott, 1877) 5 Victoria b. 1865 (m. Delmer Bean)                 Hattie Elizabeth Allen  b. Clinton Twp. Nov. 17, 1859, dau. of  Hiram Pierce Allen and Jane Quilhot, (See sketch of Mrs. Wm. Bowers for her Allen ancestry.) family moved to Sandwich, father died Feb. 15, 1880, mother survives, Miss Allen died in Chicago, Dec. 31, 1903
004 1904 024a 1904 Congdon Waterman Year Book including illustration page,Photo of Mr. and Mrs. William Bowers  
004 1904 025 1904 Congdon Waterman Year Book including BIOGRAPHY of Horace L. Bacon b. NY, Dec. 27, 1829, one of 10 children, family came to IL, 1846, settled near Freeland Corners, m. 1857, Caroline Dale, first home near Waterman, thence to farm south of Somonauk, 1888 moved to Chic., 1904 to Sandwich, became ill after visiting his sister in Shabbona on Fri., passed away on Sun., Ch. 1 Mrs. Effie Hunt, 2 Walter 3 Ella m. Lee Kellam Mabel Belle Bergin Mabel Belle Wiltse b. Cushing, IA, Jan. 11, 1885, dau. of George Everet Wiltse & Sarah Jane Dickinson, granddaughter of Sanford Wiltse and Sarah Van Horn, Sarah still living in Waterman, m. Joseph Bergin Dec. 16, 1903, began housekeeping in DeKalb, following Apr. very ill, taken to Pres. Hosp. in Chic, died in DeKalb July 31, 1904 of TB.  Albert E. Beveridge son of John C. Beveridge and Mary A. McCleery, b. July 3, 1871, Victor Twp., educated in district, Somonauk (cont. on p. 26)
004 1904 026 1904 Congdon Waterman Year Book including BIOGRAPHY of Albert E.Beveridge (cont. from p, 25) graduated Somonauk H. S., 2 yrs. Monmouth College, resides with parents on home farm, operates the place, age 13 joined U. P. Ch., suffers from disease complications, 1903 so serious he died at Chicago's St. Mary's Hosp. Apr. 30, 1904.    Mrs.William Bowers (Early family information was supplied by Mortimer A. Allen who was compiling William Allen's genealogy.) William Allen, emigrant ancestor, b. 1610 England, came to New England, 1638, Newbury, Mass., first wife, mother of children, Ann Goodale, dau. of Richard and Dorothy Goodale, d. 1686, 11 children, 7th was Benjamin Allen, b. 1652, married twice, by first wife had Jeremiah b. 1693, blacksmith, m. Rachel Millard, first child Benjamin Allen b. 1717, m. Susanna Thresher, d. 1750 leaving four ch., second was Barnabas, b.1741, served in revolutionary war, 
004 1904 027 1904 Congdon Waterman Year Book including BIOGRAPHY of  Mrs. William Bowers (cont. from p. 26) m. 1761, Amey Camp, first of 14 children was Benjamin, b. 1761, also revolutionary, appointed by governor as Major of Militia, kept a tavern near Watertown, NY, "Major Allen House," first wife Amey Wood and the third of nine children was Reuben Allen, b. 1786 who married Nancy Andrews, 1813, died 1850, farmer, Reuben Allen and wife Nancy Andrews were early DeKalb Co. settlers, buried in Johnson's Grove, he died 1850 and she 1865, Ch. 1 Benjamin Franklin, b. 1815, m. 1845, Priscilla Welch (Moore) Davion, he died 1891, CA;  2 Harvey Andrews, b. 1818, m. Eliza Davidson 1844, d. DeKalb 1894,  3 Almira Maria b. 1821, m. Earl Hinds, 1843, d. 1890 4 Hiram Pierce b. 1823, m. Jane Quilhot 1851, d. 1880, Sandwich, 5 George Washington b. 1828, d. 1828 6 Laura Ethlinda b. 1830,the subject of this sketch, 7 Martin Van Buren b. 1832, m. Jane Hunter 1856, who died, remarried 1867 Lizzie Alexander, he died 1899, Aurora.
004 1904 028 1904 Congdon Waterman Year Book including BIOGRAPHY of  Mrs.William Bowers (cont. from p. 27) 8 Laura Ethlinda Allen, last surviving child, b. 1830, came to DeKalb Co. 1845, m. as a second wife, 1852, to William Bowers, b. 1814 son of John Bowers and Ursula Brooks, Ch 1 Lillian B. b. 1854, m. 1871 to Oscar I. Tomblin
004 1904 029



1904 Congdon Waterman Year Book including BIOGRAPHY of  Mrs. William Bowers (cont. from p. 28) 3 Herbert W. b. 1858, m. 1882 to Mae L'Hommedieu, 4 Nancy C. b. 1860, m. 1880 to Stephen F. Greene, lives Auburn Park, Chic., 5 Albert A. b. 1864, m. 1889 to Ida Fulle, lives West Pullman, IL, 6 Mina B. b. 1866, m. 1891 to Dr. H. A. York, lives in Shabbona, 7 Grant H. b. 1868, unmarried, living in Waterman, Mr. Bowers d. 1891 at Shabbona, Mrs. Bowers made her home in Auburn Park with children, dying there in 1904.  John Cain b. 1832 in Ireland, son of John and Mary (McElwain) Cain, the parents and 4 other children coming to the US in early 40s, NY, two more children, 1856 moved to DeKalb Co., settling near Ross Grove, John married 1858 to Eliza McElwain also b. in Ireland, d. 1872 in Hinckley, 5 children, 1 Charles A. b. 1860 at Ross Grove, m. 1893 to Lydia Ebinger, lives at Sandwich, IL, 2 Hattie L. b. 1862 at Ross Grove, m. 1892 to J.J. Treat, lives at Sandwich, 3 Mary A. b. 1864 at Freeland, m. 1886 to Ed Walker, lives at Rock Valley, IA, 4 Maggie R. b. 1866 at Hinckley, m. 1891 to George Lowe, lives at Rock Valley, IA,



004 1904 036 1904 Congdon Waterman Year Book including BIOGRAPHY of D. H. Hoagland d. 1904, Meth. Since 1859; Matilda Johnson dau. of John Andersen and Bertha Pedersen, b. 1885 in Quidna Grinnen, Norway, came to America 1902, sister Carrie, brother Peter, lived in Waterman area, made her home with family in Sandwich, died 1904 of typhoid fever, at home of her aunt Mrs. Eli Olson; Johnson Low son of Johnson and Kate (Long) Low, born 1875 on farm near Pritchard's Grove, attended Dental College, practiced in Shabbona, m. 1902 to Orpha Hunt, one dau., he died at Shabbona, 1904.  Helen McEachron b. 1859 in N.Y., second dau. and 4th ch. of John A. and Jennette (Lendrum) McEachron, 1866 came to DeKalb Co., settled on Milo Tuttle Farm, Clinton twp., farm remained in family until 1899, father died 1889, farm purchased by son-in-law Gilbert Henry, Helen still a resident, early in life she had accident, followed by protracted illness, cont. p. 37   
004 1904 037 1904 Congdon Waterman Year Book including BIOGRAPHY of Helen McEachron cont. she never recovered from accident, home and church bounded in her life, U.P. Ch. Member from 1879, religious attendance, even as increasing afflictions took her to Elgin Hosp., d. there 1904.  Mrs. Samuel Marshall Margaret Catherine Hipple, b. 1846 in Penn. to Lawrence and Mary (Simpson) Hipple, m. 1866 to william Lackey, b. 1846 in Perry Co., dau. Sarah E. m. 1886 William E. Pooler, Afton Twp., mother and dau. came west in 1871, to Clinton twp., mother remarried 1874 to Samuel W. Marshall, b. 1844 in England, 4 yrs in Clinton,  then Milan for 25 yrs., 1904 moved to DeKalb, Mrs. Marshall d. 1904,  3 ch. of second marriage, 1 William L. b. 1876 at Waterman, m. 1904 to Amanda Burt, lives in Milan 2. Edna, b. Milan, 1880, living in DeKalb; 3 Mary b. Milan 1885, m. 1903 to Jay Peterson, living in DeKalb, James Carmalt Matlack Wm. Matlack emigrated from England on the ship "Kent,"    
004 1904 038 1904 Congdon Waterman Year Book including BIOGRAPHY of James Carmalt Matlack cont. landed in New Jersey, settled in Burlington, m. Mary Hancock, 6 sons, 3 dau., third child Tim m. 1720 to Mary Haines, third generation m. widow of Josiah Haines, came through Philadelphia, family served in Rev. War, ended up in Aurora, 7 ch., 1 Mary Elizabeth, dec. 2 Louisa C. (Mrs. Christian Harnish) Zion City, IL; 3 Timothy, Grand Junction, Col. 4 Martha J., Mrs. Benjamin B. Harnish, Waterman; 5 Emma L., widow of George I. Henderson, Chicago; 6 Annie Victoria, Mrs. Amos V. Hair, Dexter,  N. M.; 7 James Carmalt, b. 1870 in Pa., Ill. in 1886, Grand Junction, Col. in 1904, d. 1904.  Mrs. Warren Miller Florence Celestine Matteson, b. 1848 in Clinton Twp., 
004 1904 039 1904 Congdon Waterman Year Book including BIOGRAPHY of Mrs. Warren Miller cont. Florence Celestine Matteson, b. 1848 Clinton Twp., (d. 1904 at home near  Shabbona Grove) oldest child of Oscar Fitzaland and Marian Abigail (Hall) Matteson; m. 1868 to Warren Miller b. 1903, son of Asa and Mary Ann (Coon) Miller, (see sketch of Warren Miller in 1903 Yearbook, p. 35) settled in Iowa, returned in 5 yrs., 7 ch. 1 Asa Oscar, b. 1868 Iowa, m. 1896 to Mabel Gates, live in Malta; 2 Mary Ann, b 1879in Iowa, m. 1888 to Grant Baker, living at Waterman; 3 Loreno Enith, b. 1872 in Iowa, m. 1900 to Vera Bradley, living in Shabbona Grove; 4 Genevieve, b. 1875 at Shabbona Grove; m. 1892 to John Frank Henderson, live near Waterman 5 Cora Beatrice, b. in Clinton Twp. 1881; m. 1900 to Charles Henderson, living in Lee; 6 Belinda Eva b. 1884 in Somonauk Twp., m. 1904 to Edward J. Quinn, living in Shabbona Grove; 7 Laura Ella, b. 1889 in Clinton Twp., unmarried, living with sister Genevieve; mother died 1904 at Shabbona Grove home. Mrs. T. C. Nicholson Ann Elizabeth Darnell, b. 1869 on farm in Fox Twp. Kendall Co., dau. of Enoch and Eliza A. (Springer) Darnell, age 15 moved to Sandwich, m. 1892 to Thomas C. Nicholson, lived in Aurora, d. there in 1904.
004 1904 040 1904 Congdon Waterman Year Book including BIOGRAPHY of Mrs. T. C. Nicholson cont. children: 1 Arthur Darnell, b. 1894; 2 Thomas Wilbur, b. 1895; 3.Doris Verdell, b. 1900; all in Aurora, Mrs. Nicholson was an active member of Galena St. Meth. Ch., Aurora  Walter Samuel Parker son of Nelson and Julia (Sadborough) Parker; b. Chicago in 1880; m. 1902 to Charlotte, dau. of Frank and Flora (Holden) Paxton; b. Waterman in 1883; spring 1904, moved to a farm near Plymouth, Ind., he died there of peritonitis in 1904; twin dau. Julia and Frances, b. 1903.  Mrs. Morton Parsons Kate Minnie Giehl, dau. of Valentine and Elizabeth (Kolp) Giehl, b. 1868 in Metamora, IL, mother died when Kate was just over 1, father died when she was 9, made her home with relatives until 1887, m. Rev. Morton Parsons, pastor of Union Ch., Metamora, son of Rev. Reuben, Jr. and Abigail (Mack) Persons, b. 1859 in Clinton Twp., Mrs. Parsons gifted singer, concerts and church, taken part in the Queen Esther in 15 towns; skillful painter; ill for 6 mo. before death of consumption of the bowels in Steilacoom, Wash.  Ch. 1 Henlen Morton, b. 1890 in Carroll, IA;  2 Giehl Irving, b. 1895 in Omaha, Neb.; 3 Reuben Tahama, b. 1902 in Tacoma, Wash.; father and children now living in Hoquiam, Wash.  (this is actually cont. on p. 41)  
004 1904 040b 1904 Congdon Waterman Year Book including Illustration page of Mrs. Morton Parsons and Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Bergen
004 1904 041 1904 Congdon Waterman Year Book including BIOGRAPHY of Mrs. Morton Parsons cont. 3 Reuben Tahama, b. 1902 in Tacoma, Wash.; father and children now living in Hoquiam, Wash.; Alice Cary Patten  dau. of S.W. Patten, DeKalb schools, grad. Ill. State Normal School, 1897 Ph. (B?)D from U. of Mich., ret. to DeKalb Normal School as Asst. in ancient and modern languages, poor health, Colorado, died 1904; Louis Kossuth Scott, b. N.Y. 1852, son of John A. Scott, Ringwood, IL, Kaneville, IL, m. 1877 to Mary A. Jones, Maple Park, traveling salesman, headquarters Waterman, clerk at Aurora's Hanna Bros., Aurora alderman and mayor, d. 1904; ch. 1. Gertrude 2. Edith, 3. Nellie, 4. George.  
004 1904 042 1904 Congdon Waterman Year Book including BIOGRAPHY of Evabelle Seeley dau. of Harley Nathan and Maria M. (Norton) Seeley, b. Shabbona Grove, 1875, Jennings Seminary, Dixon Bus. Coll., Ill. State Normal, taught DeKalb Co. 7 years, Iowa, d. 1904; Mrs. Wells F. Spencer, Ellen Huldah Watson, dau. John and Emily E. (Joslyn) Watson, b. Shabbona Grove, 1857, m. 1876 to Wells F. Spencer, ch. 1. Willard W. b. Milan, 1878, m. 1899 to Elizabeth Cross, lives in Clinton; 2. Harvey E. b. Clinton Twp. 1884, lives in Clinton; 3. Elva M. Spencer, b. Clinton 1890, d. there 1896; Mrs. Spencer member of Afton Center Advent Ch., transferred to Wat. Meth. Ch., died 1904; 
004 1904 043 1904 Congdon Waterman Year Book including BIOGRAPHY of David Bailey Stryker, earliest known ancestor of Peter Stryker, b. 1755, d. 1801, m. Elanah Low, b. 1759, d. 1837; Ch, 1. John, b. 1783, d. 1861; 2. Catherine, b. 1785; 3. Cornelius, b. 1787; 4. Peter, b. 1789, d. 1867; 5. Elizabeth, b. 1791, d. 1815; 6. William, b. 1793; 7. Mary, b. 1795, d. 1795; 8. Sarah, b. 1796; 9. Abraham, b. 1799, d. 1882; family lived in N.Y., Abraham m. Rachel Giles, b. 1802; dau. of Samuel and Eliabeth (Whitlock) Giles; ch. 1. Cordelia, b. 1821, living; 2. David Bailey, b. 1823; 3. George S., b. 1825, d. 1896; 4. Samuel G., b. 1827, d. 1893; 5. Margaret, b. 1829, living; cont. on page 44, (Footnote: Record of Stryker family was compiled by William S. Stryker and printed in 1887, an octavo of 112 pages and 300 copies, author died c. 1899, mentions Peter Stryker, Jan Stryker, probable Peter Stryker was descendant as Waterman Strykers settling in N.Y. or N.J.) 
004 1904 044 1904 Congdon Waterman Year Book including BIOGRAPHY of David Bailey Stryker Cont. cont. children of Abraham and Rachel (Giles) Stryker, ch. 6. Nancy E., b. 1833, d. 1898; 7. Barnett J. b. 1835, d. 1899; 8. William L. b. 1838, living; 9. Seth C. b. 1841, d. 1863.  David Bailey Stryker b. N.Y. 1823, d. 1904, m. 1846 to Susan O. Kelly, b. 1825 Pa., dau. of John and Martha (Jones) Kelly, d. 1891; 7 children, (all children b. in N.Y.); 1. Martha R. b. 1846, m. 1869 to Thomas Cuddeback, Kansas; 2. Susan A. b. 1848, d. 1895 in Neb., m. 1867, to Philip Miller; 3. Abram b. 1851, m. 1877 to Frances A. Bradbury, living near Waterman; 4. Charles J., b. 1853, m. 1882 to Ida Dixon, lives in Waterman; 5. Seth Le Roy b. 1864, d. 1870; 6. Fred b. 1866, m. 1895 to Nellie Fulle, lives near Waterman; 7. Orvil b. 1867, m. 1888 to Emma Potter, lives near Waterman.  Family left NY 1871, moved to Bardolph, McDonough Co., IL, 1874 came to home in Afton Twp.,  Mr. Stryker served as supervisor, assessor, and collector of Afton Twp., Masonic member in Waterman's Blue Lodge and Royal Arcanum of DeKalb, well known as public sale auctioneer,  failing health in 1904 but about the house and often on Waterman's streets, morning of his death, usual breakfast, out doors 15 min., died.                      
004 1904 045 1904 Congdon Waterman Year Book including BIOGRAPHY of William Thorpe b. 1836 in Prickwillow, Cambridgeshire, Eng. d. 1904 in Waterman; son of Richare and Mary Ann (Bartel) Thorpe; m. 1863 in Trinity Church, Ely, England to Deborah Pursglove; 3 Ch., 1. William Stanley, m. Hattie Reid, lives near Waterman; 2. George Flint, m. Lois Fowler, lives at Paw Paw; 3. unnamed died in infancy; Second Marriage of William Thorpe at Ely Cathedaral, Ely, England in 1868 to Rebecca Graves, dau. of Wm. and Ann (Thompson) Graves, b. 1835 in Ely, England, now living in Waterman, 3 Ch., 1. dau. unnamed; 2. Frank Richard, b. 1872, m. 1903 to Hilda Johnson, lives in Waterman; 3. Anna Elizabeth, b. 1874, m. Carl Greeley, lives in Waterman.  Family came to America 1872, settled in Victor Twp. for five years, last two children born in Victor, moved to farm northwest of Waterman, moved into Waterman 1903, died on Sun. April 10, 1904, after attending church, ate dinner, stepped to doorway, in moments, dead.  Mrs. Lawrence Tyne Margaret McCormick, b. 1844 in Ireland, dau. of Daniel and Mary (Farrell) McCormick, m. 1884 to Lawrence Tyne, cont. on p. 46.
004 1904 046 1904 Congdon Waterman Year Book including BIOGRAPHY cont. Mrs. Lawrence Tyne (Margaret McCormick) b. Ireland 1844, dau. of Daniel and Mary (Farrell) McCormick, m. 1884 to Lawrence Tyne, d. 1904 at her home in Chicago, no Ch.  Flora Naomi Walls dau. of John and Margaret (Cameron) Walls, b. 1856 in East Greenock, NY, grad. Saratoga H.S., taught 12 years in Saratoga Springs, 1892 came west, 1894 became housekeeper of her uncle, Wm. Howison, died at his home, 1904.  William Cyrus Whitford (family genealogy on Whitford ancestry by Greeley W. Whitford of Denver, Col.) Whitford family came to America, when Pasco Whitford b. 1640, d. 1700; arrived in Rhode Island, his son Nicholas Whitford, b. 1670, wife Mary; third gen. Pasco Whitford, b. 1698, m. Hannah Matteson, dau. of Francis and Sarah (Nichols) Matteson, d. 1752 at R.I., their son, Peleg Whitford, b. 1734 and d.1876; m. Elizabeth or Ruth? Gardner; their son Wm. Whitford, b. 1781 in Vermont, m. 1800 to Elizabeth Luther, dau. of Peleg S. Luther; son William Whitfordm. Almima Seagar, father of Myron Cyrus Whitford b. 1833 in Addison, VT; came west in 1833, settled in Clinton, Twp.; m. 1855
004 1904 047 1904 Congdon Waterman Year Book including BIOGRAPHY of cont.William Cyrus Whitford cont. m. 1855 to Phebe Elmer b. 1834 in NY to Nathan and Tamer (Hinds) Elmer; settled on farm s. of Pritchard's Grove, 7 Ch., 1. Eva Orissa b. 1856, m. 1890 to Frank Lutz, d. 1895; 2. Charles Luman, b. 1858, m. 1885 to Mary Huff, resides near Waterman; 3. William Cyrus (see below); 4. Almima Permelia, b. 1866, m. 1885 to George Sawyer, resides at Shabbona; 5. Ardelia Mary, b. 1868, m. 1890 to Elbert P. Dean, lives at Waterman; 6. George Nathan, b. 1875, m. 1899 to Ada M. Wright (Her life sketch is in 1903 book p 41), lives at Shabbona; 7. Irene Minerva, b. 1880, unmarried, lives with mother at Waterman; Mr. Whitford joined Johnson's Grove Baptist Ch. in 1859; remained on farm until 1897, removed to Waterman, d. 1859.  Wm. Cyrus Whitford b. 1863 on home farm, public schools, two terms at Northwestern Univ. 1882-83; business travel extensive in South; m. 1888 to Mary Ann Kauffman b. 1869 in Pa., dau. of Abram C. and Caroline (Stern) Kauffman; 2 Ch. 1. Mildred Irene, b. 1892 in Waterman; 2. Lawrence Elmer, b. 1897 in Waterman; couple lived on farm 2 years, moved into Waterman, Cont. on p. 48.
004 1904 048 1904 Congdon Waterman Year Book including BIOGRAPHY of cont.William Cyrus Whitford cont. Mr. Whitford took up barber trade, business, deservedly popular, member of Masonic, Modern Woodmen, Eastern Star; d. 1904 after 4 day illness.
004 1904 048b 1904 Congdon Waterman Year Book including Illustration Page of Rev. John E. Morris
004 1904 049 1904 Congdon Waterman Year Book including Directory: Baptist Church organ. 1856 as Clinton Center Baptist Ch.; now First Baptist Ch. Of Waterman ; edifice dedicated 1873, membership 53, Pastor: John E. Morris; Clerk: Carrie Congdon; Treas.; Irene Whitford; Deacons: Drew C. S. Swift, Marvin Simpson; Trustees; Alexander Henderson, Drew C. Swift, G.G. Congdon, Marvin Simpson, F.P. Robinson; Organist: Irene Whitford; Sunday School: reorganized 1888, enrollment 54; Supt. Mrs. J.E. Morris, Sec. Carrie Martin, Treas., Warren Robinson, Organist, Irene Whitford; Young People's Union: Org. 1892, 10 members, now 18, won international banner in 1893, Pres. Irene Whitford, VP, Carrie Congdon, Sec. Carrie Martin, Treas. Ross Swift, Organist, Irene Whitford, United Workers' Society: Pres. Mrs. Adelaide Greenwood
004 1904 050 1904 Congdon Waterman Year Book including Directory: Baptist Church cont. VP, Mrs. James Baremore, Sec. Irene Whitford, Treas. Eva Swift, Women's Missionary Soc., Pres. Mrs. John E. Morris, VP Mrs. S. M. Swift, Sec. Mrs. A. Henderson, Treas. Mrs. James Baremore.  Evangelical Lutheran Emanuel Church: R.F.D. 1, Hinckley, IL,  Pastor: Gottlieb F. Schroeder, Parochial School Teacher and Organist: Prof. Chr. Heine, Elders: John Schmidt, Charles Boekenhauer, Henry Hartman; Trustees: August Borchers, Hy Temme, M. Rissmann; School Trustees: William Ilseman, August Leifheit.  Methodist Episcopal Church: Pastor: Fred L. Baldwin; Trustees: D.A. Fuller, Frank Greeley, D.J. Minnich, W.G. Potter, Frank Thorpe; Stewards: C.F. Allen, E.G. Deming, A. Darling, L.G. Fuller, G.O. Greeley, Carl Greeley, David Hipple, S.M. Henderson, John Mercer, W.G. Potter, J.A. Tallman, John W. Woods; Sunday School: Supt. S.M. Henderson; Ass't Supt. F. S. Greeley; Sec. Treas., Bessie Brown; Ass't Sec. Fred Beiler, Librarian, Guy Matteson; Ass't. Lib., Robert Fuller; Epworth League: Chap. No. 3976; Date of Chap. Nov. 10, 1890.
004 1904 051 1904 Congdon Waterman Year Book including Directory: Meth. Ch. Epworth League Cont. Pres., Robert Fuller; V. Pres.,Harriet Brainerd; V. Pres. Ida Woods; V. Pres. Rose Greeley; V. Pres., Mabel Hipple; Sec. Elnora Potter; Treas. Clarence Greeley; Ladies' Aid Society Pres. Mrs. Grace Lamb; V. Pres. Mrs. S. M. Henderson; Sec. Rose Greeley; Treas. Carrie Fuller; Woman's Foreign Missionary Society Pres. ??; V. Pres. Mrs. S.M. Henderson; Sec. Mrs. Maggie Brown; Treas. Mrs. J. A. Tallman.  Presbyterian Church Organized as Clinton Center Pres. Ch., May 1, 1864. Pastor: Rev. George Dunlap; Elders: John S. Kirkpatrick, W.M. McFarlane, John Weber, John Smiley.  Trustees: A.C. Kauffman, William Nelson, John Harvey; Treas. W.M. McFarlane; Clerk: J.M. Smiley; Organist: Ruth E. Andrews; Ushers: John Weber, Will Nelson - no other reports. 
004 1904 052 1904 Congdon Waterman Year Book including Directory:United Presbyterian Church: Pastor: Rev. Joseph Andrew Spear; Members of Session: T.H. Robinson, William Ferguson, Frank Richey, Ward McAllister, George A. Howison; Trustees: Charles H. White, James Graham, W.J. Randles; Chorister: Mary Howison; Sunday School: Supt. Howard McCleery; Asst. Supt. Mae Beveridge; Sec. Treas. Floyd Kirkpatrick; Young People's Christian Union: Pres. Susie Souder; V.Pres. Ralph Howison; Sec. Effie Smith; Corr. Sec. Mae Beveridge; Treas. Bryce Ferguson.  Junior Christian Union: Supt. Mrs. John Thompson; Asst. Margaret Beveridge; Pres. Helen Graham; V. Pres. Esther Fraser; Sec. Kennedy Ferguson; Treas. Andrew Maxwell.  Women's Missionary Society: Pres. Mrs. Janie Graham, Sec. Lulu McCleery; Treas. Mrs. Martha Howison.  Clinton Twp. Sunday School Assoc. Pres. Mrs. W.M. McFarlane; V. Pres. Mrs. S.M. Henderson 
004 1904 053 1904 Congdon Waterman Year Book including Directory: Clinton Twp. Sunday School Assoc. Cont. Sec. Treas. Carrie Congdon; Supt. Of Home Class, Ann Beiler Kopp; Supt. Of Primary Work, Mrs. J.S. Kirkpatrick; Supt. Of Norman Work, S. M. Henderson.  Waterman Alumni Assoc. Organized 1901, Pres. Roy Wakefield, V. Pres. Mabel Hipple, Sec. Jensie Morse, Treas. Jessie Kirkpatrick.  Class of 1904 Motto: "The Labor, Then the Laurel."  Colors: Red and White.  Flower: Carnation.  Members: Helen Belle Colton, Albert C. Kauffman (Salutatorian), Mabel J. Kirkpatrick, Ross K. Kirkpatrick, Mabel Rose Swift (Valedictorian), Grace J. Tallman.  Waterman Woman's Club Organ. 1902, Motto: New occasions teach new duties."  Subject for 04-05 "United States," membership 37.  Officers: Pres. Miss Carrie Fuller, V. Pres. Miss Harriet Brainerd, Sec. Miss Grace Roberts, Treas. Mrs. J.J.A. Zellerk, Prog. Comm. Mrs. R. R. Brown, Miss Rose Greeley, Mrs. J.S. Kirkpatrick, Mrs. Geo. Wallace.  T. S. Terry Post No. 463 G. A. R. Organized 1884, located at Shabbona, IL
004 1904 054 1904 Congdon Waterman Year Book including Directory: T. S. Terry Post No. 463 G. A. R. cont. Officers: Commander: John McCormick; Senior V. Comm.,  A. C. Kauffman; Jun. V. Comm., A. U. Fuller; Quartermaster: H.W. Young; Surgeon: S. D. Weson; Chaplain: A. Darling; O.D.: A.L. Wells;  Adjutant: H.A. York; O.G.: John Mullins; Delegate: A. U. Fuller; Alt.: A. Darling.  Waterman Lodge A.F. & A.M. No.728 Worsh. Mast.: W.M. Mc Farlane; Sen. Warden: A. J. Heeg; Jun. Warden: Orvil Stryker; Sec. Glenn Bradbury; Treas. Soren Larsen; Sen. Deacon: Paul E. N. Greeley; Jun. Deacon: Carl Baie; Tyler: Frank Morse.  Waterman Camp No. 1572 M.W.A. Organ. 1892, Officers: Venerable Consul: John M. Smiley; Worthy Advisor: Walter Drake; Banker: W.M. McFarlane
004 1904 055 1904 Congdon Waterman Year Book including Directory: Waterman Camp No. 1572 M.W.A. cont. Clerk: Glenn Bradbury, Physician: Dr. P.E.N. Greeley; Escort: Fred Beiler, Watchman: O.F. Carnes; Sentry: John Adams.  Mystic Workers of the World, No. 13 Organ. 1899; Officers: Prefect: George M. Hill; Monitor: Jessie M. Leifheit; Sec. Ella J. Hill; Banker: F.F. Morse; Physician: Dr. P.E.N. Greeley; Marshall: Mrs. Alonzo Satterlee; Warden: Mrs. J. R. Griffith; Sentinel: Mrs. F.F. Morse; Supervisors: Mrs. E.L. Morrison, Mrs. A.U. Fuller, C.L. Whitford.  Women's Christian Temperance Union: Pres. Mrs. Achsah Fuller, Sec./Treas.: Mrs. Emma Gile; Supt. of Literature: Mrs. Ellen Seeley.  Johnsons Grove Cemetery Assoc.  Pres. Hiram Kirkpatrick; V.Pres. Mrs. Fred Brown; Sec. Mrs. E. A. Pritchard; Treas. Fred Brown; Directors: Emmett Deming, George Keene, S.M. Henderson.
004 1904 056 1904 Congdon Waterman Year Book including Directory: Town of Clinton, Supervisor: W.J. Randles;  Town Clerk: W. E. Dean;  Assessor: F. A. Brown; Collector: James Baremore; Commissioners of Hwys: Theodore Johnson (1902-1905), A. C. Baie (1903-1906), William Reid (1904-1907); Justices of the Peace, G.G. Congdon, Isaac Potter; Constables: N.F. Davenport, T. H. Hinds.  Trustees of Schools:  H. A. Lamb (1902-1905), W. G. Potter (1903-1906), T. H. Robinson (1904-1907).  Village of Waterman Pres. of Board: S.M. Henderson; Trustees: J.S. Kirkpatrick (1903-1905),    G. H. Greeley (1903-1905), W.A. Congdon (1903-1905),  T.H. Hinds (1904-1906), George Hall (1904-1906), J. S. Swanson (1904-1906); Clerk: Fred G. Beiler; Police Magistrate: W.M. Mc Farlane; Treas. R.R. Brown; St. Comm.: A.U. Fuller; Committees: Bldgs.&Grds: Kirkpatrick, Hall, Hinds; Finance: Greeley, Hinds, Kirkpatrick; Streets and Walks: Congdon, Kirkpatrick, Swanson; Health: Pres. and Bd.; License: Swanson, Congdon, Greeley; Misc.: Hall, Hinds, Greeley.  Waterman School Principal: George M. Wallace; Intermediate: Flora Nelson; Primary: Edith Sarbaugh
004 1904 056b 1904 Congdon Waterman Year Book including Directory: Inserts: Chart #1:  Comparative Strength of Party Votes Chart showing county strength of Republicans, Democrats, and Prohibition Parties-township with greatest republican strength was Sandwich, greatest democrat was Pierce, prohibition was Mayfield.- township with least rep. was Pierce, least dem. was South Grove, least Prohibition was Mayfield  Chart #2:  (long fold-out) Vote by Precinct in DeKalb Co. Nov. 8, 1904 showing Clinton Twp. votes for Pres. of the U.S.-Roosevelt 230 votes, Parker 53, Swallow 26-chart gives totals for nine offices. 
004 1904 057 1904 Congdon Waterman Year Book including Directory:Waterman School Cont. Directors: W.M. Mc Farlane (1903-1906) Pres.; E.P. Dean (1904-1907) Clerk, F.A. Brown (1904-1905).  Waterman Lecture Course Committee: Composed of one rep from each of the three young people's societies of the churches: Chairman: S. M. Henderson; Sec. &Treas.: George M. Wallace; Sec.: Carrie Congdon.  DeKalb County Old Settlers' Assoc. The 29th annual picnic will be held Wednesday, Sept 6, 1905. Present constitution adopted 1901, Pres.: H.M. Boardman, Shabbona; Sec./Treas.: S. M. Henderson, Waterman; Historian: G.E. Congdon, Waterman.  Royal Neighbors of America Oracle: Mrs. Frances Adams; V-Oracle: Mrs. Amos Starry; Sec.: Mrs. Arthur Bean; Recorder: Mrs. O.F. Carnes; Chancellor: Mrs. C. L. Whitford; Marshal: Mrs. Fred Tripp.  
004 1904 058 1904 Congdon Waterman Year Book including Directory: Miscellaneous: Freight and Passenger Traffic: an itemized report of the business done by the C.B. and Q Railroad at the Waterman station for 1902, 1903, 1904.  Old People of Waterman and Vicinity William Colton, Oct. 14, 1811, Lucinday Emery Colton, Aug. 16, 1818 (The Coltons were married in New York, Aug. 3, 1837, married 68 years.  By publication date, Feb. 1906, both are dead,)
004 1904 059 1904 Congdon Waterman Year Book including Directory: Miscellaneous Cont: Old People of Waterman and Vicinity Cont. Sarah Williamson Graham, June 10, 1813 (Victor Twp.,).  Ephraim Jackson Wood, April 1, 1815. John Morrison, March 11, 1819. Harriet Shonts Swift, Nov. 16, 1819. William H. Keene, March 4, 1820 (Victory Twp.). James Baremore, March 17, 1820.  Samuel Morton Swift, March 27, 1820.  George W. Place, April 23, 1820. Emeline Atkins Giles, September 29, 1821.  William Howison, October 18, 1821. Ezra Morgan Ames, June 5, 1822.  Henry Challand, February 3, 1823.  Elizabeth Such Bradbury, October 16, 1823.  Elizabeth Lang Irving, Februrary 14, 1824.  Fannie Richardson Hinds, March 14, 1824.  Catherine Walls Howison, December 25, 1824.  Oscar Fitzaland Matteson, August 1, 1825.  Martha Davis, Dec. 25, 1825.  John C. Beveridge, Feb. 3, 1826 (Victor Twp.).  Timothy Holden Hinds, June 18, 1826.  Wealthy Davis Hoagland, Feb. 24, 1827.  Enoch P. Rowley, April 18, 1827.  Julia Ann Thomas, June 4, 1827.  Hiram Kirkpatrick, July 23, 1827.  Wiilliam Gibbons, Dec. 22, 1827 (Victor Twp.). Peter Normandin, Jan. 20, 1828.  George Griffith Congdon, Feb. 29, 1828.  Albert H. Phillips, Jan. 22, 1829.  Julius Caesar Pearl, Mar. 30, 1829.  Henry Christ Louis Reingardt, Sept. 1, 1829.  Martha Woods Lamb, Oct. 27, 1829.
004 1904 060 1904 Congdon Waterman Year Book including Directory: Old People of Waterman and Vicinity Cont. - Former Residents:  John Walker, Sandwich, Ill., April 5, 1818.  Laura Carpenter Whitford, Ottawa, Kansas, Dec. 8, 1818.  Abigail Mack Paersos, Bradgate, Iowa, June 5, 1820.  Richard P. Rowley, Big Rock, Ill., Feb. 26, 1824.  Bela Addison Coy, Odebolt, Iowa, July 28, 1824.  Smiley Kirkpatrick, Mendota, Ill., March 31, 1825.  John D. McKiarmid, Big Rock, Ill., Oct. 23, 1825.  William Heun, Eldora, Iowa, Mar. 23,1827.  Morris P. Brown, Aurora, Ill., July 25, 1827.  Louisa Boardman McAllester, Randolph, Mass., Dec. 3, 1828.  Delette Crandall Coy,  Odebolt, Iowa, Dec. 2, 1829.  ADVERTISEMENT  I am very desirous of obtaining all material which will throw light on the early hisory of DeKalb county and particularly Clinton Township.  I have nowin my private library the following:  RECORDS Johnson's Grove Church 1852-1861 (Is there a second volume?), Town Clerk of Clinton 1850-1859, Justice of the Peace, John Boston's 1856-7, Johnson's Grove Cemetery from 1848, North Clinton Cemetery, 1862
004 1904 061 1904 Congdon Waterman Year Book including Advertisement for Records: Aurora Beacon New, 1858-1868, relating to Clinton Twp., Gleanings from Newberry Library Chicago, relative to Waterman genealogy.  Information Wanted: Information on the following persons of the Johnson's  Grove Ch.:  Bates, Nelson, bap. Oct. 4,1857. Cain or Cane, James, bap. June 10, 1860.  Clark, Sarah, orig. mem., 1852.  Curtis, Curtiss, Curtice, John, Oct. 4, 1856.  Erwin, William.  Flinn, John, bap. Oct. 25, 1857.  Flinn, "Sister" (wife?) bap. June 5, 1859.  Fonda, Jesse K., bap. Apr. 15,  1560? or 1860.  Golding, J.M., bap. Janl 16, 1859.  Hart, James P., on committee, Dec. 3, 1853.  Hogoboon, Ann, bap. Oct. 11, 1857.  Jones, (Janes?), "Brother," from Princeton.  Kennicut, Daniel.  McGlynn, Julia, bap. Oct. 4, 1857.  Mack, Samuel, orig. mem., Batavia, N.Y.?,  Mack, Mary E., Maples, Benevolence, member of Clinton Center Church, Merrifield, Willis, bap. 1858.  Merritt, Marion, rec. from Norwak, Conn., Nov. 6, 1859.  Near, "Sister.", Paul (or Poll), Joseph, bap. April 17, 1859.  Randall, John.  Randall, Amy, his wife.  deacon, died July 14, 1853.  Gravestone reads:  "To the memory of our father"  who were his children?  Lived on S. side road to Shabbona, not to be confused with another D. Randall.  St. Leger, Richard V., bap. Oct. 11, 1857.  Smith, Sarah Ann, rec. from Paw Paw Ch, Mar. 3, 1860,  Stuart, Julia.  Wilder, Joel, bap. Dec. 6, 1857.
004 1904 062  1904 Congdon Waterman Year Book including an offer to do genealogical research at the Newberry Library for commissions from G. F. Congdon.                                  Local Advertisements:                                                              W.E. Dean, Pharmacist;                                                                                       W.S. Andrews, Postmaster, Dealer in General Stationery, Fountain Pens, Tablets, Box Paper;                                                                                                                      Mrs. J. R. Griffith, Milliner and Dealer in Millinery Goods, "My many years of business in Waterman are proof of the character of my work.  Rooms in  Masonic building, near east end of Third (Main) Street." 
004 1904 063 1904 Congdon Waterman Year Book including Local Advertisements:            C.M. Tompkins & Son Horse Shoeing and General Blacksmithing, Satisfaction Guaranteed, First Class Livery in Connection."                                                        Pogue Bros. Lumber Co. Lumber, Coal, Lime, Cement, Stone, Etc., Large stock of Building Material always on hand.  Also a good stock of the best grades of Hard and Soft Coal  "Deal Honestly With All Men" is our motto.
004 1904 064 1904 Congdon Waterman Year Book including Local Advertisements:             "All Residents of Waterman and Vicinity Should take the Aurora Beacon News Contains frequent news letters of general interest from that territory.  $3.00 per year, postpaid, in advance, Aurora Daily News, Aurora, Ill.                            S.M. Henderson Notary Public Fire, Life and Accident Insurance  All Reliable Companies.  Real Estate Farms for sale at  home and in the West, Southwest and Northwest.  Phone 23 Waterman, Illinois
004 1904 065 1904 Congdon Waterman Year Book including Local Advertisements:              Dr. G.S. Murphy, Waterman, Ill.  Special attentionto surgical cases for which a well appointed hospital is maintained.                                                                               Local Phone:  No. 3, Long Distance Phone Central, Waterman, Waterman, Illinois, Paul E. N. Greeley, M. D. Private Hospital, Special care given surgical cases.               
004 1904 066 1904 Congdon Waterman Year Book including Local Advertisements:            Elbert P. Dean, DEALER IN Fresh and Salt Meats Waterman, Illinois        COMPARE VALUES True values are determined only by a careful comparison of the prices and goods offered in different places.  Think of this and apply it in the buying of your Furniture, Sewing Machines, Carpets, Window Shades, Rugs, Pictures, Etc.  Upholstering, Repairing, and Picture Framing.  Adam J. Heeg and Co.  Undertakers  Waterman, Illinois                
004 1904 067 1904 Congdon Waterman Year Book including Local Advertisements:             The Black Hawk War - Frank E. Stevens, 1205 Chamber of Commerce Building, Chicago, Illinois-A full page advertisement and description of a book being offered for sale at the price of $5.50 net.  
004 1904 068 1904 Congdon Waterman Year Book including Local Advertisements:           Henry A. Lamb, -DEALER IN- Clothing, Hats, Caps, Shoes, and Gents' Furnishing Goods In Bank Building, West End of Third (Main) Street, WATERMAN, ILLINOIS                 
004 1904 069 1904 Congdon Waterman Year Book including Local Advertisements:HENRY A. HOMAN, Harness and Saddlery, Plush and Fur Robes (Photo of Mr. Homan) Lashes, Whips, Stable and Outdoors Horse Blankets, Flynets, Dusters, and Summer Goods  WATERMAN, ILLINOIS
004 1904 070 1904 Congdon Waterman Year Book including oval photo of W.A. Congdon with caption "Yours truly W. A. Congdon"
004 1904 071 1904 Congdon Waterman Year Book including Local Advertisements: W.A. CongdWon Breeder of Barred Plymouth Rocks (Drawing of two chickens) Beauty and Utility Strain, BOOKLET FREE,  W. A. CONGDON, Box 44 Waterman, Illinois
004 1904 072 1904 Congdon Waterman Year Book including Local Advertisements: The Waterman Leader and The Hinckley Review - "Six-column quarto-All home print- Established in 1878- No other paper in either town.  They cover the country contiguous and adjacent to these towns as do no others.  Subscription price $1.25 per year.  If you want the general and home news subscribe.  Address for either paper or advertising rates J. A. FAHS, Hinckley, Ill.  

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