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DeKalb County was established on March 4, 1837 from Kane County. Our County Seat is Sycamore Illinois.


Clinton Township Public Library Historical Index

Since 1916 one of the duties of the librarian has been to keep a historical scrapbook of news items of important events which have occurred in the village and township.  This and other historical items have been indexed in the following table.  Use the "edit -> find" option on the page to locate family names or events.  The first column will give you the box, folder and page number information you need to request copies from the library.  To make requests write to the Clinton township Public Library, Archival Project, 110 South Elm Street, Waterman, IL 60556, or email CTPLibrary@mchsi.com.  The library staff  will fill your request as time permits.

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Miscellaneous Records

008 005 001 1892, 1893, 1894  Scrapbook including "Fire Fiend" in file 002, July 22, 1892, threatened entire Waterman business district, 7:00 p.m., "Camp" Fearon, business, D. Taylor's store, corner, Church & Railroad Sts., fronting on Railroad St., basement, turpentine, J.W. Rogers, darkness, measure, match, flames, rolled barrel, basement door, east or Church side, two steps below the street, spread alarm of fire, crowd came, hose, Leifheit elevated water tanks, rear of Clinton Hotel & Leifheit's Store, pails, fire burst out, all four walls were charred, rose to top of building, progress stayed, north-east wind, block contains 10 buildings, seven wooden, seventh in Clinton House, 3 stories, then Dean's Drugstore, then the brick Waterman Bank, then a double store with Fulton's drygoods to the east and hardware on the west, (great description of business placements), weather August 4, 1892 no church services, Congdon, Cadwell, Ferguson, Robinson, Porter, Scotch picnic, Burlington Park, Baptist, Pres. Ch. remodeling, Congdon, Marshall, Fuller, Teacher's Institute, DeKalb, Howison, Leifheit's, business, haying, Mahaffey, daughters, B.Y.P.U.  
008 005 002 1892, 1893, 1894 Scrapbook including Spencer, teacher, Epworth, Greeley, 105th Regiment of Illinois Volunteers, reunion, many in area, Sage, Hayes, McCleery, Woods, Hipple, teacher's instiute, fire, protection, petition, elevated tanks, Brown's, engine, Wakefield, village, partnership, ballgame, Northwestern Univ., Waterman's Frank Griffith, pitcher, 23 strikeouts, Chicago Tribune coverage, August 11, 1892 Congdon, Clark, harvesting, Mighell, Wheeler, Liefheits, Henderson, Wiltberger, business, barber, sold, Whitford, Post, Woods, Schrader, Wirtz, Baptist, Taylor, Normandin, Green, Lottie, Teacher's Institute, Butterfield, Mighell, Pres. Ch., ready to reopen, McCleery, daughter, Highfield, Wakefield, Taylor, Niagara Falls, Fresh-Air Fund, lady, death, Chicago, Maxwell, Starkey 
008 005 003 1892, 1893, 1894 Scrapbook including Greeley, Woods, Fuller, Teachers' Institute, DeKalb, B.Y.P.U., Greeley, M. B. Castle, New York Tribune, translation, penmanship, lecture, Sandwich, humerous exchange, Prohibition Convention, court house, selected candidates, discussed using schoolhouses for prohibition meetings, Beveridge, evening meeting, park, singing, speaking  
008 005 004 1892, 1893, 1894  Scrapbook including August 18, 1892 Pogue, business, addition, coal, Marshall, Brown, Halloway, reshingled, court case, Alford vs. Pensyl, roads, dusty, Thorpe, Wiltberger, Highfield, Robinson, threshing, Hall, W.C.T.U., Fresh Air, two children, rusticating, Dr. and Mrs. Macklin, Baptist, Thompson, transfer, Horton house, erecting barn, Meth., Barnum and Bailey Circus, Aurora, business, walls completed, lathers at work, west of bank, Old Settlers' Picnic, Hinckley, Roberts, threshing machine, broke power, repairs @ Sandwich, Pres. Ch., services resumed, B.Y.P.U., Congdon, J.P., lawsuit, Kirkpatrick Bros. vs. Crawford, Old Settlers' Picnic, planning meeting, Pritchard's Grove, Epworth, Woods, Zellar, Humphrey, Corporation Meeting, petition, reservoir for fire protection August 25, 1892 School begins, Leifheit, Jones, Carlton, Downy, Sawyer, teacher, Greentown School, winter, McDiarmid, moved, Baxter house, O'Brien, teacher, Greentown School, summer
008 005 005 1892, 1893, 1894 Scrapbook including Pres. Ch., Richmond, Phillips' Uncle Tom's Cabin Show, exhibit, Highfield, Simpson, Congdon, B.Y.P.U., Giles, Baptist, Mahaffey, teacher, Colton School, Dist. 6, "Yankee Bill," peddled Yankee notions, now flavoring extracts, Wakefield, Wells School, Oregon, Champaign, foot race, Fulton (the winner), Breeding, 100 yds., Epworth, Woods, Whittier program, Democratic Pole Raising, 110 feet high, rooster weather vane, Shabbona, Furbish, oration, tariff, Curry, death, County Court, Wakefield, guardian, Greenwood, Valentine, Earley, Boerell, Jackon, Husk, Wormley, appraisers, Fraser, death, teacher, married, Mary Vail Fraser, 3 children, Reed, Coleman, Fraser, Clinton farm, married Sarah Beck, glowing description, Oak Ridge burial   
008 005 006 1892, 1893, 1894 Scrapbook including weather, September 1, 1892 Bailey, Wiltberger, Starry, Congdon, building, corn crib, oat bin, Matteson, James Lamb, Pritchard, Greeley, Harter, Fuller, Sanders, O'Brien, teacher, Greentown School, Mahaffey, teacher, Rollo, Strobecker, Taylor, Bowers farm, transfer, administrators sale, B.Y.P.U., McCaskey, Baxter, W.C.T.U., Meth., Republican flag, Baptist, Case, marriage, Payne, Bishop, Waite residence, Robinson, Rose, transfer, farm, Potter, $7500., $93.75/acre, Epworth, Hipple, Clark, school principal, Sage, Spencer, Tucker, Christian Endeavor Society, Pres., Bedford, Fulton, Kirkpatrick, Highfield, Free Press, Wakefield, patent, grain-weighing machine, railroad cars, elevator, threshing machines, 
008 005 007 1892, 1893, 1894  Scrapbook including foot race, Breeding, Fulton, ten-foot, head start, large crowd, Taylor, death, married Harriet Rice, 6 children, mercantile business, glowing description, Meth., Johnson Grove, Old Settlers Reunion, exercises, band, call to order, Pres. Wesson, Robinson, singing, quartette, welcome, Plow Boy Band, dinner, oration, early experiences, reports, tug of war, foot-race, flapjack turner egg race, prize purses, baseball, Waterman and Rochelle nines, $25. purse, no liquor, dancing, or games of chance, September, 10, 1892 Marshall, teacher, Carlton School, W.C.T.U., Fuller, Pres., Robinson, V.P., Meth., Ferguson, V.P., Pres., Swift, V.P., Baptist, Andrews, Rec. Sec., Giles, Cor. Sec., Daisy Woods, teacher, Hinckley, Seeley, teacher, Bowers School, Dist. 7, sociable, Pres., Carns, Congdon, Wakefield, Telford, Green, reunion, Wheaton, Hipple, teacher, Walker School, Dist. 2, Griffith, Huff, death, old age, B.Y.P.U., 
008 005 008 1892, 1893, 1894 Scrapbook including Case, Baptist, Bowley, hurt, fell 26 feet, Rose's barn, Richmond, Brown, Robinson, Fuller, W.C.T.U. convention, September 15, 1892 Fowler, Hill, McCaskey, Hampton, W.C.T.U., Old Settlers picnic and reunion, rain veto, Cooper, Sandwich Fair, marriage, Henderson, Miller, Rose, farm auction, Braithwaite, estate, Ebinger Sawyer, estate, Abjia Little, Barbour, Elmer, lectures, "A Trip Around the World," illustrated by calcium light, Meth., North Clinton Cemetery Assoc., grounds, September 22, 1892 Henderson, Leifheit, business, watermelon carloads, Rollins, transfer, farm, north of Waterman, Harnish, transfer, Greenwood Farm, house repaired, Kirkpatrick, Hipple, Waite, Washington excursion, Case, Baptist, sociable, Congdon, Johnson, leaving, business, Leifheit, meat market,   
008 005 009 1892, 1893, 1894  Scrapbook including Johnson, leaving, Leifheit, business, meat market, joining, brother's market, partnership, Hinckley, Granart, transfer, lot, business, east of G. H. Leifheit's store, erecting, new building, hardware business, Mr. Bieler's house and the barber shop  building, business, moved to the east, September 29, 1892 Howison, Potter, Hall, Leifheit, Democratic nominee, coroner, Clinton, road tax, bridge tax, Baptist, parsonage, papered, Case, B.Y.P.U., Congdon, Leifheit Store, business, sidewalk, elevated, Epworth, Robinson, farmers, haying, water grass plentiful, Kirkpatrick, Clinton, grand juror, Stryker, Afton, grand juror, Graham, Victor, grand juror, trustees, decided against elevated tank for fire protection, private joint company, weather, October 6, 1892 Wood, Hartman, Mighell, Farley, Matlock, Bradbury, Price, Roberts, Griggs, Wakefield, Fraser, Farley, Starry, Minnesota, with steam thresher, Democratic rally, Wakefield, Mennis, Myers, moved, house south of Swift's, Howison, Pres. Ch., ladies, cobweb social, Kirkpatricks    
008 005 010 1892, 1893, 1894 Scrapbook including Baptist, Fitzgerald, prohibition speech, Masonic Hall, Bell, Henderson, Republicans, Cullom, rally, "They Deserve Divorces," Breedings, (May Alford), Hinckley, cruelty, struck, fists, hay fork, obscene, Orrs, cruelty, struck, considerable property, Kellum, restraining order, property, October 13, 1892 Colton, Greenwood, Fearon, Henderson, Giles, Whitney, Harter, Whitford, Granart, business, new store, nearly enclosed, Bishop, rented Waite Farm, Kirkpatrick, Rev. Case, belongings, parsonage, Congdon, Thomas, Hampton, Orr, Low, Porter, marriage, Miller, Henderson, Robinson, Kauffman, G.A.R., reunion, Washington, marriage, Woods, Fuller, Robinson, Rally Mason, Taylor, Fitzgerald, prohibition, 
008 005 011 1892, 1893, 1894  Scrapbook including Congdon, Justice of the Peace, tried case, assaut and battery, People vs. Rochford and Brown, Griffins, jury, three dollar fine, large crowd, October 20, 1892 Smith, Cherry, Stevens, husking corn, Bowers, Orr, moved, household goods, Taylor Building, Lamb Bros., clothing store, business, new brick building, adjoining bank, Roberts, Congdon, Bradbury & Royston, business, tearing out the front of store, new front, larger windows, Greenwood, Hall, temperance meeting, Pres. Ch., 3 pastors spoke, east of Mr. Bielers, large barn, livery stable, moved to behind Leifheit's store, business, Marshall, sprained ankle, can't teach, Huter, Barbara, death, Chicago, typhoid fever, Browns, windmill, tank, fire protection, water supply, "Village of the Water Tanks," four large ones on towers, different parts of town, Taylor, Cosad, B.Y.P.U., Whitney, Swift, teachers meeting, Teacher's Reading Circle, Congdon, Pres., Clark, Sec., Sage, excutive board, books to study, "Pedagory," by Morgan, "American Cousin," by Dole, Lowell's Poems, October 27, 1892 Leifheit, business, furness in store, Wiltberger, Thorpe, Paxton, Kirchhefer, business, harness shop, W.C.T.U., Cleveland, baby, girl, rally, Ross, Samson, Greenwood, Shepardson, Leifheit, injury, stepped on rusty nail, sore foot, 
008 005 012 1892, 1893, 1894  Scrapbook including Johnson, final papers, American citizen, Lamb. Bros., business, clothing store, very pleasant place, rally, Teachers' Reading Circle, Sage, new members, Thomason, auction, near Pritchard's Grove, Lamb, court cases, Crawford vs. Kirkpatrick, Breeding vs. Breeding, Orr vs. Orr, Epworth League, Henderson, marriage, Keegan, Unger, Woods, Roberts, auction, Rollins, auction, "Discovery Day," school, marched down town, principal streets, fife and drum, recitations, exercises, November 3, 1892 Congdon, Swanson, transfer, bought Bower's Farm, Jones, Wollenweber, Scott, Wood, court case, People vs. Rochford and Brown, appealed, Bradbury, B.Y.P.U., Swift, Hillegas, Teachers' Literary League, Giles, Matteson, Marshall, business, dressmaking parlors, over drugstore, Baptist, Bible Day, Potter, rented, lower rooms, Baptist parsonage, Bischoff, evangelist, Pres. Ch,, Giles, New York, carload, apples, Roberts, field fire, train, extinguished, November 10, 1892 Brown visiting brothers, Clark, 
008 005 012a,b 1892, 1893, 1894 Scrapbook including copies of Specimen Official Ballot, General Election, DeKalb Co., Nov. 8, 1892, including Republican, Democratic, Prohibition, People's Party candidates, presidential candidates, Harrison, Cleveland, Bidwell, Weaver, constitutional ammendment to allow the General Assembly to propose two amendments to the constitution at the same session,
008 005 013 1892, 1893, 1894 Scrapbook including Sorbough, rented, McNish Farm, Low, Porter, Valparaiso, Epworth, Meth. Ch., Teachers' Reading Circle, Phillips, W.C.T.U., oyster social, Kirkpatrick, Wirtz Shop, business, roof fire, extinguished, Temperance Meeting, Case, Meth., vote, light, 271 voted, republicans 153, democrats 82, people 1, defective 3, amendment, 36 for, 2 against, board instructed to allow women, none applied, November 17, 1892 Rose traveling to California, Allen, Jennings Seminary, B.Y.P.U., parsonage, Bowers, Plano, Macklin, LaGrange, Chicago, Cross, teacher, Paxton, Kickapoo Indians, arrived, two week sojurn, Bible Day, Baptist, Literary League, Phillips, Democrats assisted by Republicans, jubulation meeting, hearse, drawn through streets, stopped at prominent residences, shouted, sung, weather, December 1,1892 Kickapoo Indians, left, large audiences, large amount of money, Somonauk, 
008 005 014 1892, 1893, 1894  Scrapbook including Congdon, teacher, Quilhot, Shabbona, Woods, teacher, Dist. 1, Highfield, Meth. Ch., schools closed Wed. for weekend, Baptist, B.Y.P.U., Swift, December 8, 1892 Henderson, Baptist, Marshall, dentist, Macklin's office, Thursdays, Harter, business, joining Granart, marriage, Weddige, Hartman, Lutheran, temperance mtg., Baptist, Highfield, Pres. Ch. fair, Masonic Building, W.C.T.U., Meth., B.Y.P.U., Swift, Weaver, ill, Thompson, Snow, nurseryman, Wirtz, December 15, 1892 Marshall, rented, Milan Twp. farm, Mighell, sciatic rheumatism, marriage,  Baie, Louis, Dennewitz, Rosie, Baremore, tumor, shoulder, Darnell, Plano, temperance mtg., Colton, rented, Gilmore Farm, Pres. Ch., bazaar, $100. proceeds, churches unite for Christmas, Sunday School program, Bapt. and Pres., Fulton, moving, Greeley, Minnesota, carload of potatoes, moving here, joint societies for local church youth, B.Y.P.U., Swift, election, Pres. Congdon, V.P. Whitney, Sec. York, Treas. Whitford, December 29, 1892 Christmas Eve, storybook like,   
008 005 015 1892, 1893, 1894 Scrapbook including Christmas Eve, storybook like, no bells, feathery flakes, Meth. Evergreen, presents, Pres., Baptist, Sunday Schools united, pine tree, fruit, candle lecture, Macklin, Wakefield, Starkey, Congdon, Fulton, business, transfers stock to Ferguson's, Ferguson to Fulton's Store, Stryker, friends presented with fine easy chair, Modern Woodmen, entertainment, Macklin, Place, death, Rowley, grand juror, Roberts, grand juror, Clinton Twp., election expenses, $73.74, weather, January 6, 1893 Starry home, 2 miles south, fire, burned to ground, little saved, stovepipe, kitchen roof, several earlier fires, Kirkpatrick owned, old house, united meeting, Epworth, & Y.P.S.C.E. & B.Y.P.U., Meth. Ch., readings, Allen, Congdon, Plant, Normandin, Plano, Johnson, W.C.T.U., Meth. Ch., Baptist meeting, Week Of Prayer, every night, Ashley, in Waterman buying horses,  
008 005 016 1892, 1893, 1894  Scrapbook including Henderson, Victor, prayer meetings, Baptist, Case, Dean, Pogue, World's Fair, souvenir coins, arrived in Waterman, January 12, 1893 business, hours, close at 8 p.m., until Mar. 1, except Sat., M.W.A. officer installation, Masonic Hall, entertainment, officers, Consul, Bedford, Adviser, Hall, Banker, Bishop, Clerk, Whitford, Escort, Whitney, Watchman, Davenport, Sentry, Wardecker, Delegate, Griggs, Alternate, Gilchrist, Manager, Colton, Dr. Farley recovering, meals with family, Place, candidate for tax collector, Kirkpatrick, brothers, New York, Charlesworth, young farmer, Pierce Twp., moved, Potter Farm, Dean, Myers, Hall, move to Sandwich, Potter, ill, Griggs, Little, Fulton, recovering, Sherman, Sherwood, baby, girl, Breeding, Scott, recovering, Greenwood, Fulton, has not reduced value of his goods to required limit, deal fallen through, between Fulton and Ferguson, Fulton will sell out, marriage, Skan, Ott, Highfield, Pres., Roberts, school contest, Shabbona vs. Waterman, points, vocal solo, over 15, under 15, piano solo, over 15, under 15, declamations, over and under 15, admission 15 and 25 cents, Dominy, insurance agent, Masonic installation of officers, entertainment, music, recitations, speeches, violin solo, supper, free, January 19, 1893 Bradbury, Butler, Porter
008 005 017 1892, 1893, 1894  Scrapbook including marriage Porter of Victor Twp., Conart, Congdon, J.P, assault and battery suit, Baptist pastor ill, Carns, W.C. T.U., Meth. Ch., Benjamin, organize singing school, January 26, 1893 Hinds, coroner, Starkey, Whitney, Hohenschildt, pension, $12./mo., Case, Low, ill, Masonic Lodge, installation, entertainment, music, quartette, Minnie Kirkpatrick, Mrs. H. Roberts, Jr., Fred Brown, Ed Place, violin solo, Harry Giles, declamation, Mrs. George Place, piano solo, Celia Giles, reading, Nora Farley, banquet, Masonic fraternity, officers, Bradbury,  Schermerhorn, Rowley, Leifheit, Wakefield, Stryker, Bedford, Rowley, Fulle, Tyler, Telford, Matteson, school contest, note-worthy event, reserved seats, moved to Meth. Ch., crowded, Husk presided, invocation, Robinson, Shabbona Orchestra, "Our National Melodies," declamations, over 15, Lulu Dean "Christ Calming the Tempest", Frank Bedford "The Grand Army Our Dead", Nina Orr "The Courtin'", Emma Swanson "How They Saved St. Michael's", Paul Greeley "The Speech of John Adams", Blanche Wormley "Famine Scene in Longfellow's Hiawatha", a pathetic piece, 
008 005 018 1892, 1893, 1894  Scrapbook including Hiawatha, deeply affected audience,  tears, vocal solos, over 15, Laura Gates, "Ehren on the Rhine,"  Nora Farley, "The Flower Girl," piano solos, Clara Williams, Lizzie Wells, declamations, under 15, Vernie Ames, "Guilty or Not Guilty," Maud Rogers, "Sheridan's Ride," Edie Heeg, "Mending the Old Flag," violin solo, Lulu Spoor, encore, Harry Giles, "The Evils of War," Charles Boardman, "Lincoln's Address at Gettysburg," Thomas Keegan, "The Rights of Citizens in the Time of War," vocal solos, under 15, Ethel Whitney, Little Footsteps," Kittie McCormick, "Dream Faces," piano solos, over 15, Eva McCormick, Nora Farley, judges, Mr. Freeman, Aurora, Mr. and Mrs. Palmer, Sycamore, students entertained while audience waited for results, awards, declamation over 15, Blanche Wormley, silver, Nina Orr, vocal over 15, Laura Gates, silver, Nora Farley, piano, over 15, Eva McCormick, silver, Nora Farley, declamation under 15, Vernie Ames, silver, Maud Rogers, vocal under 15, Ethel Whitney, silver, Kittie McCormick, piano, under 15, Lizzie Wells, silver, Clara Williams, Shabbona, all gold but one, every medal taken by girls, best school entertainment, weather,  
008 005 019 1892, 1893, 1894  Scrapbook including February 2, 1893 Dr. Farley, recovered, allowed to ride, Case, recovered, in pulpit, Teachers' Association, well attended, Waterman's attendees, J.H. Clark, Miss Spencer, Ida Sage, G.E. Congdon, Earl Greeley, Paul Greeley, Corydon Tallman, Carrie Fuller Belle McCleery, Kate Marshall, Nora Farley, Lulu Dean, Fulton, business, general merchant, sell entire stock, Baptist, Tucker, teacher, Sugar Grove, Hardy, McEachron, Teachers' Institute, Bridge, public auction, Greenwood Farm, W.C.T.U., Meth. Ch., Andrews, remains, father's remains, interred North Clinton, marriage, Thorpe, Reed, Whitford, moved, A. W. Leifheit house, just south of Mr. Thompson's, Teachers' Literary League, Greenwood, February 9, 1893 Waterman social club, dance, Masonic Hall, Sawyer, insane, asylum, Elgin, Brown, democrat, hobnobbing in Aurora, "laying his wires for the capture of the Waterman post office," Scott, failing, Weaver, very low, Greenwood, Wirtz, sick, Greenwood, entertained, W.C.T.U., mother's 83rd birthday, Lucinda Elmer, Capp, evangeist, Moody, Marshall, moving onto his farm, Milan twp., Fulton, auction, to be continued, February 16, 1893 
008 005 020 1892, 1893, 1894  Scrapbook including Teachers' Literary League, Greenwood, Clark, president, Place, secretary, Rogers, moved, every Saturday, until sold out, Fulton public auction held, business, at his store, Stryker, Rickert, auctioneers, three brides named Winnie, marriage, Brown, Minnie Kirkpatrick, Highfield, marriage, Reimschneider, Minnie Baie, marriage, Mimm, Minnie O'Connor, auction every day this week, Township Sunday Convention, sleighing accident, Mrs. Potter, Mrs. Rensaler, Aurora, horse frightened, unmanageable, thrown from sleigh, severe bruises, Rensaler fatally injured, Potter, nose fractured, face permanently disfigured, Meth. meetings, Kapp, converted German Jew, speaker, "Escape for the Life," union services, crowded, "if the sun shines on St. Eulalie's Day (February 12th) there will be plenty of apples and cider, Longfellow, "Sunshine of St. Eulalie' she was called: for that was the sunshine which, as the farmers believe, would load their orchards with apples."  February 23, 1893 Weaver, Chicago, sanitarium, medical treatments, Meth. Ch., meetings closed, several converted, good accomplished, party, Mary Mackling Jr., beguiled, games, amusements, Darnell, moved, Plano, pioneer settlers, Waterman neighborhood, estimable children, retire from farm, quiet life in town, Darnell, visiting cultivating acquaintances, cousin, Grace Roberts, dau. of J.D. Roberts, Henderson, Lee, party, Kauffman, Colton, Gilmore, new windmills, Baptist,    
008 005 021 1892, 1893, 1894  Scrapbook including Whitford, barber, bath room, for shop, B.Y. P.U., Whitney, sleigh accident, occurred in Aurora, Pritchard, tenant, Parris, retires from the farm, farm under care of Mr. Pritchar's mother, weather, March 2, 1893 caucus, longer ticket, 2 justices of the peace, 2 constables, supervisor, Potter, purchased interest, business, meat market, DeKalb, moving, Swift, child, very ill, quinsy, Heun, visited, Case, children, ill, McCormick, business, Starry will carry on the farm, Congdon, teacher, closed Quilhot School, Shabbona, Whitney, moved to Simpson farm, northeast of town, not farming, couldn't procure town house, on his milk route, business, Henderson, teacher, Walker School, Dist, 2, Ferguson, business, moving stock, Taylor block, more centrally located, alterations, Masonic Block will be entirely vacated, March 9, 1893 Minnick vs. Mahon, replevin case, trial, Congdon, J.P., finally settled, Fraser, business, accepted clerk position, G. H. Leifheit, Myers, moved, Henderson House, north part of town, Squire Wormley, Shabbona,  
008 005 022 1892, 1893, 1894  Scrapbook including Dean, Wakefield, Sycamore, B.Y.P.U., Baptist, Simpson, Lamb, seriously sick, confined for several weeks, Griffith, Austin, Starry child, death, Case, Mahon, death, 3 miles west of town, song service, Baptist, Gunderson, rented, W.W. Roberts place, east of town, Pres. Ch., male members, basket social, Dr. Macklin's home, Baptist, name change, "Clinton Center Baptist Church," March 16, 1893 Macklin, social, enjoyed, receipts $17.50, Greeley, teacher, closed school, northeast of Hinckley, Case, Coulter, Phillips, embezzlement, not guilty, Fulton, sickness, Lamb, Chicago doctors, operated, seems improved, Swift children, improving, Bell, Waterman Public School, exhibition, Masonic Hall, Roberts, shipped horses, Chicago, Mahon, death,  Challand, settled on farm, Darling twin, death, diphtheria, March 18, 1893 Myers, moved into Henderson House, just south of Dr. Farley's, caucus, town officers, 1584 sparrow certificates issued, 235 given to Johnnie Roberts, temperance meetin, Pres. Ch., Robinson,   
008 005 023 1892, 1893, 1894  Scrapbook including Rev. Case, Coulter, Lamb, recovering, carpenters, business, Taylor building, Ferguson, March 25, 1893 caucus, Fuller, chairman, Henderson, secretary, nominations, informal ballot, McCleery 50 votes, Wakefield, 44 votes, Lattin, 3, formal ballot, McCleery, 65 votes, Wakefield, 43, Lattin 1, McCleery declared nominated, rules suspended, Ferguson, nominated town clerk, by acclamation,  informal for assessor, Brown 43, Roberts 29, Hall 9, scattering 5, Roberts refused to be candidate, formal ballot, Brown 69, Hall 13, Robinson 9, scattering 6, informal ballot for collector, Place, 63, Alford 25, Davenport 16, on motion, Place nominated, by acclamation, Colton, commissioner of highways, by acclimation, informal for Justice of the Peace, Henderson 68, G.E. Congdon 58, G.G. Congdon 31, scattering 5, Henderson and G. E. Congdon, by acclimation, G.E. Congdon, requested to withdraw, for constables, Telford 29, Hardy 12, Kauffman 10, scattering 31, much discussion, Telford and Hardy declared, Potter for school trustee, by acclimation, McCleery, supervisor since 1884, highly esteemed, Ferguson, first elected, town clerk, 1887, Place, business, wagon maker, Fleming, "blind gospel temperance evangelist," Meth. Ch., Case, Rose Greeley, Mrs. John Greeley, quite ill, improving     
008 005 024 1892, 1893, 1894 Scrapbook including Ostrander, Meth. Ch., Cady, Bradbury, Fuller, B.Y.P.U., Congdon, Swift, Ferguson, Kirk & Andrews, business, mill, horses, frightened, ran away, barb wire, severely cut, wagon shop, business, G.W. Place, Simpson, teacher, County Superintendent's examinations, weather, April 1, 1893 school exhibition, "Fairies and Brownies," Sage, teacher, seniors, drama, "The School Ma'am," nature, bad roads, few country folks, caucus, nomination, justice of the peace, G.E. Congdon, resignation, G.G. Congdon, nominated, acclimation, school trustee, eligibility, one year residency, school trustee exception, "Bateman's Decisions," settled with minority, Mr. Potter remains, committee,  
008 005 024a 1892, 1893, 1894  Scrapbook including people's ticket sample ballot, incomplete
008 005 024b 1892, 1893, 1894  Scrapbook including complete people's ticket sample ballot: People's Ticket: Supervisor: James McCleery, Town Clerk: R.G. Ferguson, Assesor: Fred Brown, Collector, George Place Sr., Commissioner of highways:   C.W. Colton, Justices of the Peace: G.G. Congdon, S.M. Henderson, Constables: R. Telford, J.E. Hardy, Trustee of Schools: Wilder Potter
008 005 025 1892, 1893, 1894  Scrapbook including Roberts, transfer, purchased Thomas Thomason farm, historic Pritchard Farm, once owned by Hon. R.M. Pritchard $92.50 per acre, $11,312.50 total, Edwards, Baptist, Farley, World's Fair, chorus, Roberts, Case, Jennings Seminary, oratorical contest, Judge Annis prizes, Allen, second prize, oration, "Good Roads," Weaver, Lincoln Park Sanitarium, brother Attorney Weaver, improved, Giles, Pearl, Dean, W.C.T.U., measles, public schools closed, week's vacation, post office, several asspirants, narrowed, Leifheit (former Democratic postmaster, vs. Brown, Congdon, Justice of the Peace for 12 years, town meeting, one ticket, little interest, 95 votes cast, lightest in many years, straight ticket was elected, McCleery, supervisor, 85 votes, Ferguson, town clerk, 88, Brown, assessor, 85, Place, collector, 88, Cotton, commissioner, 88, Congdon, justice of the peace, 87, Henderson, J.P., 88, Telford, constable, 84, Hardy, constable, 82, Potter, school trustee, 87, no women voted,  
008 005 025a 1892-94 Scrapbook including table of Officers elected at township elections in DeKalb County, April 4, 1893
008 005 026 1892, 1893, 1894  Scrapbook including Elmer, Keegan, moved, Downey House, south part of town, Fuller, teacher, Cotton School, Dist. 6, B.Y.P.U., Swift, Lamb, Heck, Wakefield, gas engine, grain elevators, baby, Dean, girl, Pritchard, Roberts, township Sunday School Convention, no-license, caucus, nominations, Pres., MccCaskey, trustees, Dixon, Potter, Giles, clerk, Ferguson, police, none, Lamb, death, born and raised in Waterman, worked for Fulton, clerk, drygoods, Oswego, clothing store, returned, partnership with brother, clothing store, prosperous, stricken with affliction, April 12, 1893 Gunderson, moved,R.R. Hall farm, southeast of Waterman, won't farm, tile ditching, Potter, baby, son, Gromart, 3rd birthday, party, Wakefield, residence addition, marriage, Afton, Woods, Clinton, Hipple, Rev. Robinson, groom, purchased, transfer, Harter Farm, Kellogg, Thomason, Kirkpatrick, ill, transfer, Thomason Farm, misprint, price, $62.50 instead of 92.50, court house news, errors, farm in Clinton, not Afton, price $1,312.50 instead of $11, 312.50, district school election, Congdon's term expires, April 15, 1893 Kirkpatrick, Mrs. John, death, southeastern part of the town,    
008 005 027 1892, 1893, 1894  Scrapbook including death of Mrs. John Kirkpatrick, unexpected, Maggie J. McCord, seven children, Pres., Oak Mounds, Sunday School Convention, Pres. Ch., Woods, Fuller, Bedford, Congdon, election, Hall, moved, Sandwich, Giles, no-license, nominated, village trustee, withdrew, Allen, replacement, Thomason, Harten, Frazier, ill, Andrews, sprained ankle, Henry, baby, boy, village election, license candidates won, majority of 10, unusual, 90 votes cast, Wakefield, license, 50, McCaskey, no-lic., 38, Challend, Lic, 48, Rowley, lic., 49, Hinds, lic., 49, Dixon, no-lic., 40, Potter, no-lic., 39, Allen, no-lic., 39, police magestrate, Humphrey, lic., 52, clerk, Brown, lic., 52, Ferguson, no-lic, 35, board makeup, 4 lic., 2 no-lic, president, lic., Congdon, re-elected, school director, 6 votes cast, business report, receipts $2140.45, balance, $344. 11, no women voted, "could have carried the election,"  Bradbury, Swift School, Dist. 9, 19 votes, contest, Germans, American, American wives stationed nearby, reserve votes for emergency, no women voted, McDiarmid elected, question, "Can a foreign-born woman whose husband is naturalized, vote?," apron sociable, Meth., parsonage, B.Y.P.U., Swift, Rev. Hole, Baptist,  
008 005 028 1892, 1893, 1894  Scrapbook including "every youngster in town is now possessed with a craze for stamp collecting," Roberts, ice, three fourths inch thick, two nights, Leifheit, business, shipped, 3000 dozen eggs, March, Fulton, moving to Indiana, Roberts, shipped, cattle, April 29, 1893 Dean, Peoria, parents, nursery stock, station, Fulton, moving, business,Indiana, shipping remaining stock, experience social, Dr. Farley, Pres. Ch., Congdon, house, addition, Hayes, mother, moved, Al Hall house, Howison, clerk, business, Berwyn Park, Pogue, Aurora, branch yard, M.J. Pogue & Sons, business, member, uncle takes over in Waterman, weather, May 6, 1893 Howison, George, son of William Howison, judged insane, 30 years old, normal, hardworking, bright, companionable, until California, no known cause, sunstroke possible, marriage, Dean, Hipple, Rev. Robinson, Peoria, groom works for Stratman,    
008 005 029 1892, 1893, 1894  Scrapbook including Dean, Cornelius, Peoria, Stratman, drug store, Potter, moving, DeKalb, Downey, saloon, business, repaired, new counters, elegant mirror, 4x6, $900. worth of liquor in town, marriage, Brown, Dean, Durant, Gilmore, Weigle, teacher, Dist. 4,Henry niece, McEachron, drawn lumber, new barn, 28 x 50 feet, Hayes, teacher, Graham School, Victor, Gilchrist, Kirkpatrick, Stewart, marriage, Gilchrist, Morton, Ravenswood, village trustees, board, Phillips, street commissioner, Roberts, Humphrey, treasurer, Kirkpatrick, poundmaster, serve for same pay, saloon, license, $500., Leifheit, Watson, applied for licenses, Leifheit, granted, Watson, postponed, Broughton, Carlton, quite sick, dropsy of the heart, Dr. Macklin, Keegan, moved, Rochelle, section boss, business, Davis replaced, Fraser, transfer, Fulton's house and lot, Waterman expects Hinckley drinking element, fate, Baptist, weather, Broughton, C. W., death, old, respected, wealthy, DeKalb County, Afton, Carlton, thrice married, Beers, 6 children, railroad, C.B.&Q, train schedule change,  passengers, Waterman Station, going east, 50, 5:05am, 6, 8:30am, 2, 12:35pm, 8, 5:36 pm, 24, only to Hinckley, way freight, 4:10pm, 12, daily stock train, 11:40pm, going west, 3, 8:06 am, 1, 10:36am, 5, 6:44pm, 49, 11:40pm, marriage license, Frazer, Schultz 
008 005 030 1892, 1893, 1894  Scrapbook including May 13, 1893 Ramer, Jones, Carlton, Normandin, Plano, Fuller, Rev. Wood, Baptist, Austin, teachers' literary league, Sage, Lowell's "Table for the Critics," Fulton, family, moving, Indiana, friends, gathering, Dr. Farley's, decoyed family, Rev. Highfield, presentation, set of parlor chairs, several rocking chairs, silverware, Fulton speechless, asked Pastor to thank neighbors, Dr.'s large commodious house,full, people standing as thick as they could while the barn was full of young people playing games, delicious lunch, midnight dispersal, came to Waterman 1881, business, general mercantile, partner, J.A. Armstron, 1884 Fulton purchased partner's interest, annual sales reached $40,000., Congdon, painting, house, Teachers' Reading Circle, Clark, planting corn, Farley, Paxton, May 18, 1893 too cold to plant corn, Dean, Fultons, Chicago, World's Fair, ballgame, Fulton, Griffith, played, Epworth, Clark, address, Hinckley guests, marriage, Frazer, Shultz, ceremony at Clinton House, business, Highfield, live in Fulton House, Barnes, St. Louis, Humphrey, Fuller, Waterman Bank, failure of Chemical National Bank, Chicago, business connection, cherry trees, 
008 005 031 1892, 1893, 1894 Scrapbook including blossoming cherry trees, Howison, Wm., severely hurt, thrown from wagon, collarbone, W.C.T.U., Meth., Norton, Marengo, entertainment, Dr. Macklin's, strawberries, ice cream, $500. license fee, outspoken disapproval, May 25, 1893 Baptist, annual meeting, officer election, Fulton, new home, Indiana, marriage,Rowley, Leifheit, shipped pup, Bowers, Plano, Teachers' Literary league, Phillips, eight years work, Place, Congdon, Sunday School, Rev. Case, apologetical sermon, Matlock, Rose, B.Y.P.U., Greenwood, Waterman Bank, advertising store for rent, vacated by Fulton business, Folke, jeweler, papering, renovating, business, restaurant, Congdon, Kirkpatrick, World's Fair, Rose, Kirkpatrick, painting, barn, weather,  
008 005 032 1892, 1893, 1894  Scrapbook including June 7, 1893 Roberts, Congdon, Elmer, Canton, Pritchard's Grove, Decoration Day, flag, all 3 schools, Durant, Michael, North Clinton Cemetery, patriotic influence, children's exercises, recitations, scattered flowers, graves, eight veterans, Frazer, repairing, painting, Fulton House, cultivating corn, Pres. Ch., Roberts, bought farm land, Greenwood, Post, G.A.R., memorial services, Earley, state's attorney, Decoration Day, fine weather, crowds, deck the graves, procession, flag of 105th Ill., North Clinton, double male quartette, singing, Rev. Highfield, prayer, nine recitations from township schools, Rev. Robinson, oration, united country, afternoon, Johnson's Grove, music, mixed quartette, Rev. Robinson, prayer, Rev. Dawson, oration, 8 veteran's graves at North Clinton, 14 veteran's graves at Johnson's Grove
008 005 033 1892, 1893, 1894  Scrapbook including freight train wreck, two miles east, east bound, over grade, parted in middle, on the down grade, back overtook front, badly smashed cars, no injuries, grain spilled, Graham, Kansas, McCleery, Griffith, Northwestern U., baseball, Paw Paw Decoration Day, LaGrange, York, shingling, Baptist Ch., Children's Day, Teachers' Literary League, Place, Baptist Sunday School, annual meeting, officers, Wirtz, York, Simpson, Congdon, Simpson, Congdon, Y.P.S.C.E., Pres. Ch., sociable, Carns, Ferguson, death, Howison, B.Y.P.U., officers, Congdon, York, Case, Whitford, Carson, World's Fair, Congdon, class of 86, Leifheit, Wheeler, class of 86, reunion, Sugar Grove, Alumni at the Meth. Ch., Frank, Carl, Paul Greeley, World's Fair, Wakefield, Mighell, June 15, 1893 Mighell, Rowley, Children's Day, churches, schools closed, noon, Pritchard's Grove picnic, Dean, Epworth, strawberry social, Potter, Wakefield, Little, baby, Wirtz, girl
008 005 034 1892, 1893, 1894  Scrapbook including Wirtz baby, girl, Waterman Literary League, Giles, second banquet, Clark, Rev. Robinson, June 24, 1893 McAllister, Belle, death, Bartlett, Paw Paw, Wollenweber, World's Fair, Rev. Case, Baptist, Sherman, Greenwood, Dean, business, improving appearance, meat market, paint inside, Clark, teacher, 3 years, successful, went home, directors offer raise, no answer, passenger train, 8:06am west, 5:36pm east,  taken off, Pritchard's Grove, no plans yet, celebrations since 1956, Stables, Washington, Frazer's, Hayes, mother, new residence, east part of town, weather, July 1, 1893 Marshall, Sarah, aunt of Dr. Macklin and Miss Mary J. Macklin, death, Rev. Highfield, Rev. Case, Henderson, Somonauk, ordination,  
008 005 035 1892, 1893, 1894 Scrapbook including ordination of Davies, Bapt. Ch., Fulton, Indiana, visiting, Henderson, Loucks, supervisor, Victor, Wirtz, old school mates, railroad, time table, change, 12:35pm, east, now, 4:05pm, confusing people, Allen, Potter, commencement, Jennings Seminary, Floyd Allen, graduate, Meth. Univ, Ohio, Taylor, Cosad, Orr, 39th Fourth of July, Pritchard's Grove, exercises, music, basket picnic, speaking, games, M.W.A., strawberry sociable, Pensly house, Rev. Case, Swift, Baptist association, Aurora, July 8, 1893 Fourth of July not as usual, negligent committees, no speakers, no music, no games, pick up game at the grove, threatening skies, smallest crowd ever, Leifheit & Richmond Bros., leased ground, east of town, artificial pond, ice source, Tucker, teacher, Sugar Grove, intermediate dept., Waterman schools, Kirkpatrick, Carson, unloading milk, creamery, team bolted, ran away, milk cans flying, around the square south, back to creamery, only wheels left, parasol raised spooked them, Henderson, executive committee county Sunday School, county conventions, Kirkpatrick, Smiley poor health, Greeley, Clarence,   
008 005 036 1892, 1893, 1894  Scrapbook including Clarence Greeley, Minnesota, visiting parents, Chadwich, severed connections, Bradbury & Royston, clerk, returned to Ashton, Starkey, Congdon, Baldy, sprained ankle, depot duties challenging, Pogue, locating in Aurora, Waterman business, McFarlane, Plano, Ashcraft, Malta, applicant, principalship, Waterman Schools, July 15, 1893 Randles, Kansas, vacation, grandfather, Andrew Randles, William Randles, Roberts, built, Enterprise windmill, farm, storm, damaged window glass, sociable, Henry's, Fuller, Greeley, Rev. Robinson, road commissioners, several steel bridges, just north of town, Pritchard's Grove, near Lorenzo Waite's, G. H. Leifheit, appointment, postmaster, Clifford, Challend, Kirkpatrick, Nebraska, Starkey, Congdon, Clark, haying, Ashcraft, Smith, Iowa, Pritchard, Fearon, business, clerk, Bradbury & Royston, Mrs. Robinson, Florence Potter, death, at Bridge home, sister of Mrs. Isaac Potter, daugh. of Isaac Potters, business, two farm implement dealers, large trade, little rivalry, carload of corn cultivators, hay loaders, Smith, Mrs. Joseph, death, Rev. Robinson,  July 26,1893 Wirtz, moved, downtown home, to Sawyer house, World's Fair, closed on Sunday, right has triumphed, Coulter Bros., publishing, Hicksville, Ohio's Independent
008 005 037 1892, 1893, 1894  Scrapbook including World's Fair Sunday closings, low Christian attendance, triumph, Hicksville Independent, Ohio, published by Coulter Bros., sons of Rev. Coulter, Pres. Ch., eldest son, member of Waterman's first graduating class, York, Modern Woodmen, picnic, large number Waterman people took morning train, many drove carriages, Matlock, Smith, death, Minnie Sweet, came here, 1879, three sons, weather, August 5, 1893 ice cream social, ladies, Pres. Ch, Strams, baby, McDiarmid, boy, Allen, canvassing, stereoscopes, Old Settler's Picnic, Pritchard's Grove, Sept. 6, postoffice, installed, democratic headquarters, Roberts, sidewalk, built, business, Austin & Whitney's Blacksmith Shop, east to corner, B.Y.P.U., sociable, very favorable  
008 005 038 1892, 1893, 1894  Scrapbook including threshing commences, lasts about three weeks, August 10, 1893 advertising bills up, picnic at Whitford's Woods, south of Pritchard's Grove, not Waterman activity, no one knows anything about it, person posting signs, "Aurora tough," vague, speaking, music, dancing, all day and night, happening in other area towns too, nothing to do with "Old Settler's," Humphrey, Roberts, marriage, George, Jordan, J.P. Brown, live in Pierce, Boxter, Tillie McCaskey, Amos McCaskey, Thomason, death, near Pritchard's Grove, consumption, Mesdames, Sage, Burton, World's Fair, entertainment, traveling troupe, singers, "Illinois Kidney and Liver Cure Co.," lawn tennis, Macklin, tennis court, south of father's house, many devotees, variety show, Frank Adams, tent, York, horse death during dinner hour, W.W. Roberts, J.D. Roberts, threshing, Cliffe, Shabbona principal, Clark, Elmer, Cotton, Bell, 17th Annual Reunion and Picnic of the Old Settlers' of DeKalb Co. and Vicinity, Pritchard's Grove, Wednesday Sept. 6, 1893, oration, ball game, tennis, prizes, music, Plow Boy Band, glee clubs, Registration of Old Settlers, experiences related, August 17, 1893 Mosher, Pres. of DeKalb Co. Sunday School Assoc., visited three Sunday Schools 
008 005 039 1892, 1893, 1894 Scrapbook including Mr. Mosher's Sunday School visits to all three churches, Macklin, Miss Mary J., business, repainted, Macklin, Charles G., doing job, Marshall, Miss Kate, visiting relatives and World's Fair, Curtis, Miss Mary, dau. of C.W. Curtis, visiting, Greeley's, Hiram, teacher, Waterman School, Epworth League, watermelon sociable, Fuller house, McCabe, Mrs. John, World's Fair, Pritchard's Grove Old Settler's Picnic bills posted, begins at 10 am, Music, Plow Boy Band, Call to order, Wesson, Prayer, Rev. Robinson, Singing, quartette, Address of welcome, Wesson, Music, band, Dinner, 12 o'clock, 1 o'clock, music, band, oration, Rev. Dawson, Registration of Old Settlers, Early Experiences by Old Settlers, Singing, Quartette, Music, band, Reports of Sec. & Treas., election of officers, sporting games, Tug of War, $3., Boys' foot race, under 16, $2., $1., Girl's foot race, $2., $1., Old Man's foot race, $2., $1., Flap jack turner egg race, $1., 50 cents, tennis game, $2., $1., baseball game, $30. Paw Paw vs. Amboy, Taber, Bradbury, Baxter, Humphrey, Kirkpatrick, Nebraska, visiting father, A.J. Kauffman, five contestants, gold medals, Waterman-Shabbona contest, Sandwich, August 24, 1893 Leifheit, business, large saloon sign, Colton, sixteen youngest of 26 grandchildren, to DeKalb, photograph, Bradbury family, World's Fair, Tues.-Sat., union picnic, Whitford's Woods, did not take place, Mrs.Bean (Mrs. Mary Fuller), Cox, Dragoo, bicycled Sycamore to Waterman, Morenus, past resident, "journeyed to the ends of the earth," Spalding, applicant, principalship, Webster, Ohio Agricultural Experiment Station, Bowman, representative of Gov. of New South Wales, World's Fair, Webster, entertained at Waterman, 
008 005 040 1892, 1893, 1894 Scrapbook including Bowman, guest from World's Fair, Webster, Greenwood, acquaintance from Australia trip, Bowman and Greenwood, long drive through surrounding country, life and times of farmers, study methods of bee-raisers, Pres. Ch., Sunday School picnic, Pritchard's Grove, Fulle, lost horse, span hitched, one unmanageablbe, ran over wheelbarrow, handle entered ribs, constables from DeKalb, seeking Sunday evening murderer, Smith Avery, farmer, supposed killed by gypsies, entered his cornfield, pursuing, gypsies in neighborhood, Baldry, depot manager, business, Rev. Griggs, evangelistic meetings, former Babtist pastor, bought G.H. Leifhiet's large tent, Hall, Greenwood, Gates, Merritt, Robinson, Whitney, hired by Stark, Matteson, Butterfield, Mighell, Chadwick, Kirkpatrick, Smiley, painting barn, Davenport, Mennis, Porter, Austin, Kirchhefer, business, harness shop, marriage, Shantz, Schultz, Spalding, principal, Waterman Schools, terrible tragedy, Amos Brown, hired liveryman, to visit daughter, Mr. Smith Avery, spotted cornfield thief in Avery's field, Mr. Avery got into liveryman's buggy, investigated, man heard them approach, hid bag of corn, got into buggy of woman and two children, driving away from DeKalb, Avery and liveryman overtook buggy, Avery caught reins, stopped them, desperate captured man, shot gun, sturck Avery three  times, one on head, knocked Avery under buggy wheels,  
008 005 041 1892, 1893, 1894  Scrapbook including Avery tragedy, during cornfield robbery, chase resulted in Avery being thrown under buggy, assailant drove away, disappeared, Avery died, horse description, evidence mounted, James F. Tuller turned himself in at Sycamore, lodged in jail, carpenter, DeKalb resident, working for Waldron Contractors, married, family with him at murder, claims he mistook Avery for highwayman, self defense, inquest, death by blows to head, inflicted with malicious intent, Tuller committed to jail on murder charges until Oct. grand jury, August 31, 1893 about 1874, Waterman Schools had one-armed teacher, Robert M. Morton, very successful, died Aug. 18, 1893, jumped from third-story window, hotel fire, Madison St., Chicago, funeral, sister's, Mrs. D.A. Syme, Sycamore, Rev. Highfield, trip, marriage, residence of W.F. Spencer, Clinton Twp., Dunlop and Morris, by Eld. N. W. Spencer, Ladies' Aid Society, musicale, W.K. Farley home, vocal and instrumental music, readings, ice cream, cake, McCleery, wife, Mitchell, Ferguson, attended reunion, Graham Family, Downer's Grove, Leifheit, business, carload of watermelons, marriage, Stone, Jacob of Milan, Lilly, Julia of Clinton, Wm. Henderson residence, Rev. Phelps, bride is Mrs. Henderson's sister, Griffith, Heun, Epworth League, Meth. Ch., "No Neutral Ground," Henderson, W.C.T.U., Pres. Ch., Webb, Giles
008 005 042 1892, 1893, 1894  Scrapbook including Morton Robert M., injured, jumped, third -story window, Madison St. hotel, Chicago, death, unmarried, lost hand in accident, undaunted, Garden City, Kansas, officer of Meth. Ch., director of bank, county surveyor, bright, intelligentm despondent, adversities, ill health, weather September, 7, 1893 Rev. White, chaplain of Joliet Penitentiary, lecture, "Behind the Bars, or Sermons in Stripes," Meth. Ch., Kirkpatrick, Corena, teacher, district east of Waterman, Leifheit, Shontz, read at U.P. Church, Ferguson, Allen, Wesleyan Univ., Tomblin, 19, only child, death, typhoid fever, Leifheit, Bradbury, Royson, Dean, business, bought computing scale, machine, exact price of meat, cheese, goods, stone crossing, raised one foot, Hinds, F.H., business, livery stable, Fulton, Willie and Bruce, Dean, Mr. and Mrs. C.C., visiting parents, sugar famine,  
008 005 043 1892, 1893, 1894  Scrapbook including sugar famine, none for sale in town, Whitney, birthday party, September 9, 1893 Old Settlers' Picnic, Pritchard's Grove, large crowd, humorous welcome, Wesson, S.D., speaker, Price, J.R., former Waterman teacher, Rev. Robinson, picnic lunch, "Some Remarks by Thomas Jones, Old Settler," read by Rev. Dawson, orator of the day, reports, election of officers, baseball, PawPaw vs. Amboy, 16 to 2, Paw Paw, horse race, foot race, girl's race, egg race, stands upon the grounds, ice cream, lemonade, officers reelected, Rev. White, chaplain of Joliet penetentiary, Meth. Ch., Kirkpatrick, Corena, teacher, two miles east of Waterman, Rogers, Charlie, death, dreadful disease, consumption, pall bearers, Waterman schoolmates, Allen, Wesleyan U., Swift, R.K., visited Swift, S.M., merchants, computing scales, price by the pound, Tomblin, Claude, 1, typhoid fever, visiting here when taken sick, Hayes, Mary, teacher, Graham School, Victor, Fulton, Bruce, Willie, visiting, Becker, Kinsloe, Gross, at Old Settlers', Sycamore, Pritchard, Mrs. R. M., attended Old Settlers', met her old friends
008 005 044 1892, 1893, 1894  Scrapbook including September 21, 1893 material being drawn, house on south side of street, just north of T.H. Hind's Livery Stable, business, Hyland, Fulle, Bailey, advertising house for sale, Kinnie, cottage prayer meetings, Baptist, Congdon, daughter, Chicago Baseball game, beat Philadelphia, young Griffith, former seminary pitcher, in Chicago's box, postage stamp craze, issue Columbian series, Harry Bradbury, oldest, most valuable, correspondent, started collecting, 1882, now 1200 varieties, Pritchard, correspondent at World's Fair, September 28, 1893 Potter, Baptist pupils, Harvest Home Festival, collection for missions, Harter, Wiltberger, B.Y.P.U., Baptist parsonage, The Whole Family magazine, prizes, 35 puzzles, $100. in gold, anyone getting 35 correct, over thirty, $20. in books, 2000 entered, no one got all, local Congdon, J.S., got 32 correct, won books, only 4 solved more, Rev. Robinson, Chaplain White, new barber, he and his family occupy John 
008 005 045 1892, 1893, 1894  Scrapbook including new barber, occupy John Marshall House, donation and supper, Meth. Ch., Bowers, Mennis, Anderson, Epworth League, parlors Meth. Ch., Place, sociable, Swift residence, Rev. Highfield, summer trip, southern Illinois, poor roads, left wife and carriage at Streator October 7, 1893 Austin, infant daughter, death, cholera infantum, Beekler, occupies, second house, east of O.F. Matteson's, removed from building on Main, Rev. Case, Chicago Univ., Theological School, B.Y.P.U., sociable, Swift residence, Congdon, G.E., Morgan Park, attending school, collision, darkness, Henderson, Beveridge, buggy tongue broken, B.Y.P.U. organized winter work, Zellar, J.J.A., Taylor, Mrs. Ed., Mighell, Amanda, Mighell, Charles, Waterman Literary League, reorganization, Underwood, four bums, lockup, too thick for comfort, farmers husking, October 14, 1893 Rev. Baldrich, Pres. Ch., Rev. Robinson, Meth. Ch., B.Y.P.U., Waterman Literary League, Giles, winter's books, "Page's Theory and Practice of Teaching," "The Schoolmaster in Literature," Spalding, president, Place, secretary,
008 005 046 1892, 1893, 1894  Scrapbook including Dr. Farley's mother, death, Clark, large number of Waterman people, Chicago, the Fair, waited 2 to 3 hours to get to the grounds, some returned, crowd too large, B.Y.P.U., study early days of Christianity, Congdon, Willie F., visited Congdon, G.S., from Vermont, Williams, Henderson, W.C.T.U., National Convention in Chicago, Rev. Case, Illinois Baptist Convention, trees blown down lately, Mrs. Sage and Burton, attended Fair, Dr. and Mrs. Macklin, visited Fair, Rev. Robinson in  Nebraska, wife is ill, Low, Charles, visiting, Hinckley burlary, appreciate Waterman's good night watchman, October 21, 1893 Congdon, Mr. and Mrs. G., abttended Fair, B.Y.P.U., Williams, Henderson, Congdon, Willlie F., Vermont, visited uncle, Congdon, G.G., Case, W.C.T.U., Henderson, Alex, grand juror, Davenport, petit juror, Clinton, Oct. term, Waterman cases, Thomason vs. Thomason, Wakefield vs. Herrick, Mrs. Charles Low, Epworth, Junior League, Mr. and Mrs. Martin Rose, California, winter, McCoy, new business, barber, remodeling to use as barber shop, building north of Taylor Store,  October 26,1893 Henderson, grand juror, Davenport, petit juror, 
008 005 047 1892, 1893, 1894  Scrapbook including Waterman cases of interest, McCoy new barber, business, fitted up building north of Ferguson's store, formerly used as salt house, now open as barber shop, B.Y.P.U., oyster supper, George Pensyl residence, T. W. Myers rented, Elmer G. Simpson's farm, Griffith, Mr. and Mrs, J.R., moving back to Waterman, occupy corner house, directly opposite Baptist Church, business, open harness shop here, Whitney, ill, better, Rev. Robinson, Lockwood, Swift, Congdon, Baptist, Case, party for juveniles, Bradbury's, Beeler, John, death, at home, sick all summer, moved here 5 years ago, business, trade of boot and shoe repair, well liked, burglars, house of Ned Boyland, $625., money in chest, his bedroom, near bed, entered from cellar, took chest, carried outdoors, ransacted it, missed $100. in an old almanac, just shelled corn, money still in house, weather, November 1, 1893 J.W. Myers, rented, Elmer G. Simpson's farm, Colton, lot of fine apples, stored in James Fulton's old store, Whitney, ill, back at work, Boyland burglary, northeast of town, Griffith, J.R., moving to Waterman,
008 005 048 1892, 1893, 1894  Scrapbook including J. R. Griffith moving to Waterman, occupy house opposite Babtist Ch., start a harness shop, business, Frank left Northwestern Univ., continue at Univ. of Mich., Beehler, John, death, shoemaker, liked by all, funeral at German Lutheran Church, G.G. Congdon, Mr. and Mrs. witnesses, Thomasson case, November 2, 1893 Heeg, Shabbona, staying in Waterman, Lockwood, B.Y.P.U., oyster sociable, George Pensyl residence, enjoyable, Waterman Literary League, Giles, winter's work, ice pond, business, Richmond Bros. property, completed, removed 4 feet dirt, one acre, situated on John Fulle's farm, southwest of town, spring fed, fence being built, ice production, skating, fishing, Whitney, baby, boy, W.C.T.U., Meth., Ch., B.Y.P.U., Rev. Case, state convention, banner, Henderson, California, Congdon, Aurora, Wollenweber, clerking, business, Leifheit, ill, Yorkville, accident, S. S. Sherman, past editor of Waterman Champion, either dead or maimed, Iowa, Tomblin, Dr. Farley's aunt, November 4, 1893 Heeg, Shabbona, staying in Waterman 
008 005 049 1892, 1893, 1894  Scrapbook including Lockwood, Swift, visit, Whitney, baby, boy, B.Y.P.U., oyster supper, Pensyl's home, pleasant, Waterman Literary League, Giles, B.Y.P.U., received the "International Missionary Conquest Banner," hand painted on silk, Will Duffy's residence burned to the ground, Colby, visiting at Simpson's, Tomblin, R.K. Swift, visiting his parents, S.M. Swift, November 9, 1893 French, Culver, Sandwich, visited, Congdon's, Fri. and Sat., Congdon, Carrie, visiting aunt, Aurora, Mrs. Danie Starry, ill, Swift, Circuit Court, Tabiltha Thomason vs. Thomason, decided in favor of defendent, Mrs. Thomason, plaintiff, requested new trial, Roberts, William, building, large new corn crib, north east of town, Gunderson, Albert worked it last year, Teacher's Literary League, Giles, study, Mr Spalding, recitation, humorous piece, next meeting with Mrs. Sage, Baptist, Bible Day Services, corn husking, crop is very good, November 11, 1893 Roberts, William, building crib, farm known as Abby Farm, Mrs. H. Roberts, Chicago, Congdon, Aurora, B.Y.P.U., parsonage, Swift returned to Keokuk, Iowa, Waterman Literary League
008 005 050 1892, 1893, 1894  Scrapbook including Waterman Literary League, Giles, winter studies, Congdon, Christian Booth, returned to Waterman, few months confinement in Elgin asylum, November 16, 1893 Beehler, clerking, business, Henry Lamb's clothing store, Swift, Mr. and Mrs. S.M., thinking of going to Nebraska, Woods, Aurora, Clark, John H., visited in Waterman, Mattison, O.F., adding small addition to his home, Literary League, Sage's, Bible Day exercises, Baptist Ch., foggy week, Pogue, Aurora, Presbyterians, sociable, McDairmaid, W.C.T.U., Mrs. H. M. Swift, Leifheit, large sign, business front, store, "Post Office," Dr. Macklin, took Leland man to Chicago, horse kicked, Woolenweber, returned from Yorkville, resumed duties at Leifheit's Store, business, Griffith, arrived with their goods, occupy, rooms over Dean's Drug Store, business, Fred Martin, moved, house north of Fred Brown's, to house opposite Baptist Church, H. C. First, Alton, Ill., superintendent of Baptist State Mission, in town, Spencer, Henry, former resident, visiting, now from Deadwood, S. Dak., Griffith, Frank, well known Waterman ball player, signed by Anson, next year's Chicago team, North Clinton Cemetery Society, officers, Grace Lamb, Flora Tallman, Ida Sage, Mary Wakefield, November 18, 1893 Clark, John H., visited, W.C.T.U., Swift, large "Post Office" sign, front of G.H. Leifheit's store, convenient, oyster supper, Mrs. John D. McDiarmid, Pres. Ch., Frank Griffith, will play for Chicago
008 005 051 1892, 1893, 1894  Scrapbook including Frank Griffith, play for Chicago, next season, Martin, Fred, moved into home opposite Baptist Ch., Spencer, Henry, visiting, remains of Mr. Hamilton, Aurora, funeral Meth. Ch., former resident, Wollenwebber returned, short stay at his home in Yorkville, Pogue, November 23, 1893 Rowley, laid foundation for his house, Leifheit, visiting his parents, B.Y.P.U., parsonage, Mrs. Alice (Hipple) Dean, very ill in Peoria, Shermans, visiting, her parents, Greenwoods, W.C.T.U., Giles, large crowd, pleasant time, Pres. Ch. social, McDiarmaid's, funeral, death, Mrs. Cameron, Shabbona Grove, Mrs. Richard Harter's aunt, Literary League, Sage, next meeting, Congdon's,  J. R. Griffith, receiving his stock of goods, business, opening harness shop, rooms east of Will Whitford's Barber Shop, Baptist Sunday School, Bible Day, artificial ice pond, water running in, doesn't fill very fast, predicting no success, Starry, death at home, infant daughter, marriage, Ella Greenwood and Marc S. Chamberlain, at bride's parent's, Mr. and Mrs. George Greenwood, November, 25, 1893 bob sleds and cutters on streets, marriage Etta Greenwood and Marc Chamberlin of Sycamore, W.C.T. U., Giles, Mrs. Neal C. Dean, Peoria, very sick, Kowley, laid foundation for house, Bible Day, Literary League, Congdon's, Griffith, opened harness shop, business, rooms east of Will Whitford's barber shop, 
008 005 052 1892, 1893, 1894  Scrapbook including Orr, business, Waterman hardware merchant, well liked, death, Iowa, son, L.R. Orr visiting here, telegram, Starry, death, infant daughter, funeral at home, weather, December 6, 1893,B.Y.P.U. semi-annual election, Union Thanksgiving services, Baptist Church, McFarlane, Emma Henderson, Win. C. Bridge, public auction, on George Greenwood Farm, south of town, Epworth League, oyster supper, Meth. Ch., December 7, 1893 Henderson, visiting, Bridge, auction, W.H. Rickert, auctioneer, Spalding, G.L., visited Elburn friends, Robinson returned, Mrs. J.D. Roberts, rheumatism, Farley, Elnora, announced voice culture lessons, Pres. Ch., dinner and supper, at James Fulton Store, business, Greenwood, confined by sickness, Place, George Sr., sick but recovering, Griffith, Frank, homefor holidays, Fuller and Congdon, Sycamore on business, Austin, J. C., canvassing for "The World's Parliament of Religions," men starting out into the country, 
008 005 053 1892, 1893, 1894 Scrapbook including men starting out into the country with guns, Thanksgiving Day, rabbits suffered, B.Y.P.U., regular study meeting, semi-annual election of officers, Union Thanksgiving services, Baptist Ch., oyster supper, Epworth, Meth., fair sized crowd, Waterman Literary League, Congdon's, society in flourishing condition, C.R. Robinson, well known figure, riding a bicycle, common site, sold his wheel to G. L. Spalding, Case, Mrs. F. A., resumed Bible readings, Baptist, certain man went to DeKalb, started home sometime in the night, fell out of cutter, remained unconscious, freezing arms severely, serious consequences likely to follow, December 9, 1893 Clinton Township case, attracted good deal of interest among farmers, trial before Justice Hodge, dozen witnesses, Thomas Lynch sued Daniel Fuller and David Minnick, money for carrying their milk to dairy, swore he was tardy, didn't get home early with the sour milk, didn't  perform, couldn't show he ever missed, Lynch testified he performed his part faithfully, Justice held the defendents liable for the full season's term, rendered judgement for $43.71 against Fuller and Minick, they stated they would appeal December 13, 1893 "Coroner Hines Commits Suicide," coroner of DeKalb Co., Justice of the Peace, insurance agent, committed suicide, Belvidere hotel, found bathed in blood, gasping for breath, overdose laudanum, throat gashes, couldn't be saved, poor health, heart trouble, known as good natured, despondent, financial troubles, Roberts & Brown entered up $67.67 judgment, 
008 005 054 1892, 1893, 1894  Scrapbook including  Coroner Hines committed Suicide, (see earlier details in 008 005 053) resulting in Waterman Bank, Roberts and Brown judgement, unpaid accounts in DeKalb, wife, two little children, large circle of friends, Mrs. Thomas Thomason, Mrs. Finders, to Florida, Case, bible readings,Baptist, Mullens, Afton Twp., severely frozen, drunk, fear double amputation of arms, concert, Meth. Ch., Fuller, Woods, Condon, Richmond, Sycamore on business, drifted snow,  December 16, 1893 B.Y.P.U. elected officers, York, Pres., Wirt, V.P., Congdon, Treas., Whitford, Sec., court case, Houchin, Ed, vs. Kellum, Geo., tried before Justice Congdon, money for summer work, McCleery, James, Sycamore, Board of Supervisors, Howison, Bert, working in Chicago, McCormick, Will, Chicago business, Greenwood, Oren, visiting parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Greenwood, Farley, Eugene, Mr. and Mrs., moved into Richmond House, Eugene is Dr. Farley's brother, Henderson, Mrs. Emma, auction, household goods, in James's Fulton's store, business, Waterman Literary League, Sage, W.C.T.U., Giles, picnic supper, December 21, 1893 Abbey, Herbert, visiting friends, Chamberlain, Miss Mary, visiting, Greenwoods, George, Price, Elihu, sold farm, southeast of town, transfer, Henderson, H.M., $65., Wakefield, George, home from Champaign, one eye done up, Rowley, Willis, putting up house, north east, Hinds, T.H., Walker School, Dist. 2, Clinton Twp., Greeley, Carl, teacher, entertainment, Alford, R., residence, Harter, ill,
008 005 055 1892, 1893, 1894  Scrapbook including  Harter, Richard, ill, home in Waterman, improving, Stryker, Charles A., sold farm, public auction, livestock, farm implements, one mile north Waterman, Thomason, Thomas, in town, Florida, marriage, Kirkpatrick, Albert O., 23, and Kauffman, Sadie, 21, both of Clinton, Henderson, Mrs. Emma, auction sale, household goods, James Fulton Store, business, well attended, good prices, Presbyterians, served dinner and supper, James Fulton's Store room, Thursday, also selling home made candy and ice cream, Meth. Sunday School, Ferris Wheel, Christmas, Pres. Ch., tree, Baptist Ch., enormous plum pudding, Literary League, Sage, election of officers, president, Spalding, G.L., Sec., Porter, Miss Mae, Congdon, Carrie, mem. ex com., meeting at Giles, Kirkpatrick, Mrs. Smiley, death, at home, heart disease, Pres. Ch., born Anna M. Hipple, Pennsylvania, daughter of Lawrence and Sarah (Heafy) Hipple, l0 children, Mervin H., I. Frank, Emma S., (wife of Dr. Macklin), Ella, wife of Rev. St. Pierre, Persia missionary, William L., at home, Albert O., at home, many excellent qualities, many friends, Johnson's Grove Cemetery, "Olde Tyme Concert," Meth. Ch., grand success, participants, "Ichabod Deep Toned" Mercer, Carolina Angeline Roberts, Mehitable Sobriety Jerushy Lamb, Thankful Constance Rosebud Farley, Minerva Densilla Victoria Brown, Emma Dilila Penylope Zellar, Jemima Primrose Giles, Glorianna Susannah Grele, Jonothan Peachstone Thistle Brown, Obadiah Spindle Shanks, Grele, Milkiah Holdfast Grele, Hallelujah Eugene Place, Zaceous Short Brown, Elkizer Elijah Spalding, Master Odonijah Praisworthy Giles, Mehitable Hopkins Griffith, Belinda Ann Place, and Charity Sage, dressed old fashion, imitation of old times, comical indeed, programs unique, worthy of preservation, 18 recitations, songs, G. L. Spalding, Fred Brown, better than others, January 4, 1894 Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. E., Mighell, Mrs. Amanda, Aurora, Giles, Mrs. G.L., home to York state, mother's death, Kirkpatrick, Smiley, daughter, Macklin, Mrs. Emma,    
008 005 056 1892, 1893, 1894  Scrapbook including  Smiley Kirkpatrick, daughter, Macklin, Mrs. Emma, going to Californina, spending winter, B.Y.P.U., Waterman Literary League, Giles, Orr, Miss Nina, Downers Grove, visiting, W.C.T.U., Dixon, Y.P.S.C.E., met at Mr. McFarlane's residence, elected officers, Pres., Miss Ida Kirkpatrick, V.P., Miss Mary Reid, Sec., Mrs. McFarlane, Treas., Henry Fulle, Stone, R.B., photographer, in Waterman, Harter, R.K., worked for E.W. Granart, moved to Sandwich, Hegg, Miss Minnie, Crowell, George, Greenwood, Oren, returned to Chicago, works on streetcars, Chamberlain, Mr. and Mrs. Marc, Christmas, Waterman, home of her parents, Greenwood, Mr. and Mrs. George, Dixon, Mrs. Syrus, visiting, Campbell, Sherman, working in Chicago, visited, Kirkpatrick, Niles, bride, visiting, his sister, Brown, Mrs. Fred, Board of Supervisors, Jas. McCleery, Sup., rec'd. $173.82, care of paupers, Wesson, S.D., rec'd $48, Woods, I.S., Afton, rec'd $104. and used $28.05, Spalding, Gates L., Normandin, Miss Eliza, Plano, Christmas, parents, Normandin, Mr. and Mrs. Peter, E. Dean's Meat Market, business, sign over cellar door, "Republican Headquarters," Modern Woodmen, entertainment, installation, supper, Roberts, Wm., grand juror, Feb. term, Bradbury, Harry, June term  January 10, 1894 Harter, R.K., worked for Granart, E.W., moved, Chamberlins, Christmas, Waterman with Greenwoods, Rose, George, photographer of Leland, works here on Mondays, Y.P.S.C.E., Pres. Ch., met at McFarlane's, officers, Pres., Ida Kirkpatrick, V.P., Mary Reid, Sec., Mrs. McFarlane, Treas., Henry Fulle, Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Ed and children, Mighell, Mrs. Amanda, came to Waterman, visited Wakefield, G.W., Giles, Mrs. Leroy, death, mother, New York State, Colton, C.W., Big Rock, Meeting, Big Rock Mutual Fire Insurance Comp., marriage, Gilchrist, Andrew, and    
008 005 057 1892, 1893, 1894  Scrapbook including  Andrew Gilchrist, marriage, to Stewart, Lizzie, residence of Alexander Stewart, Victor, Rev. Gilchrist, Alexander, performed service, brother of groom, Waterman Literary League, Giles, January 13, 1894 stock, ten carloads, six of cattle, four of colts, arrived here, W.L. Ellwood's, shipped from his Texas ranch, Ellwood and several others, drove them across to one of his farms, Macklin, Charlie, lawyer, Aurora, Merrit, Wesley, death, several years of sickness, Rev. Morley, revival services, Meth. Ch., accident, freight train, backed into carriage, Cox, Mrs. Frank, driving across the railroad, west crossing, smashed buggy wheels, not injured, Potter, Wm., recovering, Potter, Isaac, was here, Roberts, J.D., brought suit, Martin, George, several local witnesses, Congdon, G.G. was one, G.A.R. installation, B.Y.P.U., Whitney, E.N., lived on Simpson Farm, now occupies Charles Stryker's Farm, owned by Wilder Potter, continues to hall milk to Hinckley, January 18, 1894 Waterman Literary League, Giles, Wirtz, Presbyterian Church, beautiful clock, W.C.T.U., Mrs. Dixon, Chamberlain, Mrs. Marc, visiting, Macklin, Charles, Aurora, lawyer, Mr. Sawyer, Greentown, sudden death, Kirchhefer, Herman, entertained cousin, Bohlsen, Nebraska, Wheeler, Miss Lucy, death, at parent's, Wheeler, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. P., Clinton, Woods, Wesley, son of Woods, David, kicked and stepped on by a horse, injuring his ears, Roberts, J.D., public auction, farm 1 and 1/2 miles south and 1 mile west of Waterman, where Kellum, George resides, Marshall, Joe, well known, injured, thrown from wagon, knocked insensible, side of head badl y hurt, carried into store at Carlton and cared for, 
008 005 058 1892, 1893, 1894  Scrapbook including Y.P.S.C.E., Pres. Ch., Case, Liefheit & Richmond, business, charging, 10 cents, skate on their ice pond, well patronized, Modern Woodmen, drama, "Uncle Tom's Cabin," served supper, immense crowd, 80 Hinckley people, 40 of them plus 100 Waterman folks couldn't find seats, those from Hinckley returning on the 8:30 train, proceeds $65., repeated at Hinckley the next week, January 20, 1894 Wood, Charles, DeKalb, peddling brooms, Wheeler, Miss Lucy, death, parent's home, Marshall, Joe, son of Marshall, John, formerly of Waterman, severely hurt at Carlton, thrown from wagon, unconscious for sometime, Sawyer, one-half mile south of Greentown, accidently drank carbonic acid, mistaken for beer, died before doctor could reach him, ice pond, opened last week, skating, charge of 10 cents, M.W.A. installation and entertainment, grand success, 300 people witnessed "Uncle Tom's Cabin," 125 turned away, Mackin, Charles, opening law office, Aurora, Roberts, J.D., sale on Hill Farm, Kellum, George, lived there, large attendance, everything sold well, especially cows, $30-$60 per head, Bohlsen, Herman, Nebraska, visiting brother, Kirchhefer, Herman January 25, 1894 Mr. Gilbert, Aurora, out on business, Mrs. Seeley, Paw Paw, visited Mrs. Geo. Place, Little, Miss Ellen, Ashton, arrived in town, Henderson, Mrs. Emma, starts for Pennsylvania, visit relatives, Potter, Wm., suddenly taken ill, paralyzed one side, Austin, James C., open a shoe shop, business, rear of Herman Kirchhefer's Store, Kirk, Will, attend school at Monmouth, Bert will carry on farm, Williamson, Rev., assist at Meth. Ch., Congdon, G.E., Morgan Park Academy, awarded free membership, Giles, Mrs. Theodore, returned from New York, death of her mother, Fraser, Harry, business, no longer clerks for G.H. Leifheit, will become commercial traveler for Chicago, Potter, Isaac, DeKalb,   
008 005 059 1892, 1893, 1894  Scrapbook including Potter, Isaac, DeKalb, in town last week, proposed for coroner, Farley, Mrs. Dr., and daughter Nora, reside in Chicago, to complete Miss Nora's education, Epworth League, Meth. Ch., Tucker, Miss Minnie, old blacksmith shop, business, belonging to Thompkins, Charles, one of Waterman's oldest landmarks, torn down, to be replaced by new, larger one, Lesse, Jacob, Iowa, former resident of vicinity, arrived with load of milch cows, cows are high here, herd of 23, average $34. 82, Roberts, J.D.'s sale, B.Y.P.U., Miss Lib McDairmid, Congdon, John S., Rogers, marriage, Rogers, Miss Maude A., 16, well known, and Wyman, James H., 23 of Malta, January 27, 1894 Henderson, Mrs. Emma, visiting Pennsylvania relatives, Seeley, Mrs., Paw Paw, visited Place, Miss Blanch, Austin, J.C., starting shoe repair, business, behind Herman Kirchher's harness shop, Kirkpatrick, Will, give up farming for awhile, attending Monmouth school, brother Bert will carry on farm, Macklin, Dr., attending Dr. York, Shabbona, lately ill, Congdon, Morgan Park student, free scholarship, Little, Miss Ellen, Ashton, in town, Gross, L.M., visited public schools, Waterman Literary League, Spalding, at Phillip's residence, Tompkins, Charles, tore down old blacksmith shop, Leese, Jacob, Iowa, arrived with milch cows, sold at auction, Tansing, Theodore, advertised to be in town to purchase horses, horses and dealers came, Caldwell, Dick, Shabbona, Harper, Paw Paw, and others, Harper purchased several, few sold, prices too low, Gilbert, Aurora, in town, Potter, Isaac, DeKalb, also here, Scoggins, Mrs., death, lived west of Pritchard's Grove,  North Clinton Cemetery, February 1, 1894 Roberts, J.D., shipped, carload of horses, Chicago, Swift, Mrs. S.N., sick abed for a number of days, W.C.T.U., Andrews,                                                  
008 005 060 1892, 1893, 1894  Scrapbook including W.C.T.U., picnic supper, Robert's, J.D., young folks party, Literary League, met with Gates L. Spalding, home of A.H. Phillips, Macklin, Charles, attorney-at-law, Aurora, visiting Waterman, has a notice in The Leader, Heun, Miss Laura, of Iowa, formerly Waterman, visiting former friends and schoolmates, Daley, Will, very seriously ill, not expected to survive, Matlock, Tim, returned from Pennsylvania, visiting, Y.P.S.C.E., meeting led by president, Ida Kirkpatrick, Rev. Case will lead, marriage, Streeter, George, Lake City, Iowa, and Mahon, Miss Mary, Rev. Robinson, Bedford, John, failed to tell his friends where he went, Rev. Williamson, Meth., Rev. Galt, Pres. Ch., Rev. Williamson, Potter, Leslie, six year old son, Potter, Ed, DeKalb, died recently, brought to Waterman, funeral at Wm. Potter's, basket social, George Pensyl residence, pupils, Walker School, Dist. 2, Carl Greeley, teacher, Epworth League, Meth. Ch., Wheeler, Lucy, born Vermont, 1835, came to Illinois in 1851, with parents Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler, residence in south part of Clinton, death, Leifheit & Richmond, business, ice cutting, water is two feet deep, ice 9" deep, Richmond Bros. filled their icehouse first, Leas, J.K., Ida Grove, Iowa, brought carload of milch cows, selling at auction, D.B. Stryker, auctioneer, good prices, Mr. Leas visited with old friends, February 7, 1894 Leifheit & Richmond, business, cutting ice on their ice pond, employed a good force for a number of days, ice 9" thick, several carloads of stock shipped, Waterman Literary League, Mr. Spalding, A.H. Phillips residence, Keun, Miss Laura visiting former friends and classmates, Daley, William, death, at home, two miles west of Waterman, remains to Leland, Potter, six year old son, Potter, Ed, Matlock, Tim, stopped off at Waterman, 
008 005 061 1892, 1893, 1894 Scrapbook including Tim Matlock stopped off at Waterman, returning from Pennsylvania,Williamson, closed meetings, Meth. Ch., Rose, George, moving, California, business, closing photographic gallery, Frank Kirkpatrick, ill, M.W.A., officers elected, Venerable Consul, J.H. Bedford, Worthy Advisor, H.S. Austin, Clerk, Will Whitford, Banker, W.S. Bishop, Physician, W.K. Farley, Escort, F.A. Whitney, Watchman, N.F. Davenport, Sentry, John Wardecker, Delegate, J.H. Bedford, Principal Taxpayers of Clinton for 1894, Brown Bros., $328. Mrs. H. Roberts, $306., J.D. Roberts, Wm. Howison, $181., H.M. Greeley, $156., H.L. Fuller, $132., W.W. Roberts, $131., H. Kirkpatrick, $128., G.W. Wakefield, $106., H. Challand, $102., S. Kirkpatrick, $101., G.J. Herrick, $91., H. Gilbert, $86., John Hipple, $86., G.G. Congdon, $83. H. Scott, $80., R. Humphrey, $67., assessed valuation of Clinton property, Clinton township taxes, exp. dog-$85. February 8, 1894 Mrs. S.M. Swift, ill, out again, Resse Kirkpatrick, in town, Bedford, John H., returned to Waterman, Meth. Ch. banquet, Gunderson, Albert, lives on W.W. Robert's farm, northeast of town, large public auction, Austin, James C., mending boots and shoes, business, rear of Herman Kirchefer's harness shop, Bradbury, Mrs. Fannie, Arcola, visiting her uncle, A. Bradbury, Austin & Whitney, business, blacksmiths, wagon makers, new shop, erected by Charles Tompkins, township Sunday School convention, Afton Center Church, ice harvest, business, Leifheit & Richmond, finished, all have filled icehouses, skating on the pond, George Rose, business, photograph gallery, George Rose, closing soon, Will Daley, prominent farmer, short illness, death, service at house, Leland burial, George Daley, brother, and Fred Downey, both of Chicago attended, marriage, Miss Sadie Kauffman and Albert O. Kirkpatrick, bride's parents, Rev. Highfield, traveled to York, Neb., visit brothers of groom and sister of bride, Y.P.S.C.E., meeting, 
008 005 062 1892, 1893, 1894  Scrapbook including Y.P.S.C.E., meeting, "True Possessions and How to Get Them," leader, Henry Fulle, B.Y.P.U., meeting, F.E. Wirtz, leader, February 10, 1894 Reese Kirkpatrick, returning to Waterman, some of his good arrived, Will Daley, death, prominent farmer, west of town, wife, four children, several carloads of stock shipped, Miss Fannie Bradbury, Arcola, Ill., visiting uncle, A. Bradbury, marriage, Miss Sadie Kauffman and Albert O. Kirkpatrick, home of Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Kauffman, Albert Gunderson, public auction, stock, farm implements, John H. Clark, visited, Harry Giles, commences work at Oberlin College soon, mother will go with him, board him while he's in school, J.D. Roberts, administrator, Will Daley estate, February 15, 1894 Fred Brown, Iowa, Frank Bowker, in town, storm, wintery, Mr. and Mrs. L.H. Waite, baby, girl, Thomas Thomason, Downer's Grove, in town, Reese Kirkpatrick, returning from Seattle, gone 5 years, Mrs. Celia Giles, going to Ohio, coming year, son Harry will be at Oberlin College, Ernest Swift, visiting parents, Mr. and Mrs. S.M. Swift, Albert Gunderson, auction, Lorenzo Waite, auction, M.W.A., entertainment, Charles Maklin, Aurora, attending to Waterman lawsuit, Waterman Literary League, Miss Sage, village school, entertainment, short play, speaking, exercises, J.D. Roberts, appointed administrator, Wm. H. Daley estate, Ladies Aid Society, concert, supper, Masonic Hall, anniversary of Washington's Birthday, supper 15              
008 005 063 1892, 1893, 1894  Scrapbook including Ladies Aid supper, 15 cents, Y.P.S.C.E., Leader, Miss Lillie M. Jones, February 21, 1894 A.N. Thompson, 75, death, sudden, formerly lived south west Greentown, moved to Waterman last year, liked by all, Richmond Bros., broke down engine, used J.S. Swanson's thresher engine, running the cheese factory for several days, Albert Gunderson, family, gone to Lee, work in elevator, George Martin took up a load of goods for him, ice shipped from Waterman to Shabbona, cut from Leifheit & Richmond's ice pond, Baptist Church, free lecture, Waterman dramatic club, "The Diamond Mystery," Masonic Hall, concert and supper, Masonic Hall, Meth. Ch. ladies aid society, February 22, 1894 Rev. Robinson benefit, donation, Mr. N. Merrit's home, large crowd, proceeds over $60., Old Settlers, losing one by one, Mr. Andrew Thompson, services at son-in-law Mr. W. Sawyer's home, Wesson's cemetery, "Sarah Jennette Gilchrist," "The sad intelligence was flashed over the wires on Sunday afternoon that Nettie Gilchrist had died at the home of her brother, Rev. Alexander Gilchrist, Richmond, Ind., of typhoid fever.  She was going to visit her sister, Mrs. Jennie McKnight, Hebron, N.Y., left here is best of health and spirits, crushing force to family, she has loyally labored as daughter, sister, and housekeeper," born in Hebron, N.Y., came west with family 1850, resided on Clinton homestead since, body brought home by brother Alexander, accompanied by Mr. S. E. Jones and B.B. Myrick, U.P. Church, Rev. Chalmers, Oak Mound Cemetery, pall bearers, George McEachron, J. W. Mercer, Gilbert Henry, George Howison, William Beveridge, Taylor Beveridge, she realized gravity of her illness, expressed to brother she was fully prepared, left messages of love to relatives and instructions on her affairs, and passed, 
008 005 064 1892, 1893, 1894  Scrapbook including the end of Sarah Jennette Gilchrist's detailed description of death and arrangements, February 24, 1894 Waterman people well supplied with entertainment, Dramatic Club, "The Diamond Mystery," Masonic Hall, temperance lecture, Miss Bradley, Meth. Ch., Dr. Hargreaves, Chicago, lectured, Baptist Church, Meth. ladies aid society, Colonial concert, supper, Masonic Hall, young man, Univ. of Chicago, missionary, Africa, lecture, Baptist Ch., S.M. Swift, sick, very low, now improving, William Potter, severe illness, on streets again, Leifheit & Richmond, business, cutting ice again, better quality, not as thick, second cutting, Albert Gunderson, moved to Lee, engine at Richmond Bros. Butter Factory, business, gave out, used J.S. Swanson's thresher engine, running the factory, court case of murder, against Frank Tuller, Smith Avery, struck over the head by Tuller, killed, Avery had been stealing corn in field, came after Tuller, overtook Tuller driving with wife and children, sprang from buggy, grabbed Tuller's horse, Tuller hit him with his gun, it is said Tuller was out driving for pleasure, had been hunting, thought Avery was "holding him up," several people had been stopped while driving, case will be energetically pursued, also several sensational divorces on the docket, weather, March 1, 1894 Russel Alford, candidate for collector, Miss Badley, missionary in India, lecture, Meth. Ch., Swift School, Dist. 9, basket social, $23. some baskets brought up to $3., John Morrison and daughter-in-law moved
008 005 065 1892, 1893, 1894  Scrapbook including John Morrison, daughter-in-law, moved into James Fulton house, transfer, recently bought Harry Fraser house, Pres. Ch., Japanese tea, Woodmen's Hall, F.E. Wirtz, brother visiting, William Potter, sick so long, out on streets again, Mrs. C.H. Starkey and daug., visiting Congdons, J.D. Roberts and W.A. Congdon, Chicago, 3 carloads of stock, Dr. Hargraves, didn't appear for temperance lecture, Bert Potter, moving to Waterman, J.E. Hardy's farm, Clinton jurors, grand jurors, Wm. Roberts, petit jurors, Henry Bridge, W.J. Randles, Chas. Stryker, Geo. Hall, donation, held at Nathaniel Merrit residence, near Greentown, for Rev. Robinson, preaching at school house, $60. raised, Christian Endeavor Society, leader Mrs. Inda Andrews, Baptist B.Y.P.U., leader Miss Lillie Jones, James H. Blake, missionary, Africa, Baptist Ch., curiosities, boa constrictor skin, March 3, 1894 Senator C.F. Greenwood, called at newspaper, returned from Iowa, settling some business interests, planning to erect a new residence on his Clinton farm, intends to pass the remainder of his days there, no place like Clinton Twp., jury case, continuation of old trouble between George Wakefield and George Herrick, Herrick had James Smith as a tenant on his farm, by agreement, Herrick was to do all the selling, he informed Wakefield, a grain buyer, to buy of Smith nothing which came from the farm, unless Smith had Herrick's written order to sell, Smith however, went to Wakefield, told him Herrick had told him to haul off $100. worth of grain and pay certain accounts with the money, Wakefield bought the grain and paid Smith for it, Herrick repudiated the deal, denied giving Smith verval orders to sell, Wakefield had to pay Herrick $151. for the grain and other property purchased of Smith, Wakefield now sued to recover this and the jury found in his favor, March 8, 1894 Waterman hosting school officers meeting, school directors, trustees, township treasurers, teachers for nine southern townships of DeKalb Co., purpose to discuss duties of school officers
008 005 066 1892, 1893, 1894  Scrapbook including school officers meeting, for the purpose of  discussing duties of all school officials, school law, uniformity of text books, employment of teachers by year instead of term, better means of carrying on schoolwork, Prof. McCormick, Normal, Hon. B.F. Wyman, Mrs. White, of Sandwich, Miss Edith Patten, others, will address, all interested in school work, invited, Lewis M. Gross, Co. Supt., Ed Plan, hanging wallpaper, Al Hall in town, Albert Kirkpatrick,candidate for collectors office, Thomas Thomason, Downers Grove, in town, Albert Gilchrist, building a new barn in spring, now hauling material, E.P. Orr, Downers Grove, in town, room over R.G. Ferguson's store, business, occupied by Charles Stryker family, Miss Kate Plant, staying at Dr. Macklin's, returned to Lee, Waterman Dramatic Club, present "Uncle Tom's Cabin," Shabbona audience, great success, William Richmond, will put up a house on lots opposite R. Humphrey's residence, Rev. Delos Tompkins, lectured, Meth. Ch., Hon. C.F. Greenwood, visiting brother and friends in Waterman, True Republican reports Greenwood will build new house on his farm near Waterman, take up residence, transfers, Chas. A. Johnson to Johanna Daley, land on section 18, town of Clinton, $4,350, C.J. Stryker to W.G. Potter, land on Section 10, town of Clinton, $6,000., George Wakefield, Sycamore, on his suit, Wakefield vs. Herrick, grain sales, Henry Heeg, visiting Mr. Case's folks, Jones and Pease parlor concert company, entertainment, Baptist Ch., Miss L. Eloise Spoor, violinist, Shabbona, W.M. Pease, Mr. M.M. Jones, M.F. Spoor, fine music, 25 cents, social to be held at Carlton Store, Friday evening, Mar. 9, 1894, Whitford School, Dist. 1, entertainment, Baptist Ch. services every other Sunday, instead of first and third,  March 10, 1894 Rev. Delos Tompkins, Meth. Ch., Mr. Husk, teaching in high room of our school,
008 005 067  1892, 1893, 1894 Scrapbook Pres. Ch., Japanese tea, Woodmen's hall, Albert Kirkpatrick announced he is a candidate for collector, along with N.F. Davenport, Russell Alford, and several others, Y.P.S.C.E., leaders Miss Mary Reid, F.E. Wirtz, school officers meeting, Hon. C.F. Greenwood, visiting, school entertainment, great success, violin solo, Jessie Leifheit, dialogue by Burdella and Hattie Farley, characters of Scub by Frank Gile, Peter Paragraph by Corydon Fallman, play, "Among the Breakers," were very finely done, Will Kirkpatrick, attending school, Chattanooga, Tenn., Concer, Baptist Ch., benefit B.Y.P.U.,  March 15, 1894 town caucus, Mrs. A.H. Phillips fell down, broke her arm, Isaac Kirkpatrick, house shingled, Wm. Wheeler, quite sick, transfer, sold his farm to Lyman Whitford, George Congdon, Sycamore on business, Soren Larson, candidate for collector, Wm. P. Wheeler, auction, D.B. Stryker, auctioneer, Johnson Grove School, Dist. 1, entertainment, 10 cents, Henry Bridge, expecting family from the east, they will work little farm he rented northwest of town, Jackson Myers, moved to Simpson farm, he rented it for a year, E.N. Whitney moved over onto the road north of town, no preaching Meth. Ch. last Sunday, illness of relatives, no Baptist service either, Pres. overflowing, County Supt. Gross, in town, held teacher examinations, David Hohenshild's daughter, May, and her husband in town, will stay if they find a house, H. Roberts, sale at farm, 2 1/2 miles south and 1/2 mile east of Waterman, good part of property went very cheap, Saturday evening's bad weather, Jones & Pease concert at Baptist Ch., not very large audience, 70 present, fine music, Waterman Literary League, Mrs. Celia Giles residence, next meeting with Mrs. Sage, Scott & Bedford, dissolving partnership, Mr. Bedford retiring, sorry to see him leave,   
008 005 068 1892, 1893, 1894  Scrapbook including Pres. Ch., cleared $25. at their Japanese tea, some were in Japanese costumes, school officers meeting, Prof. McCormick, of Normal, Hon. B.F. Wyman, and others will speak, school entertainment, Masonic Hall, grand success, proceeds $31.25, Corydon Tallman in the character of Peter Paragraph, play "Among the Breakers," was fine, Frank Giles as "Scud," a colored person, also excellent, Miles Henderson, serious accident, shelling corn, tumbling rod fell down, he took hold of it when it twisted his mitten up, tearing off his thumb, Herman Kirchhefer, Ernest Granart, businesses, just put up awnings, Kirchhefer's harness shop also painted, Wm. Richardson, hauled stone, work has commenced on the cellar B418to his house, he will build on the corner south of R. Humphrey's, Ed Card and family, moved from Shabbona Grove to house south of Dr. Farley's, recently vacated by Mr. Myers, March 17, 1894 S.M. Henderson, one thumb torn off while shelling corn, workmen commenced operation on the cellar for Wm. Richmond's house, across the street south from R. Humphrey's, Ed Card family, moved into the house south of Dr. Farley's, vacated by Mr. Myers and family, Mrs. A.H. Phillips, broke her arm, fell, town caucus, 70 attended concert by Jones & Pease, Baptist Ch., bad weather, marriage, John H. Clark and Jennie Dean, residence of Mr. and Mrs. E. Dean, farmers are plowing, March 22, 1894 marriage, Dean residence, Thursday noon, Miss Jennie Dean to John H. Clark, of Mayfield, many relatives from abroad were present, Mrs. Robert Mercer, Chicago, visiting, Mrs. F.A. Case, passed last week in Chicago, W.A. Congdon, Fred Tomkins, Mr. Card, and others attended horse sale in DeKalb, Miss Laura Huen, visited, village people making their gardens, Pres. Ch. ladies, furnish dinner, LaGrange building, election day, Epworth League, Meth. Ch., leader George Darling, union temperance meeting,
008 005 069 1892, 1893, 1894 Scrapbook including temperance meeting, Meth. Ch., program, quartette music, Mrs. Cynthia Roberts, Mrs. Minnie Brown, Messrs. Highfield and Wirtz, solo by Ethel Whitney, addresses by Mrs. Beede of Aurora, spoke entertainingly and presented many facts to be considered, real estate transfers, A. Hinds, by heirs, to J.E. Hardy, land on Sec 29, 30, town of Clinton, $850., J.W. McAllister and wife to D.S. Kennedy land on section 12, town of Victor, $4,800., H. Root to William Bowker, land on section 7, town of Clinton, $550., B.Y.P.U., hold ralley, Rev. Pierce, Rockford, Rev. Stucker, Aurora, Rev. Summer, Hinckley, J.O. Staples, Pres. of the Assoc., Rev. McGinnis, Sandwich, delegates expected from all Baptist Churches in Aurora Association, school officers meeting, complete success, held Meth. Ch., talks by Miss Patten, Hon. B.F. Wyman, Prof. McCormick, "History," incidents in our state, Wyman spoke on "school houses and grounds," much improvement could be made in one particular, construction and beautifying grounds, planting trees, keeping everything in repair, in which many directors are remiss, teachers attended from distances, our own people turned out in good numbers, March 24, 1894 ladies of Pres. Ch., serve dinner in Lagrange building, township election day, much plowing done, no oats sowed, school commenced again, primary and intermediate, Walker School, Dist. 2, Carl Greeley teacher, holding series of sociables, realized $30., goes to school library, Mr. and Mrs. John H. Clark, moving on to the farm in Mayfield, belonging to Mr. Clark's father, Rev. F.A. Case, Chicago Univ., G. Congdon, of Morgan Park, home for vacation, Rev. Case won't resume school, union temperance meetin, Meth. Ch., Mrs. Beede, Aurora, addressed the audience, gardening has begun, B.Y.P.U., banner rally, School officers' meeting, success, large crowd, caucus nominations, Town clerk, R.G. Ferguson, Assessor, S.M. Henderson, Collector, N.F. Davenport, Commissioner of Highways, Fay Scott, Constable, N.F. Davenport, Trustee of Schools, T.H. Robinson,
008 005 070 1892, 1893, 1894  Scrapbook including weather, Professor F.M.Webster, degree of master of  science, Mrs. Nancy Graham, Nancy Livingston, born 1819, Ohio, married Isaac Graham, 1839, died April 20, 1894, four months and five days after her husband, came to Ill. 1853, settled where they have alway resided, industrious, quiet, always thinking of others, five children, Mary J. Edward, Alex, John, Anna, remains followed to the grave by a large concours of loving friends, attending from abroad, Mr. and Mrs. D.G. Graham, Mr. and Mrs. R.G. Ferguson, Mr. and  Mrs. H.O. Spencer, Dr. and Mrs. J.C. David, Mr. J.C. Hayes, pall bearers, Alex Howison, John Beveridge, John McCleery, Smith Mercer, Henry Winter, Duncan McCallum, Oak Mound Cemetery, weather
008 005 071 1892, 1893, 1894  Scrapbook including Jones & Rogers, won another case, Supreme Court, in circuit court, DeKalb Co., Herrick vs. James and Thomas Lynch, they appeared for Lynch and won, Herrick took case to appellate and the lower decision was sustained, Herrick then appealed it to Supreme Court, Jones and Rogers were made happy because the lower courts sustained the lower courts, Herrick had loaned Lynch money, had taken a deed to their land, Lynch asserted the deed was given only to secure Herrick for the money loaned, that he had paid Herrick the money loaned, had paid Herrick more than was his due, should have the land deeded back, court ordered Herrick to deed back the land and return $150. of money paid by Lynch, long and complicated case, weather, hot days, high temps for 13 years, Roswell Dow, Waterman to have miniature world's fair, board of managers, S.M. Henderson, Selwyn Greeley, Mrs. Zellar, Hr. McFarlane, Misses Ia Kirkpatrick, Nellie Fulle, Mr. G.E. Congdon, J.S. Congdon, 
008 005 072 1892, 1893, 1894  Scrapbook including plans for miniature World's Fair in Waterman, committee listed on previous page, rent vacant downtown building, exhibition of curiosities, relics, souvenirs, works of skill and art, anything unususal, principal families expected to take space, family exhibits, friendly rivalry, best and neatest exhibit, Sept., record kept of paid admissions, announcement made on public bulletin board, exhibits mainly under glass, guarded day and night, guards will explain items, pattern largely after Columbian Exhibition, not open on Sun., no beer, after expenses, profits go to 3 churches, board of managers assured of exhibits from every country on the globe, relics of old times, wars, early settlement, souvenirs from mountain and seaside, coins, autographs, stamps, eggs, insects, all on loan, applications for space, less than 1 inch of rain in August, 
008 005 073 1892, 1893, 1894 Scrapbook including meeting of the World's Fair managers, considerably long, location determined, Masonic Hall, concession committee, Mrs. Bert Dean, Mr. S.M. Henderson, Miss Ida Kirkpatrick, inviting schools and churches to exhibit, also W.C.T.U., art exhibit, admission 15 cents, encouraging second or third visits, opening exercises including short address and music, Old Settlers' Picnic, bright and clear, Pres. Deck Wesson, opening address, thankful for: potato crop, Congress adjourned, good rains, no rain today, Rev. Robinson, spoke of old settlers, confidence in self, neighbors, and God, large crowd, few old settlers or children, Freeland Plow Boy Band played, goodly number of stands, not a money spending crowd, some races, chief attraction, ball game between DeKalb and Aurora nines, Aurora winning, one of the most interesting ever played in grove, drew largest crowd, tallies slow and easy, quibbles, unable to declare winner, also Rollo and Johnson's Grove boys played, score 16 to 5, in favor of the Grove, roads a little muddy, only dry day of the week, 
008 005 074 1892, 1893, 1894  Scrapbook including Old Settlers' Picnic continued, souvenirs, printed ribbon badges, from abroad, M.V. Allen, Aurora, Morris P. Brown, Aurora, William Comins, Serena, Hiram M. Waterman, Orleans, Nebraska, all old settlers in this county, also Judge C.A. Bishop, A.S. Kinsloe, L.M. Gross, S.T. Armstrong, county officers, Miniature World's Fair, schools have been invitied to exhibit, concessions, ice cream, lemonade, tea, lunches, daily paper will be published, Miniature World's Fair held, 923 paid admissions, large amount of room taken by tables, booths, showcases, 200 visitors at a time, receipts from all sources, $223.88, Board of Managers exhausted, financial results surpassed fondest hopes, greatest praise was ever increasing numbers from further distances, weather, rainiest Sept. in 14 years, 6 inches of snow in November, 
008 005 075 1892, 1893, 1894  Scrapbook including Isaac Kirkpatrick poem tribute, Men called him poor, but he was richer by far, than those who count their wealth in lands and gold, Men do not know how very poor they are, Whose title deeds are all thewealth they hold, But he was rich, rich in an honest name, Rich in the love of a neighbor, wife, and child, And passing rich in love of him who came, To lead men upward to the Undeflied, And he was rich in heirship to a crown, Which, only yesterday, seemed far away:-But in the night God sent a message dwon And he was entered on his reight todayl  he nobly lives who lives for others weal, leaving the unkind word, or thought, unspoken, Binding all hearts to his with bands of steel, Which come what may, can never more be broken. But O, how sad to live for self alone!  To drive all others from our thoughts away, Tis passing strange that hearts should turn to stone, And change creep o'er us as the hair turns gray.  But twas not thus with him, -our brother,- friend, He lived in sight of all, - and all could seeHow true and faithful, -even to the end, That it is possible for man to be.  "If only he had lived," his children cried, "To rest a little, ere the night came on: He worked so hard, even to the hour he died, And did not get the rest he fairly won." "Work while 'tis called To-day," the Savior said: "The night of death is surely nigh, Blessed is he who, when the Master comes, Is watching found," not idly standing by.  So he was watching when the summons came; Not idly dreaming fateful hours away; But working ever in the Master's name. And now he rest thro' Heaven's eternal day." Isaac Kirkpatrick's tribute. weather, warmest April in 14 years, 
008 005 075b 1892, 1893, 1894 Scrapbook including Chronology of the County, Events of the past year worth preserving, published 13 years, valuable compilation made annually by Prof. George Edward Congdon, Historian and Genealogist, Jan. 9 Wm. Henry Keene, Victor Twp., died; Mrs. L.M. McEwen died,  Annual Meeting of the DeKalb County Telephone Company held at Sycamore.  A proposition was made to purchase property and rights of the Exchange Telephone Company for $22, 500., which however was rejected by the latter company at their meeting, Jan. 11, William H. Robinson, Alexander Campbell Sivwright, first annual exhibition of Kishwaukee Poultry and Fanciers', Henry Mills Boardman, Shabbona, Otto Lueth, Skovgaard Concert, Swedish Lutheran Church, Earl Drake Concert Company appeared, Edmund Vance Cooke, Sandwich Opera House, DeKalb Review published Pattens of Evanston interested in financially supporting the DeKalb Co. Hist. Soc., new edifice on Sandwich Congregational Ch., Feb.Announced the lines of Aurora, Elgin, and Chicago Railroad extensions from Yorkville to Plano, Sandwich, Somonauk, Stephen Worden, Malta, disappeared, Dr. J.C. David, Sandwich doctor, died, Milk Producers met, Dixon District Ministerial Assoc., Meth., met, Sandwich citizens petitioned to pave Main Street, Sycamore attorney Joseph B. Stephens, died, William Kannally rejected for seat of B.B. Smiley in state leg., Kingston Baptist Ch. burned to the ground, David Depue Brown, former DeKalb mayor, died, Mar. John Deitz, farm hand, struck by train east of Somonauk, killed, Austin Gates White, former Sandwich mayor, died
008 005 076 1892, 1893, 1894  Scrapbook including DeKalb County Republican Convention, court house crowded to capacity, every town in county represented and extra prominent republicans, S.L. Graham, unanimous choice for chairman, VanGalder, Ray Whittemore, Pierce, Hampton, Ellwood, Carnes, Hills, Fahs, dined at half past eleven, adjourned to Ward House, 125 sat down, list of delegates by town, Clinton Twp., H.L. Fuller, James McCleery, Geo. Wakefield, J.D. Roberts, Loren Larson, Afton Twp. James McDole, G.E. Mosher, Z.T. Wheeler, I.S. Woods, Victor Twp. E.J. Schrader, Charles Arnold, Henry Loucks, Aline Warren, Squaw Grove, B.K. Favor, Geo. Harrington, James Fahs, Wallace Gilchrist, A.J. Miller, Pierce Twp. M.L. Posson, R. Renwick, George Schule, Fuller, Ellwood, Dutton amended wording of procedure on Senatorial delegates, Clinton delegate arose, in serious tone, objected to motion by Mr. Congdon, delegates hushed, wondered what possible objection could come when the county was unanimous for the judge, "I object to the motion because the one who made it is not a delegate in this convention!" shout went up, delegate made a motion, carried with a hurrah, Judge Bishop called and made a turn on the incident, Congdon was then called for, true he was not a delegate, but was Republican, Pierce, Kinsloe, best speech of his life, Jackson, Wells, Shabbona, Cole, Foster, Whittemore, Carnes, resolutions, induced to try an experiment, great prosperity, had enough change, pilot the old ship of state, munitions of war, endorse Honorable Judge A.J. Hopkins, 
008 005 076B,C 1892, 1893, 1894  Scrapbook including republican convention pages 76a, 76b, 76c, overlapping columns glued to pages, nominations at the convention including Coroner, Sheriff, 


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