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DeKalb County was established on March 4, 1837 from Kane County. Our County Seat is Sycamore Illinois.


Clinton Township Public Library Historical Index

Since 1916 one of the duties of the librarian has been to keep a historical scrapbook of news items of important events which have occurred in the village and township.  This and other historical items have been indexed in the following table.  Use the "edit -> find" option on the page to locate family names or events.  The first column will give you the box, folder and page number information you need to request copies from the library.  To make requests write to the Clinton township Public Library, Archival Project, 110 South Elm Street, Waterman, IL 60556, or email CTPLibrary@mchsi.com.  The library staff  will fill your request as time permits.

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008 002 000 1891 - 1892 Scrapbook Free Press
008 002 001 1891, 1892 Free Press Scrapbook including - Griswold, Allen, Greeley, Braithwaite, Peckman, Graham, Ferguson, Henderson, Walker, Farley, Abbey House, McGuire, Edwards, Dobbin, Macklin, McCleery, Agriculture, Births, Census, Deaths, Education, Young.
008 002 002 1891, 1892 Free Press Scrapbook including - Griswold, Braithwaite, weather, old settlers, railroad, Giles, Scott, Phillips, Irving, Jones, Fuller, Herrick, Woods, Stryker, Beveridge, Macklin, Place, Dean. Kirkpatrick, Henderson, Whitney, Orr, Greeley, Winslow, Weaver, Burmeister, Leifheit, Mahaffey.
008 002 003  1891, 1892 Free Press Scrapbook including - Lamb, Giles, Wakefield, Myers, Low, Bridge, Smith, Henderson, Matteson, Breeding, Griswold, Belshaw, Fulton, Brown, taxpayers, Roberts, Howison, Baie, Kirkpatrick, Fuller, Greeley, Hipple, Whitford, Greenwood, Congdon, Humphrey, Gilbert, Scott, tax assessemnt, Potter, Clinite, Jurries, Dean. Bridge, Phillips, Farley, Pearl, Graham, Mercer, Granart.
008 002 004 1891, 1892 Free Press Scrapbook including - Reingardt, Sawyer, Leifheit, Bechler, Whitford, Robinson, Hill, Eberly, Whitney, Spencer, Mahaffey, Olmstead, Forrester, Abby, LaBolle, Grover, Jurries, Starry, Pattee, Woods, Reynolds, Edwards, Minick, Rowley, Henderson, Horton, Leifheit, McCormick, Holbrook Anderson, Harter, Rose, Phelps, Irving, Baie, Greeley, Duffy, Schermerhorn, Flanders, Hinds, Green, Abbey, , Gibbons, Buck, Nelson, Morrisson, Gilboy, Fraser, Weddell, Challand, Seeley, Graham, Dean, Knapp, Hones, Orr, Hall, Fowler, Harris, Pogue, Hunt, Carson, Kauffman, Fuller, Normandin, McCleery, Griswold, SWift, skating rink, Brown, Roberts, Fulton, BeeHive, Taylor.
008 002 005 1891, 1892 Free Press Scrapbook including - Taylor, Cutris, Orr, Bee Hive, Phillips, Pearl, Hawley, Peckman, Clark, Macklin, Martin, Swift, Low, Baie, Peckman, Dobbin, Greentown, Scott, Fowler, Whitney, Griswold, Orr, Keene, Cooper, Carlton, Chaland, Potter.
008 002 006 1891, 1892 Free Press Scrapbook including - Reingardt, Roberts, Congdon, Challand, Clifford, Gross, Abbey, Macklin, Merritt, Griswold, Dillon, Braithwaite, Green, Kirkpatrick, Wilson, Woods, McCormick, Evans, Roberts, Harter, Normandine, Helligas, Brock, Leifheit, Greentown, Mercer, McCleery, McClellan, Favor, Clark, Lyons, Sage, Post, Tonier, Fuller, Wesson, Congdon.
008 002 007 1891, 1892 Free Press Scrapbook including - Henderson, Braithwaite, Phillips, Weaver, Gross, Daley, Bridge, Ferguson, Bailey, Ward, Congdon, Greentown, Smith, Henderson, Abbey, Merritt,Griswold, Stryker, Roberts, Brown, Normandin, Dean. Alford, Breeding, Stram, Grietag, Randall, Fowler, Walker, Flanders, Kirkpatrick, Klem, Malone.
008 002 008 1891, 1892 Free Press Scrapbook including - Abbey, Wirtz, Kelley, Stryker, Price, Rose, Masonic Hall, Little, Whitmore, Beeden, Granart, Scott, Bedford, Henderson, Merritt, Stiles, McCleery, Greene, Davis, Keene, Griswold.
008 002 009 1891, 1892 Free Press Scrapbook including - Lamb, Swift, Greeley, Wade, Allen, Martin, Coulter, McGuire, Whitney, Starkey, Simpson, Abbey, Roberts, Whitmore, Little, Palmer, Peters, Forbes, Pearl, Scott, Benjamin, Brown, Tollman, Wiebkie, Roberts, Clark, McDiarmid, cheese factory, Lyons, Greenwood, Curry, McCleery, Congdon, Ray, Heeg.
008 002 010 1891, 1892 Free Press Scrapbook including - Braithwaite, griswold, Pearce, Highfield, Curtis, Greeley, Marshall, Perry, Sage, McCleery, Low, Wiebkie, Keinst, Price, scott, Bedford, Clark, Griffith, Jennings, Pearce, Humphrey, Hones, Hall, Carson, Bradbury, Fulton, McCleery, Tompkins, Congdon, Simpson, Bailey, Lamb, York, Henderson, Whitney, Fay, White, Randles.
008 002 011 1891, 1892 Free Press Scrapbook including - Several pages copies of township ticket, McCleery, Ferguson, Brown, Stryker, Waite, Robinson, Colton, Abbey, Congdon, Roberts, Watson, Simpson, Potter, vote, Wiltberger, Kauffman, Humphrey, Matteson, Jones, Clark, Macklin, frogs, Sage, Leifheit, creamery, Dean, Pearce, Greeley, BAie, Swift, Greenwood, Dienst, Olmstead.
008 002 012 1891, 1892 Free Press Scrapbook including - Orr, bicycle, Dean, Ray, Bradbury, Macklin, election, Greenwood, Sherman, Cadwell, Valentine, Normandin, Highfield, Kirkpatrick, Brown, Abbey, Johnson Grove Cemetery, Fulton, Wakefield, Place, Roberts, Lamb, Wheeler, civil list, McCleery, Stryker, Ferguson, Brown, Colton, Waite, Congdon, Matteson, Hinds, Telford, Humphrey, Henderson, Robinson, Griggs, Highfield.
008 002 013 1891, 1892 Free Press Scrapbook including - village ticket, election, Wakefield, Brown, Hinds, Challand, Granart, Baldry, Allen, McCasky, Congdon, McCleery, Martin, Griffin, Fowler, Weaver, Clark, Richmond, Legner, Miller, Valentine, Greenwood, Merritt, Farley, Allen, Stryker, fire.
008 002 014 1891, 1892 Free Press Scrapbook including - Gilmore, Griggs, Lattin, Whitford, Schermerhorn, Mitchell, Alford, Howison, Randle, Kirkpatrick, Fay, Henry, Granart, Congdon, Roberts, Dean, Daley, Colton, Hardy, Spencer, O'Connor, Swanson, Tollman, Fuller, Darling, Dixon, Stryker, Swift, Griggs, Norton, Highfield, Williamson, Flemings, Henderson, Presbyterian, railroad, fire, Humphrey, Zeller, Kirk, greenley, Swift, Greenwood, Brown, Abbey, WAkefield, Orr, Macklin, Elmer.
008 002 015 1891, 1892 Free Press Scrapbook including - Normandin, Clark, Curtis, Wakefield, robbery, saft, Phillips, Griggs, Dean. Bradbury, Fulton, Griswold, Cadwell, Holm, Wod, Ferguson, Davenport, Leifheit, Husk, Congdon, Greenwood, Dean, Green, Macklin, Phillips, weaver, Place, Simpson, Kirkpatrick, Greenley, Greeley, Griggs, Ashley.
008 002 016 1891, 1892 Free Press Scrapbook including - Paxton, Braithwaite, Pritchard, Tompkins, Wirtz, Mighell, Humphrey, Griggs, Whittemore, Masonic Hall, Allen, Swift, Phillips, Challand, Macklin, Broughton, Taylor, Carlton, Leifheit, Kitkpatrick, skating rink, Bee Hive, Lamb, Fulton, Gilchrist, Griswold, old soldiers, Johnson Grove Cemetery, Wirtz, Curtis, Kutzner, Webb, Granart.
008 002 017 1891, 1892 Free Press Scrapbook including - Phillips, Potter, Case, Brown, Mighell, Fulton, Taylor, Deane, Whitmore, Clark, Farley, Whittemore, Broughton, Granart, Doane, McCabe, Henry, Valentine, bank, Roberts, Greeley, Highfield, Leifheit, baseball, sports, Normandin, Henderson, Woods, Green, Fulton, Challand, Hall, Wiltberger, Cemetery.
008 002 018 1891, 1892 Free Press Scrapbook including - Ocardell, Handy, Herhold, Hilts, Rose, Shelby, Wiltberger, Wiltse, Terry, Elmer, Greenwood, Allen, Barnes, Field, Risher, Pritchard, Seeley, Woodruff, Giles, Macklin, school, Bevridge, Pearson, Stram, Kellum, Roots, Ferguson, Andrews, Abraham, Fulton, Lamb, Griswold, Kutzner, Wallace, DEan. Dawson, Henderson, Bailey, McCaskey, Johnson Grove Cemetery, Kirkpatrick, Whitmore, Lynch.
008 002 019 1891, 1892 Free Press Scrapbook including - Upton, Kellum, Willis, Kauffman, Dean. Griswold, Thorp, Gibggs, Johnson, Drew, Crutis, Abbey, Hall, Greeley, Coy, Masonic Hall, Leifheit, Green, Congdon.
008 002 020 1891, 1892 Free Press Scrapbook including - Wesson, Howison, Lattin, Brown, Greenwood, Stryker, Abbey, Bowker, Roberts, Lamb, Swist, Temperance, Griggs, Woods, Griffith, Kehl, Wirtz, Curtis, bastbass, sports, Pritchard, Roberts, Fraser, Dean. Fulton, Gilmore, Pritchard's Grove, Leifheit, Cutting, Greeley, Little, Porter, McCleery, McClellan, Favor, Clark, Lyons, Sage, Daley, Post, Fuller, Wesson, Stram, Pearson.
008 002 021 1891, 1892 Free Press Scrapbook including - Baptist church, Hipple, Presbyterian, Methodist, Pritchard's Grove, Greeley, Roberts, Allen, Leifheit, peep show, Fulton, Ferguson, school, Thorpe, Congdon, Wakefield, Marshall, hayes, Wakefield, Highfield, Fraser, Hohensheldt, Paxton, Dean. Fitzgerland, Hart, Marshall, sweet clover, Congdon, sports.
008 002 022 1891, 1892 Free Press Scrapbook including - Clark, Brown, Hinds, Dean. Baptist church, Hampton, Henderson, baseball, sports, Mighell, Swift, Fulton, King, Griffith, Kingsley, Dugan, Mason, Congdon, Woods, Houser, Houghton, Griggs, Swift, Whitney, Gilchrist, Shepardson, Zeller, Humphrey, Lamb, Place, Austin, Orr, Case.
008 002 023 1891, 1892 Free Press Scrapbook including - Woods, Clark, Griswold, Henderson, Bedford, Kirkpatrick, Hough, Pritchard's grove, Highfield, Congdon, Kennedy, Plowboys band, baseball, sports, Place, Greenwood, Clark, Tucker, Sage, Taylor, Methodist church, Bean, Griggs, Baptist, Highfield, Macklin, bank, Leifheit, Pratt.
008 002 024 1891, 1892 Free Press Scrapbook including - Roberts, Edwards, Wood, Fulton, Whittemore, Carlton, Greeley, Jones, Pogue, Gray, Randles, McCaskey, Chamberlain, Greenwood, Dean. Mighell, Gunness, Griggs, Swift, Methodist church, Bean, Woods, Cooper, Clinite, Curtis, Pritchard, Bedfod, Myers, Simpson, Highfield, Leifheit, Greenwood, Chamberlin, Brown, McCleery, White, Conbdon, Starkey, Griffith, Kirkpatrick, Taylor, Marshall, Clark, Baie.
008 002 025 1891, 1892 Free Press Scrapbook including - Paxton, Wiltberger, Kirkpatrick, Dean, Valentine, Sterling, McCleery, Hampton, Jones, Burmester, Griswold, Methodist church, Griggs, Baptist, gypsies, Kern, Ferguson, Heeg, Rose, Green. Fulton, Fuller, Allbee, Congdon, Lamb, Greenwood, modern woodmen, railroad, depot, Daley, Flanders, Dixon, Besler, Carlton.
008 002 026 1891, 1892 Free Press Scrapbook including - Methodist church, Greeley, York, Case, Brown, Rowley, Marshall, threshing, Holcomb, Mighell, Normandin, Schorb, Griswold, Russell, Griggs, Highfield, Curry, Lyman, Rose, Greenwood, Griffith, Fuller, lamb, Huff, Roberts, Wollenweber, Miller, Leifheit, Fuller, Curtis, Patten, Pearson, Woods, Albee, Sage, baseball, sports, Paxton, Cox, Place.
008 002 027 1891, 1892 Free Press Scrapbook including - Rowley, Henry, Potter, Fuller, Haish, Wakefield, Boynton, Post, Farley, Henderson, Braithwaite, Cooper, Carlton, Greenwood, Austin, Schaefle, Orr, Roberts, Dane, Griggs, Harold, Highfield, Schorb, Pogue, Sawyer, old soldiers, Hunt, scott, Bedford, Bailey, Dean. Fraser, Macklin, Dean. sports,  baseball, Pritchard's Grove.
008 002 028 1891, 1892 Free Press Scrapbook including - Dean. Corn, Leifheit, Fulton, Schorb, Griggs, Post, Highfield, Baptist church, Pintchard, Congdon, Starkley, Whittemore, Greeley, Borkenhaner, Allen, Randles, shoe factory, Kerr, Tollman, Glifford, Waterman Bank, safe, Lyman, Fulton, Fuller, Dean. Old settlers, Pritchard's Grove, Andrews, McCleery.
008 002 029 1891, 1892 Free Press Scrapbook including - Kauffman, Kirkpatrick, Dean. Colton, Elmer, Greenwood, Bridge, Davenport, McNish, Hohenschildt, Woods, Congdon, Methodist church, Samson, Downey, Wesson, Dean. Griswold, Smeby, Lyons, Woods, Congdon, Baptist, Wiltberger, Telford, GReen. McCormick, Albee, old settlers, Jones, plowboys band, Wesson, Hampton.
008 002 030 1891, 1892 Free Press Scrapbook including - Kirkpatrick, Pritchard, Griggs, Orr, Old settlers, Tollman, Talbot, Swift, Woods, McCleery, Starkey, Congdon, Fuller, Methodist church, Hipple, Plowboys, Carson, baseball, sports, Griffith, Webster, Downey, Bradburg, Presbyterian, Cliffe.
008 002 031 1891, 1892 Free Press Scrapbook including - Woods, Henderson, Edwards Place, Allen, Mason, Challand, Beveridge, Smith, Methodist church, Giggs, Baptist, Kirkpatrick, Wirtz, Brown, Swift, lamb, Greeley, Henderson, Highfield, Fulton, Roberts, Phillips, Pritchard, Kettler, Simpson, Afton, Marshall, Griswold, Myers, Downey, Sage, Congdon, Tucker, Taylor, York, Leifheit, Page, Ranley, Farley.
008 002 032 1891, 1892 Free Press Scrapbook including - Griggs, Challand, Baptist, Ladies aid, Methodist church, Griswold, Cemetery, Dean. Valentine, Wiltberger, Leifheit, Greenwood, Baxter, McCaskey, Phillips, Rollins, Highfield, Presbyterian, Robinson, Henderson, Woods, Hipple, Darling, Thorpe, Greeley, Giles, Lamb, Tollman, Sage, Wakefield.
008 002 033 1891, 1892 Free Press Scrapbook including - Swift, Green, Fulton, Farley, White, Harter, Griffith, Harnish, Challand, Carns, Giles, Clark, Curtis, McDiarmid, Humphrey, Mitchell, Matteson, Greeley, Darling, Hipple, Weaver, Henderson, Woods, Whitney, Lopfer, Griswold, Kauffman, Roberts, Fowler, Grant's monument, Fulton, Hayes, Pritchard, post office, clerk, railroad.
008 002 034 1891, 1892 Free Press Scrapbook including - Wood, Rowley, Sawyer, Allen, Simpson, Dean. Sage, Kirkpatrick, Randles, Dean. Walker, Fay, Congdon, Tompkins, Leifheit, Whitford, Huter, matteson, Fulton, Loucks, Gray, Challend, Tuttle, Methodist church, temperance, Dean. Kopp, Robinson, Nutting, Highfield, Paxton, Henderson, Richmond, Fraser.
008 002 035 1891, 1892 Free Press Scrapbook including - Lynch, Roberts, Brown, Flewellin, Methodist church, Giswold, Bowers, York, Beveridge, Orr, Dixon, Macy, Robinson, Randles, Mercer, Smith, Baptist church, Giles, Methodist, Congdon, Granart, Simpson, Bessler, Baxter, Schaefle, Ross, Highfield, Crutis, Strem, Harman, Fowler, Wakefield, Greenwood.
008 002 036 1891, 1892 Free Press Scrapbook including - Gross, Henderson, Griggs, Greenwood, Taylor, fire, railroad, Baie, Congdon, Starkey, Little, Walker, Tucker, Clark, McCleery, Phillips, Daley, thresher, Leifheit, Roberts, Baxter, Simpson, Herrick, Dean, Congdon, Kopp, York, Simpson, Leifheit, Taylor, Hipple, road, Davenport, French.
008 002 037 1891, 1892 Free Press Scrapbook including - Kirkpatrick, St. Pierre, Colton, Thomason, Root, Daley, Kutzner, Presbyterian church, Robinson, Highfield, Sage, Allen Cliffe, Mail, Greenwood, Heeg, Congdon, Baldry, Hare, Wollenweber, Fulton, Glossop, O'Connor, Soldow, Lattin, Bowers, Hartman.
008 002 038 1891, 1892 Free Press Scrapbook including - Griggs, Leach, Methodist church, Radley, Griffith, Curtis, Congdon, Lynch, O'Connor, lamb, Farley, Smith, Mercer, Dean. Bowers, Field, Robinson, Highfield, Leifheit, Bolton, Randles, McNish, Wann, Bridge.
008 002 039 1891, 1892 Free Press Scrapbook including - Henn, Lamb, Methodist church, Congdon, Little, Smiley, Robinson, Fowler, Kopp, Pogue, Huff, Fraser, Flewellyn, McCleery, Griffith, Simpson, Fuller, Leifheit, Macklin, Clark, allen, Morse, Wiltberger, Greeley, McNish, Bolton.
008 002 040 1891, 1892 Free Press Scrapbook including - Kern. Presbyterian church, Leifheit, Soldow, Smith, Roberts, Greenwood, Giles, Potter, Griggs, Johnson's Grove cemetery, Baptist, Methodist, Fisher, Mercer, Hohm, Wollenweber, Griffith, Little, Plant, Macklin, Mercer, Graham, Giels, Phillips, Emil, Henn.
008 002 041 1891, 1892 Free Press Scrapbook including - Chamberlain, Greenwood, Webb, Giles, Phillips, Gurler creamery, Bolton, Methodist church, Parks, Modern woodmen, Dean. Loucks, Wood, Greeley, Lattin, McCleery, Leifheit, Randles, Carson, McCormick, Huter, Seeley, Sawyer, Smith, Griffith, Flanders, Antoine, Fulton, Ott, Lyman, Lamb.
008 002 042 1891, 1892 Free Press Scrapbook including - Woods, Roberts, Brown, Baie, Howison, Wakefield, Fuller, Kirkpatrick, Humphrey, Hipple, Greenwood, Congdon, Whitford, Herrick, Scott, tax assessment, Morenus, watehr, Cameron, Smith, Linnie.
008 002 043 1891, 1892 Free Press Scrapbook including - Cameron, Linnie Smith, School, Henry, Fay, Lutheran Parochial, Gross, McCleery, Ferguson, Brown, Darling, Kirkpatrick, Hinds, Telford, Congdon, Matteson, Humphrey, regular ticket.
008 002 043B 1891, 1892 Free Press Scrapbook including - McCleery, Ferguson, Brown, Telford, Kirkpatrick, Hinds, Congdon, Matteson, Humphrey, Independent ticket.
008 002 043C 1891, 1892 Free Press Scrapbook including - Village ticket, Wakefield, Challand, Fller, Hinds, Granart.
008 002 044 1891, 1892 Free Press Scrapbook including - Republican ticket, Bishop, Kinsloe, Ostrander, Becker, Gross, Armstrong, Gilbert.
008 002 045 1891, 1892 Free Press Scrapbook including - Regular Ticket, McCleery, Ferguson, Brown, Simpson, Colton, Henderson.
008 002 046 1891, 1892 Free Press Scrapbook including - Griggs, Robinson, Temperance, Baptist, Brobst, Satterlee, Mercer, Macklin, York, Starkey, post card, Congdon, Little, Gilmore, Granart, Normandin, Low, Rogerts, Pritchard, Carey, Wilcox, Phillips, Fuller, Greenwood, Michael.
008 002 047 1891, 1892 Free Press Scrapbook including - Darnell, Matlock, Dixon, Mighell, York, Greenwood, Fulton, Wesson, Stern, Spiller, Tabor, Griggs, Robinson, Methodist church, Temperance, Kirkpatrick, Dean. Leifheit, Burmester, Davenport, Henderson, Schermerhorn, Bradbury, Lynch, fire, Sherman, Ptirchard, Hipple, roads, Johnson, Roberts, Little, Simpson.
008 002 048 1891, 1892 Free Press Scrapbook including - Griggs, Robinson, temperance, Lamb, Phillips, butter factory, Shabbona, Schermerhorn, Hinds, Dean. Fahs, Cooper, Smiley, Stone, Congdon, Roberts, election, Naturalization, Helmker, Bowers, Johnson, Tabor, Macklin, Leifheit, Place, Robbins, weather.
008 002 049 1891, 1892 Free Press Scrapbook including - Norton, Methodist church, temperance, Henderson, Smith, Bradburg, Roberts, Phillips, road, Kopher, Herrick, Dean. Wiltberger, Farley, ice, Whitford, Marshall, Macklin, Baie, Giels, Rose, Grover, Wirtz, year review, Whitney, Orr, Taylor, Granert, Brown, Bank, business, Leifheit, Curtis, Stryker, fire.
008 002 050 1891, 1892 Free Press Scrapbook including - Robinson, Griggs, Bean, Wakefield, burgerly, Kennedy, old settlers, Dixon, Olmstead, Smith, Sanford, Norton, Curtis, temperance, matlock, Place, Swift, Leifheit, Gilmore, Durant, Kopp, Henderson, Greenwood, McCallum, Rose, Orr, Whitney, Griffith, Kirkpatrick, Reingardt, Wood, Martin, Lyons, Carson, Weaver, Richmond, Wirtz, McCabe, Burmester, Gibbons, Wade, Phillips, Degan, Grady, Asutin, Paxton, bridge, Keene, Weber, Kopfer, Duffy, Matteson, Baldry, Weber, Potter, Klwiss, Fuller, Frietag.
008 002 051 1891, 1892 Free Press Scrapbook including - Pearl, Stryker, Wiebke, Hartman, Randles, Dienst, Rose, Valentine, Henry, McCaskey, Burmester, Fuller, Boekenhauer, Pritchard, Phillips, Tuttle, Robinson, Macey, Kutzner, Hartman, Bowers, Henn, Leifheit, Little, Breeding, Matteson, Clifford, Challand, Alford, Frietag, Stram, Fay, White, Highfield, Witting, Pearson, Curtis, Drew, York, Bowers, Hoffman, Harmon, Wann, Bridge, Mercer, Fisher, Ott, Lyman, Hall, Henderson, Pogue, Congdon, Wirtz, Ferguson, Phillips, Hunt, Larson, Irving house, Norton, Lynch, Baxter.
008 002 052 1891, 1892 Free Press Scrapbook including - Fowler, Kirkpatrick, Congdon, Burmester, Lutheran church, Williams, Roberts, Phillips, circle, Whitford, weather, temperance.
008 002 053 1891, 1892 Free Press Scrapbook including - Farley, Hitchcock, Paxton, Pierce, Arnold, Taylor, Congdon, McCormick, Carson, Antoine, Kopp, Martin, Larson, Irving house.
008 002 054 1891, 1892 Free Press Scrapbook including - Ferguson, Phillips, Clark, Tucker, Mighell, Matteson, Granart, Low, Congdon, Robinson, Kirkpatrick, Breeding, Starry, swift, Rowley, Nutting, Highfield, Ray, Shepherdson, Presbyterian, Butler, Kings station, Mercer, Keegan, Leifheit, Potter, Greenwood, Wiltberger, Fuller, McCormick, Baie.
008 002 055 1891, 1892 Free Press Scrapbook including - Freeman, Leifheit, Allen, Matlock, Bradbury, railroad, Freeland, fire, Dean. Phillips, Boekenhauer, Specht, Roberts, Congdon, Mercer, Woods, Griggs.
008 002 056 1891, 1892 Free Press Scrapbook including - temperance, Clark, Campbell, Congdon, Roberts, tramp, Phillips, Woods, Fuller, Lattin, Wakefield, Greenwood, Sargent, Breeding, Henderson, Ferguson, Kirkpatrick.
008 002 057 1891, 1892 Free Press Scrapbook including - Griggs, Methodist church, Highfield, Hinds, Mahaffey, Hunt, Pogue, railroad, McCleery, Kirkpatrick, Myers, Simpson, Robinson, Hipple, Rowley, Patten, greeley, Fulton, Pritchard, Mercer, Gilchrist, Irving, Larson, Little, Leifheit, Wirtz, Miller, Mighell, Dean. Whitford, Macklin, DeKalb spelling.
008 002 058 1891, 1892 Free Press Scrapbook including - Congdon, Temperance, Baptist church, Presbyterian, Walker, Dixon, Leifheit, Wakefield, Orr, Tompkins, Whitford, Woods, Alen, Baie, Lamb, Fuller, weather.
008 002 059 1891, 1892 Free Press Scrapbook including - Griggs, Presbyterian church, Robinson, Dean. Little, road, Masonic building, Brown, Hall, Granart, Leifheit, Martin, Giles, election, Witrz, Bedford, Wakefield, Challand, Congdon, Rowley, Brown, Marshall, Hayes, Granart, cemetery, Fuller, Humphrey, Alen, Stryker, Lamb, Bradburg, Telford, Dustin, Radley.
008 002 060 1891, 1892 Free Press Scrapbook including - election, Ferguson, Brown, Woods, Place, Kirkpatrick, Alford, Lamb, Giles, Sage, Newton, Roberts, Congdon, Granart, Wheeler, Leifheit, Robinson, epworth, Methodist church, temperance, Roberts, Arnold.
008 002 061 1891, 1892 Free Press Scrapbook including - election women, Bridges, Macklin, Gilmore, Hipple, McCleery, Robinson, Henderson, Greenwood, Fuller, Congdon, Wakefield, Bigelow, Cadwell, circle, Griggs, Baremore, Swift, convention.
008 002 062 1891, 1892 Free Press Scrapbook including - convention, Fuller, Lott, Robertson, Tyrrell, Hartman, VanGalder, Brown, Hampton, Loucks, Whittemore, McCleery, Marsh, Harrington, Warren, Cole, Hunt, Coe, McEwen, Burst, Bishop, Carnes, Earley, Ellwood, Williams, Wyman, Beal, LeDoyt, Meyer, Jackson, Greenwood, Dutton, Lucas, Tindall, Rowan, Foster, Safford, Beveridge, Jones.
008 002 063 1891, 1892 Free Press Scrapbook including - Ellwood, Dutton, Hunt, Hampton, Weddell, Jackson, Sanderson, Dedrick, Byer, Gilchrist, Olsen, Congdon, Noble, Lott, Safford, Cole, Greenfield, Kerr, Schult, Holland, Stephens, Brown, Congdon, Harter, Clark, Phillips, Kirkpatrick, Highfield, McCleery, Henderson, Greenwood, Roberts, Fulton.
008 002 064 1891, 1892 Free Press Scrapbook including - Henderson, Swift, Whitney, Wirtz, Congdon, Allen, McCleery, election, Wakefield, Fulton, Andrews, Rowley, Giles, Challend, Brown, Bedford, Starkey, Kickapoo indians, Potter, Roberts, Fuller, Methodist church.
008 002 065 1891, 1892 Free Press Scrapbook including - election ticket, Congdon, Marshall, Durham, Waite, Lutz, Dean. Henderson, Mercer, Johnson, prohibition, Kirkpatrick, Henry, Macklin, weather, Fulton, Giles, Wirtz, Andrews, Bedford, Wakefield, Rowley, Challand.
008 002 066 1891, 1892 Free Press Scrapbook including - Methodist church, Clark, Grigs, Lamb, Brown, Kickapoo indians, Braithwaite, Roberts, Congdon, Small, Grwwnwood, Lane, Freeland, Robinson, epwroth, Starkey, Marshall, hayes, McCleery, Breeding.
008 002 067 1891, 1892 Free Press Scrapbook including - Place, Norris, McCabe, Holden, Fulton, davenport, Clark, Thorp, Fowler, Dean. Greenwood, Tucker, Elmer, Soldow, railroad, Macklin, Tripp, Snyder, Leifheit, Wirtz, Holliday, Fulton, Fuller, Ferguson, Johnson's grove, Fraser Wakefield, Roberts, Martin, Kirkpatrick.
008 002 068 1891, 1892 Free Press Scrapbook including - Highfield, Robinson, Baptist, church, temperance, Hill, Reingardt, Fowler, Thorpe, Fraser, Leifheit, York, Fulton, Copley, Darnell, Allen, Slater, Snyder, Tripp, Griggs.
008 002 069 1891, 1892 Free Press Scrapbook including - epworth, Methodist church, G>A>R>, Greenwood, Stroheker, Gunderson, Armstrong, Baldry, Fuller, Sage, Hall, Farley, Lane, Freeland, Kirkpatrick, Congdon, Dixon, Swift, Wiltberger, Wirtz, Beveridge, Brown, Fearer, York, weather.
008 002 070 1891, 1892 Free Press Scrapbook including - Armstrong, Edwards, McCabe, Schultz, Faxon, Greenwood, Telford, Kirkpatrick, Baptist church, Ostrander, Hall, Dean. Durant, Gilmore, Marshall, Warren, Curtis, Pratt, Dawson, Fabor, Terry post, G.A.R., Farley, Webb. Zellar, Humphrey, Falk.
008 002 071 1891, 1892 Free Press Scrapbook including - Dixon, Rabor, Fabor, Tucker, Bacon, Leifheit, Waite, Macklin, Burmester, Congdon, Woods, Adams, VanOhlen, VonOhlen, Dean. Whitney, Sawsyer, Baldry, Roberts, Hall, Whtiford, Pritchard's grove.
008 002 072 1891, 1892 Free Press Scrapbook including - school, Hampton, Henderson, Bradburg, Wilton, Greenwood, Colton, Pogue,Bradbury, Whitford, Bedford, epworth, Woods, Roberts, convention, Greeley, Andrews, Griggs, Satterlee, Wakefield, McCleery, Dean, Little, Starkey, Riegel, DEan. Hipple, McEachron, Parks, Lattin, Curtis, Cooper.
008 002 073 1891, 1892 Free Press Scrapbook including - weather, Pritchard's grove, Granart, Macklin, Weaver, Mosher, Dean. Dixon, Phillips, Presbyterian church, Griffith, Sherman, Marshall, Tucker, Peach, Greenwood, Sherman, Soldow, York, Congdon, Olmstead, divorce, Clifford, Keene, Fuller, Woods, Hipple, Low, fire, Curry, Greenwood, ashcraft, White, Rose, McCleery.
008 002 074 1891, 1892 Free Press Scrapbook including - White, Griggs, McDiarmid, Normanden, gilmore, Woods, Orr, Starkey, Roberts, Baxter, Marshall, Hipple, Kirkpatrick, Congdon, LaGrange, Macklin, Clark, Baptist church, Gallagher, Darnell, Hall, pritchard's grove.
008 002 075 1891, 1892 Free Press Scrapbook including - Ferguson, Leifheit, Roberts, Husk, Dean. Orr, McCleery, Taylor, Greenwood, McEachron, Greeley, Taylor, Flanders, Dixon, Griffith, Hinds, Phelps, French, Congdon, Braithwaite, Davis, Woods, Olmstead, Voak, Martin, Roberts, Bailey.
008 002 076 1891, 1892 Free Press Scrapbook including - Merritt, Pogue, Lamb, Leifheit, Macklin, Orr, Schmidt, Kellogg, Wiltberger, Curtis, Case, McCabe, Flanders, McCullock, Newcomer, Wakefield, Granart, Marshall, Starley, Congdon, Baie, Mighell, Robinson, Clark, Borrell, baseball, sports, Fulton, fire.


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