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DeKalb County was established on March 4, 1837 from Kane County. Our County Seat is Sycamore Illinois.

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"For we know that our patchwork heritage is a strength, not a weakness."
President Barack Hussein Obama, Inaugural Address, January 20, 2009


Local Information
Historical DeKalb County Books Online
History of DeKalb County
by Henry Lamson Boies
Past and Present of DeKalb County Vol I
by Professor Lewis M. Gross
The Biographical Record of DeKalb County Illinois
by S. J. Clarke Publishing Company
DeKalb Centennial 1856-1956 Voters and Taxpayers of DeKalb County

From Oxen to Jets
A History of DeKalb County 1835-1963
Edited by Harriet Wilson Davy

  Recollections 1837-1910
by Charles W. Marsh
Cemetery Information
Pinpoint Any DeKalb County Cemetery
Search  Many Cemeteries On-Line
Census Information
1840 Census
1850, 1860, 1880 Mortality Schedules

1855 and 1856 State Census Info Provided
by FamilySearch.org

1940 Census Link
Available April 2, 2011
Circuit Clerk Documents
Provided by FamilySearch.org
Wills, Probate, Executor, Court,
Guardianship Records and more.
Hint: Page # in indexes refer to the page
number of the sheet within the ledger, not
the image number on FamilySearch.

Birth, Marriage, Death and Naturalization Records

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DeKalb County Life
Weekly columns seen in the DeKalb Chronicle written by Barry Schrader


DeKalb County Timeline of Events 1837 - 1998


Historical Societies, Museums and Research Centers

DeKalb County Historical-Genealogy Society Publication Cornsilk
Article Index!

Important DeKalb County Documents
1840-50 Land Sales
County Business Directory, 1854 -55
One Room School Houses,   More


Deaths and Stillbirths

Provided by FamilySearch.org



Discussion Forum
Join In With Conversation, Questions,
& Queries  -  Free Discussion Forum.

Joiner History Room

April 2014 Joiner Room Journal
Now Online

Sycamore True Republican
Newspaper 1868-1968

Online and Searchable

Links to DeKalb County Libraries

Local Family Trees
 Family Trees of Families  
Who Resided In DeKalb County

Volunteers  - We Will Do Lookups
Census, Cemetery Records, Books, etc.


Military Resources
Civil War Regiments, Rosters and Soldier Papers, 1883 Pensioner List
How to Request Military Service Records

County Road Maps, Township Maps
Selected City Maps, Area Maps.


Naturalization Records
Provided by FamilySearch.org

This Information Was Compiled
And Submitted by Melodie Sanders

Link to 1892 DeKalb Chronicle
Submitted by Susan Pieroth



Those obits previously submitted by website users are being consolidated into the new Joiner History Room online, free, database.  The above link will take you to this database.  It is still under construction.  If you don't see the obit you are looking for, contact the
Joiner History Room.


 Links To DeKalb County Organizations,
Newspapers, Churches


Picture Puzzle
Help Us Identify the People in These Pictures - Sandwich Residents

List of Places of Interest In The County
Many Of Which No Longer Exist

Query Board
Enter genealogical questions about  your ancestors and you may get answers. 

Taming the Wild Prairie
A History of DeKalb County. 
A collaborative effort to bring original historical materials about the early history of DeKalb County to the public.



Available online at FamilySearch.org.

Nearby Counties Information

Winnebago/Boone County Birth, Death and Marriage Indexes
Winnebago and Boone counties are  DeKalb's northern neighbors.  These databases available online from the Cherry Valley Library may contain names of DeKalb County citizens. These are large databases and take extra time to load.



Please check the USGenWeb for additional information to our neighbor counties.  Link to these archives is below under Federal & Nationwide Information

Statewide Information

State of Illinois Archives
Genealogical Records: 
Land, Probate, Military, Census, etc.
  Illinois State Genealogical Society
Non-certified copies of 1916-1947 death certificates, Military Service Certificates

Federal & Nationwide Information
Bureau of Land Management
Land Patents 1820-1908 
Genealogy Trails
A website established by volunteers dedicated to free genealogy. 

Although not connected with the federal government, this site can be searched for nationwide information.


Helpful Research Information
From Our Site Users
1880 Census Searches on Ancestry. COM
This tip comes from Martin Johnson who wrote, " The 1880 census county search box will not find counties such as DeKalb and McHenry, etc.  You have to put a space in between E and K in DeKalb (De Kalb) and C and H for McHenry (Mc Henry) , otherwise it won't find anything.  The other Ancestry census indexes use DeKalb and McHenry without spaces."
Elgin Asylum Death Records by Martin Johnson
View and Share Vintage Photos:  The website explains, "by creating a free account on Shorpy (www.Shorpy.com) you can share your own vintage photographs. Visitors to the site are particularly interested in images from the dawn of photography to the 1940s. Best of all, becoming a member is free!"

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