1860 Dekalb County Illinois Mortality Schedule

Mortality schedules are useful for tracing and documenting genetic symptoms and diseases and verifying and documenting Africa American, Chinese, and Native American ancestry, although African Americans are often included, especially if they were slaves.

By using these schedules to document death dates and family members, it is possible to follow up with focused searches in obituaries, mortuary records, cemeteries, and probate records. They can also provide clues to migration points and supplement information in population schedules.

Place of BirthProfession
or Death
Disease or 
Cause of DeathDays IllTownship
Adams, Jane G.1 mond ILMar Fits3Mayfield
Adset, Seymour46m NYJunFarmerConsumption2 monPaw Paw
Anderson, Christiana26fmSwedenApr Typhoid Fever21DeKalb
Armstrong, Susan48fmNYMarHomemakerConsumption56Pierce
Arnold, Ellen30fmEnglandOctHomemakerConsumption42Somonauk
Arthur, Henry W.7m ILDec Burned13Paw Paw
Artlip, Edward49mmNYSepFarmerConsumption6 monPampas
Ash, Anna3 monf ILJuly Fits1DeKalb
Axtell, Martha2 monf ILJan Dysentery7Genoa
Badenberg, ManniAS2m ILAug Scarlet Fever6Sycamore
Badenberg, William S.4m NYSep Scarlet Fever8Sycamore
Bae, Henry7 monm ILOct Brain Fever9Clinton
Bailey, Mary64fwEnglandJulyHousekeeperRheumatism1 yrPampas
Baker, Jacob66mmNassauJulMasonLung Fever5Somonauk
Barnes, R. W. M.1 monm ILSep Scarlet Fever8Sycamore
Bean, Frank1m ILSep Cholera Infantum4Shabbona
Bean, Jane67fmMEMarHousekeeperLung Fever5Kingston
Bean, Jane12f ILMar Typhoid Fever14Kingston
Bennett, Eliza36fmIrelandFebHousekeeperChild Bed10DeKalb
Bennett, Matilda1f ILMar Putrid Sore Throat3Shabbona
Binea, James5m ILNov Liver Complaint9Pierce
Bish, Mary1 monf  May Croup1Squaw Grove
Blair, Henry31m Scotland FarmerConsumption21Milan
Braddock, Mary P.22f MAAugHome LaborerTyphoid Fever21Somonauk
Bradt, Helen10f NYMar Scarlet Fever9DeKalb
Bradt, Hiram2m ILApr Scarlet Fever9DeKalb
Braton, Mary C.39fmVTMayHousekeeperConsumption1 yrDeKalb
Brown, Anna5f ILApr Scalded2Milan
Brown, Hattie S.2f ILAug Scarlet Fever3Sycamore
Brown, Infant1 monm  Apr Fits1Sycamore
Brundage, Alice4 monf ILSep Whooping Cough20Pierce
Brundage, Alphus4 monm ILAug Whooping Cough21Pierce
Bryan, Martha22fmNYJan HousekeeperApaplexy1Paw Paw
Buck, Nesbitt13m ILSep Scarlentina42Genoa
Burgess, William19m NYJanFarm LaborerTyphoid Fever11Pampas
Butler, Henry2m ILOct Whooping Cough6 monPierce
Butler, Thomas1m ILJun Scarlet Fever14Pierce
Cale, Infant1 monm ILOct Cholera Infantum Clinton
Calhoon, Anna B.2f ILAug Consumption49Shabbona
Campbell, Myron L.1 monm ILJun Consumption15Sycamore
Cannon, Alexander3m CanadaDec Scarlet Fever35Sycamore
Carey, Mary56mwPAJun Asthma30Sycamore
Carey, Millard1m ILJun Whooping Cough60Sycamore
Carlile, Albert47mmNYJanFarmerTyphoid Fever7Mayfield
Case, Paul1 monm ILOct Croup2Shabbona
Cass, Henry2m ILDec Scarlet Fever5Sycamore
Chase, Frank4 monm ILJun Plithyic2 monGenoa
Churchill, Olive26fmNYJunHomemakerConsumption1 yrPampas
Clapsaddle, G. A.77mmNYDecFarmerParalysis4Paw Paw
Clapsaddle, Mary53fmNYNovHousekeeperDropsy2 yrPaw Paw
Clark, Albert5m ILDec Scarlet Fever7Somonauk
Collins, Emily15f OHDec Consumption8 monPampas
Collins, Matthias19m OHAprFarmerConsumption1 yrPampas
Collins, Milton G.30mmOHJunMasonRun Over By RR Cars1Pampas
Comptino, Isaac55mmPAFebFarmerCancer in Stomach6 monKingston
Conant, Latham65mmNYMay FarmerConsumption10 monSycamore
Connors, Adelburt3m ILMar Scarlet Fever4Paw Paw
Connors, George5m ILMar Scarlet Fever9Paw Paw
Cooper, David41m NYAugBrick MakerTyphoid Fever14Pampas
Corson, Margaret E.7 monf ILApr Draicpea7Genoa
Corson, Norman3m PAMay Scarlet Fever5Genoa
Cortwright, Ida M.5f ILMar Scarlet Fever1DeKalb
Craig, Mannit M.3 monf ILSep Liver Complaint21Paw Paw
Croff, Kimbull3m ILJan Drowned1Pampas
Daglin, Catherine29fmIrelandJunHomemakerConsumption1 yrPierce
Dalford, Infant1 monm ILNov Cholera Infantum Clinton
Daniels, Emily1f ILJul Congestion of Brain60Somonauk
Darwin, Charlotte E.17f CTJulHome LaborerConsumption8 monSomonauk
Decker, James48mmNJSepFarmerDyspepsia90South Grove
Dennis, Isadore4f ILSep Scarlet Fever10Mayfield
Dennis, Jasper2m ILSep Scarlet Fever6Mayfield
Dennis, Phebe54fmMASwxHomemakerScirrhus 40Mayfield
Dibble, Frank2 monm ILSep Cholera Infantum3Kingston
Dick, James2 monm ILJan Lung Fever Mayfield
Dimick, Eliza18f ILMarHomemakerConsumption Clinton
Dimon, Nancy21fmNYFebHousekeeperTyphoid Fever56Kingston
Drake, Luther37mmVTFebFarm LaborerPleurisy9DeKalb
Duff, Jane2f ILMay Worms1Afton
Duggin, Bridget36fmIrelandNovHousekeeperChild Bed2Somonauk
Durham, Cyiena11f NYAug Canker Rush3Kingston
Durham, Ethan A.24mmNYMarMerchantConsumption8 monGenoa
Eberly, Josiah49mmPANovFarmerScarlet Fever90Pierce
Eberly, Leir1m ILMar Measles24Pierce
Eckerson, Emma D.1f ILMar Lung Fever14Afton
Eckler, Joseph19m ILMarFarmerTyphoid Fever24Genoa
Edson, Emily60fmNYMayHousekeeperConsumption1 yrSycamore
Ellwood, Florence10 monf  Sep Brain Fever10Sycamore
Ellwood, N. A.1m ILSep Congestion of Brain20Sycamore
Elmer, Charles23m NYJanFarmerConsumption Clinton
Emmons, Theodore30mmNYJanFarmerConsumption28Somonauk
Erines, Dewitt1 monm ILMar Lung Fever5Kingston
Estes, Philip73m  MayFarmerConsumption1 yrSycamore
Evans, Porter4 monm ILApr Dropsy of Brain60Genoa
Everett, Lydia50f NYAprHomemakerConsumption1 yrGenoa
Ewing, Simon5m ILMar Scarlet Fever2Pampas
Fairclo, Laura25fmNYSepHomemakerTyphoid Fever21Kingston
Finley, Infant4 monm ILJan Consumption14Pampas
Foster, Eugene1 monm ILFeb Lung Fever21Kingston
Foster, Henry W.10m  Sep Scarlet Fever5Sycamore
Fowler, Henry10 monm ILOct Scarlet Fever4Malta
Gibson, Warren3m ILApr Congestion of Brain1Shabbona
Given, Lorenzo15m NYJuly Inflamation Bowell3Malta
Glenn, Ida A.1f  Sep Not Known3Squaw Grove
Gone, Lucy G.5f    Scarlet Fever17Sycamore
Gordell, Betsy42fmNYOctNurseTyphoid Fever4Genoa
Graham, robert B.57mmOHMarFarmerTyphoid Fever14Mayfield
Griffith, Jemmina1f ILSep Diarrhea7Paw Paw
Haiper, Maria21fmPAMayHomemakerConsumption4 monKingston
Halpin, Infant1 monf ILJun Fits1South Grove
Hammond, Cynthia P.11f NYJun Consumption12Sycamore
Hammond, Fred2m ILJun Inflamation Bowell14Kingston
Hams, Frederick7 monm ILNov Fits18Mayfield
Hanson, Anna W.3f WISep Scarlet Fever7DeKalb
Hanson, Huldah49fmBrunswickFebHomemakerChild Bed3Somonauk
Harris, Elizabeth27fmNHDecHomemakerUlcer1Afton
Hastings, John45mm DecFarmerDisease of Heart10Squaw Grove
Hatch, Charles1m ILAug Cholera Infantum1South Grove
Heath, Elizabeth34dmNYJulyHomemakerConsumption1 yrGenoa
Helin, Wilbur F.21m NYSep Dysentery10Shabbona
Hendee, Eliza C.7 monf ILOct Typhoid Fever6Somonauk
Hinnebaugh, Infant4 daysm  Jul Spasms10Sycamore
Hinpman, Charles24m NassauAprFarm LaborerSuicide by Poison1Somonauk
Hoag, Grace2f ILFeb Dropsy of Brain20Kingston
Hofman, Marion39fmNYFebHomemakerConsumption90DeKalb
Holcomb, Hattie A10 mond ILMar Scarlet Fever7Sycamore
Holderness, Joseph18m CanadaAugHousekeeperThrown from wagon1DeKalb
Holroyd, Alice 1f ILOct Scarlet Fever42Sycamore
Hone, Laura14f MEMar Scarlet Fever6Shabbona
Hough, Laurantan3 monf ILFeb Croup1Somonauk
Hoyt, Infant1 monm ILAug Whooping Cough14Mayfield
Irwin, Miles H.2 monm ILMar Inflamation of Lungs34Shabbona
Isle, Giles2m ILFeb Scarlet Fever2Mayfield
Jackson, Marietta2 monf  Oct Lesvich (?)4Squaw Grove
Jordan, William S.5m ILJul Scarlet Fever7Sycamore
Kendall, Ida5f ILApr Scarlet Fever28DeKalb
Kesler, George4 monm ILOct Scarlet Fever7Pierce
King, James34m NYOctCarpenterTyphoid Fever12Genoa
King, Melvin3m ILJun Inflamation Bowell3Genoa
Kingsley, Otis1 monm  Feb Chicken Pox9Sycamore
Kirkpatrick, Norris3 monm  Sep Cholera Infantum5Squaw Grove
Lattin, Sarah E.29fmKYAprHomemakerConsumption60Mayfield
Lee, John1 monm ILFeb Fits6Mayfield
Lindeman, Desire54fmNYNovHousekeeperDropsy of Heart6 monPierce
Lindsay, Burma1m ILJan Brain Fever2Malta
London, Manley50mmPANovCarpenterDyspepsia21Sycamore
Lord, Infant1 monf ILMay Cholera Infantum3Genoa
Lott, George10m ILMar Dropsey5Sycamore
Low, John94mwRIJunFarmerOld Age4DeKalb
Luttin, Sydney11 monm ILSep Dropsy on Brain7DeKalb
Lyon, Albert2m ILSep Scalded2Shabbona
Maley, George1m  Mar Scarlet Fever2Sycamore
Maley, Philip3m  Mar Scarlet Fever5Sycamore
Marshall, Robert2m ILSep Scarlet Fever7DeKalb
Matteson, George9 monm ILJuly Dropsy60DeKalb
Mayo, George1m ILOct Scarlet Fever2Sycamore
McGrier, Thomas1m ILSep Cholera Infantum2DeKalb
McWay, John84mmIrelandAugRetiredOld Age30Paw Paw
Miller, Hannah1 monf OHNov Fits1Genoa
Mills, William G.37mm  TailorTyphoid Fever14Sycamore
Milton, Charles J.1m NYMay Scarlet Fever11Pierce
Moore, Bridget18fmNYJanHomemakerChild Bed1Afton
Moore, Frank2m ILFeb Scarlet Fever7Clinton
Mossil, Jonathan88mmMAOctFarmerOld Age7Clinton
Mywell, Lewis2m ILFeb Scarlet Fever14Clinton
Nichols, William G.2 monm ILFeb Croup2Mayfield
Norton, Emily3 mond ILMar Scrofula21Pampas
Ormsby, Mary83fwNYJanPauperOld Age1DeKalb
O’Rouke, Alice5f ILJan Putrid Sore Throat2Shabbona
O’Rouke, James40mmNYAug Consumption5 yrShabbona
Orput, Infant2 monm IL  Spasms2Shabbona
Orputt, Charles6m ILJun Liver Complaint7Malta
Orputt, Frank4m ILJun Scarlet Fever7Malta
Parker, Milton8m ILMar Whooping Cough Mayfield
Parks, Willie3m ILJan Scarlet Fever18Pampas
Patterson, Jane4f NYJan Scurtitum7Malta
Patton, David48mmNYOctFarmerHeart Disease1South Grove
Patton, James Jr.22m OHMarFarmerMeasles16Kingston
Peel, Edmund12m VTNov Typhoid Fever12Franklin
Perkins, Sarah L.2f ILFeb Scarlet Fever14Pampas
Petrie, Infant1 monf ILNov Fits3Sycamore
Phelps, Milford A.4m NYJune Scarlet Fever7DeKalb
Pinco, Amelia18fmNYSepHomemakerDropsy of Brain6Genoa
Pole, Leon5m ILFeb Scarlet Fever4Pierce
Pond, Mary4 monf ILSep Dropsy of Brain30Genoa
Posson, J. M.6 monm ILApril Brain Fever9Pierce
Posson, Walter M.2m ILApr Scarlet Fever9Pierce
Postle, David2 monm ILJan Croup2Pampas
Puttin, William L.3m ILMay Enysipelus4Somonauk
Ramsey, William76mmRINovFarmer 12Franklin
Raymond, Sarah55fwMANovHousekeeperDisease of Heart6Pampas
Reynolds, Frederick1m  Sep Dysentery14Squaw Grove
Robinson, Betsy24fmCanadaNovHomemakerConsumption26Sycamore
Robinson, Infant1 monm ILNov Spasms7Sycamore
Rowan, Hannah S.22fmNYAprHomemakerConsumption10 monSomonauk
Ruby, Charlotte7 monf ILJun Scarlet Fever2Pierce
Russell, Clara A.31f CanadaAugHome LaborerConsumption90Sycamore
Ryan, Thomas1 monm ILApr Fits1Sycamore
Safford, Richard1m ILAug Cholera Infantum2Sycamore
Salon, Michael6m ILJan Scarlet Fever5Malta
Salon, Thomas1m ILJan Scarlet Fever4Malta
Sanborn, Frank5m VTSep Scarlet Fever8Sycamore
Sawyer, Huldah S.11f MAApr Consumption60Pierce
Seavey, William70mmNYFebBlacksmithParalysis2Sycamore
Seely, Althus D.23m OHJulyFarm LaborerDysentery4 monKingston
Settle, Infant1 monf  Jul Cholera Infantum10Sycamore
Sheppard, William R.4m ILApr Scarlet Fever3DeKalb
Sherwood, Solomon72mmVTOctPhysicianApaplexy3Somonauk
Shippie, Hattie8 monf ILFeb Lung Fever14Sycamore
Shurtleff, Miranda7 monf ILFeb Dropsy of Heart20Genoa
Sivwright, Eunice A.1f ILMay Congestion of Brain14Mayfield
Smith, Ann1 monf  Jan Croup1Squaw Grove
Smith, Clarissa A.2 monf  Feb Whooping Cough7Squaw Grove
Smith, Lorina3f  Jan Worm Fits4Sycamore
Smith, Lydia14fmEnglandJunHousekeeperDropsy30DeKalb
Smith, Timothy91mwBadenFebFarmerOld Age21DeKalb
Smith, Wallace2 monm ILSep Inflamation Bowell7Kingston
Snyder, John S.7m ILApr Scarlet Fever2Sycamore
Spangler, Lorenzo18m INFebFarm LaborerScarlet Fever2Somonauk
Stinson, Helen J.1f ILJun Scalded by Hot Water1Milan
Stone, Acel65mw Aug Dropsey60Sycamore
Strong, Infant4 monf ILAug Cholera Infantum4Genoa
Sutton, Mary A.3 monf ILJun Inflamation of Lungs6Shabbona
Switzer, Jacob1m INJuly Typhoid Fever14Pierce
Taylor, John16m  JanLaborerTyphoid Fever28Sycamore
Taylor, Joseph76mmVAJanFarm LaborerDropsy28DeKalb
Thomas, Enos59mmPAJunWagon MakerScarlet Fever90Malta
Thompson, Douglas60mmPAJulyFarmerDropsy3 monGenoa
Toumend, Mary C.13f NYJan ConsumptionunkDeKalb
Utter, Adelia M.4f  Apr Scarlet Fever2Sycamore
VanDeusen, James68mmNYMayCarpenterInflamation of Kidney6 monSycamore
Vanness, Ann13f NJFeb Erysipelas 5Afton
VanOlinda, Lenore1 monf ILJul General Debility3Somonauk
Walrod, Morris7m WIApr Scarlet Fever2Sycamore
Walter, Mary32fmPersiaMayHomemakerConsumption35Pierce
Weeden, Clara6f ILSep Scarlet Fever2Sycamore
Welcher, Henry8m ILDec Scarlet Fever3Somonauk
Welcher, Louisa5f ILFeb Scarlet Fever6Somonauk
Westfall, Sarah J.7 monf ILApr Inflamation of Brain21Somonauk
Whalen, Alice4 monf ILSep Fits3Kingston
Wilkinson, Frederick2m ILMar Scarlet Fever32Mayfield
Wilkinson, Metcalf H.4m ILJan Scarlet Fever31Mayfield
Williams, Joseph40mmNYMayFarmerDisease of Heart21Somonauk
Wood, Jennie9f ILJan Scarlet Fever2Sycamore
Woodruff, Coriana16fmNYJulyHomemakerChild Bed1Clinton
Woodruff, Infant1 monm ILAug Croup7Clinton
Woodruff, Infant1 monm ILAug Croup3Clinton
Woods, Fred1m ILMar Measles10Shabbona
Worcester, Hattie B.3f ILApr Lung Fever14Kingston
Worcester, Henry B.3m ILMar Lung Fever1Kingston
Worcester, John F.34mmCanada FarmerThrown from horse1Kingston
Worcester, Lois2 monf IL  Dysentery1Kingston
Worcester, Louisa2 monf IL  Dysentery10Kingston
Wormley, Cassius1m ILMar Fever28Shabbona
Yates, Joseph E.2m ILMayFarm LaborerBowell Complaint14DeKalb
Young, Rebecca83fwNYMarRetiredOld Age10Paw Paw

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