1850 Dekalb County Illinois Mortality Schedule

Mortality schedules are useful for tracing and documenting genetic symptoms and diseases and verifying and documenting Africa American, Chinese, and Native American ancestry, although African Americans are often included, especially if they were slaves.

By using these schedules to document death dates and family members, it is possible to follow up with focused searches in obituaries, mortuary records, cemeteries, and probate records. They can also provide clues to migration points and supplement information in population schedules.

The 1850 Dekalb County Mortality Schedule enumerated those who died in the previous 12 months to the date of the census.

NameAgeSexPlace of BirthMonth of DeathProfession or OccupationDisease or Cause of DeathDays Ill
Adams, Emma20fMEApr3
Alexander, Erastus52mMASepFarmerDiarrhea
Allbee, Betsey6fMEJun5
Auner/Anner, Henry89mPAJanWeaverConsumption
Arnold, Elizabeth1fILOctDiarrhea21
Barber, Arthur3 monmILAprCold/Cough2
Barber, Damien3 monmILJulWhooping Cough49
Barker, Orin22mPAJunFarmerDrowned
Beebe, Infant1 monfILSepDiarrhea7
Blasé/Blass, Michael1 monmILJulFits3
Boynton, Nancy31fNYFebConsumption
Boynton, Victor1mILAugFits1
Braddock, Oscar4mCTAprDrowned
Canthaman/Canan, infant7 monmILAugConsumption
Carter, Jared48mCTJulShoemakerBill. Colic3
Collin, Isaac55mCTMarFarmerLung Infection0
Collin, Mary J.1 monfILSepCholera4
Condon/Condor, Thomas62mRIAprFarmerFever21
Corber/Corter, Infant1 dayfILDec1
Cotton, Rufus47mVTAprMerchantConsumption
Cronkhite, Samuel76mNYAprFarmer10
Dayton, George7mOHFebLung Infection8
Deford, Asa49mDEJul
Dennis, Major74mRISepFarmerDiarrhea5
Dennis, Peter25mIrelandJunFarmerCholera6
Dennis, Thomas30mIrelandJunFarmerCholera8
Dewey, Marcus M.1 monmILNovDiarrhea21
Ervin, Infant9 ?fILJan
Easterbrooks, John65mCTMarFarmerDropsey
Grover, Thomas79mMAFebPeddlerGravel10
Harding, Oscar M.1 monmILFeb2
Hair, Lewis S.2 monmILMayDropsey35
Harmon, Ellenor2fILNov28
Hannegan, Allen54mNYAprFarmerJaundice
Hart, James50mNYSepFarmerCholera1
Hart, Mary43fNYSepCholera6 hours
Hedges, Maranda2fILFebPneumonia14
Holcomb, Infant1 monfILFebLung Infection7
Holroyd, Mary27fCanadaNovFits5
Hone, John33mIrelandOctFarmerRun over by wagon3
Johnson, Rebecca32fCTAugCholera1
Kidder, Carolyn16mOHFebFever21
Kidder, Harvey1mILMarLiver Complications
Lyonh, Achsah33fNYMayConsumption
Mayo, William1mILSepDiarrhea9
McAllister, Infant1 dayfILSep
McClayon, Mary2 monfILDecCankerAlways
McCumber, Franklin10 monmILOctScarlet Fever14
Merrill, Thadius S.27mCanadaMayFarmerDrowned
Metcalf, Sylvenus77mNHAprCarpenterConsumption
Miller, Gilly39fINNovChild Birth
Miller, Infant1 daymILNov1
Mills, Alice5 monfILFeb
Nickerson, Charles3 monmILJunConsumption
Norton, Mary M.1fILFebCroup1
Olmstead, Ann1 monfILAug
Olmstead, Ann P.31fNYJulConsumption
Patrick, Septer J.13mOHNovTyphoid Fever23
Perry, Reuben53mVTFebFarmerSuicide
Piper, Margaret1fILMay14
Preston, Rebecca88fNYMarOld Age5 yrs
Price, Richard9 monmILJanWhooping Cough21
Ray, Thomas4 monmILMarCold/Cough7
Reading, Allen12 daymILAug3
Rosett, Phebe M.6fILAprDropsey30
Ross, Joanna9 monfILAprCroup14
Schoomaker, Julia50fVTNovPalpitation
Simons, Ella A.7 monfILMat
Smith, Abigail69fMAAugErysipelas5
Stanchfield, Charles1mILFebPneumonia10
Steward, Mercy A.4fNJAugDropsey90
Sutton, Sophia1fILSepFits3
Taylor, Cynthia1fILAugFever18
Vanamburgh, Charity56fNYAprConsumption
Vandoren, Catharine70fGermanyMarErysipelas
Walker, James36mNYMayFarmerInflammation of bowels7
Walrad, Ellen2fILAprFits4
Ward, John1mILSep4
Wert, Cyrus A.3mILSepDiarrhea10
Whitmore, Silas46mVTSepFarmerConsumption
Williams, Amelia1fILMayCanker7
Williams, Harriet S.32fMAJan
Willard, Albert6mVTFebLung Fever17
Willard, George16mVTJanLung Fever28
Willard, Lucy53fVTDecTyphoid Fever59
Wilson, Elvira38mPAJanConsumption

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