World War I Newspaper Notices With Names
Submitted by Peg Arnold

The DeKalb Daily Chronicle, DeKalb, Illinois
Monday, August 27, 1918   p. 6


Some of Boys Are Now in France, Others in the Navy, and Many Are in the New National Army
The Haish School is very proud over the fact that it can unfurl a service flag containing nearly 50 stars, should it see fit, as a list handed in today contains that many names of boys who were formerly students at the school, but are now in the service of Uncle Sam.
As will be seen by the list of names which follows, some of the former school pupils are in the navy, some in the regular army, and even others are commissioned officers serving in cantonments.
The list as prepared from the school roster follows:
Irving Peterson, Roy Jacobson, Arthur Goodison, Ashel Northrup, Wesley Jackson, Lloyd Shaffer, Harry Cone, Walter Jenkins, Wallace Jackson, Reuben Beckman, Paul Hubbard, Joe Neuman, Ned Cone, Martin Hamotz, Andrew Canning, Oscar Larson, Howard Nelson, Stanley Sutton, Thomas Sutton, Edward Chamberlain, Axel Johnston, Clyde Nolte, William Price, Glen Keiser, George Bennett, Herbert Bennett, Leo LeMoth, Glen McKenney, Carl Hallgren, Gideon Nelson, Bennie Vagle, Spencer Johnston, Vernon Boardman, Arthur Johnson, Martin Chase, Everett Hubbard, Vincent Fuller, Harry Horton, Percy Hannon, Clarence Quarnstrom, Walter Olson, Myer Neuman, Sydney Norman, Everett Hubbard (sic), William Price (sic). 
The name of Percy Terwilliger is also included in the list, who, it will be remembered, enlisted about two weeks ago and had planned on entering the tanks corps.  Shortly after his enlistment he was taken ill, and after two operations succumbed.  There will be a star for the well known young man regardless of the fact that he did not have the chance to get into active service. 


The DeKalb Daily Chronicle, DeKalb, Illinois
Saturday, Aug 31, 1918,   p. 1, cont. on p. 6





Three Calls to Go Next Week Include Twenty-one Young Men From This City, According to List


The DeKalb county exemption board today sends the list of young men of the county who are called to service, some of them going September 4, others the following day to Camp Grant and another increment started for Camp Forrest, Lytle, Ga., sometime between September 3 and 6. 

The limited service men who have been ordered to report for entrainment to Camp Grant September 4 are as follows:


Jorgan Peterson, Fairdale.

John Michael Fanning, Sandwich.

Francis Leo O’Donnell, Lee.

Bernard A. Lindgren, Sycamore.

John Martinson, Lee.

Ray Marshall, DeKalb.

William Thomas Grady, Shabbona.

Thomas J. Farrell, Jr., DeKalb.

Pete Jurgutis, DeKalb.

Harry Larson, Chicago.

James Blackford, Kirkland.

George Milton Hilton, Pontiac.


The following list of names, containing but one man from DeKalb, will report some time between September 3 and 6 and will be sent to Camp Forrest, Lytle, Ga.:


James A. Groshong, Sycamore.

Bert H. Quist, Sycamore.

Lant Letheby, DeKalb.

Don Mead Flewellin, Shabbona Grove.

Roy Lucas, Clare.

Roy A. Shafer, Sycamore.

Lawrence Duffy, Shabbona

Oscar E. Beckman, Sycamore.

Harry W. Noss, Waterman.

Nicholas Leonard, Jr., Sycamore.

James C. Harmes, Sycamore.

Perly E. Bastain, Hinckley.

William C. Colby, Shabbona.

William F. Mall, Hinckley.

Charles Patrick Hart, Shabbona.

Adolph Claerhout, Sycamore.

Fred Horace Merwin, Somonauk.


The following list, which contains the names of 17 of DeKalb’s young men, have been ordered to report for entrainment September 5, for Camp Grant:


Guy J. White, Greybull, Wyo.

John Wilson, Leland.

William S. Kelly, Quincy.

Guy E. Cook, Sycamore.

Ernest R. Parkins, DeKalb.

Stanley C. Johnson, Lee.

Morris F. Klotz, Sandwich.

Ralph H. Wennlund, DeKalb.

Axel E. Peterson, Birney, Mont.

Ross E. Parker, DeKalb.

Leo Parkins, DeKalb.

Leland E. Patterson, Genoa.

Carl E. Christenson, Batavia.

Henry C. Shafer, DeKalb.

Joseph B. Johnson, DeKalb.

Alden L. Larson, Rollo.

John A. Peterson, DeKalb.

Ole Olson, Somonauk.

Gus N. Striglos, DeKalb.

Ole Tutland, Sandwich.

James H. Fitzgerald, Malta.

Glenn Knappenberger, Sycamore.

Roy E. Hipple, Waterman.

Harvey W. Thorpe, Waterman.

Alfred Olson, Hinckley.

Harry D. McInnes, Sandwich.

Harry F. Goelitz, Esmond.

Dennis F. Egan, Cortland.

Virdla Fortner, Shabbona Grove.

Ernest W. Weber, Leland.

Curtis Wolfe, Clare.

George W. Worland, Sandwich.

George S. Karass, DeKalb.

Walter G. Haller, Kingston.

Eugene H. Wright, Yakima, Wash.

Carl M. Nelson, Sycamore.

Robert W. Norton, Malta.

Mex C. Bollett, Malta.

Herman J. Wilkening, Hinckley.

Edward A. Johnson, Huntley.

Everett B. Lyons, Sycamore.

Paul J. Michael, Shabbona.

Arthur L. Bocklund, Cortland.

Lester E. Klene, Waterman.

William Twombly, DeKalb.

Thomas E. Burke, Genoa.

Leonard Jordan, DeKalb.

Knute E. Thor, Shabbona Grove.

Joseph Krechting, DeKalb.

Walter Liddicek, Waterman.

Ernest J. Murphy, Lostant.

Francis R. Finnan, DeKalb.

 Ludwik Pulsucki, DeKalb.

Percie W. Lampard, Kingston.

William H. Hannah, Genoa.

Eugene Kallemback, DeKalb.

Raymond C. Nehring, Hinckley.

Charles A. Stephens, Leland.

Dudley D. Whitney, Sycamore.

Perry W. Fisk, DeKalb.

Albert F. Lawson, DeKalb.

Leon W. Alms, Clare.