To order probate records from the Dekalb County Clerk of the Circuit Court’s office………..

A record search can NOT be instigated over the phone.

Write a letter to the Circuit Clerk (Maureen Josh) describing the records
you are interested in researching. You must include full names of individuals
and all pertinent dates and places of death as complete as possible. Try to
include the township or city the individual lived in and any other important
facts you may have to help identify them. Make sure your individual lived,
died, in Dekalb County, IL. When and if they find the information you are
requesting, they will respond to you by mail, giving you the specifics of
what material is available and how much it would cost to make copies of
that material. Some probate records are quite voluminous and you may not
want copies of all the pages. Copies are $1.00 for the first page and $ .50 
per page thru 20 pages then $.25 per page.

The mailing address is……………

Dekalb County Clerk of the Circuit Court
133 West State Street
Sycamore, IL. 60178

updated May 8, 2001