My family lived in Sycamore, Dekalb County, Illinois.  My grandfather was
Charles Edward Mitchell, born December 14, 1893 in Sycamore.  His parents
were Zelotus Bingam Mitchell and Harriet Myrtle May Sloper and they lived at
304 E. Sycamore St.  Zelotus was born to Henry Harrison Mitchell (New York)
and Mary Ann Atwood (Pennsylvania) June 14, 1860 in Mayfield Township and
died January 12, 1939.  He is buried at Elmwood Cemetery along with his wife
Harriet.  Harriet (Hattie) was born January 31, 1872 (Illinois?) and died
July 31, 1952.  I have not been able to find any information about the Sloper
family.  My grandfather Charles Mitchell had a brother Fred and a sister
Florence whom I believe moved to Phoenix Arizona in later years.  My
grandfather moved to Pasadena after WWI, where he met and married my
grandmother.   I have tried to find out when my gg grands Henry and Mary Ann
Mitchell arrived in Dekalb County, or anything else about them, and I have
reached a dead end.  I can be emailed at Thank you,   
Donna Lago  Novato, CA


1) Henry Harrison Mitchell (New York) b.

Mary Ann Atwood (Pennsylvania)

2) Zelotus Bingam Mitchell - b. June 14, 1860 in Mayfield Twp. d. January 12, 1939

Harriet Myrtle May Sloper b. January 31, 1872 d. July 31, 1952


3) Charles Edward Mitchell - born December 14, 1893 in Sycamore

Fred Mitchell

Florence Mitchell