This is a short descendent tree of the Alfred Jackson Family of Dekalb IL.

submitted by Ann Marie Jackson Hilliard year 2000.


1) Jackson, Alfred b.8 Jul 1862 in Invitbro Sweden, Immigrated in 1880

   * Swanberg, Mary b.20 Mar 1858, m. 1 Oct 1887, immigrated in 1881, Previous husband Nels Benson

            (Alfred worked at American Steel & Wire 43 years)

    2) Jackson, Alfred Wallace b.2 Sep 1888 in Dekalb IL.

             * Nilson, Pearl m.2 Sep 1916

              (A. Wallace Jackson worked at Dekalb Post Office 50 years, postmaster 1931 to 1958)

    2) Jackson, Esther Marie b.24 Feb 1893 in Dekalb. m.27 Dec 1915 to Ed Johnson

             * Edward G. Johnson

             3) Johnson, Esther

               * Vahey

    2) Jackson, Wesley Norman b.30 Sep 1895 m.27 Jun 1919 to Clara Long

              * Long, Clara b. Springfield IL.

              3) Jackson, Robert Wesley

              3) Jackson, Richard Long

              3) Jackson, Ann Marie

                  * Hilliard

    2) Jackson, Rachel A. b.22 Dec 1897 in Dekalb, nurse unmarried

    2) Jackson, Roy W. b.24 Jan 1902 in Dekalb, m.7 Feb 1927 to Myrtle Carey

              *Carey, Myrtle

              3) Jackson, Roy jr. janitor at Dekalb Post Office

              3) Jackson, Lynn

              3) Jackson, Charles




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