Paw Paw Township of Dekalb County, IL.

History and List of Burials

BROWNELL David b. d.11 Feb 1859 59y 10m
BROWNELL ----- b. d.05 Aug 1846 6m 13d

Very few records are available for the Brownell family, but it would appear that the cemetery called Brownell
was a family burial ground. David and two of his children are buried there.

Probate record #56 located at the courthouse discloses members of his family who were living at the time of his
death on February 11, 1859:

Maria Ann, his wife. During the request for probate, she relinquishes her right to administer the said estate of
personal property, value
$1600.00, and real estate, value $3000.00, and prays that Ezekiel Pearce may be
appointed Administrator of the estate on the 17th day of
February 1859. Other documents, dated 07 October
1861, indicate that
Maria Ann Brownell is Mrs. Burr and is a resident of Kendall County, IL.

Humphrey K. Brownell of California; in 1861 a resident of Kendall Co., IL.
Sarah A. (Brownell) Pearce, wife of Ezekiel Pearce.
Daniel Brownell, aged about eleven years.
Alexander Brownell, aged nine years or thereabouts.

David Brownell purchases from David Delts by Warranty deed on 06 Nov 1855 for $900.00 SW NW 40 acres
Section 4 T 37N R3E and part of NW Sec 26 T 38N R3E Bk. 18 pg 460.

David Brownell purchases from Samuel and May Oatly by Warranty deed on 21 Nov 1856 for $700.00 part of
NW SW 40 acres Section 4 T 37N R3E.

Bk. 19 pg 321.

David Brownell sells to Chas. Stevens by Warranty deed 30 Oct 1855 for $2500.00 Lots 5 and 12 Section 16 SE
SE and part NE SE Section 17 T 38N R3E. Bk. 17 pg 619.

Humphrey K. Brownell sells to Maria A. Burr by Warranty deed 07 Oct 1861 for $50.00 NE SE¼ Section 5 T37N
R3E; SW NW Section 4 T37N R3E; pt NW¼ Sec. 26 138N R3E and NW SW Section 4 T37N R3E.

Bk. 29 pg 11.

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